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#f you

Even if you hurt me: I still miss you

Even if we can never be together: I still wish I could see you

Even if you left me traumatized and wounded: I still wish you the best

Even if the very thought of you brings pain to my core: I still wish I could talk to you

I know this isn’t healthy, I know I was manipulated and gaslighted. But damn… I’m still in love with you

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I hate those “why is nobody talking about X” posts but now I have to be that person who does it.

Why is nobody on this hellsite talking about the abuse, rape and corruption going on at Ubisoft? They content-bombed us with trailers and videos and releases so this would get burried and it works. It just works. Everybody is just so happy that they can ignore these cases by talking about how empowering it will be to play a female viking in the next AC game uwu. My dashboard is full of ubisoft shit and while all of you cancel random people left and right I see no post about companies that pull horrible shit like this

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