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loveandlullabies · 2 days ago
Your f/o is here for the long haul. They aren't going to leave you when things get rough. They want to stay, love, and grow with you. The good times just feel empty without you. They'll see this through with you - they wouldn't have it any other way.
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selfshipseaside · a day ago
♡ Imagine getting your f/o into the habit of smiling! Do you have an f/o that doesn't often smile? Well with you in their life, perhaps they're more comfortable showing you their smile! For whatever reason they might have, from being dark or brooding, maybe they don't feel like they deserve to. Reassuring them that they can smile around you is sure to allow them that space, especially if you two are alone. Doing small acts of service for them, reminding them of how much you care, short displays of affection, seeing them smile after all these things is so worthwhile when that grin has been absent for so long! And they might just even save those smiles for you, since you make them the happiest.
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dojyaniloverisotto · 15 hours ago
imagine holding your f/o's hand, when they feel the warmth of your hand, they can't help but blush
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selfshippingforest · a day ago
Imagine reading to your f/o, and looking down to see they've fallen asleep to the sound of your voice with a happy little smile on their face.
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probably-some-goat · a day ago
Okay okay so we all know the usual F/O cuteness, but lets embrace F/O mishaps too!
Things like,
Going to kiss them when they arent looking and their head swivels last minute and their forehead crashes into you
Getting excited while sitting on the couch together watching something and your hands fly up in excitement but you also smack their face by accident
Hitting each other with the door on your way in or out of the house while they were also getting ready to step out
Walking into the bathroom after they forgot to lovk the door and you catch them on the toilet and you both get flustered about it, maybe scream a little in surprise
Tripping over their blanket or clothes they left out if they’re messy
Trying to kiss them but the angle is wrong and your noses squish uncomfortably
If they have prosthetics then their arm sliding off the stump while it’s attatched to the microwave
Crashing into each other during hugs after not seeing you for a while
Just general life in love shenanigans
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levis-beloved-wife · 10 hours ago
~ okay but imagine your F/O looking at YOU from across the room, distracted from the conversation entirely. More wrapped up in you as a small blush forms on their cheeks. ♡
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newtsselfships · 6 hours ago
Definitely don't think about you with your f/o's surname, or your f/o with your surname, or both of you with double-barreled surnames.
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saltwater-selfships · a day ago
Imagine sitting on the beach late at night with your f/o. Idly chatting as the moon begins it's move over the horizon, it's light shimmering on the water. The cool ocean breeze ruffling your hair as the waves crash a few yards in front of you.
No cameras, no phones, and no other people. Just the two of you enjoying the beauty of this moment together.
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ninasrandomships · 2 days ago
imagine taking polaroids with your f/o(s) !! :]
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lemirerun · a day ago
imagine your f/o teaching you how to do something hands-on.
maybe they’re teaching you how to use their weapon, if they use one, or maybe its a hobby of theirs they want you to try. either way, their body presses against yours, hands guiding hands.
you’re aware of just how close the two of you are as their hand slides down to your hip and they tell you, laughing lightly, “sweetheart, you’re not standing the right way.” your flustered expression makes them smile, but, really, they’re just the same.
if you’re nervous about doing something new, perhaps they’d tell you jokes to help take your mind off of it. “can’t be worse than me at this, can you? you’ll be a natural, baby, i just know it.”
whatever it is you’re doing, they can’t help but stare at you. the concentrated look on your face is adorable, and the way your eyes light up when you do something right is worthy of every possible praise that a person could spill from their mouth.
needless to say, they’re incredibly glad you took them up on this offer.
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comfort-character-central · 3 hours ago
Your f/o will never find you "embarrassing", no matter what. Even if you feel like it, they'll reassure you that they love and care about you, just as you are.
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inkpartners · 2 days ago
Where would you take your f/os out to eat? Or alternatively, where are they taking you out to eat?
Is it a fancy, expensive restaurant or a fast food chain? Or perhaps, are you going on a picknic together? Is it a café maybe?
Maybe its a special occasion, is there something to celebrate?
Are you getting dressed up? What are you wearing? Or have you decided that sweatpants are enough? Have you considered matching outfits yet?
Is it breakfast, lunch or dinner? Maybe its just a snack to pass the time together. What are you ordering? Does your f/o always order the same or are they adventurous with their meal choices? What about you?
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moonlitrivers · 18 hours ago
To self-shippers who make the peeps and squeaks when startled or flustered, your f/o thinks it's adorable! Maybe even fascinating? Who knows? Perhaps they'll just have to fluster you more often!
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im-funfetti-reader · a day ago
Imagine you and your f/o baking something together. What would the dessert be? What would it be for?
Whether you and your f/o are good at baking or the whole house is burned down by the end of it, they’ll still love you regardless. Because at the end of the day, to them you’re the sweetest thing in the room.
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newtsselfships · a day ago
Imagine putting flowers in your f/o's hair or giving them a flower crown!
Alternatively, imagine them putting flowers in YOUR hair or giving YOU a flower crown!
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selfshippingforest · 9 hours ago
Imagine getting into a water fight with your f/o.
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