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neo--queen--serenity · 22 days ago
I belatedly realized that Agustín & Félix took their wives’ last names when they married into the Madrigal family. These kings never stop impressing me.
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steveniimdefensesquad · 24 days ago
i think camilo learning to drive is like
camilo: what if i press the gas and brake at the same time?
félix: the car takes a screenshot
pepa: please pull over. i’m driving now.
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bwall-7204 · 26 days ago
Encanto headcannons #1
* None of the Madrigal children are good cooks. Maribel can only help, Luisa will carry in goods for her mom, Isabela and Dolores are just incapable of making a decent meal, Antonio is a child so like come on he’ll help out sometimes tho. Camilo is the only exception he can cook really well and often helps his aunt in the kitchen but he’ll never admit it.
* All the Madrigal children can sing just due to the fact that abulea had them in the children’s choir at the church
* Bruno had nicknames for all the Madrigal children ( Luisa’s being princessa, Maribel is mariposa, Isabela would be Chabelita etc etc)
* When Luisa was younger she would get jealous or throw a fit that she couldn’t wear the pretty pink dresses her sister would wear
* Isabela would let her play dress up in them sometimes.
* Luisa’s gift made her gain muscle and weight very fast causing her to be self-conscious as she grew up. Eventually embracing it as she got older.
* Dolores before she got her gift would always be talked over. Especially since Abuela was focused on Isabela. So she would listen in on peoples conversations so she could learn and know things.
* Camilo hates his room and prefers to stay out of it. So he’s often stays in the nursery with Mirabel and Antonio.
* Camilo distanced himself from Mirabel after her ceremony after Mirabel yelled at him to leave her alone and stop making jokes when he was just trying to cheer her up.
* When Antonio was first born Luisa wouldn’t touch him until Pepa forced her to sit down and hold him.
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keeperofthebees · 5 days ago
ENCANTO HEADCANONS PART 2. here we have the Warm Colors family headcanons (Pepa, Félix, Antonio, Camilo, Dolores)
Part one can be found here
Camilo is a few months older than Mirabel, so he got his gift first. When Mirabel didn't get one, he asked if he could share his with her or give it back because he didn't want her to be sad
The adults aren't very good at staying quiet sometimes, so Camilo and Antonio have learned to be next to or behind Dolores at parties to cover her ears
Camilo and Mirabel used to be best friends. They try to rekindle their friendship after rebuilding the house
Camilo and Antonio learned to talk quietly and use different means of communication when they learned their sister was sensitive to sound
Camilo just turned into anyone he wanted to when he first got his gift. he forgot how to turn back for a few hours
Camilo was jealous of Mirabel's glasses because he thought they were cool. Dolores got him a red pair with the lenses popped out
Camilo used to turn into Mirabel all the time so they could confuse people, but stopped when Julieta asked him to help with something (Mirabel can sort of cook. Camilo Absolutely Cannot)
Antonio liked to meow back at cats when he was like 3. he also liked to hiss at people he didn't like. the preist is terrified of him.
Pepa likes to just cradle Félix's head. Just because. Just whenever.
Pepa used to be very self-conscious about her gift, especially around Félix. Once she was raining and said "you'll get wet, amor". He simply sat next to her and said "I always liked the rain".
Félix does that thing where he laughs when he's nervous, and so do Camilo and Antonio
Camilo and Mirabel make popping sounds with their mouths all the time. One of them does it, the other does it back, and eventually they're just popping at each other like they're communicating somehow
Félix dances around the house while humming songs he likes. his wife and kids join in whenever they catch him
Pepa can be heard dancing alone in her room sometimes, with the pitter-patter of raindrops in the background
Dolores pops her ears whenever things are too loud because it muffles it a bit. she knows it's not healthy. she does it anyway.
Dolores caught Bruno stealing from the kitchen once. they both left without a word and the encounter was never brought up again
Dolores just spills random people's secrets on accident sometimes ("right, Dolores?" "Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez are having marital problems and sleep in separate beds now" "...what?" "what")
Camilo carries around a picture of himself in his pocket, in case he forgets what he looks like
Antonio likes to bite things. gently. Sometimes he takes his mom's hand and she thinks he just wants to hold it but he just softly bites it.
Antonio makes weird sounds with his mouth. trills, chirps, purrs, like the animals around him makes. Pepa has thought there was a bird beside her so many times but it was just Antonio
Camilo mimics the people around him on accident. people think he's mocking them, but he just liked how it sounded and repeated it
Dolores shakes her whole body when she's excited
Dolores covers her ears a lot on instinct. She'll be in the middle of a conversation and randomly cover her ears and say "sorry no yeah I'm listening" and then do it again two more times
Camilo can turn into animals, it's just a bit more effort so he doesn't do it a lot
Dolores used to listen to Mariano at night because he would stay up writing songs and she found his voice soothing
Camilo panics when he can't make someone laugh. being funny is his whole Thing. he makes people laugh
Dolores was quite jealous of Isabela because she was the favorite grandchild. they used to be pretty close, but drifted apart over time
Camilo and Mirabel had sleepovers all the time when Antonio was born so she wouldn't have to deal with a baby crying constantly
Antonio was taught how to climb trees by Mirabel. Pepa did not approve.
Camilo laughs at things he shouldn't. just a singular laugh. someone says something serious and he goes "HA. sorry, go on"
Dolores has blackmail on everybody. EVERYBODY. she's threatened her dad with it once, when she was younger. he looked really disappointed and she started crying
Antonio would wander outside sometimes and just interact with animals, even before his gift. He just sat with a toucan one time and Pepa screamed.
Félix understands everything his wife kids say and need, no matter what ("what is it, amor?" *incomprehensible gibberish* "sure, I'll get you something to eat!")
Félix and Pepa's first meeting was,,, less than ideal. still, it was love at first sight (hurricanes and all)
Dolores comes to people's rooms when they're crying and just sits there with them until they stop. then she asks if they want water.
Dolores and Mariano will be in the honeymoon phase for their ENTIRE relationship and I stand by that
Dolores heard Bruno talking through the walls and tried to tell people, but no one listened to her
Félix and Agustín are absolute BESTIES and are so stupid together and make the dumbest jokes and I love them sm
Félix is the therapist of his immediate family, letting everyone vent to him while their head's in his lap and he's petting their hair
Félix taught his wife and kids healthy ways of calming down, deep breaths, counting to ten, naming specific colored items in the room
Dolores does the "mawp. mawp" thing when her ears pop because it's too loud. Camilo and Antonio do it back, just cause it's fun
Camilo sometimes would sit with a baby Antonio and mimic his babbling
The whole family has a weekly "What Will We Not Tell Abuela About" session, mostly involving figuring out what Camilo did wrong and everyone finding dirt on those who could snitch
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myaimwentaway · 5 days ago
I love how Encanto puts in small details that have no connection to anything but are just there
Like this: Everyone has red wine, apart from Félix who seems to prefer white. It's not an animation error, as he has white wine through the whole scene. It's not important, but it's funny
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vhgt-art · 9 days ago
Pepa + Félix dynamic 🖤
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captin-merc · 16 days ago
Building onto my last ask, how do you think all the madrigals react when they get sick? Also, do you think julieta’s cooking can heal something like the common cold?
I do think Julieta's food could heal a common cold so these headcannons are if they can't get and of Julieta's food.
When Pepa gets sick she becomes very snappy. She will get very angry over the smallest thing and as such she secluded herself to her room.
Dolores is very similar to Pepa because of how overwhelmed she gets because of her gift
Camilo plays it off a lot of the time. He hates not being able to do anything so he tries to avoid being put on bedrest by hiding his cold.
Antonio becomes very tired and sad. He lays in bed until it passes since he doesn't have the energy to do anything.
Félix is very loopy and out of it when he is sick not really knowing what is going on around him.
Like I said previously Julieta doesn't get sick often but when she does it is terrible she feels completely drained so she has to stay in bed, but she never seems to be able to sleep.
Luisa is the same as Julieta except she usually still tries to do things when she really shouldn't be doing.
Now that Isabela doesn't hide when she has a cold she usually stays in bed and feels sad, since her room is covered in flowers they all wilt around her and her room becomes very dark.
Agustín is similar to Félix but his cold symptoms are never bad enough to put him on bedrest.
Mirabel is like her dad except way worse. If she is sick and you let her out of bed she is basically a mini Agustín constantly getting hurt.
Alma is the easiest out of all the family to stay on bedrest, she understands that she is sick and knows that she needs rest.
Bruno is very dramatic when he gets sick he always makes the sickness seem way worse than it is. He even did it when he was in the walls and freaked Dolores out when he first did it.
Thank you for the cool ask! :)
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sideshow-snob · 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
so I watched encanto
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thatdumbassbox · 22 days ago
Husband vibes everyone needs
Pepa: *raining* stupid cockroach
Félix: Mi amor just what I need from my beautiful wife rain to cool me down and to grow the crops
Pepa: *trying not to smile* I don’t know what you mean
Félix: Mi amor your wonderful power and face has made my day better
*a giant rainbow appears in the sky*
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korncobb · 21 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
best part of the Bruno song was when Felix grabbed Pepas waist and she went "bitch"
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somequeerteen · a day ago
Antonio, to Félix: You are my da-ah-d!
Antonio, still to Félix: You're my dad! Boogie Woogie Woogie!
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dorkofclanlavellan · 17 days ago
hi ! can i please request a romantic encanto matchup ? my pronouns are she/her, and i would prefer a male match !
i’m 5’5-5’6, and have a quite tanned, olive skin tone with freckles, one brown and one green eye, and while i dye my hair every couple of months it’s currently black with a white piece in the front. i tend to dress quite grunge/emo and i have a fair few tattoos, probably too many ear piercings, and two nose piercings, but i’m always planning on more eventually.
i’m an aries, my enneagram is 8 and my hogwarts house is gryffindor, and i tend to be pretty impulsive, which can be a downfall with my lack of patience. i also can have a temper but i cool down pretty quick. i can be stubborn, but i’m also pretty determined and quite a hard worker, and i’m a very competitive person and usually try and be the best at what i do, which can also turn to a flaw when i don’t meet my high expectations of myself. i’m also the person who never turns down a dare. i can be loud and energetic, but i also honestly thrive in stressful situations and i am far too good at winging things i honestly swear that’s my only talent. i’m pretty playful and my parents tell me i’m too childish in that regards, but i’m really good at taking charge and being serious when needed. i’ve struggled a lot with mental health for pretty much all of my teen years so i like to do little things that bring happiness and try to romanticise a lot of things in my life so i can be pretty sentimental at times and try to be as optimistic as i can.
i’m currently studying forensic science, and have had a curiosity for true crime since literally ever. i’d say i’m really adventurous and i love when people want to do things with no planning, but i’m not opposed to doing anything by myself if i can’t drag a friend along. i live a couple of minutes from a beach and i tend to find myself down there most nights watching the sunset, especially in the warmer weather (which is literally all of the time where i am anyway) and i find it a place to escape from everything for a moment. i also love going on late night drives when i can’t sleep, or just on a whim. music is a big part of my life and unless i’m watching tv or a video i’ve got music playing. i listen to a bit of everything but usually i’ll be playing pop-punk/alternative/metal and while i prefer heavier stuff i don’t really hate any genre that i can think of. i also play guitar and bass guitar and sing a bit, even though i’m not super good. i also enjoy reading and painting, and i’m a pretty active person as well and absolutely love running because it feels so free.
i don’t really know if i have an exact type, but i think i want someone who i can joke around with and will match my energy but keep me grounded as well. i am a bit of a hopeless romantic and can fall for someone so quickly but move on just as quick (which isn’t as good at it can sound). i can be a bit of a flirt but most of the time i don’t mean to do it and i don’t realise i am. i think my love language is physical touch and words of affirmation but i also to value quality time, despite being pretty independent.
i have literally written an essay but thank you so much i really appreciate it !!
I swear I'm not just shipping everyone with Félix but I swear if anyone was going to be matched with Félix it would be you.
Félix would not only be able to match your energy but keep you grounded. He'd be able to make you laugh no matter what mood you're in. When you lose your temper Félix would be there to calm you down while not invalidating your emotions.
He'd love your competitive side and how hard of a worker you are just as much as he'd love your playful and childish side. And if anyone can get you to let loose and just enjoy life as much as possible, well Félix would be the one.
Félix is also very romantic, and I personally think his love languages are Words of Affirmation and Physical touch. So yet another area where you'd be a perfect match. And whenever you'd want quality time, he'd be there ready and waiting.
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starrmaiden · a month ago
I love the warm colours family bc they truly all said "we do not talk about Bruno.... but if we did-" and proceeded to have the time of their lives telling you about Bruno.
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dont-silencio-bruno · a month ago
madrigals skintone reference
ok so i’ve been. struggling with their skin tones and a mutual of mine responded with some flat colors on my other blog
anyway i went ahead and eye dropped their skintones from each as best i could and this is what i got
they’re a little varied in each but i hope this at least gives a good idea of where to aim for in terms of tint and undertone
Tumblr media
(the reference images ⬇️) (badly put together in a collage bc i didnt want to post like 5 pictures)
Tumblr media
but ye i hope this helps !
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thehmn · 25 days ago
Listen I have feelings about the Madrigal husbands okay?
Loads of people already sung their praises as fathers and husbands (and yet nobody has talked about the way Agustín just close his eyes and opens his mouth when Julieta says “Eat!”) so I want talk about the implied relationship between them. The focus is on Mirabel so we don’t get to see Agustín and Félix talk with each other but for a movie that’s only one hour and 39 minutes long we get a lot of hints that they’re very very close.
They’re introduced together in the song “The Family Madrigal”. They dance into frame together and keep some pretty deep eye contact even when Mirabel pops up between them and push them apart.
Tumblr media
When they appear on screen together again they’re back to looking at each other. Not even the sisters appear to have eye contact.
Tumblr media
In “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Agustín only shows up to help Félix set the table and then he completely disappears from the song again.
Tumblr media
When Julieta and Agustín try to comfort Mirabel about not being given a magical ability Agustín says he understands because “when Félix and I married into the family” they too felt small and insignificant in the presence of all the exceptional people. Not “when I married into the family” but “Félix and I”. These guys confided in each other. They talked about some deep emotional stuff and worked some shit out together. They’ve bonded.
Tumblr media
The whole thing about Agustín and Félix doing house chores while the rest of the family works in town comes from a deleted scene where we see even more of this bond, and I think Mariano will fit in perfectly. I get the impression that Mariano has been too coddled by his mother to have much experience with housework but he’s also a very caring and sensitive himbo who seems eager to care for a family of his own so I think he would take to the househusband role very easily.
Tumblr media
If they ever make a sequel or a show all I’d want is for Agustín and Félix to take him under their wings and teach him all the skills he’ll need to keep house, but also help him through the same feelings of inadequacy that they themselves had to go through when marrying into a magical family. A song where Mariano joyfully follows their lead in house chores but doing everything a little worse because he doesn’t have the skills yet would be adorable. Just sayin’.
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gghero · a month ago
I think the main reason why Pepa and Félix are such couple goals is the fact that they didn't shy away from portraying the little "imperfections" of their relationship.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sometimes Félix might get carried away and talk over his wifey and other times Pepa might get annoyed at her hubby, but at the end of the day you can tell that these things are a healthy and natural part of many years of successful marriage. It's a more realistic portrayal than just showing them as a perfect pair who never disagree with each other.
(And certainly very amusing to watch! Their vibes are immaculate!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And the best part is that despite their little differences you can tell that their body language is radiating with affection and warmth. They are quick to move on from a little misunderstanding because they are so in love with each other. They flirt with each other, giggle in each other's company, and just seem very happy together, and they show that through their bombastic personalities and mannerisms!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Good on you, Pepa and Félix!
And good on the Encanto crew for doing such a great job!
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disneh · a month ago
I would like to take a moment to talk about the color coding of the Madrigals
Tumblr media
Either I’m reading way too much into this or the creators of this film are genius:
I love how Pepa’s side of the family (Pepa, Félix, Dolores, Camilo and Antonio) is dressed in warm tones (oranges and yellows), and Julieta’s side of the family (Julieta, Agustín, Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel) is dressed in cool tones (blues and purples)!
And Alma is dressed in a maroon-ish tone, which makes her stand out being the head of the family
Also, Bruno (not pictured) dresses in green because he is the brother of Julieta and Pepa, therefore a mixture of the blues and yellows of both sides. His color also stands out from everyone else, being cast out of the family.
I’m not sure if there is any meaning to the individual colors, but I think it’s such a cool detail! (Or I am reading way too much into this)
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pepa-madrigal · 28 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dinner scene? I prefer to think of it as the staring contest where Mirabel loses. To everyone.
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the-brunos-underwear-blog · 15 days ago
Little Encanto Details From The Books, Part 2!
I was blown away by the response to my first post about this! (Read the first part here!) I went back through the two books and wrote down every tiny thing I could find. I think I won’t have any more until Disney releases a new book about Encanto, which hopefully they’ll do soon!
• Pepa and Agustín call Mirabel “Mira.”
• Bruno, if not the rest of the family, is Catholic (he crosses himself when meeting Antonio’s jaguar.)
• Abuela is considered the heart of the Encanto.
• Casita grows and expands to fit all the family members.
• Agustín and Félix are very close and are constantly talking.
• Isabela sometimes thinks it would be nice if she didn’t have a gift.
• While they’re both twenty-two, Isabela is older than Dolores.
• Antonio snores.
• The last time Abuela hugged Mirabel was before her failed Gift ceremony.
• The roof is Mirabel’s favorite spot in Casita.
• Casita likes being touched.
• Agustín is a pianist.
• Isabela always carries a handkerchief.
• After Luisa got her gift, she spent the rest of the night doing tricks with it for the townspeople.
• Luisa doesn’t care what she wears as long as it’s comfortable.
• Isabela drinks café con leche.
• Luisa’s ears turn red when she’s embarrassed.
• The man who told Luisa that the donkeys got out is named Señor Rendon, and he’s described as “sometimes careless.”
• Three other townspeople are named Señora Ruiz, Señora Flores, and Señora Uriarte.
• Luisa never took naps before the events of the movie, believing that “nighttime is for sleeping, daytime is for getting things done.”
• Casita is very gentle when playing with the younger Madrigals.
• Isabela never gets in trouble.
• Isabela thinks Mirabel and Camilo are too old for toys.
• Abuela and Señora Guzmán have a somewhat tense relationship- described as a “battle of politeness.”
• Mirabel’s palms sweat when she’s worried.
• Luisa loves bright colors.
• Mirabel sneezes around things like sand or dust. Or salt.
• Félix rarely worries about anything.
• Isabela has a pond in her room filled with water lilies.
• Camilo and Pepa are both able to pick up and carry Antonio. Antonio especially likes to ride on Pepa’s shoulders.
• Isabela never wears her shoes on her bed.
• Luisa has panic attacks.
• While Isabela doesn’t love Mariano, she does hope to marry someday.
• Abuela secretly thinks Mirabel is a lot like Pedro was.
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