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lariskapargitay · 2 days ago
He was really so sick and tired of Alma’s shit regarding his wife and I love him. Like especially bc he’s the one who knows how to get rid of her clouds, he knew what he was doing, Alma harping on her wasn’t helping
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anonymousqualities · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
The hold this song has on me.
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niinaro · a month ago
Bruno, pouring milk directly into the cereal bag: And you thought I cloud help?
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k-chips · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
I was finally able to draw my wife😭🧡
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existential-bisis · 16 days ago
Listen I just love how
Pepa: 😡⛈
Félix: 😘
Pepa: 🥰☀️🌈
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arepacuacamilo · 3 days ago
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vampiresdontdodishes · 8 days ago
Pepa, drunk: I have to say, you know, getting married is the bravest, most wonderful thing you can do. Because every day you come home and you’re just, like, “What? It’s you! I love you! You’re my sexy roommate and we love each other!”
Felix, also drunk: Pepa's talking about me!
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obsessivelycartoonish · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Mi Rayo de Sol☀️
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bandshirts-and-books · 12 days ago
Pepa Aesthetic!! 💛💚🤎
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Once again, please send me any requests you guys have!
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lilfunnyquotes · 16 days ago
Félix, snuggled up to Pepa: Are you still mad, amor?
Pepa: Hmph. 
Félix: I didn’t think I’d win.
Pepa: You’re the funniest bastard in this house, it should be a crime to let you play Cards Against Humanity!
Félix: But you gotta admit, some of those responses of yours were pretty funny.
Pepa: Hmmmmmph.
Félix: C’moooon. *runs his fingers along her arm* You’re a funny bitch and you know it.
Pepa: *smiles* Ooooh, alright fine. I am.
Félix: Yeah, you are. You’re my funny bitch, mi vida. *kisses along her shoulder*
Abuela: Can you two go fuck someplace else, we’re trying to watch a movie here!
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lariskapargitay · 9 days ago
Can we please take a moment to realize Pepa and Félix are without question THE most affectionate Disney couple?
Let’s think about this for a second. The main romances are never together until the last scene, and their touches are limited to one or two kisses, and a short happily ever after montage where maybe he has his arm around her waist as they ride off into the sunset (every single Disney princess sans Nala and Belle). They’ll talk and laugh but they won’t ever actually touch or if they do it’s limited to maybe brushing hair back or touching them only when necessary to save them but that’s it. Every physical touch is all big grand romantic gestures that stand out and help move the plot along.
Belle and Beast, she ‘didn’t shudder as she touched his paw’ and then they have one romantic dance where her resting her head on his chest was the most physicality any Disney couple had in a while but again, it was a big romantic gesture designed to be noticed and move the plot along. They don’t touch just to touch. And even Nala almost every touch she had with Simba was deliberate and meant to be noticed and to move the romantic plot along (I don’t know about you but I think Pepa and Félix might have take the spot away from Nala and Simba for best Disney sex eyes)
The rare times there’s more than once romance in a movie it’s limited to what Augustin and Julieta have. A gentle simmering of sweet romance and that’s it. We hear they’re married, they may hold one another close at the end of the movie but again, very little actual physical affection.
Now let’s look at Pepa and Félix. There very first intro she’s literally grabbing him, yanking him close and lifting him up off his feet to kiss him
Tumblr media
Then his hand is around her waist and stays that way the entire time they walk up the stairs after their first scene. No big grand gesture, no plot development, just a background note you might not even catch. Then with Antonio’s gift ceremony he takes her by the shoulders and doesn’t let go, and when they’re waiting at the door they’re completely wrapped around one another and when he gets his gift again, just a background moment, but he misses her hand and she looks at him with sheer relief and adoration
Tumblr media
And let’s not forget the ‘fuck me’ eyes she gives him at breakfast when he gets her to calm down about the chair
Tumblr media
During the Bruno song I can’t even count how many times his hand is around her waist and the calling card to all Pepa/Félix shippers that is ‘I’m sorry Mi Vida go onnnn!’ Where he’s singing right into her ear and neck and she’s got *that* kind of smile on her face as she dies which is as close as Disney will ever get to a couple necking
Tumblr media
While I mentioned Disney romances only touching eachother to save the other I think theirs should count bc again, it’s just a background moment, not plot development, but when the house shakes and she falls he’s right there to catch her and help her. No plot, no big gesture, it’s not the focus of the scene… it’s just there
Tumblr media
And then during the end song…. My god. When Bruno whips her around his hand is right there to catch her and then he pulls her close where once again , she gives him bedroom eyes, his hand is on her waist and hers is on his chest.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also what’s even more miraculous and remarkable about it is this isn’t the star, this isn’t some 18 year old Disney princess, this is a 50 year old woman with three kids whose oldest is an adult herself, and Félix is a dark skinned Black man who is affectionate and loving and adoring, something you very rarely see in mainstream media. And what’s more is none of these moments are played for laughs. It’s straight and serious and romantic and physical and so amazing. Disney really broke the mold with them and I’m so grateful to them for it
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vhgt-art · 16 days ago
Pepa + Félix dynamic 🖤
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bobafettuccini · a month ago
I need to talk about Félix and Pepa
I love how Félix is so in love and supportive of Pepa, and how he seems to recognize and accept her anxiety without her even realizing it.
If you look at their lyrics during We Don’t Talk About Bruno, they’re often contradicting each other, but never in a way that makes Félix sound like he’s disapproving or upset with Pepa for the way things turned out.
It was my wedding day (it was our wedding day) 🥺💕
There wasn’t a cloud in the sky (no clouds allowed in the sky)
Married in a hurricane (What a joyous day, but anyway)
He’s constantly assuring Pepa that he’s there for her and he loves her, even when her anxiety is causing the weather to go wild. He doesn’t even seem to mind that their wedding happened during a hurricane, he says it was a joyous day. To Félix, the fluctuations in the weather don’t matter as long as his wife is happy - it’s Pepa and Abuela who seem to have an issue with it (i.e. the distinction - no clouds allowed in the sky - which is also him recognizing the pressure put on Pepa to not let her gift “ruin” the day).
And at the end when they’re dancing in the rain together, it feels like all of those reassurances have finally gotten through to her. She’s able to be happy and be present even through it’s raining as long as they’re dancing together.
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niinaro · 26 days ago
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k-chips · 13 days ago
Mirabel: Tía, are you the big spoon or the little spoon?
Pepa: I'm a knife.
Félix: She's the little spoon
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yarart4ever · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Starting off the new year with best couple from encanto (I swear this was supposed to look a lot better- ; w ;)
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fanmak · 5 days ago
encanto requests
I'm going to write encanto fics and i'm open to requests
Reader will have they/them pronouns unless specified in the request
Characters i will write for
Platonic antonio
Platonic alma
No smut for underage characters
No abuse
No non consensual acts
No incest
No yandere
Tell me who you want it to be with (with the couples i'll probably make it a poly relationship)
Give me a idea to base it off of (ex: isabela on a picnic making flower crowns and telling stories)
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mishamermaid96 · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Cartoon model as Pepa : @ichigobunsss !!!
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lala-lovesie · 6 days ago
Felix says “No clouds allowed in the sky” during “We don’t talk about Bruno”. How much you wanna bet that Alma told Pepa to avoid any clouds or storms that day?
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lilfunnyquotes · 15 days ago
Pepa: *dancing in the hail*
Pepa: Come dance with me, amor!
Félix: Nah, I don’t wanna steal your thunder, sunshine!
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