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walloyn · a year ago
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𝔩𝔬𝔳𝔢 𝔦𝔰 𝔣𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔴𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔰 ₍₂₀₁₅₎
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czark-tales · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
Can’t believe I actually have a physical copy of this legendary album. I say legendary because a lot of people say Pink Tape is a gem of a pop album. Considering that this was released way back 2013, the only chances I could get to have this is either to wait for SM to restock or find those who are selling their used albums. I got mine on everyone’s favorite app: Shopee 😂 This isn’t a new one but now I have a rare album with me.
Is this as good as everyone says? Let me walk you through each track.
These are my opinions and you don’t have to agree with everything I say. [ LONG POST AHEAD]
1. Rum Pum Pum Pum
I love this title track. Honestly I’m not the type to listen to a whole album so at the time, this is the only song I know. It’s tune can easily stay in your head, at least in mine. Even for the first time I listened to this years ago, I liked it right away. I have an inclination to Sulli’s rap parts because she’s my bias and It’s refreshing to hear her rap. 10/10
2. Shadow
I honestly thought this was a sweet song. Just listening to it gives it a cheery, sweet feel. Reading the translations though, I get why people say this is creepy. What I thought was sweet and cheery started to sound like creepy whispering. Let’s just say that the lyrics are in the perspective of a stalker. I’ll still rate this a 10/10 because its charm is in its chilling vibe and I still like how it sounds. 
3. Pretty Girl
Not a very memorable track for me. I think the main catch is Amber’s rap but I still don’t have a particular liking to this song. It’s just okay to me. I understand that it may take a long time to warm up to a song but I’m unsure about this. All I could comment is that it’s okay. 6/10
4. Kick 
This is a fun upbeat pop song but it didn’t tug much excitement to me. It’s repetitive so it can have that element of a last song syndrome. Just like the previous one, it’s an okay song to me. One that would familiarize me with the kind of sound f(x) would have but it wouldn’t stand out in their discography. Filler songs exist, that’s what this is to me. 5/10
5. Signal
I’ve got a signal~ I am loving this retro style for f(x). The sound is really funky and matches well with their delicate voices. That combination makes this track alluring. I don’t know what else to say other than it fits them well and I hope they would have more tracks like this. 8/10
6. Step
About this one, I can’t tell if I like it or not. To me it’s really somewhat likeable because the sound is addictive but when it comes down to what makes it special, it’s really just the sound for me. Luna’s main vocal was was definitely highlighted nearing the end of the song. It’s fun to listen to and it has an energetic tone that makes you wanna dance. 7/10
7. Goodbye Summer
Out of everything in this album, Goodbye Summer sounds the most mellow. I think this can be part of an OST. Luna and Krystal’s voice can really mesh well with Kyung Soo’s vocals. Along with Amber’s rap everything worked well together. Overall, this is a well balanced song. 9/10
8. Airplane
Airplane has that electronic music that reminds me of video games. This track is one of those that shows f(x)‘s uniqueness with the quirky and odd sound but at the same time it works. Listening to it seems like it could be a ballad that breaks into EDM. I think I was a bit confused at first, but this is also why I took a liking with f(x) because it’s THEM. It’s their style. 8/10
9. Toy
Like the title says, this is indeed a playful song. Another EDM-ish and electronic sounding track. I couldn’t pinpoint anything special about it but it would be good to note that the lyrics has that air of feeling powerful and fierce. I would count this as another filler track. Sorry. 5/10 
10. No More
One of my favorites from this album. This was said to be a song SM bought from Ariana Grande and I could see how the sound is similar to Ariana’s style in her Yours Truly album, released the same year as Pink Tape (Ariana’s song is actually “Boyfriend Material”). I like how the lyrics was rearranged to f(x)’s style and image but both songs are good. I’ll just be biased with f(x) on this one. Every member’s vocal shined in this song. 10/10
11. Snapshot
Not entirely sure if the intro part was jazz then it transitioned to pop. Throughout the song, it does shift from those two genres. You may imagine that this is another odd and quirky song and you’re right. Another one that I’m not sure if I like right away although it doesn’t sound bad. 6/10
12. Ending Page
Up until recently, I didn’t have much appreciation regarding the flow of a tracklist. I only knew that somehow a style would be incorporated in each song to fit one album without much care about how it starts and ends. Now that I can listen to full albums, I understand how a concluding track makes an impact. Ending Page serves as a bittersweet ending with its sad lyrics. 9/10
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To summarize, I agree that this is a good album although not every track is a hit for me. As I said, there are filler tracks and I’m not sure if they add harmony to the songs altogether. These tracks are clearly outshone by the better songs so I can’t qualify Pink Tape as a no-skip album. 
Was it worthy buying anyway?
YES. I am very much into f(x)’s music even from way before and I got excited to finally get my hands on their album and my first one! I love the packaging, the concept and design. It’s not in its perfect condition since I bought a used album, but it’s still good enough that I could appreciate it in its entirety. SM’s creative team comes up with the coolest designs even until now. 
Tumblr media
🎶 Listen to Pink Tape
🎧 Favorites:
Rum Pum Pum Pum, Shadow, No More
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baek-honey · 3 months ago
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min6yu-u · a year ago
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f(x) messy icons!
─ like/reblog if you save/use, please.
─ don't repost.
(requests open)
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sad-story01 · a year ago
Non sarà mai un per sempre,
Perché tutto prima o poi finisce,
Ma non L’accettiamo,
Quel per sempre ci illude ogni volta.
Cit me
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soojungstal · a year ago
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Morning Call
Warning: Smut, GxG, KrystalxFemReader
Krystal woke up when she felt something crawling inside the blanket and her night pajamas. She's feeling tired since you and her made love last night.
She then start feeling kisses on her nape and neck. Her breathing became ragged at that.
"Soojung?" You mumbled while kissing her neck.
"Y-yeah?" She can't even talk properly and she's already breathing heavily.
"I love you..." You said making her blush. Krystal don't want to hear that words since the day they you became lovers because it's making her blush and she's hiding it through rolling her eyes that's why you always call her "mean" but not now.
"I'm tired... We just made love last night." She told you.
"Then I'll make you more tired and sore till you can't walk anymore. You have no schedule this week anyway."
Krystal can't really believe how you became sexy and wild when it comes to bed, because when it's just a normal day, you don't look like someone who can ravage her in bed and make her feminity sore.
"I have a practice tomorrow for our 1st concert..."
"Really? Alright then, I'll go with you tomorrow." You mumbled as you left hickeys on Krystal's shoulder.
"I hate you." The other girl said.
"And I love you more."
You skillfully unbuttoned her night pajamas from behind. Krystal is not wearing a bra when sleeping so it's easy for you to just massage her healty twins after unbuttoning her pajama tops.
Krystal bit her lower lip as she was engulfed with your flame and starts feeling the pleasure you're giving her.
She released a throathy breath when she felt your fingers playing with her nipples.
You harshly pull the thick blanket covering both of your clothed body and threw it somewhere before crawling on top of Krystal. You brushed your lips to Krystal's lips teasing her to kiss back. Krystal obliged and kiss you slowly and passionately with her eyes closed. Krystal felt your smile throught their kiss that made her heart flutter.
You pulled off and looks at Krystal who's now slowly opening her eyes. You look straightly through Krystal eyes seeing the happiness she have in those cute yet deadly eyes.
"I feel cold, you threw the blanket away." Krystal whined as she find her way through your neck and wraps her arms around it. You lowered your head to kiss Krystal's neck and the other girl tilted her head to the side for you to have a better access on that certain part of her body.
"Don't leave marks there, they'll wonder where I'd get that." Krystal mumbled.
You trail kisses from her neck to her collarbone.
"D-damn..." She mumbled as she bit her lower lip when she felt her your teeth bit her skin and felt a stinging pain and suck it afterwards surely living a visible mark there.
You move down to her chest and continues trailing kisses between the valley of her breasts before proceeding in sucking Krystal's little soldiers.
Krystal arched her back and slams her hand on both of her side before gripping the bedsheet hard as she feel the sensation and too much pleasure.
"F-fuck..." She cursed and closed her mouth to prevent releasing such seductive moans. The aircon is not much of a help since she's feeling so hot and beads of sweat are forming on her forehead.
When you're making love, Krystal doesn't want you hearing her moans as much as possible but it's hard to do it when her you're giving her so much to feel. Excitement, contentment, happiness and intense pleasure.
"A-ahh..." She moans lowly and gripped the bedsheets on both of her side.
You slide your finger inside Krystal's underwear and touch her clit making the latter gasp.
"What do you want me to do?" You whispered on her wife's ear while rubbing her clit. Krystal didn't espond as she was focusing on the pleasure she's feeling, eyes closed while biting her lips, it was the hottest look of Krystal at the moment.
You rubbed her clit faster and Krystal's hips is also moving, trying to ride on the rhythm.
"M-more..." She said between gasping and moaning quietly.
"What? I can't hear you" You teased.
"P-please... I need m-ahh!" She didn't get to finish her words and instantly moans when you stuck two fingers inside her and starts to thrust in and out slowly.
She wrapped her arms around your neck and buried her face on the crook of it, muffling moans she's trying not to release.
"P-please... please..." She whispered on your neck while panting, her legs wrapped around your waist, constantly moving her hips to feel more pleasure.
You kiss her shoulder before asking, "Tell me what to do Krystal and I'll gladly obliged." your seductive voice sent chills down her spine and made her aroused more.
"M-make love with--ahh... me" She hardly said. You fasten your pace inside her walls that made her insane.
"Don't s-stop... please... please!" Her walls suddenly tighten around your fingers indicating that she's going to cum.
You hissed when she bit the skin on your neck pretty hard and suck it leaving a hickey, she did it few times on your neck to prevent herself from moaning loud and you can't do anything but take all the painful bites. Krystal can be dangerous at times but you also love when she reacts like this.
"I'm cumming..." She said with her eyes focused on you, biting her lips as she saw those beads of sweats forming on your forehead, she thought that it was the hottest thing she ever see that morning.
"I-I can't hold any l-longer..." She said in almost a high pitch. A few more thrust and she bucked her hips for the last time, body convulsing as she cum on your fingers.
You just smirked at the sight of her closing her eyes, panting while her chest heaves up and down trying to breath some air. You started moving your fingers again and she flinched.
"H-hajima... I'm still s-sensitive! Aah~!" She slapped your arms and held your hand trying to stop you from moving inside her.
"I'm g-gonna cum again." She slammed her other hand on the bed and gripped the bedsheets hard. She arched her back and notntoo long when she cums on your finger again.
"I'm e-exhausted..." She said in between her pants. You looked at her face and smiled at her sight.
Messy hair, eyes closed, red face and lips swollen from constant biting and kissing. You pulled out your fingers from her making her moan again, she still manage to glare at you after the exhaustion you made her feel.
You stood up to fetch the blanket you threw earlier before going back to lay doen beside her and cover her half naked body with the blanket. She switched her position to face you and just stares at you. You stared back straightly to her eyes and wipes off the sweats on her forehead before kissing her there. She find it sweet when you do that after you made love because it made her feel lovable.
"Aww! What was that for?!" You whined when she pinched your arm in the most painful way.
"Unfair, I was almost naked while you're fully clothed. And, we just made love last night! I feel so sore down there! Were you aroused just this morning?" She asked while glaring at you, you rubbed the part of your arm she pinched before pouting.
"I don't know, atleast I made you moa--aww!" You once again felt the pain of her pinch. Her face blushing but hiding it with her usual annoyed face.
After that you two became quiet when you felt her tracing something on your neck.
"It's pretty dark, I think it'll stay for atleast a week. This can be spotted easily, ugh just why do you have to- nvm." She whinned, still her eyes is glued on your neck.
"Yeah, that's because you bit it pretty hard. It stings you know?" You said. You know that it's not just one but many. She just smirked and looks at you with the visible emotion in her eyes.
"I love you" You whispered but it's enough for her to hear.
"I hate you" She said rolling her eyes, her usual reaction.
You held her hand that's tracing on your neck and interwines it with yours. Krystal just stares at you weirdly before spotting the smile plastered on your face. She look at your hand and hers and instantly knew the reason why you smiled. It's a promise ring that nobody knows except the two of you, the fans have been noticing the ring Krystal's wearing but they don't know the meaning of it since there's no other idol that's wearing it so they thought that it's a promise ring for herself and not anyone else.
She smiled but hides it instantly. She doesn't know how to express how she loves you so she intend to act cold when it comes to sweet things but you know more than anyone that she loves you too.
"Come on, let's sleep. I know I made you tired again." You said before sliding your arm under her head and made it as her pillow before kissing her forehead once again.
You just smiled when you glance at her and saw that her eyes are already closed.
"What a sleepy baby."
[Note: This is my first time writing smut soo-- nvm please follow me on my instagram fro more kpop/krystal content (@cessy_jng) thank you!]
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kpopposion-blog · 3 years ago
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Victoria (비크토리아) F(X)
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czark-tales · 3 months ago
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100 Days of Productivity | Day 1
June 21, 2021
“You stick to it not because you see hope but because only when you stick to it can you see hope” 
One of the trainees on Youth With You 3 said this but I wasn’t able to take note of who. Will treat this quote as my anchor for this week.
A lot of people have been doing this 100 days of productivity challenge and initially I didn’t want to because there are other ways to keep myself accountable. I’d rather keep track of my productivity in private. Yet as I kept thinking about this I finally decided to go for it. It’s only a matter of a 100 days and it’s not like I let go of the things I hold private when I post a few things about my day. I’m always on social media anyway, why not make something of it? Before you know it, a hundred days have passed. I’d rather have taken note and been aware of what happened than not know at all. 
In a previous daily post, I’ve mentioned about how I drop the things I’ve started like books and kdramas. I just lose interest in something without sticking to it long enough and then I refuse to keep up. Now that I’m starting this 100 days of productivity, this is a good way to finally have something I could keep doing. Keep some traction going as I lead a very boring, unemployed life. 
I am manifesting that I land the right job at the right time. I can feel that as long as I’m looking for a job, I’ll have one soon enough. MALAPIT NA.
What I did today:
spraying solignum around my dad’s office to make sure no termites get in the shelves
packed an order from my shop
initial job interview
I do have a number of things to do throughout the week but not much that isn’t manageable. I’ll have more to update soon and I’m actually stoked to continue this challenge. I’m listening to Pink Tape so expect a post about this album soon. f(x) is one of my favorite 2nd gen kpop groups. 
If you’ve read long enough to reach this part, thank you!  💘 Now Playing: Pink Tape  🎶
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archivefx · 3 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
◞f(x) ˙꒳˙↳sulli; girlfriend material੭ ‧₊°彡 ໒requested.୨
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devildrusje · 17 days ago
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Tumblr media
You and me, we belong together, babe, huh? Husband and wife since the dawn of time. We were never husband and wife. I was made fore you. I was delivered to you. Hey, don’t get caught up in the fine print here. It’s not a detail, okay? I didn’t choose you.
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