otterlyart · 2 months ago
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cantrip - transmutation
You point your finger towards a halfling within range and give them a literal heart attack.
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suraelis · 2 months ago
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From Critical Role episode 4 campaign 3
We all mourn in our own ways... and sometimes that’s via PKMN battles
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flowersforvax · 3 months ago
hey uhhh, is this anything?
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der-kazenprinze · a month ago
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cities of exandria 3/?
available on etsy✨
hupperdook / niirdal-poc
"five tower-like mountains that reach for the heavens"
id: the city of jrusar from campaign 3 of critical role. the five spires appear to be fingers of a massive hand with buildings and cables built into them. there are skyships flying in to dock at the aerie spire, and the pyre is lit on the lantern spire. /end id.
during matt’s intro, he described marquet as a “landmass once marred by a vengeful god during the calamity.” that plus the idea of the spires ”reaching for the heavens” tossed this version of jrusar into my mind as a city built around a scar on the land left by a hand of a vengeful god, thrusting from the ground. just. top notch imagery right there. i know this isn’t the canon of the city but it makes me happy so it’s how i will forever picture it
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lora-deyn · 2 months ago
Oryms head:
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crow-club · 3 months ago
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Any way lets...Top side we go
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yyaminabe · 2 months ago
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episode 1 and 2 sketchdump
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eternalsongbird · 3 months ago
F.C.G. saying his creator named all of her creations after her favourite smells and Sam throwing "Pussy" out there so fucking off the cuff...
This is the second time this man has broken me today after the gas can. Fuck's sake this campaign is gonna kill me xD
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seanotturom · 9 days ago
ashton: they left me to take the fall but I’m not bitter about it
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[ID: The “press X to doubt” meme. /end ID]
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edwardpun · a month ago
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"Shiny day to you!" 
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amurih · a month ago
Why do I get this “Season” feeling after now obtaining Chetney in the party?
Orym and Fearne have a spring fresh vibe to their designs. Orym is soft spring, like the flowers are starting to poke out and a soft breeze of sweetness in the air. While Fearne is the POP of flowers and vegetation in bloom. (Although Mister is a flame elemental he could be a representative of animals waking up from their warm sleep to a “curious hunger” figurative and literally)
Fresh Cut Grass and Ashton are a combination of transitioning between the seasons from Spring, to Summer, and then into Autumn. They both share Summer, but I feel that they both side with another season.
Fresh Cut Grass is the transitioning of Spring to Summer with that bright and sunny color/attitude that he has. Warm and inviting like you want to shed your hypothetical clothing and lay bare all your problems to. Much like the season starting to warm up.
Ashton is the transition from Summer into Autumn. With bare arms ‘suns out guns out’ look and a “fuck you” youthful summer. Looking for parties and to roughhouse with others. Break things. Get loud and burst with rage. But also mute it. Distort,gain, and shift weight. Then slowly decay into earthy tones. Opal is the birthstone of October going with the cracked skull they have. A cool being that strikes hot, fast, and hard.
Imogen is Autumn. She comes from the country that could be agricultural for harvest, but also has the light scholar academia air to her presence. Horses running across fields and plains. The smell of old books. Adventurous curiosity, but also cautious of what they might find. Smooth like sipping on cider in the night air. Bright like lightning in a storm, but overwhelmed from the voices all around like thunder.
Laudna could be the transition of Autumn into Winter. The gaunt and fragile look followed by monochrome and a splash of red. Scary for Fall, like Halloween, but death has also been considered to be part of Winter months in stories. She is alive, but dead. Cold skin. Intimidating personality at first, but having a childish wonderment once you get to know her.
Chetney is winter. He screams Christmas elf with the hat and boots. He does have an angry face, but I don’t know what kind of personally he is gonna have. Could be a cheerful guy or become the Scrooge of the party. We don’t know.
Dorian is the transition of winter into Spring. Mostly blue and silvery white, but the under side of his cape is warm yellow/orange/peachy color. Like snow is being melted and the plants are waking up. Just a cool dude who is also sweet to people. He just takes some time to get warmed up for his performances. Shy sometimes. He is doing his best guys.
Seasons guys. SEASONS
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otterlyart · 2 months ago
Orym loses F.C.G.’s coin
F.C.G. : “It’s fine.” >:{
Narrator’s voice: “It was not fine.”
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suraelis · 2 months ago
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Fearne: I can only heal people I like
Ashton: If I murdered everyone here, would you heal me?
Fearne: ... Yes
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bornwithawarriorheart · 2 months ago
Imogen my Beloved.
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slayerscake · 2 months ago
Can't wait for Sam to hit us with the sad backstory and everyone who doesn't watch Critical Role becomes collectively confused on why we're crying about Fresh Cut Grass.
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shadyminion · 3 months ago
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Critical role campaign 3. So glad Travis showed up, I was upset thinking he was sitting this round out. I AM LOVING ASHLEY THIS GO ROUND.
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jam-campasta · 3 months ago
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*makes c3 doodles to distract myself from the last 30 seconds of wwdits s3e9* 😭😭
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fiotarya · 3 months ago
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if anything happens to my dearest darling Fresh Cut Grass I will not hesitate bitch 
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noelanik-art · 3 months ago
Campaign 3 thoughts really quickly (and yes there are spoilers):
1. I love F.C.G. and that will always remain true. Bless Liam and Sam.
2. I am very happy to see EXU babies returning. I understand there are mixed feelings, but I personally loved them, and am very happy for a return. I think there should be more quiet characters in D&D, and therefore the power of Fearne and Orym is undeniable. I also personally would be fine with Robbie remaining as a regular. I know it’s a lot of players, but I think he would bring an interesting energy to the table, and I would love to see Orym, Fearne, and Dorian develop. I’ve heard people thinking Fearne and Orym are temporary, and I honestly don’t like that. I don’t think that would be a strong beginning to the campaign, especially as I am more inclined to think that Travis’s character is temporary, and four temporary characters in the first episode is a whole lot that I wouldn’t want to unpack later.
3. Reminder that each member of the cast is fully allowed to make decisions that you don’t agree with and that includes playing characters that you don’t like. This is their home game that has become a production, but it still really is a game of D&D.
4. As above, I think quiet characters are hugely important, and therefore, I am fascinated by Imogen. I think she has the potential to become one of the most interesting characters in campaign 3. I’m excited by the idea of her interacting with Orym, and honestly everyone else.
5. Am I afraid of Marisha’s character? Yes, but I love it. I’m excited to see where she goes with this.
6. Love the gender representation. And also, just everyone should love Taliesin Jaffe. Ashton is very interesting, and since F.C.G has my heart already, I’m looking forward to Taliesin making me feel things again.
7. Do I like Bertrand? No. Do I think he could be interesting as a long term character? Yes. Do I want that? It doesn’t matter, because whatever they choose to do is what will happen, and I’m okay with that.
8. I’m hoping they make actual announcements about plans with Robbie, because I am not fond of theorizing and what it does to fandoms. Knowing if he’s just a temporary guest will make a big difference in my expectations for this campaign, as would knowing he’s a permanent fixture.
9. Re-expectations: yes, I also have expectations, and things I would prefer, but if those things don’t happen, then I’m gonna live with that and keep watching anyways.
10. Have I mentioned I love F.C.G.?
11. Bertrand is the poster child for why lying is bad.
12. This party is going to be a predominantly pastel mess, and I’m here for it.
13. All in all, the energy of this campaign and this table is worlds different from either of the other campaigns, and as much of an adjustment as that is going to be, I’m really excited for it. The cast looked so refreshed in this episode. They needed the break, and they needed something new. It might be hard to get into, and some people may not get into it at all, but I’m really and truly excited to see where it goes, even if there are things that bother me.
14. I want to see Essek Theyless in campaign 3. Every npc is the shadowhand until proven otherwise.
15. I’m fascinated to see relationships of all kinds form amongst this party.
16. Also, I love Orym. I think the possibilities for his character are fascinating.
Anyways! Those are just some of my many thoughts. My friend and I were literally on the edge of our seats the whole time, and I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow, but that’s okay. I look forward to seeing exactly what this campaign will continue to look like.
It’s bound to be different.
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lora-deyn · 15 days ago
imogen or F.C.G.: I’m gonna read this npcs’ thoughts Matt every single time: They’re all fucking weird... Is that one still alive???
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