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Italian racing driver Maria Teresa de Filippis, the first woman to compete in Formula One.

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Albon pets saying Aston Martin right 💚🍉💚

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vintage F1 1978 lotus

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Daniel: you often use humor to deflect trauma

Max: thank you

Daniel: I didn’t say that was a good thing

Max: what I’m hearing is, you think I’m funny

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I mean how the fuck is it race week again in three weeks? I still remember the last triple-header and the chaos like it was yesterday…🤯

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<div> —  Sebastian when asked to describe the British sense of humour  </div><span>Er, it’s not politically correct. It’s dirty. It’s quick. I like all that.</span>
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Mercedes has teased its new livery for 2021. What do you think about this new look?

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Albon confiante de que o trabalho no RB16B “resolveu as dificuldades” do carro anterior

Albon confiante de que o trabalho no RB16B “resolveu as dificuldades” do carro anterior

Alex Albon pode ter perdido seu assento de corrida na Red Bull em 2021, mas o piloto tailandês esteve ocupado no simulador da equipe durante o inverno, ajudando os engenheiros da equipe a transformar o RB16B de 2021 em uma máquina mais fácil de pilotar do que a RB16 que ele e o companheiro Max Verstappen fez campanha no ano passado.

O RB16 de especificações de 2020 foi infame e brincalhão desde…


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ooh a compelling argument but to me Dan has too much cheeky fuckboy energy to be a glamour boy, he’s missing the aloof better than everyone bitchy vibes. to me Dan is more like rich-but-not-better-than-you-because-of-it playboy flash to Nico’s I-will-not-register-your-existence-if-your-net-worth-is-less-than-£100m glamour 😒

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lando: alex can’t be good at everything. you know what, maybe he is a terrible kisser or something

george: no, he is good at that too

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It’s time to start oppressing people who like their hot chocolate with water. If you’re lactose intolerant, you can stay, but you’re on fucking thin ice.
I eat the powder straight from the pack.
Hey, do you know how horrible what you just said was?
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i made this blog when i was v unwell, i understand, please help yourself

at a certain level the only logical thing that can be said about martian is [keysmash] [keysmash] [keysmash] (as you have now probably gathered from my tags…)

also since i missed you let me offer you whatever martian pics are on my camera roll

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