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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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F1 drivers as quotes from RENT

because the idea of bringing together the rich, the famous, the (mostly) white with broke bohemians is ridiculous, so let’s do this

a series: f1 x musical theatre, part.3

part.1 part.2

Lewis: They make fun, yet I am the one attempting to do some good

Valtteri: What’s my sin? Never quit, I follow through

Max: That boy could use some prozac… or heavy drugs… or group hugs

Lance: I think they meant it when they said you can’t buy love

Lando: Still thirsty? Parched. Have some milk

Alex: I was a boy scout once

Sharl: Haven’t slept in a year

Pierre: Don’t breathe too deep, don’t think all day, dive into work, drive the other way; that drip of hurt, that pint of shame goes away, just play the game

Carlos: Feels too damn much like home when the Spanish babies cry

Danny: They say that I have the best ass below 14th street, is it true?

Checo: To huevos rancheros and Maya Angelou

Esteban: Wanna be the cause of a fight

Seb: It’s a comfort to know, when you’re singing the hit the road blues, that anywhere else you could possibly go after Ferrari New York would be a pleasure cruise

Nico H: Excuse me if I’m off track

Daniil: First shot: Roger, tuning the Fender guitar he hasn’t played in a year

Antonio: Don’t forget, get the moonlight out of your hair

Kevin: My body’s talking to me, it says “time for danger”

Nicholas: It isn’t much, but it took all year

Kimi: So let’s find a bar

Romain: I’ve had a knack from way back at breaking the rules once I learn the games

George: I had no juice in my battery

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A PSA for F1blr

You know what’s really bothering me since I joined the F1 fandom?

The phrase, “You only like it because of the hot guys.”

I’m lucky enough that I haven’t received this comment too much, most likely because I don’t know many people personally who watch F1 and I keep my gender fairly ambiguous around those I meet online (this isn’t intentional, it’s just sort of a result of my name). But I have seen other female content creators and fans be attacked by this phrase. Which, first of all the implication behind the sentiment is usually quite insulting, and it’s also almost always untrue. But what also bothers me is their response, which is always along the lines of “I absolutely don’t, I only care about the content.” (A totally fine response that I’m sure is also true to many fans).

However, it always confuses me, because the way I see it… you only like something because you find the people attractive?

So what? Like honestly… who cares? It’s not bothering anyone. It’s still showing support for a fandom. And considering how dominant the amount of male fans is in this fandom, I’m just grateful to have another person interested. I honestly could not care less why.

(Also, it’s not like men haven’t liked things for reasons other than pure interest and creative value, considering the amount of effort put into overly promiscuous “powerful” female superheroes in comic books dating back years)

Finding people attractive or aspects of a fandom aesthetically pleasing (because lets be honest, the SF1000s are some SEXY beasts, even if a little slow) is completely normal and should be an accepted aspect of being a fan. And I understand the importance of artistic integrity and remaining true to the intent of the fandom and whatnot, but in all seriousness if someone likes something purely for the “hot guys”, this affection either isn’t going to last long or it will grow into something new and beautiful as they realize everything else the fandom has to offer.

I joined the F1 fandom because of the memes and because I had a crush on Charles. That was all I had, to start with. Without that interest, I would have never dove into the fandom and discovered everything else that there is to absolutely adore about it, from the strategy to the mechanics to the excitement of media day. There’s so much Formula 1 (and every fandom) has to offer for fans of any gender, but scrutinizing people for the reasons they take interest is going to do nothing but push them away from something that is honestly amazing.

(Additionally, this absolutely applies to any gender, and the only reason I focused on women here because they are who I noticed get the most public shame about this sort of thing)

In short, let people like the shit that they like for the reasons they want to.

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