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micigli · 2 hours ago
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So Max snapped and told the press to stop with the constant bullshit about the Silverstone #inchident™ and Lewis just sat there with this face:
Tumblr media
I'm cracking up 😂😂😂
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ef-1 · 2 hours ago
🎵🎶hoes mad, hoes mad 🎶🎵
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liam-lawson · 3 hours ago
imagine booing sir lewis hamilton and him saying thank you for the motivation
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yukitsunoda · 2 hours ago
“can we just stop about this, we’ve had so many fucking questions about this it’s ridiculous... we are racers of course we’re gonna race hard but fair”
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teamleclercs · 7 hours ago
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Charles forgot his paddock pass and had to wait for approval. he’s so endearing
📸 : vvorsicphoto
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whaaaaatt · 20 hours ago
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ricolos · 6 hours ago
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pierre gasly after the free practice sessions for the 2021 hungarian grand prix
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countingstars-17 · 2 hours ago
interviewer: "if you two end up wheel to wheel after the start.. "
max: "can we please stop with this? all those f*cking questions about this, it's just ridicolous. the all thursday, we answered these stupid questions. we race hard but also fair, we just keep pushing each other"
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mqlaren · 2 hours ago
I see y'all sucking Max's dick for snapping at the media for asking him the same question like he didn't show up on Friday and call Lewis disrespectful to every interviewer with ears. Nah keep the same energy white boy u don't get to be mad bout now after u stoked the fire
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yukitsunoda · 27 minutes ago
anyway this is what we like to see, completely unprompted ❤
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pierreonthepodium · 3 hours ago
okay.... alright..... fuck.
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holdmyhopeinyourhands · 2 hours ago
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Valtteri is literally the kindest person this world has ever seen. Do not touch me.
If anyone boos him ever again I'm gonna stab a bitch.
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brawn-gp · 3 hours ago
“i’ve never felt so great with the booing, it just fuels me” I LOVE U KINGGGGGGG
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pinsaroulettes · 6 hours ago
charles had been told to do constant speed and complained that xavi was speaking to him at the wrong corner
charles: xavi, for the constant speed, it is actually me who is stupid. i don’t know the corner numbers. sorry, my fault
xavi: no problem, no problem.
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