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if u deep it, we race as one wouldn’t have started without lewis hamilton
the increase in diversity wouldn’t have started without lewis hamilton
the pressure to change how f1 contribute to climate change would never have existed if lewis hamilton and sebastian vettel didn’t say anything
there is so so much more that sebastian vettel and lewis hamilton do to make f1 a better place for those involved and fans regardless of their sexuality, gender and colour of their skin
the other drivers only spoke up about racism in f1 because lewis called them out
no one is perfect but the rest of the grid are extremely privileged grown men who continue to stay silent where it matters
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shelsgovroomvroom · 22 hours ago
New year, new season of this chaos :))
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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This Ain't Ordinary Life 6
Straight up melted when I wrote this, I hope you h*es enjoy it as much as I did. Filth warnings apply as usual. You guys rock by the way, I love reading your messages.
Summary: You're a rookie driver for Alpha Tauri, hungry to show what you're capable of. The currently reigning champion Lewis Hamilton is just as hungry, but for something different, though.
Link to part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
Tumblr media
The morning after was... well, kind of terrible. You had woken up when you'd felt a big hand squeezing your arm. The harsh rays of sunlight coming in through the window had nearly made your head explode, and if it hadn't been for Lewis squeezing you a second and a third time, you would've shut your eyes again and put your head under the pillow to accept certain death. Lewis had snuck both of you out of the venue before noon, somehow managing to get you into the passenger seat of his car which was parked in the underground garage, without being seen or photographed. Well, except for Max and Charles who you had encountered sleeping on the stairway, but it was not like they would've remembered that, anyway. After finally arriving in Lewis' home, you beelined straight to his bed and slowly, very carefully, lowered yourself into it. Your head felt like someone had tried to rearrange it with a sledgehammer, it was so bad that you thought you wouldn't survive the drive here. Lewis entered the bedroom, quiet on his feet, and sat down on the edge of the bed. When the mattress shook a little, you groaned in pain. "Mhmm..." "Oh, dear." Lewis said in return, kind of having to bite back a smirk as he listened to you moan into the pillow. "Come on, take this." he added softly and held his hand in front of your face. Thankful, you picked the Aspirin out of it, and obediently downed it with a few sips from the glass of water that Lewis held to your lips. After that, he peeled off your dress, heels, and everything else you were wearing, and tucked your body into a blanket. "See you in a few hours." he whispered, a smile on the corner of his lips, and gave you a gentle kiss on the forehead. "Sleep well." "Thank you, baby." you mumbled pitifully and soon passed out on the bed, the kiss leaving a subtle tingle on your skin. Lewis took the opportunity to freshen himself up while you caught up on some sleep. He got rid of his clothes and all his jewellery and stepped into the bathroom. The reflection he saw in the mirror showed a tired but content face, the signs of a long, exhilarating night, as well as a little bite mark he spotted on his shoulder. Lewis gently trailed a finger over it and smiled to himself. As the hot water trickled down on his skin, soaking him from hair to toe, Lewis closed his eyes and let his mind wander to the events of last night, still unable to fully grasp what he had done. He should've been shocked by how little it had taken for his self-control to falter, after he had tried so hard to be stoic and forget about you in the past weeks - but deep down, Lewis knew himself. Because the moment he saw you walk into the venue in that dress yesterday, as cheesy as it sounded, he'd known in his heart that it was over for him. Lewis poured some shampoo on himself and started lightly scrubbing his skin, trying to get the stiff feeling out of his muscles with the soothing motion of his fingers. There were still so many things that had been left unsaid between you. All those sleepless nights of missing you and thinking of you, wishing he could've just given you a call or a text like everything was back to normal - he hadn't mentioned a single word to you about those things. He couldn't lie, the thought of telling you gave him nervous butterflies in the stomach. But he had to do it, it was long overdue. Shit, he'd nearly beaten somebody up yesterday for a meaningless kiss at a party. Lewis had been making a right fool out of himself lately, and it was slowly becoming impossible to explain his way out of it. He just prayed that you would be willing to forgive him for walking out on you, completely out of the blue like that, and that you'd believe him when he'd say that all of this wasn't just an impulsive act of jealousy. Lewis turned off the stream of water and leaned his forehead against the stone wall of his shower for a few moments. If he truly wanted to show you how much you meant to him, he had to do it the right way. ______________
When you had woken up in the late afternoon, you had found yourself all alone in a quiet apartment. The headache, thank goodness, had gotten a lot better the past three hours. You could barely feel the remnants of your hangover anymore. Slowly shaking off the sleepiness, you took your time to give your body a nice stretch, making sure to get rid of all the tension as you sprawled out your limbs on the bed like a cat. You were actually a little bit glad that Lewis wasn't here to see it, because you were pretty sure you looked very silly doing it. As you sat up, you noticed that there was a hoodie and a pair of shorts folded at the bottom of the bed. They were his, he must've laid them out for you. A smile took over your face. That was pretty sweet of him. Shielding you from the paps earlier and letting you catch up on some sleep in his bed was too, although you weren't exactly sure why he did all of this. Matter of fact, you hadn't really spoken a word to him yet. The drive to his home had been mostly silent, Lewis had probably figured that you hadn't been in the best state of mind for a conversation. Was this just a set-up, after all? A last act of kindness so he could let you down gently? Last night, you had felt something you hadn't ever felt with Lewis before. It had overwhelmed you, in a way you didn't fully understand, to experience something so intense with him. To have him hold you and take you as if you were a long-lost love that he'd finally found again, after years of searching and yearning - it had left you at a loss for words. And when you closed your eyes right here and now, you could still feel the places inside your body where he had been. Suddenly, this bed felt too big. It hurt when you glanced over to your side and had to realise, again, that he wasn't there to wake up next to you. And that your hands were cold but he wasn't there to warm them. And that the realisation of having to face this harsh world alone weighed so heavy on you, but he wasn't there to soothe it away. Sighing, you decided that it was time to get up and go for a shower. Inside the bathroom, you immediately spotted the next signs of thoughtfulness: Lewis had laid out some towels, a toothbrush, and even the right brand of moisturizer for you. How did he even figure out which one you used? Did he get it specifically for you, just in case? You stared at the little tube for a while longer. His attentiveness would never cease to amaze you. After finishing up in the bathroom, you put on his hoodie and boxers and grabbed your phone right away, where you spotted a message on your lockscreen. >hey sweetie, are u up yet?< A bit confused, you opened the message. Where was he, anyway? >Yes. Where are you?< you typed into your phone and hit send. After a minute, your screen lit up again. >Come to the bathroom upstairs.< You shook your head and smiled at your phone. Texting while being in the same apartment together sort of reminded you of writing flirty notes to your crush in the classroom back then. What was he doing up there? You jumped up from the bed and made your way up the stairs. Looking around, you saw that one of the doors stood slightly open, it must've been the bathroom, so you sneakily peeked inside. Lewis was sitting on the edge of a bathtub, watching the hot water fill it up while he added a few splashes of some nice-smelling soap to it. He had even lit up a couple of candles on the cabinet next to the tub. A beaming smile appeared on your face, you couldn't believe what you were seeing. He turned his head towards you when he noticed you standing in the door. "Hi sleepy head." he said, returning the same expression you were giving him. "Hi." you answered, suddenly feeling so smitten. Lewis and you simply looked at each other for a while, flustered smiles on your faces like you were a pair of shy teenagers that were too bashful to speak. You could've sworn you were blushing right now. "I ran you a bath." Lewis said, looking at the water, and then back at you.
You closed the door behind you and stepped towards him. The warm steam that rose from the water spread through the room, dispersing the faint smell of cocoa and argan oil. You closed your eyes shortly and breathed it in. Heavenly. "That is... so sweet of you. Thank you." you said softly, as Lewis got up from his spot, his gaze still locked on you. You reached out for his face and placed both hands on his cheeks, and it felt so natural to do it. Once again, you realised how beautiful the man in front of you was - His dark eyes gleamed with the familiar kindness they always carried, his heart-shaped lips looked as enticing as ever. His beard was longer than usual, you noticed, it even felt a bit fluffy beneath your fingertips, and you ran them through it just because you could, making him hum softly in response. "Does that feel nice?" you asked, entranced, and Lewis closed his eyes and nodded, so you did it again. Recollecting himself, Lewis lifted a hand and stroked over your hair once. "Take as much time as you want, okay? If you need anything, don't hesitate to text me." he said. "I want you to feel good and relax for a while." he added, and you knew that he meant it. You looked back and forth between his eyes, still holding on to his face. "Then stay." you half-whispered, it almost sounded pleading. "It's big enough for the two of us." A certain kind of spark appeared in his eyes as the words had left your mouth. You took it as a silent invitation to slowly lower your hands down his body to the hem of his black long-sleeve, tentatively pushing it upwards until the abs on his stomach were exposed. Lewis blinked at you, an infatuated smile formed on his lips. "Okay." he whispered. He did the rest for you and pulled his shirt over his head, dropping it carelessly onto the floor. Then, he turned his attention back to you, and as he slipped his hands underneath your hoodie and began running his fingertips up your sides, you held your breath. His touch was electrifying on your bare skin, to the point where your heartbeat undeniably quickened when he pulled the sweater off of you. It almost felt like the very first time he had undressed you, months ago in Baku, where the mix of nervousness and excitement had made your whole body shiver in his hands. You stood in front of him, topless, and Lewis drank in the sight of your collarbones, your bare chest, your waist, and your belly in the dim candlelight. He had to fight the urge to lunge at you right then, to wrap his mouth around your perky boobs and suck and lick on them like he craved to - No, today wasn't about his desires. Today was about you. You let out the shaky breath you'd been holding when he hooked his fingers around the waistband of your boxers, lowering himself down on his knees. Inch by inch, he pulled them down, and you felt just a hint of his warm breath between your legs, as you now stood completely nude in front of him. The feeling was faint, barely there, but it made the hairs stand on the back of your neck. "You okay?" Lewis whispered, looking up into your eyes from where he kneeled, his hands resting on either of your thighs, and for a split second you thought about pressing his face into your core, reminiscing about the feeling of Lewis' hot tongue on you when he would lick the delicate nub there. Oh. You had to remind yourself to breathe again. "More than okay." you answered, feeling a little bit flushed. "Come, take these off." you said and pulled him up again, your fingers lightly tugging at the waistband of his sweats. You knew that he was half-hard in there, you could see and feel it through the fabric as you began pulling them down - but you were in no rush, and Lewis wasn't either, so you let him be for now. He was the first to step into the bathtub, you enjoyed the way the muscles of his arms and back flexed as he lowered himself into the water.
"Come in, lean on me." he said and you followed, wincing playfully as the hot water came in contact with your skin, then you slowly leaned back, your back resting comfortably on his chest. He took two handful of your hair and tied it into a messy bun for you so it wouldn't get soaked, he was surprisingly quick with it for a man, you noticed. Then, he embraced you from behind with both arms, letting his hands sit on your belly, where he started caressing the soft flesh with his fingertips. Right now, his hold felt like the most peaceful place in the world. Engulfed in the warm water with him, you felt like melting into his arms. You turned your head back, the position a little awkward, but you just needed to be closer to him, so you nestled the side of your face into the crook of his neck. A featherlight shiver ran over Lewis' skin as he felt your breath there, and he let out a sigh - something began to simmer inside of him, a certain set of words, threatening to spill over and escape from his mouth at this very moment - Lewis suddenly held you a little tighter. "Baby..." he whispered. Through the sensitive skin of his throat you could feel his heartbeat quicken. He was nervous. You turned around in his arms, your chest now pressed against his, and your eyes met, just inches away from each other. Seeing the tender look on his face, you couldn't hold it in any longer. You captured his lips in a gentle kiss, which soon turned wet and sensuous as you slipped your tongue into his mouth, eliciting a low moan from his lips, and he returned the gesture, until you were both gasping into each other . "Tell me." you whispered against his lips, and he lifted a hand and placed it on your jaw to hold you there. Lewis' chest felt so warm inside, so tight, just from the faint touch of your lips against his. He inhaled deeply, looking at you through half-open eyes. "I love you." he mouthed, so softly that only you could possibly hear it. "I think I... I really love you." he said again, you felt the slight tremble of his breath against your skin. There it was. The one single thing you needed to hear for all of it to finally make sense. Your heart felt like it would burst inside your chest. He loved you. With both hands, you grabbed Lewis' face and began placing kisses all over him - on his cheek, his brow bone, on his forehead, his cupid's bow and jaw and one on his throat just above his tattoo, until you heard a delicious sigh leave his lips. You put your face next to his ear, your fingers placed firm on his cheek to really let him feel what you were about to tell him. "I love you, too." you whispered, breathless. "I have missed you so, so much-" you continued, but Lewis cut you off by pressing his lips onto your mouth, his fingers digging into the skin of your jaw, and a hot rush took over your whole body - you hadn’t ever felt a kiss so sincere, so intense. The way you claimed each other's lips and tongues was all you needed to know; this was real. Catching your breaths, Lewis scanned your face. The glimmer in his eyes emitted such love that you couldn't help but smile like a complete and utter fool, as you mentally scolded yourself for not having admitted these feelings to the both of you sooner.
"Can we... be together?" you broke the silence, and Lewis gave you a smile that said you did not have to ask. "We... we can make this work, right?" you added, the words were just spilling out of you now. Lewis nodded, a sincere and assured look in his eyes. "They won't make it easy for us" he started, "but I'll be damned if I ever let you go again." Putting a hand on the back of your neck, he pulled you closer until your faces touched. "We can do this." he whispered, softly. "I’ll be right by your side... and I will protect you. I promise." he vowed, and you had not a doubt in the world he would. ———————- To the surprise of neither of you, your loving declaration had soon escalated into the bedroom - this time, though, things were different. After what had felt like an eternity of kissing and caressing each other in the warm water, you had dared to lower your hand below Lewis' stomach and wrap your fingers around his cock. He had been so hard, so girthy in your palm, that you just couldn't help yourself and unabashedly started stroking him up and down. That had been all it had taken for Lewis’ eyes to darken and to lift you both out of the tub, back to bed. He had taken his time with you, leaving not a single place of your body unkissed or untouched while whispering sweet nothings into you ear, until you were humming in bliss. And when he had snuck his hand in between your legs to continue his little torture there, you had been soaked already, pleading with him to give you what you craved so badly, while he just slid one finger into you. He watched you writhe beneath him, and how you rolled your hips into his hand, trying to get the most out of the single digit inside of you - he knew exactly it wouldn’t be enough to get you there, but he enjoyed the show so much that he made you suffer a little longer. At the point where he added a second finger, curling them inside of you to really push you over the edge, you started to beg. “Lewis, please-” you panted, looking at him through your lashes, the lewd glimmer in your eyes that would always get him, and you gripped his arm tightly. “I’m ready. I need you.” Lewis saw the expression on your face and felt you clench around his fingers, suddenly becoming very aware again of how painfully hard he was and had been since you’d started making out in the bathtub. It was a miracle to him that he had been able to hold off for so long - but he wouldn’t wait any longer. He withdrew his fingers and leaned over you, towering above your body, his hands right and left next to your head. “Sweetie” he whispered, his hungry gaze making you tremble in anticipation, “spread your legs for me.” You did as you were told, feeling hot in the face when he positioned the tip of his cock against your wet lips. He lowered his head until your foreheads touched, and with one swift push of his hips buried himself deep inside of you. You let your eyes roll back into your head as you felt yourself stretch around him, adjusting to his body like you always did so perfectly, and Lewis had to hold his breath. “Oh my…” you moaned while he rested against your hips, “you feel so good.” you breathed, and you heard a sigh escape him. Lewis started rolling his hips into you, hitting all the places deep inside of you that he knew you loved. You were so wet that he could hear it, and feel it coat the base of his cock. Oh, Fuck. He had to gather all his self-control right now or he would finish way too quick. It was crazy what you could do to him, just a look and a few soft moans from you had him straining to hold it like he was still a teenager.
Making love with Lewis felt so right, so good, it was like all restraints had been cut loose and you relished every bit of it. His warm skin on yours, the look of raw desire in his eyes when he stared you down, the deep groans that slipped past his lips when he was inside of you - everything about him made your body feel like it was on fire, and it only took a couple more strokes until you felt your belly tighten up, your soft walls twitch around his cock when he thrusted into you at just the right angle - you were going to climax just like that tonight, you could feel it coming already. Lewis sensed the signs on you, and his pace got rougher. Hooking his arms under your legs, he pushed them up to your shoulders. Shit. “Yes, baby, right there-” you just managed to gasp out and dug your fingernails into his biceps, while he took you to your limit. The silver cross around his neck dangled back and forth as he fucked you like this, and before you knew what was happening, you were panting and writhing beneath him. You gripped his shoulders tightly as your orgasm came, and Lewis leaned down to wrap both arms around you, holding you close. Locking you under his body, he tried to fuck you through it, he wanted to fuck you through it, but oh, you were clenching so hard around him that the pressure in his belly became too much. Lewis let out a harsh groan from deep inside his chest and he spilled his cum into you, bucking his hips roughly as you felt him fill you up - the sensation elicited such a pleased moan from your lips that Lewis wished he had some more left to do it all over again. With the both of you slowly coming down from your high, he lifted himself up on his hands, feeling lightheaded as he looked down at you. The satisfied, flushed expression on his face mirrored yours, and Lewis ran a hand over your stomach to one of your boobs to squeeze and knead it softly. You bit back an amused smile - the look on his face reminded you of the look of a boy who was playing with his favourite toys. He sat up and pulled out of you slowly, now caressing your thighs, as he watched how his seed began leaking out from you. The both of you knew he wasn’t actually supposed to finish inside of you, he hadn’t been supposed to do that yesterday either, and up until then, Lewis had always made sure to pull out or use a condom. But in the past days, he hadn’t been able to think clearly. As if you could read his thoughts, you chimed in. “Good thing I started taking the pill, huh.” you said, a sly smile on the corner of your lips. Lewis looked up with a raised brow. “You’re on the pill?” he asked, confused. You stared back, equally as confused. “Yeah? I told you I’ve been taking it since Singapore- Wait.” you stopped and squinted your eyes at him, a grin forming on your face. “You didn’t assume I was on the pill when you did that?” you said, pointing in between your legs. “Uhmmm…” Lewis blinked and looked around nervously, a bit abashed, and you busted out laughing. “Men.” you huffed and shook your head, and Lewis leaned down to hide his face in the crook of your neck, you could feel his flustered smile on your skin. “I’ve been your girlfriend for two hours, let’s not rush it with the baby-making.” you giggled. Lewis snickered into your neck. “Yes ma’am.” he mumbled and hugged you tightly. You closed your eyes, smiling from ear to ear. He was such a fool…but well, he was your fool. And that was all that mattered.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lewis in Abu Dhabi 2020
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shwartzwoman63 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
{107/?} Maxy for the day
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he-wins-in-monza · 17 hours ago
The grind never stops
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Pov : You and your friend are both obsessed with Toto Wolff
Tumblr media
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grandzprix · a month ago
a new Toto Wolff has been unlocked
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I'm fine, I swear 😭🥺
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dizzyduck44 · a month ago
Is this just me (could be an unpopular opinion) or is the never ending drama Lewis, Max, Mercedes and Red Bull constantly cause now having a detrimental effect on the other drivers?
They are taking up so much of the steward’s, FIA’s, and media’s time with their antics that today it’s become clear that other drivers and teams are struggling to be seen/heard.
It’s almost now feels like as soon as something happens between them the stewards clear everything to deal with that before they start screaming at Massi.
McLaren aren’t the type to appeal but firstly if the proof comes out that they were in fact trying to contact Massi to clarify Lando’s starting position at the restart and weren’t told till it was too late because the FIA were too busy trying to negotiate where Lewis and Max started (completely unfairly to Esteban) that is disgusting.
Secondly as Lando correctly pointed out, if the late red flag (come on it’s been a red flag every other incident at that corner) had allowed Max to win the race having effectively had a free pit stop then Mercedes would be up in arms. But no, because it was Lando and Charles and Seb it screwed over, well it’s tough luck that’s the rule kids.
So much stuff going on under VSCs and flags today that wasn’t even noted because it wasn’t the top two.
Gio had his best finish of the year in his penultimate F1 race, not a whisper of it afterwards. I found out much later Esteban’s efforts today have effectively given Alpine 5th. Nada. Other drivers are important.
Anyone know if Mick, George and Nikita are ok? We’re we ever told that? (I know we saw Sergio).
This has to stop. It feels like the kid who would pitch a fit in class for attention and disrupt everyone else because the teacher had to deal with them instead. Yes you may be fighting for the championship, but other teams are fighting just as hard for their own share of the pie and best finishing positions.
If Massi isn’t strong enough to stand up to them, get someone in who is. Sort this out before next year, because reviewing incidents and handing out penalties after the race is pointless.
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mushroomsyuki · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Super chaotic😂😂😂
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welld0nebaku · 21 days ago
>the classic friends-to-lovers, but make it sorta festive<
a/n: thank you so much to everyone who requested something festive, I still have some to do, so don't fret if I haven't gotten to it yet! Anyways, please enjoy this as we enter the period when nobody knows nor cares what day it is <3 love you all, thanks for everything x
gif creds to owner :)
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+ smut, phone sex (does this count as protected?), masturbation (m and f), swearing, dirty talk, Christmas, Michael's there (woof), I can't really think of any more but do lmk
“I just think we should try is all, y/n. We could definitely host Christmas together!” Daniel was blabbing at you as per usual on facetime, deciding on his drive home from your house that a joint Christmas was exactly what you both needed in your lives.
You couldn’t help but laugh, his impractical good-nature casting a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ shine on the obvious stress and pressure of hosting Christmas for both of your families. You were going to give in to him though, that was already set in stone. “Alright, fine. But we do it together, not ‘oh y/n, I’m going to Michael’s can you go shopping’ or anything like that, deal?”
His grin almost came through the phone, a delighted squeak sounding from his mouth as he thanked you and then hung up. You set your phone down on the counter, cheeks heating up as you thought about the amount of time you’d have to spend with your best friend over the coming weeks, desperately hoping your true feelings wouldn’t become too obvious in the whirlwind of Christmas.
You and Daniel had always been in the same circle of friends throughout your childhood, joined at the hip before and whenever he was home from Europe. His leaving had stung, just like it would if any of your best friends had moved halfway round the world, but there was an extra degree of sadness when Dan left.
You celebrated every win and success, but you also felt every DNF and loss just as hard. Phone calls to and from his phone covered your call log for years, often wondering if he’d ever come home to realise there was more of your story to be written.
That story was well and truly being inked onto pages now, with your kitchen speaker blaring old Christmas songs while Daniel wrote fervently into a notebook. “So far, I’ve got…yeah, I’ve got nothing, y/n” Your head turned to shoot a playful glare his way, slightly unnerved to see his eyes already on yours; something deeper hidden behind the ones you knew so well. “Come on, Daniel! This isn’t just a random house party, this is an actual Christmas, for our actual families! It has to be done right.”
The stress had finally got to you, with only a week and a bit to go until the big day. You’d gone behind the driver’s back to secure the essentials, knowing he wouldn’t understand the magnitude of the task until it was too late. “Hey, hey,” he spoke, rising from the table and placing a comforting hand on your arm - wonderful. “You need to loosen up, yeah? You’re freezing, and it’s not even cold in here!”
The cold he was feeling was just the unmistakable sensation of goosebumps arriving on every shred of your skin. He was grinning now, he knew he had you. In Daniel’s head, all his thoughts about you had finally been released. He’d been trying to tell you how he felt ever since he arrived home, the whole point of this ‘joint Christmas’ was so that he could tell your families how much he wanted you to be his girl.
But now, well, he could speed up his plan with benefits for you and him.
“I’m not really cold, uh, I’m just-” your voice betrayed you when another shiver ran through you at the feel of Daniel’s hand landing on your waist. Your eyes zeroed in on his lips and how his tongue darted to wet them, wishing you had the confidence to just go for it. The air in your kitchen was heavy with tension that had been buried by you both, his fingers tipping your chin up to look into your best friend’s eyes.
“You know,” Dan whispered, calloused fingertips pressing into your cheeks, “we could always ju-”
It was Daniel’s turn to be cut off this time, his phone ringing on full volume with no regard for the moment you were about to have. You released a deep breath you didn’t even know you were holding, sinking back against the counter as Daniel picked up the phone with a gruff expression. “What? Oh, yeah I’m at y/n’s, Mum,”
The sexual tension had done a complete 180 to being unbelievably awkward, listening to Daniel’s mother babble on about Christmas through the speaker. “I will tell her that, don’t worry! Look, Mum, we’ve got a lot to do so I’ll see you later, yeah?’ You cringed at Dan’s farewell, knowing you’d most likely have to address whatever the fuck just happened.
“Come on, the shops will nearly be closed if we don’t get going” he was blushing but he was also doing his best to erase the memory. You were more than happy to leave the tough questions alone, following him out the front door without another word.
The days that followed included a shopping trip (or 4), decorating your house and arguing over seating plans for 25 people. Dan had insisted he should be seated beside “your fit cousin, you know the one” but you were fairly quick to shut that down. It had been so strange, watching him operate in such a domestic environment, clearly entranced by napkin holders and the time it took to cook a turkey. It was frustrating.
He’d arrived earlier than expected on Christmas Eve, with Michael in tow, all so he could store his obnoxiously large presents under your tree. “Don’t worry, y/n, he got you something special” Michael winked at you from the boot of the car, your heart flipping and knotting as you wondered if there was a secret meaning to the words of his friend.
Everything was sorted now, weeks of hard work and too many chocolate biscuits when you were meant to be doing other tasks had finally paid off. Daniel was shocked at the transformation of your house, awe etched on his tanned features as he admired the handmade decorations and personalised table settings. “Who’d have thought this would be us, y/n? Not me” You couldn’t help but laugh at the reality of his teasing - you had thought about this so many times, but it brought a stab to your chest that he hadn’t.
“You’re staying here tonight, right?” You asked, tone slightly clipped as you turned to wash the remaining dishes in the sink. You hoped the boys hadn’t noticed, but of course they did, confusion seeping into Michael’s voice as he replied. “Uh, no actually, Dan’s gonna stay in mine tonight and we’ll be over real early to help with the final touches”.
Even better.
“Ok, cool no problem, I’ll see you guys tomorrow then. Thanks for all your help again, Michael, he couldn’t have done it without you” You left the joke in as a peace offering, unsure why your ears were steaming with anger over such a trivial thing as Daniel's private thoughts. They both laughed and bid you adieu, but your best friend stayed back for a moment.
“What did I do, y/n,” He quizzed, eyes locked on one another's from opposite ends of the hall.
“Just tell me, baby”
You both winced at the same time, the pet name slipping past Dan’s lips as though it had been itching to come out all evening. You felt slightly sick. Was he joking? Or was that a mistake? You couldn’t make your mind up on which of the two was worse.
He rubbed the nape of his neck with a fierce blush blooming on his cheeks, still adamant to keep his eyes on yours. “It’s nothing, baby, so don’t worry about it” His tongue slotted in his cheek as he reacted to your words, pushing off the wall and pressing a gentle kiss to under your ear before sending you a wink as he closed the front door behind him.
That night, Dan was in trouble. He lay in Michael’s spare room, cursing everything that had conspired against him in the last week or so. His own mother had ruined the most clear cut chance of him getting his girl, and all for a phone call about brussel sprouts. Then he’d done something to annoy you, his head wrecked from trying to work out what he had said. And to top it all off, he’d called you baby and watched the colour drain from your face only to be replaced by disgust.
In short, he’d fucked it, and here he was; alone and uncomfortably hard thinking about you. He sighed and shut his eyes for a moment, but images of you flooded his vision and he groaned. “Fuck, man; get it together” but the throb in his boxers was becoming too much to ignore, especially when he imagined you in a little Mrs.Clause set.
He dipped a tattooed hand into his pants, hissing quietly when his thumb hit the head of his cock, spreading the precum around his length. He reached for his phone with his other hand, body working on its own, fuelled by pure lust and desire. The next thing he knew, he had pressed ‘call’ on your contact and put you on speakerphone while his hand gripped his cock under the sheets.
You had a right mind to ignore the call, but for fear something terrible had happened, you swiped across on the screen and waited for Daniel to start talking. “Y/n?” The strain in his voice was obvious but your mind couldn’t decipher what else was in question.  “I’m so sorry, but I- fuck, y/n”
He wasn’t..was he? Your mind was racing and all of a sudden, a familiar feeling settled in your stomach and between your legs. “You’re, uh, Daniel? Are you ok?” The ruffling of sheets was crystal clear over the phone line and you could hear him suck in a breath before he spoke again. “Do you know the effect you have on me, hmm? I’m lying here like a horny teenager, fucking my hand and wishing it was you. Help me, y/n, please”
You hadn’t even noticed your hand wandering down the valley of your breasts and into your panties, fingers running through your slick folds while Daniel pleaded with you. “Tell me what you're thinking about” you whispered, circling your clit slowly as you listened eagerly to the movement of Dan’s hand up and down his cock.
He groaned at the ease of your compliance, movements quickening as he made out the faint sounds of your whimpers. “I wish you were blowing me right now, or sitting on my cock like a good girl,” Daniel groaned and bucked his hips through every word, trying so hard not to cum before you on the other end of the line.
“You’d be my good girl, wouldn’t you, y/n? I know you’re not as innocent as everyone thinks you are.”
The moans and chants of his name were arriving thick and fast now, fucking yourself desperately on your fingers as Daniel listened intently. “Used to think about this all the time when you left, oh- I’m so close, Dan” The pair of you were sweating, lost in the bubble of one another and uncaring of the inevitable circumstances and question marks that could come tomorrow.
“You’re close, princess, yeah? Me too,” He was one whimper away from ruining Michael’s bedsheets and your friendship for good, but Daniel was determined to get you there. “Come on, sweetheart, make it nice and messy for me and I’ll clean it up tomorrow, ok?”
His words nearly made you ascend, wrapped up in the way Daniel had just talked you into an orgasm. The pleasure was like white hot lava and it coated every inch of your writhing body, losing touch with everything around as you let yourself bask in the bliss of whatever that was. You weren’t sure how you’d managed to evade the driver’s filthy mouth for years, but you never wanted to be without it again.
It was silent on Dan’s end, a large hand clamped across his mouth as he stilled his movements on the head of his cock, cum spurting everywhere and covering his stomach, the sheets and the duvet.
Michael will love that in the morning, he thought.
All of a sudden you were silently giggling, and pressing ‘end call’ before you’d have a chance to ruin the moment. You’d just had phone sex with your best friend, mere hours before you were supposed to host Christmas for your families and friends. Fuck.
He’d been chatting to your Mum for the past 20 minutes, eyes flitting from hers to yours across the room, smirk painted on his face as he formed a plan of action. He’d checked out of the conversation almost as soon as it had started, too focused on the way Michael was leaning on the wall beside you, pulling laugh after laugh from your lips.
The lips that he’d heard you moan his na-
“Dan, can you come and help me with something for a second?” The sound was music to his ears as he excused himself to follow you into the kitchen. The door had barely shut behind him before you backed up against the wall to kiss him, lips fitting together in a passionate and hectic symphony while your hands wandered each other in a relatively new way.
“What did you need my help with then, y/n?” He smirked, a hand dropping lower and lower until it reached your ass. You leaned to suck a mark under his ear before whispering,
“I believe you have some cleaning up to do.”
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Charles Leclerc: Monaco is my home.
Max, Daniel, Lewis and Lando: our home.
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Yuki and Alex helping out Alpha Tauri to pack up after the race.
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In honor of the Brazilian GP we present, 6 times the 2021 grid took style notes from Ayrton Senna. While most of Senna’s wardrobe was defined by classic timeless pieces, he was also not afraid of some of the more temporary trends of the 80’s and early 90’s, including extra short athletic shorts, patterned bucket hats, and oversized button downs. Thanks to the ever accelerating trend cycle some of these looks have made a come back in the paddock in recent years.
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{109/?} Maxy for the day
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A true champion
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Cute face by Daniel Ricciardo
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two single guys on stream
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The fact that he says "it's bottas' fault" and bottas appears sends me 😂
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