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#f: shrek 2
blushpanda · a year ago
oh god. oh god ive been listening to a song while thinkin abt xigbar stuff and now im imagining??? him singing it?? why would he sing anything im going to destroy him and my heart
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stargabs · 2 years ago
Alignment chart for songs that inspire visceral, feral reactions in every millennial I know:
Lawful Good:
Neutral Good:
Chaotic Good:
Lawful Neutral:
True Neutral:
Chaotic Neutral:
Lawful Evil:
Neutral Evil:
Chaotic Evil:
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kazumahashimoto · a year ago
the only disney movies i fuck with are the lion king TWO and high school musical TWO
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simplysparrow14 · 4 months ago
Alberto should have been the main character of Luca.
I'm probably going to get murdered for saying this but Alberto really should have been the main character of Luca instead of Luca himself. It felt like Alberto had the most well-rounded personality, being that his love and enjoyment of the human world of Portorosso kept clashing with the knowledge that the humans kill sea-monsters and the fear that at some point they would find out about his monstrous form.
As much as I liked Luca, he felt just a little flat for me. Luca was the Flounder to Alberto's Ariel, if you catch my drift.
It would have been a great character arc for Alberto to go through, especially if we factored in Guilia and her father. Alberto could have really developed a deep friendship with Guilia and her father, and throughout the movie, we could have seen Alberto grapple with trying to keep himself a secret.
Also, it could have lead to some more fantastic interactions with Ercole and his goonies in the whole Vespa storyline. Giulia could have been the one to want the Vespa, but due to her father's poor salary as a fishman it would have been too expensive. So Alberto gets the bright idea to enter themselves into the Portorosso Cup so that Giulia can get a Vespa and also rub it in Ercole's face since he's her cousin and she's had it up to here with his constant bragging about his stupid beloved Vespa.
And then when Alberto falls into the water later in the movie, reveling himself, it would have had a much stronger impact on the story because Giulia and Alberto already had a deep connection with each other and now that connection is shattered because Giulia is afraid of him for being a sea-monster. Also, that's numero due things that Ercole could have rubbed in Giulia's face: her best friend is a sea-monster and she's lost him forever.
Also, Pixar, you cowards, why didn't you make Ercole Giulia's cousin??? Do you know how fucking funny it would have been if during the dinner scene Ercole just barged in while Giulia's father is cooking dinner and he goes to complain to his Zio about how Giulia and the scrawney little kid nearly hurt his beloved Vespa but then he turns around to berate to Giulia, only to find the same scrawny kid sitting down for dinner at his Zio's house??? And now he has to have dinner with the scrawny kid paling around with his cousin who nearly scratched his beloved Vespa??? So then we get to watch as the Pixar equivalent of the dinner scene from Shrek 2 plays out between Ercole and Alberto.
Pixar, this is the funniest villian you've had in a long time and you didn't give him enough of a role to play in his own movie, you cowards!
I know people are going to say that if Alberto had been the main character, the story would have been predictable and a little too similar to a lot of "Monster-can-turn-human-so-monster-must-keep identity-a-secret-from-humans-who-hunt-said-monster" stories but I'm always of the opinion that you can have a predictable story as long as your characters are well-rounded and believable.
Also, I know that the whole theme of Luca is about forging freindship, but pixar, you could have struck gold with the friendship between Giulia and Alberto. We decently need more M/F childhood friendships in animated movies and the story about a sea monster befriending a human girl and falling in love with the world she lived in would have been the perfect foil movie to the Little Mermaid.
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ordinaryschmuck · 9 months ago
Music conveys emotion and thought far better than anything that can be written or said. It tells stories, strengthens a scene, and evokes a feeling, whether a song is lyrical, instrumental, or just a random pop song added to a moment. And if you don't believe me, then refer to the following list. And I'm not going to explain my reasoning why for all of them. Not only because that defeats the purpose, but also because this list is so gosh dang long that it would be impossible to cover all of them. If you want me to explain my reasoning, then ask me, and I'll do so. I'll also leave links to these songs so you can see for yourself why music truly is essential.
Background Music
"Shepherd's Boy"
"Contact (Final Transmission)"
"Po Finds the Truth"
"Hopes and Dreams"
"You Can't Stop this Mother F*****"
"The Real Hero"
Intro Musical Numbers That Set the Tone/Characters/Style
"Alexander Hamilton"
"In the Heights"
"More Than Survive"
"Bikini Bottom Day"
"Circle of Life"
Finales that bring stories to an epic/bittersweet conclusion and/or Curtain call
"How the Magic of Friendship Grows”
"Summer Belongs to You”
"Us Against the Universe"
"Time We Spent Together”
"Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story"
"Voices in My Head"
Songs that Understand a Character to their Very Core
"Smile Song"
"Wait For It"
"Weirdos Make Great Superheroes"
"Hear My Voice"
"Waiting in the Wings"
Songs That Tell A Story
"Little Miss Perfect"/"Ordinary" (I had to...)
"A Kirin Tale"
"Android Ashley"
"Leave Luanne"
"The Ballad of Sara Berry"
"All You Wanna Do"
Villain Songs
"Candy Store"
"Meant to be Yours"
"Be Prepared"
"You'll Be Back"
"I’m the Bad Guy"
"Poor Unfortunate Souls"
"Other Friends"
"If There's a Will"
"A Story Told"
"The Room Where it Happens"
“Friends on the Other Side”
“Mother Knows Best”
“It’s Gonna Get Weird” (I know it’s not official, but it’s so awesome)
"In the Dark of the Night"
"Unleash the Magic"
"Someone Gets Hurt"
Misc. Musical Songs (Movies/TV/Broadway)
"Happily Ever After"
"My Shot"
"One Jump Ahead" (Also known as the best way to introduce a character)
"Own It"
"Meet the Plastics"
"Helpless"/"Satisfied" (You can’t listen to one without the other)
"Anybody Have a Map"
“Waving Through a Window”
"You Will Be Found"
"My Dead Gay Son"
"Sincerely, Me"
"The Faith Song"
"It's Quiet Uptown"
"Remember Me"
"Gitchee Gitchee Goo”
"Chop Away At My Heart"
"Drift Away"
"Hell to your Doorstep"
“Nothing Left to Lose”
"Into the Unknown"
"Say No to This"
"The World Was Wide Enough"
Scenes with Pop Music
"Don't Stop Me Now" scene from Shaun of the Dead
Opening Credits to Baby Driver
"Working for the Weekend" scene from Regular Show
“Mississippi Queen” scene from Regular Show
"I Get Around" scene from Regular Show
"Come and Get Your Love" scene from Guardians of the Galaxy
"Mr. Blue Sky" scene from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
"What's Up Danger" scene from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse
"Sweet Victory" scene from Spongebob Squarepants
"All-Star" intro from Shrek (One day, people will hear “All Star” and not think of day.)
"I Need A Hero" cover from Shrek 2
Bo Burnham Songs...Just...Bo Burnham songs (NOT FOR KIDS)
"Repeat Stuff"
"From God's Perspective"
"Lower Your Expectations"
"Left Brain/Right Brain"
"Are You Happy"
"We Think We Know You"
"Can't Handle This (Kanye Rap)"
If you think you could do better: Make your own list.
If you’re gonna mock me for mostly including Hamilton songs: ...Get a life.
To the rest of you, share this with your friends who don’t understand music. They might after this.
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deenasjohnson · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh, Shrek. Don't worry. Things just seem bad because it's dark and rainy and Fiona's father hired a sleazy hitman to whack you. SHREK 2 (2004) dir. Andrew Adamson, Kelly Ashbury, & Conrad Vernon
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kelbluesketchblog · 3 months ago
Imagine yourself in a “I Need a Hero”-esque situation (kinda like Shrek 2), while your F/O(s) fight their way in to save you
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dam1994s · 2 months ago
Jaune Meets Fiona
Jaune Meets AU: Ruby/ Weiss/ Blake/ Yang/ Bleiss/ Nora & Ren/ Pyrrha Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Neon/ Neo/ Vernal/ Emerald/ The Malachite Twins/ Mercury/ Cinder/ Penny/ May (Marigold)/ Winter
Jaune: Mommy I made a friend! Lookie!
Fiona: H-hi.
Mama Arc: Oh my, aren’t you a lil’ cutie.
Jaune: Her names Fiona like the princess from Shrek! Which makes her like a buzzillion times cooler then other girls!
Fiona: -///-
Jaune: And she eats all her vegtiables! Even nasty old broccoli!
She held back a giggle, of course that’d be an amazing feat to his lil’ innocent mind.
Jaune: Please Look! She has Animal Ears! That two more then me! And they’re fluffy!
Fiona: >///<
Mama Jaune: Oh my.
They’re just so cute together.
Jaune: Yeah, and that’s why her mommy and daddy are dummies! 😠
Mama Arc: Jaune!?
Jaune: But they are!
Mama Arc: Do not take that tone with me mister, Fiona I’m so sorry.
Fiona: It’s okay -///-
Mama Arc: No it’s not, Jaune shouldn’t have said something so mean about parents who raised such a kind little gir-
Jaune: No they Didn’t!
Mama Arc:… Excuse me?
Jaune: Fiona’s parents didn’t raise her! They were meanies who left her at the orphanage like a pair of poopy Buttholes!
Mama Arc:…
Mama Arc: Jaune, how would you feel about having a new little sister 😊
Fiona: What! Really!?
Jaune: Yes!
She Can Eat All My Broccoli!
-Shota Jaune meets Fiona-
Joanna: Um, Fiona… What’s up with the kid?
May: Please tell me you didn’t kidnap a small child -_-
Fiona: Wha!? N-no he followed me!
May: Why would he-
Jaune: Whoa! Your Real Huntresses! You weren’t lying miss Sheep Lady!
Fiona: My names Fiona, and why wouldn’t you believe me!? >///<
Jaune: Well, cause your so little and cute, I thought you were a princess or something.
Fiona: *Flustered Sheepgirl Noises* >///<
Joanna & May: Aww.
Fiona: Shut Up! >///<
-Loli Fiona meets Jaune-
Fiona: ‘Sniff’ M-mother June, wh-where are you? 🥺
Civilian 1: Look a Faunus.
Civilian 2: Hey don’t get near it, you don’t know where that things been.
Fiona: ‘Sniff’
A hand landed on the little sheep's head then.
Fiona: Huh?
Jaune: Well, hello there little lady, what the matter? 😁
Fiona: I-I ‘Hic’ Can’t find mother June?
Jaune: Oh, well, c’mon, lets go find her.
Fiona: Really!?
Jaune: Uh-huh? But first… *Looks to her roughed up outfit* Let's get you some real clothes. Seriously how could your parents let you wear something like this?
Fiona: They’re hand me downs…
Jaune: Oh from your big sis or something.
Fiona: Uh-huh.
Jaune: Well that’s nice… So, how many do you have.
Fiona: 21.
Jaune: Oh that’s… *Blink* Wait… What!?
Mother June: And there, the paperwork’s all done.
Jaune: Good, hear that Fiona, Fiona?
Fiona: Are you sure… He said he would adopt you too Joanna!
Joanna: Nah, look at me, I’m a big kid, sides, I got a scholarship to Atlas’s combat School.
Mother June: Not to mention mister Arc’s generous donation.
Jaune: It’s the least I can do given all the work you're doing for these kids. Well, Fiona? Let’s go.
Fiona: O-okay Mister Knight -///-
With a smile he lifted up the little Faunus marching out towards the Airport.
Ren and Nora are gonna have words for me… 😅
Ren: I give up!
Jaune: Wait, I didn’t even introduce her yet.
Ren: ‘Sigh’ Jaune, you went out by yourself, which could only mean you either seduce another older woman or brought a small child back with you. Seeing as you’re here instead of calling from her house I have to assume it’s the later. So what’s the girls name?
Ren:… -_-
Jaune: ‘Sigh’
Oum Dammit
Jaune: This is Fiona.
Fiona: H-hi -///-
Nora: She’s a Faunus! Called It! Pay Up Renny!
Bleiss: Fuck! There’s another on- F-Fiona?
Fiona: Bleiss!
The two lolis rushed to one another hugging.
Fiona: I found you! Mother Jaune said some nice man adopted you!
Bleiss: Yep, the same one who adopted you!
Yes! A Ally!
Melanie: It would seem Bleiss has gained a partner…
Miltia: Dammit, were losing a advantage as a pair!
Cinder: Mercury, who is that small child our father’s brought home.
Mercury: I Dunn- Ow! Emerald!
Emerald: You’re his only son, your suppose to scoop out for these things.
Vernal: Hmph, she doesn’t look so tough.
Neon: ‘Hiss’ Daddy doesn’t need a sheep! He already has a pretty kitty! 😠
Neo drew out yet another tiny shiv only for Nora to shoot forward nabbing the tiny weapon that’d formally been her toothbrush.
Nora: No! Bad Neo, no more stabbing your siblings.
Mercury: Y’know, the fact that it felt like a game to me probably doesn’t say good things about my upbringing…
Nora: Emergency Hug! 😆
Mercury: -///-
Ren: Jaune… Do you have any savings left…
Jaune: I’ll figure something out, I can always take more jobs.
Nora: Or you can let me sale the Arc’s Arc! 😁
Nora: 😁
Nora: ~You’d make a mint~ 😉
Jaune:… ‘Sigh’ I’ll take that under consideration.
The things I do for children… -///-
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coolemmasulivan · 8 months ago
Sealed with an Accident [Part 2]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Word Count: 2329
You can read part 1 here.
Author's note: English is not my first language. Should I continue this?
You looked in the mirror, taking a look at your outfit. Chris told you to wear something casual and comfortable, but you couldn't wear something too casual that made you look like you had just run to the grocery store.
You whore a pair of jeans, a black Nirvana t-shirt, and white sneakers. Your hair was down, and you choose not to use makeup. Just how you liked it.
You grabbed your phone and your purse and walked out of the bedroom. In the kitchen, you grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and sat down on the couch waiting for Chris.
On the coffee table, your phone vibrated. You grabbed it and saw a message from your friend.
Y/f/n: "How is the date going?"
You: "I'm still waiting for Chris. He texted me a while ago saying he was stuck in traffic."
You grabbed the Tv remote, but before you could turn it on, your phone started ringing. You looked at the screen and saw your friend's name. You put the remote down and picked up the phone.
"What are you wearing?" She asked, not even saying hello.
You scrunched your eyebrows. "Excuse me? Are you trying to seduce me? Because if you are, that tone is not going to do it."
You could almost sense her rolling her eyes on the other side of the phone. "I'm only asking this because I know you and because I want whatever is going on between you and Chris to work."
"What does that mean: you know me?"
You heard a soft giggle. "Love, please! You are this little innocent flower that thinks a guy is just being nice when he is trying to flirt with you. And everybody notices except you." You opened your mouth to say something but nothing came out. "What I'm trying to say is that you're terrible at romance and sometimes your clothes show exactly that."
"Well, obviously I'm not that bad, since I asked him out first and the date was so successful that he choose to ask me out for a second one." You said with confidence. "Wait, what's wrong with my clothes?"
"You were drunk when you asked him out." She said, ignoring your question.
"No, I wasn’t."
"You were a little tipsy."
"No I wasn— what does that matter?
Your friend let out a sigh. "Just tell me what you are wearing." You looked down and told her exactly what you were wearing. "Oh my god, that's worse than I thought."
Your mouth fell open in shock. You couldn't help but feel offended. "He told me to wear something casual."
"And you couldn't put on a casual and light dress or a skirt? Show a little of those amazing legs."
You run your hand through your jeans. "But I don't want to show my legs. We're having our second date. I want him to like me, without having to show my cleavage or my amazing legs." You said, a little harsh.
You were a simple woman. You were an actress, but that didn't mean you liked to dress up, or use makeup or show some skin. Your job required you to do all of that, but in your personal life you just wanted to feel comfortable.
"Okay, sorry. I know you don't need to dress up." You felt your body relax against the comfy pillows of the couch. "You're beautiful either way and I'm sure Chris feels the same."
I hope so. You thought.
You felt your phone vibrate against your ear. You pull it away and saw that Chris had texted you. "Y/f/n, I have to go. Chris just texted me."
"Okay, love. Good luck." You said your goodbye and opened Chris's message.
Chris: "I'm outside."
You felt your heart beating faster. You didn't know why you were getting nervous. This was your second date with him. It was not like you were going to be alone with him for the first time.
━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ♡ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
"Well, I had fun today." You said when you and Chris stepped out of the restaurant through the back door since there were paparazzi in the front. Something you and Chris were, unfortunately, used to. "I didn't have this much fun in a long time. Thank you."
"I should be the one thanking. You were the one that asked me out and the one that planned the day." He escorted you to your car, your arms touching as you walked.
"But you were the fun part." You blurt out. With Chris, it was like you forget to think before talking. Something that you usually did.
"I'm happy to hear that." Chris smiled and blushed. "For someone that was pretty shy and embarrassed when we met, you're a quite entertained person too." You grinned at his words. You stopped when you got to your car and was about to thank him again when he interrupted you. “And maybe we can repeat." You looked at him surprised. You looked calm to him, but inside you were screaming in excitement. "Since you asked me out first, now it's my turn. Do you want to go out with me?"
Your smile couldn't be bigger. "I'll think about that." You teased him.
Chris laughed. "So it's going to be like that, okay." You took the car key from your purse and opened it. "You got my number. Drive safely." He turned around and started to walk away, but you quickly grabbed his arm.
Chris turned around with a smirk on his face and bit his lip. "Isn't it obvious? I would be a fool if I said no." Chris laughed at the exact same thing he said to you when you asked him out.
"So?" He said, repeating what you had said.
"I would love to go on a date with you."
━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ♡ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
You grabbed your purse and locked the door. When you opened the gate, Chris was leaning against his black car. He looked up when he heard the gate and smiled at you.
You closed the gate and gave him a big smile. "Hi."
You took your time to look at him. He was wearing black jeans, a plaid shirt - that you couldn't help but think that made him look even more attractive - and he was wearing a Nasa cap and his sunglasses.
"You ready for the best date you'll ever have?" He opened the passenger door to let you in.
"You sound confident."
"Because I know I'm right."
You got inside the car, and you slightly detected his cologne. He got on the driver's seat and smiled at you as you put on the seatbelt. He did the same and turned down the volume of the radio.
"Where are we going?" You asked him.
He took his eyes for a second from the road and looked at you. “It’s a surprise.”
You groned and let your head fall againt the seat. “I think I didn’t tell you but, I hate surprises.”
Chris laughed. “It doesn’t matter. This one you’re going to love.”
“How are you so sure?”
“Because I already know you a bit.”
“This is just our second date.”
He looked you in the eyes and said: “And I hope it won't be the last.”
You blushed and broke eye contact. “Eyes on the road, Evans.” He giggled and continued driving.
During the trip, you two talked about each other's families, future jobs, and dogs, more precisely Chri’s dog, Dodger. You knew Dodger from Chri's Instagram, and like everybody, you fell in love with the puppy.
“When can I meet him?” You asked him, excited. 
Chris scrunched his eyebrows. “Tell me the truth: did you asked me out so you could have an opportunity to met Dodger?” He teased you.
“Oh damn, you figure that out!” You two laughed. 
You loved his laugh. He sounded so happy and relaxed. You looked at his hands over the wheel. They were big and the veins were visible. How can hands be so attractive? You thought.
He reached over and grabbed something from the backseat. When he pulled his hand back, he was holding a blindfold. "Put it on, please."
You looked at him, and you didn't know if you wanted to laugh or jump out of the car. "No way."
"Please?" He took his eyes from the road and looked briefly at you. "Just trust me." You let out a sign and grabbed the blindfold, putting it on, turning everything black. "We're almost there."
After that, the drive lasted for more than 15 minutes, with you constantly asking: "Are we there yet?", you sounded like the donkey from Shrek. When you felt the car slowing down, you could hear people talking and kids screaming. 
"Are you going to murder me?" You asked when you felt the car stop.
"Now, why would I do that? I like your company." You heard the sound of his seatbelt getting released and then yours. "So... on our first date, you said the paparazzi's and the fans, didn't stop you from doing what you like.”
"Yes." You hesitantly said, not really knowing where he was going. "Right."
You heard his door opening and soon he opened the door on your side. You got out with his help and he locked the car. You grabbed his arm and he led you away. "From our conversation, we learned that we have many things in common, and one of those things just happens to be close by." You were more confused than ever. "And a perfect location for a second date." 
You squeezed his arm. "Just tell me!" He laughed and released the knot from the blindfold, carefully not to pull your hair. When the light of the sun hit your eyes, you slowly opened them. When you saw where Chris had taken you, you covered your mouth in a mix of shock and surprise. "Oh my god. No way."
Chris smirked. "Oh yes. As you can see, I had my reasons to be so confident about this date."
In a state of pure joy and enthusiasm, you hugged him tightly, catching him by surprise. Chris blushed, but reacted quickly, hugging you back. He couldn't ignore the fact that your body felt so good against his. It was like a piece from a puzzle that fit perfectly. Your perfume made him close his eyes and for a minute he let his body relax in the embrace.
When you realized what you were doing, you broke the hug. You turned around so Chris couldn't see the blush on your cheeks and admired what was in front of you. "How did you know I wanted to come to Disneyland?
"Well, first you told me you loved Disney. Secondly, you said that since you come to LA you were always busy with work, and with the free time you got, you would go back to Chicago. And Third, who wouldn't want to come to Disneyland?"
You laughed and tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear. "You know, people are going to see us together and assume things."
Chris nodded. "Does that bother you?"
You gave him a shy smile. "No. Not at all."
"Glad to hear that. Let's go?"
━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ♡ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
It was after midnight when Chris stopped his car in front of your house. He looked at you and laughed at your figure. You were wearing a Minnie ear headband and an oversize Captain American T-Shirt that you bought to tease Chris. In the backseat, there was a bag with Chris's mickey ear headband that he had used and a Monsters, Inc. Dog Collar that you had bought for Dodger.
"You were right! This was the best date I ever had and, most likely, ever will."
Chris mumbled a yes under his breath, making you laugh. "That's good. Mission accomplished." Silence surrounded the car, but not for too long. "Is it too soon to ask for a third date?"
You looked at him surprised but very glad that he brought the subject. "No, I don't think that it's too soon. You have my number. Call me." You smiled and opened the car door, but before stepping out you ignored the nervousness and leaned over, placing a soft kiss on his cheek.
Chris's eyes widened up in surprise. He looked down at you. His eyes darted between your eyes and your lips. You blushed and looked down, your hair falling in your face. He removed it, tucking it behind your ear. He gently cupped your right cheek, making you look up at him. His head started leaning closer to yours and you did the same. Your lips had just barely touched when his phone rang. You both jumped at the sound. You heard Chris curse under his breath, before taking the phone from his pocket. He grumbled when he said who it was. 
"What?" He said to the person on the other side of the line. You leaned back against the passenger seat and looked out the window. You closed your eyes for a second and bit your lip. When Chris finished his phone call, he let out a sigh, running his hand through his hair. "Sorry about that."
You smiled at him. "It's fine... Ahm, it's getting late. I should probably go inside. Thank you for the day."
"Hope the third date it's still on the table."
"Yes, please."
Chris smiled. "I'll call you."
You nodded and grabbed your purse. "Goodnight, Chris."
"Goodnight, Y/a."
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frickin-fresh-memes · a year ago
bog genders
- dog 3
- arson
- maybe
- secret
- pay me
- the bee movie but every time they say bee it gets faster
- sitting in a room by yourself
- cold
- garbage disposal
- tired
- campbell low sodium chicken noodle soup
- really cool rock
- f e a r
- soup that's just a bit too hot (but you eat it anyways)
- that one peice of hair that refuses to cooperate
- the "helping hands" from labyrinth
- super mario 63
- naughty
- sitting on the locker room floor staring at the wall in front of you
- warm sun while it is cold out
- goth clown
- wizard hat
- drinking beans directly from a can
- putting a cake in the oven and realizing you forgot the sugar
- rat
- baby shark doo doo doo doo
- peeling the protective plastic off of a new phone
- nya~
- pausing to rest in a minecraft cave
- mario party 64
- regret
- waking up too early
- the debate about which colour the math duotang should be
- cars 2 fanfiction
- lost downtown and your only landmark is the grocery store to get back home
- sexy but in rat kinda way
- double stuff oreos
- truck
- two trucks
- sex
- my muscles
- involuntarily flexing because of the passion
- raising the price of the f***ing hotdog
- printer from 2006
- mew from pokemon
- lesbian
- bread
- feathers
- creeper
- aw man
- mooshroom
- heart shaped rocks
- minecraft dandelions
- bedazzling your clothes in secret
- tomato soup with too many crackers in it
- where the fuck is my pen tablet stylus hold on a second wait
- angry water
- squishy stickers
- monster energy drink, the can
- crackers with too much soup
- chewing on dice
- wet paint
- a piano but without any keys
- counterfeit pokemon cards
- dropping your tablet pen and taping the end bit so it doesnt unscrew
- marshmallows that are a little too sticky
- doing ur mom
- unsafe scissors
- capitalism
- fortnite
- communism
- buying a loaf of banana bread to sustain yourself for 3 days because you dont want to go downstairs
- the empty monster energy can with a hole punched in it floating in a toilet that was without a doubt used as a bong
- uquizzes
- looking like a muppet
- alarms that arent loud enough to convince you to get up
- loose charms for charm bracelets
- shiney
- pokemon: detective pikachu (2019)
- the months of january and november
- off brand post-its with bad adhesive
- realizing you just cut paper with your fabric shears
- cowboy
- blue
- insomnia
- nail polish that won't open
- snails
- really tiny glass bottles
- the glasses you had when u were 6 that don't fit your face
- cake
- pink
- desperation
- pocky
- that girl who turned into a blueberry and then they just wheeled her away
- tape with bad adhesive
- laying on the hard backyard ground
- plum
- painting your nails with the clear nail polish
- whatever they had going on in the strawberry shortcake universe
- bull frogs that make noises at night in the city
- ✨
- duck families when they cross the road in a lil line
- the shrek one soundtrack on cd
- those geese that do a little wiggle an dive their head down into the water
- comic sans
- times new woman
- kin names
- guillotine
- migraines
- when your vision goes black when u stand up
- my cracking right knee
- writers block
- boobs
- shit it's here somewhere
- pipebombs
- (genuinely doesn't understand the question)
- instant ramen
- tally hall hidden in the sand
- whatever the fuck's going on in mitski strawberry blonde
- that slow part in 'like me' in teen beach movie where they go "all the boys they try to woo me; the more they chase me the more i resist. all the girls they think im groovy; there's only one girl thats on my list"
- i look inside myself and ask myself, do i feel like a man or a woman? and the answer is i feel like causing problems
- goose
- jared 19
- warrior cats
- pumpkin spice
- weed feet
- chaos
- catboy
- onion
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theyneedtobangstahp · a year ago
Stray kids reaction to their girlfriend getting her wisdom tooth removed
Tumblr media
This may not be realistic because I haven’t experienced this but I tried my best so I hope you appreciate it ❤️ I also really had fun writing this :>
Genre: Fluff and crack
Requested by uwu anon ❤️
` C H A N ▪
Tumblr media
Chan would be there next to you. He knows how scared you were when you were told you needed to get your wisdom tooth removed. If he could, he would be holding your hand throughout the entire procedure, but he can’t. All he could do was sit at the reception, leg bouncing because of how nervous he was for you. After 30 minutes or more, he was called inside by the dentist. 
“She is still under medication so she might be a little loopy. Are you her boyfriend?” The dentist asks Chan. “Yes. Why do you ask?”
“Well this is the best time to record her because she might spout out nonsense.” The dentist says while chuckling a little. “will do doc.” Chan says while shaking hands with the doctor and thanking him. He walks into your room and sees your face stuffed with cotton. 
“Hi baby, are you feeling okay?” Chan asks sitting down next to you and holding your hand. 
“What baby?”
“I can’t feel my mouth... Do I still have a mouth?” You say panicking while touching your face with you free hand. 
“Yes, they’re there. If they weren’t how are you able to speak babe?” 
“Ohhhhh.... You’re right. Wait are you my boyfriend?” You ask.
“Yes baby I am. I’m also here to take us home so you can rest.”
“Woah, we live together?” You say, your eyes comically wide. Chan laughs at your reaction.
“Yes, for 2 years now actually.” He says while helping you stand up. 
“Wooahhhhhh..... That’s so cool. Like my parents approved? I didn’t have to run away or anything right? Like they know that I’m with you?” Chan laughs at your question. “Yes, they know. They are actually going to visit us today because you had your wisdom tooth removed.”
“Dang.. Thats so cool.” You say while staring off into space. Chan really wished he recorded you now.
` M I N H O ▪
Tumblr media
I see Minho as teasing you a lot when you got your wisdom tooth removed. But he would be sweet about it. He would talk to you a lot just so he could see your confused face every time he asks a question. 
“Babe, did you know that dogs live on until 10 to 13 years?” 
“What? But thats so short. I thought dogs lived forever? Like they grow old with us?” You say as you get teary eyed. “Oh no baby don’t cry.” He says while reaching over to the passenger side of the car. “Dogs live a short life, but they live a happy life! So no need to feel sad okay?”
“They do? Thats so cute though. Can we get a dog?” You ask him. “Oh, we’ll see about that baby. It’s cause we have cats at home, and you know some of them don’t get along so well.” He says. 
“Well, how long do cats live?” You ask him.
“Like 16 years at most?” Minho answers you. “How old are our cats?” Minho looks at you disappointedly. Almost offended that you forgot about the age of your cats. “Wow, how could you y/n, their own mother, not knowing how old they are.” 
“Wait no I remember now don’t worry.” 
“So how old are they?” 
“They are new borns. Easy. They have a whole 16 years or more with us!” Minho glances at you and sees your happy face and decides not to let you know that they are not in fact new borns. The drive home was silent. When you guys got home he let you rest on the sofa while he got a new set of clothes for you. While looking for a tshirt he heard you crying really loudly. He rushes down, concerned of what happened to you. When he sees you hugging all of the 3 cats with tears streaming down your face, he was confused. 
“Why are you crying y/n?”
“You lied to me! They aren’t new borns! They’re big and fluffy!” You say while hugging them more. 
` C H A N G B I N ▪
Tumblr media
With Changbin, I see him being really amused and really concerned. You weren’t talking nonsense after your wisdom teeth got removed, you were kinda sensitive after. 
“How was it pumpkin?” He asks while on the drive home. 
“It was great. They were talking to me a lot when they were doing it. I didn’t know how to answer though, there were a lot of things on my mouth.”
“Do you feel okay? Do you want anything?” 
“Can we get Mcdonalds? I really want to eat something right now.” You say.
“Okay we can. But you can only eat soft foods. Is ice cream okay?” 
You get teary eyed when he says that. “But, I want a burger and fries.” You say looking at him with a tear going down dramatically down your cheek. “Oh no, don’t cry pumpkin. We can order a burger in the next few days okay? You can have ice cream then I’ll cook you porridge when we get home.” 
You nod at what he says and wipe your tears. He orders ice cream and hands it to you. “What about you? Aren’t you going to eat?” 
“I’m good pumpkin. Enjoy your ice cream, okay?” He says and continues driving home. You look at him then at the ice cream. You take a scoop then put it near his mouth. 
“here, share with me please.” You say as you put the spoon closer to his mouth. “I’m okay baby. You eat it okay?” He says refusing your scoop of ice cream. 
You get teary eyed again. “Why don’t you want ice cream? Ice cream is the best.” Two tears roll down your face.”Okay, okay. If I eat the ice cream will you stop crying?” 
“Yes!” You say smiling at him and put the spoon near his mouth again. 
` H Y U N J I N ▪
Tumblr media
Hyunjin would be really caring towards you. Would also definitely tease and record you because you were just so cute. Like yeah you were kinda acting high, but he found it really cute because while you guys were in the car, you were touching everything like it was your first time seeing it. So when you guys got home he practically dragged you to the bedroom because you had the attention span of a goldfish today.
“Okay stay on the bed. I’ll go get you yoghurt or something because the dentist says you can only eat soft foods.” He stands up then leaves the room, he hears shuffling when he was going to close the door so he peeks inside. You were trying to remove the blanket from your legs, them getting tangled more because of how you were trying to remove them. He came in again. 
“What did I tell you y/n?” You stop what you were doing and sit up straight. 
“You told me you were going to get food.” 
“Before that.” 
“Oh. Uhm, Wait I know this.” You say thinking really hard. 
“I told you-” 
“No! Don’t tell me! It’s on the tip of my tongue. It, it was, to stay on the bed!” 
“Okay good and what were you doing?” 
“I was getting the blanket off me because it was hot.” You say while pouting at him. “I wasn’t getting off the bed. I promise!” You say while making a cross on your heart. 
“Okay I believe you. Now, I’ll get your yoghurt. Stay on the bed.” 
5 minutes later Hyunjin returns and sees an open purse and you putting lipstick on your cheeks. 
“y/n! I told you to stay put!” 
“You told me to stay on the bed! I’m still on the bed!”
` J I S U N G ▪
Tumblr media
Jisung would also tease you a lot. Almost like Minho. He was very curious to how you would react to all the nonsense he says and he would be very amused as to also how you answer with nonsense. He would also be the one to record you. Just so he could make fun of you after.
“You know when we came here I was really nervous.” You say to him.
“Yeah I know sweetie, you were holding my hand so tight while we were on the parking lot.” He says while pressing record on his phone.
“But then they started doing it. And, and I didn’t even feel anything! It was like I was just there , you know?” You say looking at him. “I think I fell asleep when they started. All I remember is seeing Shrek sat on that chair.” You point over to a table. “And then he was waving at me then when I blinked you were standing where he was!” 
He was laughing so hard now with what you were saying. Then it dawned on him.
“Wait, did you just indirectly say I looked like Shrek? I was the one sitting on the chair next to the table.” He says. 
“No, no. The one I saw was Shrek. Not you.” You pause then your eyes get wide. “Woah he’s back! Hi Shrek!” You say while waving and smiling at the door. Oh he was totally sending this to the boys and your parents when you got home. 
` F E L I X ▪
Tumblr media
Felix would be so cute :< Always tending to what you need or being concerned if something hurt. He would pay attention to you the whole time you were recovering. 
“What do you need y/n? Does it hurt a lot? Do you feel weird?” He continues asking you all of these things. And you are just there, staring at him. “Why are you looking at me like that? He asks, very confused. 
“Woah you have stars on your cheeks.” You say while poking his freckles. He chuckles at you and lets you poke all his freckles. “How.. How did these get here?” You ask while looking at his freckles in amazement.
“And you have the whole galaxy in your eyes babe. I could stare into them all day.” He says. You don’t mind what he says cause you were kinda high as kite right now. 
“Are you done babe?” 
“No, wait wait. I lost count. Don’t distract me.” You say and poke his freckles more. 
“How many freckles do you think are on my face y/n?” He asks while admiring how your eyes really do sparkle when you look at him. 
“I don’t know bro, maybe 5 at most.” He bursts into laughter when you said that.
` S E U N G M I N ▪
Tumblr media
Seungmin would be very patient with you. Unlike to the other members where they are almost always on thin ice. He would be very sweet and caring when you get your wisdom tooth removed. Even if you keep talking to him about anything even all the theories or nonsense you have to say, he will listen to everything. 
“Did you know that dogs understand some english?” You say to Seungmin. 
“Really? How is that?” He asks truly wanting to know your answer. 
“Well, I don’t really know. But can you just imagine, saying I love you to a dog and then it wags its tail so much because it knows you’re saying I love you to them?” 
“That’s so cute honey. What else do you know?” He asks hoping to keep the conversation going. 
“Well, did you know that most penguins only have one mate for life? They spend all their time together and if one dies the other one gets really depressed and doesn’t want to find another one to love?” 
“That’s really romantic and sad at the same time. We can just hope that the penguins that do find their mate live together until they die right?” Seungmin says to you. 
“Yeah. I hope they do. What was that one animal that finds the most perfect stone and gives it to their mate?” 
“You mean, a Penguin?” 
“Yeah! A Penguin! Speaking of Penguins, did you know that Penguins only have one mate for life?” You say to him again. Seungmin laughs at you, and yet replies.
“Really? Thats so sweet!” 
` J E O N G I N ▪
Tumblr media
Jeongin would actually not know what to do. Like yeah he would take care of you and make sure you were okay. But when it comes to you saying how you saw a horse just outside your room, he wouldn’t know how to react. He will just know that you need all the love and cuddles he can give. 
“What did you say?”
“There was a dinosaur by the window. It was like this big.” You say pointing at the pillow by your side. “It was kinda small. I’m kinda disappointed that it wasn’t as big as a T-rex. Look there are fishes on the floor!” 
He looks down and then looks back at you. 
“Fishes? Where?” He takes a step towards you and you scream at him. 
“No! Don’t move! You’ll step on them if you move!” Then not a second later your head falls back on the pillow.
“What did they inject you with? You’re saying stuff and seeing things that I can’t see. I’m getting really concerned.” He says while laying down next to you. He hugs you and he thought that you were fast asleep. 
“Innie, the fairy is talking to me. She says that you’re really cute and she wants to steal you away from me! You won’t leave me right?” You look at him with big eyes and pouty lips. You were really scared that the fairy was gonna steal him away from you.
“Well, tell the fairy that I’m taken by the most beautiful angel there is. Even though right now the angel has a bleeding mouth, she is still very beautiful.” He says and kisses your forehead. 
“You heard that? He says he’s taken, and I’m his!” you give him a questioning look. “You were saying that I’m the angel right?” 
“Yes Angel. That’s you.”     
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toorumochi · 4 months ago
100 OTP QUESTIONS: KaruShuu! 4/4
Hello! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ I wrote 100 OTP Questions about KaruShuu, and I'll post them here! I'll divide those into 4 parts, here is part 4/4, hope you enjoy! ♡
76. Who takes longer in the bathroom? - Shuu, he takes care of his body well
77. Who has more songs on their ipod? - Karma, he listens to random songs and when a song reminds him of Shuu, he shows it to him <3
78. What movie did they first see together? - Karma convinced Shuu to watch Sonic ninja with him <3 but then, SHREK MARATHONSSSSS
79. What do they like to see each other in? -
Karma: …
Shuu: Don’t you dare say it.
Karma: oh I will, loud and clear
Shuu: no dON’T-
Karma: naked.
80. Who makes jokes during inappropriate times? - Karma pls 😭
They were once at a funereal and Karma is just so stupid pls Shuu lost so many braincells then but he leaned over to Shuus ear to whisper a joke and Shuu snorted so loud that the entire church looked at them
81. At what age do they discuss the possibility of children? - Hm, maybe during their 2nd year of being married or so
82. What do they love about each other the most? -
Shuu: I guess he is handsome
Karma: :,) you ‘GuEsS’???
Shuu: Yea
83. Who is the one that sees the big picture, while the other focuses on the small details? - Both pay attention to small details
84. What would they write on their partner’s social media for their anniversary? -
Karma: “Marriage: When dating goes too far”, and Shuu replied; “Oh my God…”, he later on deleted his social media :D
86. Who googles everything? - Shuu, especially when it comes to cooking
87. Who does stuff on impulse? - Shuu, he gets those random impulse feelings and motivation; he once got up at 4 am to vacuum
88. How do they comfort each other when they are helpless to do anything about the situation? - They try to cuddle it off; they rather cuddle and hold each other close than go out to get their minds off what's bothering them; Karma once said, “Whatever you’re going through, so am I with you. Let me help you with whatever you’re struggling with”
89. What is an inside joke they have? -
Karma and Shuu going grocery shopping, and then they walk by a cereal aisle, and there were two cereal boxes on which was written “#1 favourite cereal” and “#2 favourite cereal”, and then Karma grins while leaning over to Shuu and points at the shelf with the #2 cereal and whispers, “This is u”
90. Who makes the other smile with almost no effort at all? - Shuu is a ray of sunshine so Karma smiles always when he is around him, but even at the smallest inconvenience, maybe when Karma is focused on work he makes Shuu smile, like he is so happy to have him in his life
91. What is their favourite holiday? - WINTER HOLIDAYS BC BIRTHDAYS SEGGS AND SUMMER BC THEY CAN GO ON VACATION WHEREVER THEY LIKE (I am so sorry but it's the truth)
92. Who is the one that is calm and collected while the other is angry and destructive? - Uh- both are calm, but when it comes to anger and destruction, then in a different way. Karma destroys smth of Shuu, but ofc they both enjoy it. We know what it is.
93. What is their favourite board game to play? - Monopoly, they are amazing at it but Jesus Christ their comebacks during it are deadlyyyy
94. Who accidentally sets something on fire? - Shuu; he almost set WATER on F I R E
95. Who has the car ready while the other is robbing the store? - Please, they both prepare the car and are partners in crime when it comes to robbing ;))) OMG OMG I NEED A LOVERS ROBBERS AU ASAP OF THESE TWO-
96. What artist/group did they go to for their first concert? - Lmao imagine them randomly showing up to a kids concert, ‘Sofia The First’ themed
97. Who sleep talks? - Shuu but it’s not like sleep talking, it’s more of mumbling
98. Who is the more social one? - Karma lol
99. What are their karaoke songs? - ‘Sofia the first’ is a must.
100. Who would get up on stage and make a fool of themselves just to make the other laugh? - KARMA WOULD! <3
Yay! So those were the 100 OTP Questions about KaruShuu! I hope you enjoyed reading them!! <3
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trnquilgalileo · 8 months ago
Sunshot Masterlist 
After a scandal between JYPE and SM breaks out, they rush to do some damage control. However it’s at the expense of two of their young artists. SM’s Innocent boy YangYang and JYPE’s most controversial character, Y/N.
Profiles (1) (2) (3) 
Part 1: I Got A Boy - SNSD
Part 2: Gangnam📍
Part 3: Donkey From Shrek
Part 4: Bottom Energy
Part 5: Stan Holland
Part 6: Among Us
Part 7: Hui Sunbaenim
Part 8: Third Wheel 
Part 9: 🏳️‍🌈Lesbian🏳️‍🌈
Part 10: Fool
Part 11: Golden Trio✨
Part 12: They’re Just Friends :))
Part 13: Management 
Part 14: My Universe - STRAY KIDS 
Part 15: Sunshine
Part 16: Men are Useless
Part 17: Girlfriend 
Part 18: Winwin’s World 
Part 19: Mark Please Play the Sims
Pine 20: PINE for the AESTHETIC  
Part 21: Mark’s Children
Part 22: MDZS Propaganda 
Part 23: Breaking News
Part 24: LGBT+ Artists
Part 25: Yangyang’s Keys
Part 26: A Talk (written)
Part 27: A Wedding
Part 28: Let’s Breakup
Part 29: Timeline Cleanse
Part 30: Felix Do WAP.
Part 31: And That’s On Depression ✨🤩🔪
Part 32: Save Mark Tuan
Epilogue: F in the Chat for Winwin
Final Notes📝
Tumblr media
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haikyuuhoo · 9 months ago
Pairing: Bokuto x F!Reader
Summary: In which you’ve been going through a rough time, and Bokuto comes through when you need him.
Words: 1.3k
Warnings: Very sappy self-indulgent writing, angst, one (1) Shrek reference (I’m so sorry), Bokuto might be ooc (hopefully not in a bad way)? Idk if I’m great at writing him bc it’s very soft and ik that’s not usually his personality, I just like the idea of soft Bo...
A/N: Oops another songfic (welcome to my blog, it’s going to be a common theme). This one is based on the song comethru by Jeremy Zucker. I didn’t plan for this to be a songfic, but it just fit really well with what I wanted to write, and also I love this song and it makes me cry. I bolded the lyrics I included :) I hope that this might make at least one person feel a little better if you’re having a rough time, I want you to know that you’ve got this <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Hey, Bo,” you said, giving him a weak smile as you answered the door.
He looked different than he normally did, but so did you. His broad shoulders drooped sleepily and his hair fell in front of his eyes instead of being gelled up like usual, but what else could you expect at 2 am? He still had his signature grin on his face, and his presence enveloped you in a relaxed atmosphere.
“Hey,” he hummed, and you could hear that his voice was thick with sleep. It made you feel a bit guilty—you had woken him up, something you feared might happen when you had debated whether to text him or deal with this on your own. The grin quickly fell from his face as he took you in. Your smile didn’t quite reach your eyes, your shoulders were slumped and the dark circles beneath your eyes gave away the fact that you’d barely slept in days. “What’s wrong?”
You stared at him for a few moments, chest aching as you tried to find the words to say. “Everything,” you finally whispered, and as soon as the word left your lips, he was pulling you into a hug before the first sob could escape you. Tears began to roll down your cheeks, wetting his shirt as you clung to him.
“Let’s walk,” he suggested quietly, knowing that was one of the things you liked to do to clear your head. You nodded, and when you began to pull away, he gently grasped your wrist. You looked up at him, cheeks wet with tears, and he reached up to wipe them away. He held out a sweatshirt to you that you hadn’t even noticed him holding, and your heart jumped when you took it. It was his favorite sweatshirt, one he’d only let you wear once out of fear you’d never return it to him, and he’d only relented after what felt like an hour of begging and promising him that you would give it back, as much as you didn’t want to.
“Thank you,” you whispered as you pulled it on, and he smiled down at you before taking your hand in his. You let the door close behind the two of you and you began to walk through your neighborhood. You kept your head down, watching your feet, while Bokuto kept his up, looking at the stars. His thumb rubbed over your knuckles, his other hand stuffed into his pocket. After you’d walked a few blocks or so he looked down at you and pursed his lips when he noticed your gaze was fixed on your shoes. He gave you a gentle nudge with his elbow.
“Hey,” he whispered, “the stars are really pretty tonight, don’t you think?” Your gaze lifted to the sky only for a moment before you nodded, looking back down at the cracks in the pavement. He frowned. “It’s gonna be okay. I’m here. I’ll always be here when you need me.”
Before you knew it, you were crying again, causing Bokuto’s eyes to widen in panic. He stopped walking, pulling you to him and hugging you tight to his chest. 
“You’re shaking,” he said quietly, causing you to sniffle.
“I’m s-sorry.”
“Don’t be.”
You hiccupped and wrapped your arms around him. “These last few weeks have been exhausting.”
Frowning, he leaned his cheek against the top of your head. “I know,” he whispered, rubbing slow circles on your back. He knew you were going through a lot, and he was glad he could be here for you when you needed him. It made his heart soar to know he was the one you wanted with you, but it also hurt to see you feeling so broken. “But everything is going to be okay. It’s alright to not be fine on your own. I’ll always come when you need me.”
You two stayed like that for a while, you pressed against his chest, his cheek nuzzled into your hair and his promise hanging in the air like his breath that he watched fog up in front of him under the soft glow of a street lamp that buzzed over your heads. You looked up at him when you began to shiver from the cold, and he was sure it was the moonlight that was making your wet cheeks sparkle. “C-Can we go back now?” you asked meekly.
He nodded, unwrapping his arms from you and then taking your hand again. “You’re cold,” he observed, and you made a quiet noise of agreement. He pulled you closer, taking your clasped hands and putting them in the pocket of his sweats as the two of you retreated to your house. Blushing, you tucked your other hand away in the pocket of his hoodie that was far too big on you and walked beside him in a comfortable silence. When you finally reached your door you squeezed his hand, looking up at him pleadingly. “Stay with me,” you whispered, “please.”
Your heart fluttered at the gentle smile he gave you. “’M not going anywhere.” He squeezed your hand in return and let you lead him inside. The two of you removed your shoes, and then he was lifting you up before you could realize it was happening. He let you rest your head on his shoulder and wrap your arms and legs around his broad frame as he carried to your room. He kicked the door shut behind him and then set you on your bed before squatting down and taking your hands in his. “Did you drink enough water today? Do you need to take a shower?” he asked, golden eyes boring into yours in a way that made you feel both incredibly safe and vulnerable at the same time. Maybe it was okay to be both, as long as it was with him. “Tell me what you need to make you feel better.”
You blushed again, and this time there was no hiding the pink in your cheeks, no cold night air to blame it on. “Just need you, Bo,” you whispered. “Jus’ wanna cuddle. Wanna sleep.”
He nodded and gave you a sleepy smile. You didn’t need to ask him twice. He moved slowly and removed the hoodie he was wearing before laying down with you. He ran warm, and he knew you liked to be able to warm your hands up against his skin when the two of you cuddled. You immediately snuggled up to him, fingers sneaking beneath his shirt to allow your palms to press against his back, and he draped an arm across you which provided a comforting weight and helped you relax. “Everything will be okay,” he repeated as he started slowly carding his fingers through your hair. “I’ll always come through when you need me.”
You let out a hum, and he could tell by the tone that it was a happy one. It made him smile.
“Get some sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up,” he promised. “And in the morning, I’m makin’ waffles.”
You giggled, causing him to grin. Leave it to him to find somewhere to slip in a joke even in a situation like this.
“There she is,” he cooed, and you nuzzled your face into his chest shyly.
You slowly began to relax in his arms, feeling the tension in your body slowly fade away to make way for a comfort you hadn’t felt in a long time.
He watched you, only allowing himself to close his eyes once he heard the change in your breathing that signaled you were finally slipping into the best sleep you’d had in weeks. Something about it relaxed him too, and he held you even closer as he fell asleep. Yeah, he would always come through when you needed him.
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ava-du-mortain · 5 months ago
Muslim baba hcs for UB, but make THEMSELVES a accidentally swearing this time
these have been in my inbox for five years sjsjd I'm sorry
A: They're good at not swearing - super disciplined. They catch themselves, immediately pretend they didn't actually swear. After Ramadan they make up for it by fasting for 3 days.
F: They're most likely to have replacement words for swears so they'll go on like "what in tarnation?" or "I don't give a shrek 2 the movie." If they slip up, they just brush it off and go on with their day.
N: "Hey, F, watch your language! You're fasting!"
F: "oh! fresh prince of bel air! that wasn't very cash money of me"
N: "Don't you mean 'halal'?"
F: "I said what I said, Natkins/Natey"
N: Okay for N, bear with me but, there's a gag from Danny Phantom where the teacher, Lancer, says the names of books as exclamations (like picture him witnessing a literal disaster and crying out "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance!") And this is, I think, how they'd cope. Plus I don't think they swear in general
M: Bold of you to assume M would stop swearing. They'd at least make an effort tho. Whenever they got frustrated, they'd light a cigarette or fidget with their necklace.
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