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Well, finally touched the solid ground on May 22nd. Last time I was outside before that was March 8th. Jeeez, over 80 days 😯 yeah, covid really effed up us cruise ship workers…

Not trying to give you sob story how hard it was because in all honesty, company really took care of us, we had good food, good accommodation, internet was free, and most of the days they would open bar and you could buy a beer or a vine to relax.

Yes, it is incredibly hard being stuck there indefinitely, away from your family, not knowing when you will be able to go home, and i would be lying if i said it did not take any toll on me. And it is so hard seeing how some people were really affected by it. I was lucky to have amazing group of friends and we kept each other sane.

Anyway, i am finally back in my own country, and they put me in goverment owned quarantine straight away. I kid you not, military waited for us at the border and escorted us here. I am not allowed to leave my room for two weeks. Doesn’t matter that we were basically quarantined for 2 and a half months without any contact with outside world and no cases of corona on a ship for more than a month and a half. We were tested, we are cleared, but still have to stay here. Eh, fuck it, i will survive 🤷‍♀️

Well, i have all the time in the world for next 2 weeks, and i am sick of binging tv shows and movies (i did that a lot, trust me lol). So what I wanted to say when I started writing this is, if anyone wanna send me some asks, or just chat, go for it 😊

Ps: i am tagging my fandoms so ppl will actually see this post 😊

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it’s 2:30 and i can’t sleep and i’m losing my mind over the endgame i’ve been robben off because the writers were fucking COWARDS and idek why i’m crying over a show that finished 5 years ago and made a very inconsistent ship endgame because they wanted the views and please the stans even though the ship was doomed after beginning season 4 because all they did was break up, get back together, break up again, get engaged, break up again, get forced into a fake elevator together and to escape they have to kiss becuase theres this evil yet iconic bitch who is obsessed with them, and it was fucking clear that this was NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, and also THEY THEN SUDDENLY GET MARRIED LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! instead of investigating further into this one characters friendship with his best friend because they CLEARLY were more than friends and AND HAD SUCH AN AMAZING CHEMISTRY

i am m a d. justice for this ship and also faberry

@sonic-volcano back me up for this please😂

anyways good night, stay safe!

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flash forward (and we’re taking on the world together) 

by iknowplaces


Quinn didn’t really know what was happening, but she let Britt place the box on her head, plunging her into darkness. She sat patiently on the desk, as her friend tinkered with the machine. “I’m setting it to like, a month before nationals senior year,” Brittany says, the sound of a spinning dial echoing through the box, “mostly so you’ll know you’re there when you get there and you can tell me if it worked.”


Quinn Fabray goes back in time and runs into a few familiar faces

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