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Selfish thug throws homophobic tantrum after being asked to wear a face mask in Greggs
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via @PerilOfAfrica Wearing face masks frustrating learners with hearing impairment

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President Joe Biden Announces New Actions to Deliver Masks to Communities Hit Hard by the Pandemic

President Joe Biden Announces New Actions to Deliver Masks to Communities Hit Hard by the Pandemic #clarksville #clarksvilletn #montgomeorycounty #nashville #tennessee #covid-19 #coronavirus #facemasks #news

Washington, D.C. – As part of his National Strategy to defeat COVID-19 Coronavirus, President Joe Biden announced a new effort to make masks more easily available to communities hard hit by the pandemic.
The Administration will deliver more than 25 million masks to over 1,300 Community Health Centers across the country as well as 60,000 food pantries and soup kitchens, reaching some of the…


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Medical Experts Have Hissy-Fit When Sarasota City Council Eliminates Masks Mandate
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So glad that my state still has mask laws, cause many are trying to turn it the other way around. That’s dangerous and scary, but hopefully that won’t happen in America.

I’ll acknowledge that I’m not the biggest fan of them, but I get why we need to wear them now. May be someday we won’t need to, but for now people just need to get used to it. Wearing a mask doesn’t suffocate you, not wearing one is risking killing someone else.


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Why Face Masks Need to Be A Part of Normal Life?
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‎Health Hero Show: The official Chemical Free Body Lifestyle Podcast: Dr. Shiva M.I.T. PhD, Systems Science of Immunity & Masks on Apple Podcasts
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