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#face reveal

1. Selfie

Oooooh boy face reveal are y'all pumped this photo is from October so it’s not exactly what I look like rn but i dont really have any recent pictures of myself bc i dont like how i look


My friend took this on Halloween you can see him in the corner looking like a fool

2. What would you name your future kids

I’ve always really liked the name Robin, and I like Morgan, and I’ve always loved the name Willow, I kinda like planty names in general actually, and I adore like dumb Greek myth names bc I’m a nerd

34. Most embarrassing moment

Oh boy uh one time I told a girl she looked like printer ink bc she was wearing a teal shirt and a yellow jacket and drinking that really magenta Starbucks beverage and she was like “oh uh,,,, thanks??” And my friend (same one from the picture actually) like tackled me and dragged me away bc he was embarrassed so I was embarrassed, this probably isnt my most embarrassing moment but I cant think of another one

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so i’ve been around the block on this hellsite since i was 12 (haha oops) but this is the first time i’m properly introducing myself!

my real name is deidre but i go by amber on here, i am a 23-year-old college grad with a degree in theatre & am currently a starbucks barista in the middle of nowhere.

my favorite colors are coral & light blue and my whole apartment is filled with those colors and space themed pop art because i find a brand and stick with it until i die.

i want to become a stage/film director but for now i’m just chilling on here producing that sweet sweet max lord content ✌️

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Well I hit 230 and as promised I am doing a face reveal. I love all of you guys and send in any prompts you want done.

If you have any requests or ideas you have, send them in! Thank you to all 230 of you! Send in any prompts you’d like! You guys are so amazing!


Tada!! They aren’t much and I’m not the most handsome, but I still feel pretty bold posting this.

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Fem Jaskier makeup test. I tried something more natural and brown but I hated it so I went all out. I’m gonna do actual full brows in a warmer brown. But Jaskier would probably rock full glam so I might keep this instead of something natural. I was actually feeling masc today but I told myself I would do this today so I actually have it perfect for when I take pictures full cosplay when it’s done. Weird to be a dude and wear makeup but I think I wear it well. My mom was pretty confused because I’ve been identifying as male all week and I don’t normally wear makeup when I do. Also Face reveal for this blog. Hahah hi I’m sunny.

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you asked and I promised—


this is the face of the person who writes all the strange jojo stuff you see on this blog and on ao3!!! the person who scribbles on her sketchbook and types away and thinks way too much about writing a happy ending for Giorno!!!

((and yes that is a Taehyung photocard))

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are you ready for my fugly face?! let me hear a no from the crowd

if jen says to post a selfie with the urban dictionary definition of my name i post a selfie with the urban dictionary definition of my name.


that’s pretty spot on hey, but aren’t they all?

thank you @spacewitch 🖤

i don’t want to tag anyone on this one since this is #gasp #facereveal #butifyouseethisyouretagged #byme

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April 2: Post your red instead selfie today! Alternatively, you could talk about why you choose to go redinstead and what it means to you.


The only really red shirt I have is my Paris catacombs shirt 😅

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