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slytherweasley · 3 months ago
Smutober/Kinktober- face sitting (Harry Potter x reader)
Warnings: female receiving oral
Tumblr media
Harry is almost always busy, you knew that before you started dating, you’re not usually the type to care about quality time all the time. Lately quality time with Harry has been helping him with homework, he’s been too busy to think about homework lately.
“My hand hurts from writing so much” he complains “Let’s take a break” you suggest “I can’t take a break. There is too much to do.” His hand goes back to writing potions essay.
You’d finished your homework for the day so you just watched Harry. “Babe, I’m bored” “I’m sorry, I’ve just got heaps to do tonight” “Maybe you can take a break, help me out maybe.” Harry never says no to an opportunity to eat you out but this was a difficult decision.
“A quick break won’t hurt” he says moving his homework off the bed, you get yourself out of your sweatpants and underwear “Sit on my face, darling.”
You do as he says straddling his face “So pretty” he mumbles “Go on, don’t be scared.” You slowly move yourself down to his mouth, he immediately licks up your slit, the connection makes you whimper.
“Feels good” you assure him, he sucks on your clit and you grab onto the headboard balancing yourself as you feel your legs slowly give out. You put your weight on him because you can’t support yourself and that somehow makes him so much more turned on.
His tongue goes wild on your pussy, waves of pleasure rush through you. You move your hips slower and throw your head back enjoying every swipe of his tongue.
“Harry, I think I’m close” his hands grip your hips and you speed up your hip movement as he guides your hips.
You feel yourself on the edge of an orgasm, Harry feels how close you are and you finish. You buck your hips and let out a long sigh of relief.
You move your hips off his face “Feel good?” He asks “Thank you so much.”
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ssahotchswife · 7 months ago
bestie, i think it's an absolute crime how i've never seen anything to do with face sitting with hotch (with or without the beard) 😩
you are so right, bestie 😪i had to correct this asap, so here you are! 18+ ONLY NSFW CONTENT AHEAD, NO MINORS ALLOWED - MINORS DNI
Aaron had gone straight to the office when his plane landed – which was understandable considering he had come back from Pakistan for this case, and you were glad of it if it meant helping Emily, but you missed him. And Jack missed him. Over the past few months, while Aaron was on assignment in Pakistan, Jack had bounced back and forth between staying with you at Aaron’s apartment and his aunt Jessica’s, and you had loved the time you got to spend with the little boy. Being his father’s girlfriend, you really wanted him to like you and through this one-on-one time with him the two of you had become inseparable.
It was nearly Jack’s bedtime when you got a text from Aaron updating you. He was going to be another couple of hours still at work, and he asked you very nicely to try and get Jack to sleep – it would be way too late for him to stay up and wait for Aaron to get home. Jack wasn’t too happy with that, but by the way he yawned through his argument, you knew he was going to fall asleep anyway in a few minutes.
“I wanna stay up,” He whined as you tucked him in.
“I know,” You said. “But your daddy still has a bunch of work to do, so when he gets home, he’ll want to go straight to bed too. And when you go to sleep, you know your daddy will be here when you wake up.”
“That’s true,” He yawned.
“Are you sleepy?” He nodded tiredly. “Get some rest, baby, your daddy will be so excited to see you tomorrow.”
“I’m excited too,” He whispered with a grin.
“Me too,” You smiled back, leaning down to kiss his head as you said goodnight to each other. He was asleep before you even shut the door completely.
You had meant it when you told Jack you were pretty sure that Aaron would want to go to bed as soon as he got home, but you wanted at least a smooch from your boyfriend before you went to bed, so you stayed up in bed reading your book while you waited for him to come home.
A few hours later, you were two-thirds of the way through your book and you heard the door to the apartment open, close, and the security system get set for the night – a sure sign that your man was home. He went into Jack’s room first, checking on his son and likely kissing his head for the first time in months, before he made his way into his own bedroom, letting out a tired sigh with a grin as he saw you tucked into his bed.
“Hi,” You grinned.
“Hi, sweetheart,” He said, collapsing into bed and crawling up your body to give you a long kiss.
It was the most amazing kiss, and certainly a good one for your first in the months that he’d been gone. He groaned into your mouth slightly as you raked your nails along his beard gently. You’d seen it over skype and had thought he looked hot, but god being faced with the physical thing it was like you couldn’t control yourself. All you could think about was the way it would feel scraping between your thighs. And now your panties were drenched.
“I missed you,” You murmured against his mouth. “So fucking much, Aaron.”
“I missed you too, baby,” He whispered. “Every single day.”
He pulled back to look at you with a smile, he was so damn handsome, sometimes you couldn’t believe he was yours. You ran your fingers over his beard once more, making him chuckle.
“You like the beard?”
“Mhm,” You nodded. “I love it.”
“You have dirty in your eyes,” He smirked. “What are you thinking about over there?”
“That beard,” You swallowed. “Between my thighs.”
“Really,” He hummed, kissing your jaw and your throat, making you giggle with the tickle of his facial hair against your skin. “I think we can make that happen.”
“Oh, Aaron, you don’t have to do that,” You said. “You just got home, you’re probably so tired –”
“Sweetheart, I haven’t tasted your pussy in months,” He said. “I’m dying to get my mouth on you.” Your cheeks flamed at his words, your body trembling at the promise held in them. “Are you going to make me beg, (y/n)? Because I will, if you want me to.”
“Yes,” You whispered. “I want to hear you beg for me.”
“Please,” He said quietly, flipping you over so you were straddling him, pulling your face down for a kiss. “Please sit on my face, my love, I want to make you cum.”
“Well, since you asked so nicely,” You grinned, feeling a shiver run through you at his words.
When you’d slipped into bed earlier, you’d put on little pajama shorts and you rid yourself of them just as easily before climbing back on top of Aaron. It felt a little odd to be bare from the waist down while Aaron was still fully clothed, but this was what he wanted – it was what you wanted too, you wouldn’t lie. Aaron was grinning up at you as he pulled you by your thighs to be situated over his face.
“Triple tap my thigh if you need to stop,” You said.
“Of course,” He murmured, kissing your inner thighs sweetly. “Just sit back, relax, and let me take care of you.”
“I should be the one taking care of you,” You chuckled. “I mean, you just got back from Pakistan for god’s sake – oh!” Aaron cut you off by gripping your thighs and pulling you down to swipe his tongue along the length of your pussy.
The scrape of his beard between your thighs stung as deliciously as you thought it would, and you had to bite your lip to keep from crying out at the feeling. Keeping your moans as quiet at you could so you didn’t wake Jack, you braced yourself on the headboard, gripping the wood as tight as hell. Aaron’s fingers dug into your thighs, keeping you firmly in place so you couldn’t squirm away from him.
It’s not like you hadn’t gotten off while he’d been gone, you had – late night skype calls and phone sex as you guided one another to orgasm from how many thousand miles away from each other. But having him beneath you for the first time in months had you so near orgasm with only the few featherlight kisses and licks on your pussy as he started reacquainting himself with your pussy.
“Aaron,” You gasped as he nibbled on your clit, the scratch of his beard dragging across your sensitive core and making you groan. “Oh my god.”
“Fuck,” Aaron grunted, the vibrations of his voice rumbling against your core and sending goosebumps along your skin. “So fucking delicious, angel.”
Every swipe of his tongue along your slick folds had you gasping and gripping the headboard harder than ever before.
“Oh shit,” You breathed, tossing your head back as you felt yourself climb closer and closer to your orgasm.
You might have resisted grinding your pussy against his mouth if you thought he would judge you for it, but the moment that you ground your hips down on Aaron’s tongue and he groaned – the sound obviously pleased as his thumb rubbed sweetly on your thighs – you knew he was glad you had done it.
It was when he pushed two fingers into your aching hole and sucked your clit into his mouth that you turned your head to cover your mouth with your bicep as you cried out in pleasure. His fingers worked in and out of you in tandem with the movements of his mouth, pleading and coaxing your orgasm to fruition. When he curled them against your g-spot again and again, it was like the tightly wound coil in your belly snapped and your orgasm crashed over you in wave after wave of intense blinding pleasure.
“Oh, Aaron,” You panted as he licked you throughout your climax, prolonging your pleasure.
When you orgasm finally subsided, Aaron’s grip on your thighs loosened and he let you swing your leg over him and collapse in bed next to him. Panting heavily, Aaron pulled you into a tight snuggle.
“I love you so fucking much, (y/n),” He whispered, leaning in to kiss you deeply.
“I love you too,” You grinned, smoothing the crease in his brow with your thumb. “I’m so happy you’re back.”
“Me too,” He smiled.
“And you’re keeping the beard.” 
“Yes, ma’am,” He laughed, kissing you sweetly. 
You fell asleep wrapped in his arms that night, holding Aaron closer than you ever had, afraid he’d disappear at some point in the night if you didn’t. Luckily, you’d slipped your pajama shorts back on at some point, because when you woke up the next morning, Aaron and Jack were giggling as they watched your eyes flutter open. You couldn’t even begin to explain how happy you were to wake up with the Hotchner boys smiling so sweetly at you.
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your-daily-biaswrecking · 6 months ago
Chubby or plus size reader sitting on Jin’s face… please please. Can have some other smut, but especially the face sitting! 🥺
Sixty-nine. Inarguably one of the most popular sex positions worldwide. When Jin was making one of his silly puns, the conversation went there, the sex number being such an easy target for those. But when he jokingly suggested you sixty-nined right then, and you refused… he knew something was up.
“What is it?” he asked. “You don’t like the position?”
You shook your head, but then shrugged your shoulders. “I don’t know… I’ve never tried it before.”
His eyes turned so wide. “What? What? Why?” It’s not even that he loved the position or something, but you had to at least try once! It was sixty-nine, for crying aloud!
You tried to laugh, face burning a bit. But he could see you were getting a bit uncomfortable. “Well, I guess it’s too dangerous for my partners,” you joked. “I would crush them if I did that.”
Jin got so serious all of a sudden. “What are you talking about?” He crawled closer to you, hands landing on your thighs. “You talking about these?” He gave your thick thighs a squeeze. “Baby, you have these killer thighs for a reason! It is specifically to crush your partners underneath them!”
You laughed. “I know, boo…” You knew Jin loved your body -he reminded you many times a day- and you knew he didn’t like it if you ever talked bad about it. “I guess my previous boyfriends didn’t appreciate it as much as you.”
Jin scoffed. “Which is why they are ex-boyfriends now! You lose something if you don’t know how to appreciate it.” His overreaction and scowl on his face made you smile earnestly. “This is unacceptable. Come here,” he quickly pulled you to him. “Come sit on my face like you were supposed to be doing all this time, baby.”
“Jin!” you called, but he didn’t seem in the mood to take no for an answer.
“Listen, a Queen like you needs her thone. And what better place than this gorgeous, perfect, worldwide handsome face, huh?”
He made you laugh -something he did so often- and it relaxed you a lot. “You want me to sit on your face?” you repeated, only half believing it.
“Do I look like I’m joking? Yeah, I want you to sit on my face!”
Jin had that funny serious face on, making you giggle even more. But his words were growing on you. You squirmed, biting your lip as you checked your boyfriend out. “Right now?”
The man leaned in and grabbed your face with both of his hands, kissing you sloppily. “Yeah, right now. Please, baby.” His voice was higher in pitch, the way it got when he was turned on, and it made your stomach do a backflip. You kissed him back, slipping your tongue in and it immediately got more heated. Jin’s hands traveled down your body, touching you in all the ways you loved so much, massaging your breasts and your thighs until he finally got too worked up and broke the kiss. “Come on, baby,” he mumbled and he lied on the couch.
Oh, he meant right, right now. Not even bothering to move to the bedroom. There was a coil growing in your stomach just from how eager he was. And, let’s be honest, from the idea of Jin underneath you like that. You didn’t even know just how much you wanted this to happen until it was actually happening. You didn’t shy away, taking all of your clothes off and straddling his shoulders for a start.
“Are you sure about this?”
Jin was playing with your ass, his hands too small and disappearing in between your thick backside. His eyes crossed together as he was staring at your cunt right in front of him with an excitement fit for a kid getting their new favorite toy. He licked his lips. “So sure, baby.” He brought a hand forward and let his thumb rub over your folds, seeing how you had gotten wet. He hummed in satisfaction. “So good. Now please crush me with your thick thighs and fat ass, baby.”
You chuckled, running a hand through his hair to push it off his forehead. Shit, he had indeed a gorgeous, perfect, worldwide handsome face. And seeing it underneath you like that… did things to you. “Alright,” you sighed, excitement building inside you dangerously fast. “Tell me if I’m suffocating you.”
“But that’s where all the fun is!”
You slowly squatted down over his face, lining your entrance with his mouth. And Jin wrapped his arms around your thighs to bring you all the way down; to make you actually sit. You felt him hummed against you, sending vibration all over your body. His tongue licked you up and down before slipping inside of you, his nose pressed messily against your clit, and it made you gasp.
“Fuck, Jin…” You were rutting on his face before you even realized it, and Jin was moaning underneath you. It was… it was so good. The pussy eating as well as the feeling of empowerment you got by grinding on your boyfriend’s face. You pressed a hand over your mouth to silence your cries as you started picking up the pace at which you were moving back and forth. His tongue now flat against you and just letting you move against it as you wish. His nose still poking your clit and it sent shivers down your spine every single time.
You noticed Jin took one hand off your ass where he was kneading it strongly, and from the way he started slightly shaking, you realized he was touching himself. Fuck, fuck, fuck… His dick was hard in his hand and his mouth got more and more desperate against you, moaning and grunting as you picked up your pace and strength at which you were grinding on him, getting closer and closer. You heard his muffled cry when he came, cum spurting all the way to his chest and straining his shirt. And the vibrations pushed you over your peak as well, grabbing his head and falling forward as you gushed out all of your juices.
He had a stupid grin when you got off, and you noticed how the upper half of his face had gotten red and the bottom half was glistening with your wetness. Your head was spinning, feeling stupidly in love. And Jin gave your thick thighs one last squeeze. “Next time we sixty-nining, right boo?”
Yeah, you were definitely be doing this again. “Right…”
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pleasured-ambrosia · 8 months ago
NSFW (18+): AOT girls & Hange + Face-sitting
Turns into a flustered mess. She’s only sitting on your face because you love it so much, and she’s eager to please you. She’ll muffle her squeaks by covering her mouth with her hand, trembling above you: Mikasa Ackerman, Historia Reiss, Carla Yeager
Excited and enthusiastic when given the opportunity to sit on your face. They moan so loudly that others will bang on your wall to get them to quiet down. That usually has the opposite effect: Hange, Sasha Braus
May pretend to be uninterested, but absolutely loves it. She rocks her hips back and forth to build up her orgasm. When she gets close, she holds your face and grinds against it until she finishes. Whether she praises or degrades you is a gamble: Ymir, Pieck Finger, Yelena
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seigesinbin · 3 months ago
Kinktober Day 6 - BNHA
Tumblr media
Ship: Aizawa Shouta x Fem!Reader Trigger Warnings: face sitting, oral sex (female receiving), some dirty talk Length: 1.4k A/N: No one can convince me that Aizawa doesn’t have a face sitting kink.  The man can be stretched out on his back and do this.  He definitely had a face sitting kink.  Face fucking too but that’s another day. Taglist: @stillconfusedandreadytorumble​​ @dahlias-love​​ @megumitodoroki​​ @amantedelcalcio​​ @local-crybaby​​ @captainxsassafras​​ @sweet-darling91​​ @thewheezingwyvern​​ 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You sighed heavily as you closed the door to your place behind you.  The weight of the work day finally settled down on your shoulders and you were debating just making some instant noodles for dinner, you were that tired.  The other pair of shoes by the door got your attention.  “Shouta?”  You tentatively called out his name but were met with silence.  Instead you shrugged out of your jacket and hung it up before heading further into the apartment.  Where could Shouta be?  
The covered plate on the table caught your attention as you passed through the kitchen.  Don’t you dare eat those noodles.  I made a plate for you.  The warmth unfurled in your chest as you peeled the cover off and reheated the food.  As tired as he was, he still made time to cook for you when he came over.  “Still irritating how good of a cook he is.”  By all appearances Aizawa Shouta should not be a good cook.  The man was perpetually exhausted with dark circles under his eyes more often than not. He lived off protein snacks during the day though you knew that had to mess up his stomach, but given the stash of medicine and vitamins he had to help combat stomach strife…  You weren’t sure how he managed to do it all. Teacher, mentor, and hero.  The day he brought Shinsou over surprised you, despite it not being planned.  The memory still made you smile.
They had both looked like drowned cats after getting caught in an unexpected shower.  You offered your shower and some spare clothes while you got theirs clean.  Shinsou was such a polite kid.  He seemed to put up a wall in front of him but you saw the spark in his eyes when Aizawa spoke with him.  That kid had a bright future ahead of him, is what you thought.  
It was a fun memory and showed you yet another side of Aizawa that made you fall even harder for the hero.  Which should annoy you because he’s such a put together adult and there you were. Sometimes the insecurities hit about why such an amazing man would choose to be with you.  You would shake them off because if you annoyed Shouta he certainly wouldn’t be with you.  “What can I do to show my appreciation?”  You tapped the top of your chopsticks against your lips as you debated.  The dilemma was still turning in your mind as you got through your shower and stepped into the bedroom.  The sight that greeted you had a smile curling on your lips.
Shouta was stretched out on his back, pillow thrown half over his face with his arm on top securing it in place, and his sweats that dipped dangerously low on his hips causing you to bite your lip at the sight of that little trail of black hair disappearing beneath the waistband.  You leaned against the doorway with a quiet sigh as the heat simmered in your blood. No way were you going to interrupt his sleep but as it stood there wasn’t a spot for you on the bed.  Your eyes narrowed at the current traitor that slept belly up next to Shouta.  That soft invitation wasn’t fooling you, that was a trap.  
Shouta stirred as you debated what you should do and slowly shifted on the bed until his eyes landed on you.  “You’re home early.”  He watched as you snapped out of your thoughts at his voice, he enjoyed seeing the way it shifted from frown lines to soft smiles.  No one looked at him that way, except you.  “Come to bed.”  He lifted his arm towards you and winced at the slight ache there.
“Shouta?  Did you get hurt?”  You were instantly next to the bed and he grumbled silently about not hiding it better.  
“Just a small ache. No injury.  Recovery Girl made sure of it.”  The worry eased from your face at his words and you sat next to him on the bed.
“How about a nice massage? It might loosen up the muscles and ease the ache.”  The offer was tempting but he wasn’t sure if he could handle your hands on him without taking it further.  He agreed as the temptation won out.  
He settled on his stomach with the pillow supporting his head.  You eased onto the bed settling down on the curve of his ass.  The heat pressing against him through his sweats had his head turning to look at you.  Your legs hugged his sides and the long shirt you wore rode up your thighs. His dick twitched at the brief flash of cotton between your legs.  He settled back forward with the brief thought that this wasn’t going to end how you thought it was.
You made sure the massage cream was warmed up before your fingers gently dug into his lower back. You eased your palms on either side of his spine and pushed down and spread them outwards.  You were careful not to ever press directly on his spine. “You’re so tense Shouta.”  You shifted up on his body once you finished with his lower back.  You were focused on relieving the tension that felt like tiny bricks under his skin. An accomplished masseuse you were not but you did your best.  The groans that escaped Shouta had your panties damp, resulting in a silent lecture to yourself to just spoil Shouta and not think about sex.  
You leaned forward to put some weight behind the massage, nodding to yourself when you felt the tension melting away beneath your fingers.  You were not expecting the friction to your clit feeling as good as it did.  You bit your lips to keep from moaning yourself as each time you leaned forward heat throbbed between your legs.  
Shouta was almost asleep from how good the massage felt.  Tension that had built up over weeks melted away under your touch.  He sighed in contentment until he felt you move.  When you straddled his lower back he was thankful you kept most of your weight on your knees, but that didn’t stop him from feeling your heat against his skin.  He could feel your panties growing damp with each pass of your hands over his shoulders.  His dick was rock hard against the mattress.  
“Okay, turn over and I’ll get your front now.”  Shouta wanted to groan.  He heard how husky your voice was, you were just as affected as he was.  A wicked idea popped into his head and he had to go through with it.  Shouta did as he was told and turned over.  He saw the way your eyes dipped to the outline of his erection through his sweats. The want he saw in your eyes had his hands reaching for your hips.  “Wait. Shouta!”  Before you could protest he tugged until your cunt was hovering over his lips.
“Be quiet and let me.” His thumb snuck in and tugged your panties to the side before he pulled and brought your slick pussy right up against his lips.  Your hands scrambled for purchase on the headboard as he flattened his tongue against your clit.  A groan escaped as your thighs tightened around his head when he dipped his tongue inside.  “Did that massage turn you on?  You’re dripping on my chin.”  He smirked at the denial on your tongue that was turned into the sweetest moan with a flick of his tongue.  Shouta groaned as your taste filled his tongue.  Surrounded by your scent and heat was heaven.  He used his finger to hold your panties to the side while his thumb gently massaged your clit, leaving your cunt open to his tongue to devour.
“Fuck.  Shouta, this.”  You had to pause as the breath lodged in your lungs when his tongue pressed inside your body.  “Supposed to be about you.”  You wanted to argue but the sinful way he devoured your pussy burned any rational thought away.  One hand tangled in his hair as the heat began to tangle into a slippery knot between your legs.  “Close.”
“Come on my face princess.” The tension snapped at his words. The heat unfurled in languid waves throbbing between your legs as his tongue lapped at your juices.  His thumb gentled against your clit as the last of the waves faded in your body.  Your thighs went slack around his head and he lifted you before flipping the two of you. His cock pressed tight against your throbbing pussy, sending tiny aftershocks of heat through your body with each pass against your clit.  “My turn princess.  I want you to cum on my cock this time.”
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goddessjesus1 · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
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littlemisfit · a year ago
Consider: floral sundress face-sitting
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justasimp1 · 3 months ago
Legoshi x F! Reader. (Since my last Legoshi post was shit) Fluff smutt!! ****LEGOSHI IS 19 YEARS OLD
Kinktober 2021 (1#)
Face sitting
"Are you stupid?" Gohin's voice shook the house. "Sorry. I accept any punishments" Legoshi closed his eyes, hands pressed flatly against the concrete floor. "Y/N" "Yes?" You tore your eyes off of Legoshi and to your brother.
His eyes squinted, at the change of temperature on your cheeks. "Clean him up while I'm gone" You nodded, about to walk over to Legoshi. Gohin put a hand on your wrist. "I have eyes and ears. I'll know..." Your mouth remained pressed in a thin line.
"That goes for you too, Legoshi" Gohin would shoot daggers into the frantic mess Legoshi became if he could. You'd think he found out about the secret relationship.
Once Gohin left the room you sat by Legoshi. The small bamboo table stand is placed beside you. An organized group of glass bottles laid on the table. You took a bottle of maroon liquid and poured an ounce on it.
Legoshi's face was littered with scars and circles of bruises. You grazed the soaked cloth over the biggest cut. Legoshi tilted his head, running his eyes over your outfit.
"Stop staring" You squirmed on your knees, trying your best to cover your stomach. Being a panda was horrible for maintaining weight. No matter how hard you tried you always remained the same chubby thick thighs girl.
Or maybe it was just you...Starving yourself then binge eating when emotional. You were surprised Legoshi stilled liked you. "You're doing it again" "Hmm?" You blinked up at Legoshi.
"Your beautiful" Legoshi blankly stated. "Not this again" You rolled your eyes. Legoshi tried to be helpful and you thanked him for that. You set the cloth, now soaked in dried blood on the stand.
You pressed bandages on the wounds and rubbed ointment on the light purple shapes. "Shirt...so I can wash it" Legoshi slipped off the white tank top, the neckline stained light red.
You stood up, walking out of the room towards the washer. A load of fabric spinning came to a halt. You tossed the white shirt into the mixture. The spinning started again once you're closed the lid.
Long fingers snaked along your waist. Lips brushed across your neck. "Can I kiss you?" Legoshi's awkward tone came out. "Gohin is already suspicious. He won't be gone for long" You muttered, closing your legs.
The spinning cycle in front of you made you feel hypnotic. "Is that a no?" Legoshi's hands loosened their grip. You turned around and gave him a peck.
Legoshi tilted his head. He placed a hand on your cheeks, leaning in for another kiss. Your intertwined bodies stumbled into the back of the house, where your room was.
You locked the door. A hand reached under your large sweater. "Mmmh!~" You muttered against the heavy pressing. Legoshi laid beneath you on the fluffy sheets. "Wait" Legoshi pulled away and fixed his hands on your waist.
"Yes," You stared at him, eyebrows knitted. "Are you sure you wanna do it?" You nodded. His nails dug into the plush skin on your thighs. "A real answer" "Yes I want to" The twirling feeling in your stomach made you smile.
An uncomfortable lump started growing by your thigh. You laughed at the pink dust on Legoshi's cheeks. You pushed your hand over the tent in Legoshi's pants. "How about we do something different?"
You squinted your eyes. "Different...how?" "Sit on my face" What should have come out rather kinky made you clueless. Legoshi's blunt but caring tone made you question the statement.
"What? No, I'll p-probably crush you" You sputtered. Legoshi massaged dimples on your side. "No, you won't" Legoshi slowly pushed your body forward.
"Don't" You tried to best to remain in eye contact before Legoshi could try his look. The look that would make you drop everything for him. "Only a one-time thing" You whispered against his lips.
Legoshi smiles brightly. Kissing you for a quick second before picking your body up. Gohin's exercises were working for Legoshi. "Ah~" You gasped at the sudden sensation. Legoshi's tongue left a long lick before flicking.
"-Mmmh-" You moaned feeling Legoshi slurp on the soaking organ. Legoshi rocked your hip while his tongue whipped inside. Electricity ran through your body.
The sound of sloppily sucking and hearts thumping filled your ears. You threw your head in pleasure. You took off your sweater. The beads of sweat rolling in the valley between your breast.
Legoshi's eyes grew hungry watching your beautiful breast shake with your movements. His eyes bulged wider than his actual bulge. "Shit" Legoshi pressed your hips down.
Your body felt faint. The climax slowly creeping up on you. This was somehow not like the other times, it felt different- it felt better. You could bathe in the high forever.
All tense cramps worked their way down, tight bones falling back into place. Legoshi panted at the gush of gummy substance melting down his throat.
The carnivore's fangs tapped your skin from how wide Legoshi was stretching his mouth to swallow all of your cum. You hesitantly removed your body from the limp Legoshi.
His eyes remained pressed shut and his mouth slightly agape. "Are you okay? Did I suffocate you?" Your face flushed in embarrassment. "Of course not" Legoshi laughed. He lifted, running fingers between your belly rolls.
Your saliva mixed with the sudden passionate kiss. "That was amazing- You're amazing" Legoshi pecked at your cheek. "I'm back!" Gohin's loud voice shook your nerves this time.
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thewritingginger · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
This was another request from my AO3
Fandom: Blood of Zeus  Pairing: Ares x Fem! Reader Word count: 1.1k + words Warnings: 18+, Oral sex (Fem! receiving), Semi-public, Vaginal fingering, Pet names (Sweetheart), Teasing 
Enjoy ~
Tumblr media
“Ares, wait- ah!” You clamp your hand over your slacked mouth. Your nails are scraping against the warrior’s scalp, trying to keep yourself up against the wall your back is pressed against.
Ares will soon be called into the Arena for a fight but instead of prepping for that he is currently kneeled before you, his large hands gripping your ass with one of your leg hooked over his shoulder. His face buried between your quivering thighs, lapping up the sweet essence leaking from between your folds. Low groans come from his throat as he devours you like a starved beast.
This wouldn’t be the first time he’s found himself indulging in the nectar of your body. When he wakes up, before bed and many times before fights -he swears it enhances his performance.
But just like so many of those times he does it in a place that isn’t exactly private, most times he doesn’t even think to lock the door. Not that he’d listen to your concerns, he couldn’t care less if someone walked in.
“Just mount my face. I assure you, once I start that won’t even be thought of in that pretty little head of yours.”
And he is right.
Everytime his skillful tongue catches your clitoris, those thoughts melt away. All you can think about is how good he makes you feel.
The way his fingers grip your hips with bruising strength and the scruff of his cheeks rubbing against your thighs, it all becomes too much.  Looking down you catch his crimson eyes that have been burning into you the whole time. Never does he ever take his eyes off you.
He enjoys watching the power he has over you. How he can control your body with such ease.
Pulling away he inserts two digits into your seeping hole, the way you stretch around him is intoxicating - your knees buckle at the new stimulation. He looks down for just a moment as he plays with your neglected pussy, licking his glistening lips before looking back up at you.
“You aren’t giving up on me yet are you, Sweetheart?” He teases, you let out a whimper as you try to straighten yourself but his movements in your core are making it increasingly more difficult. He laughs at your attempts.
“Look at you, so weak. Struggling to hold yourself together under my touch. I’d cover that sweet mouth of yours if you don’t want others to hear how pathetic you are for me.”
“Ares, please. I’m- I’m-” You trail off into a gasped moan.
“You’re what? Use your words.”
You sigh in frustration. Your words scrambling with every curve of his fingers against your spongy walls. His hot breath against your core and the mocking glint in his eyes..
“Please- please make me cum, Ares.” You beg and you’re too far gone in your delirium to care how you sound.
You just need more.
More of him. More of his touch. More of his power.
All of it.
Only he can give you what you need for you are at the mercy of his hands and he knows that all too well.
It takes everything in him not to give in at your pleas. Because, although he loves manipulating and playing with your body till you break, filling the room with your cries for release, he is a starved man for you.
Ares can never get enough of your taste on his tongue, his name falling from your lips like a prayer. As much as enjoys the power he has over you, his true guilty pleasure is the power you hold over him in this position. He is completely enthralled by how you, a mere human, use him.  He loves the weight of you on him and how you grind yourself against his mouth searching for your own pleasure.
But unfortunately time is not forgiving and there is no more room to play. He needs your euphoria to drown him. To make him just a man before his women urging her towards the end with nothing but his tongue. He wants your thighs pressed against his ears muffling the sounds of the raging crowd just beyond the doors.
“Don’t you worry, Sweetheart, I’ll give you everything you need by taking what I want.” His voice grows darker and before you can brace yourself Ares pulls his fingers from your clenching cunt before lifting your over leg onto his shoulder - your body only being supported by him and the wall.
“Wait- ah!” Ares shoves his face between your legs, cutting off any of your qualms.
He doesn’t care.
He is taking what he desires.
His large form holds you well. Strong hands wrapped under your ass as his mouth works furiously on your pussy. His movements are becoming increasingly more impatient and rapid with heavy breaths and guttural growls. The sound of his hungry laps and your mewls fill the room, echoing off the bare walls.
“Ah~ Yes. Fuck- Ares, just like th- Ah” Your words are becoming more skewed and broken up as you feel your end drawing close. Your nails scratch against his scalp, pulling a grunt form the god beneath you - he loves it. Your aggressiveness and neediness for him stokes the flame burning inside him making him work harder. With his face buried deep in your wet folds and his nose rubbing against your swollen bud you are coming to the end of your rope. Your thighs tighten around him as you grind your hips into his willing face. Head falling back, mouth ajar allowing sweet whines to spill out as your body is flooded with a crescendo of ecstasy.
Ares’ grip holds firm on your shaking body as his tongue continues to ride you through the wave of pleasure you’re on.
With his movements coming to a stop your fragile body slacks under the weight of fatigue. The God of War aids in your dismount, placing each foot down slowly. When both your feet are planted on the ground Ares stays on his knees before you. Callused hands hold your hips softly, his thumbs gently rubbing. He places a kiss on your belly before standing up, dwarfing you. He cups your cheek and leans in for a kiss, the taste of you lasing his mouth.
As you’re gazing into eachothers eyes you hear Ares being announced to the audience.
“You better go out there and win for me.” You say, earning a chuckle from him.
“With the taste of you on my lips, nothing can stop me.”
“Good because if you win you get a prize.”
“And what might that be?” He asks as his eyes follow you to the door. Before opening it you look over your shoulder with a sweet smile and answer with just a single word.
Tumblr media
I enjoyed writing this.
Did you enjoy reading it? Let me know. 
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More face fart content 😳 love it 💕
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there’s a scene in the source material of these characters where AP just straight up gets distracted and says “I’m just gonna stare at your ass now.” so i think me drawing lots of ass content with him is justified
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Lmao I'm not catching charges for this shiii. Give a bitch a courtesy tap at least...😂🤣
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