365filmsbyauroranocte · 2 days ago
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The Lost Daughter (Maggie Gyllenhaal, 2021)
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defiantamerica · 3 months ago
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yeetmeintotheviod · 5 months ago
Peter: The person who invented the ferris wheel and the person who invented the merry-go-round never met.
Tony: How do you know that?
Peter: Because they traveled in different circles...
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bluheaven-adw · a month ago
Please enjoy this compilation of Jim 🤦🏻
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luisonte · 26 days ago
Y esta gente vota
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javisbutt · 4 months ago
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more boom au!!! yei
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xphilosoraptorx · 11 months ago
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kamino-coruscant · 7 months ago
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Oh, Wrecker
Sorry. These floors don’t hold me so well, on account of them not being designed for “abnormal individuals” such as myself.
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darkheartprincess13 · 8 months ago
LoL this have meme potential
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365filmsbyauroranocte · 7 hours ago
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¡Centinela, alerta! (Jean Grémillon & Luis Buñuel, 1937)
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aborddelimpala · 4 months ago
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SPN fandom mood board of the day 🤦🏼‍♀️
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critrolestats · 2 months ago
Quick Answers 88
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Updated to Campaign 2, Exandria Unlimited Season 1, and Campaign 3-003
Welcome to the first Quick Answers series of Campaign 3! We noticed that many of the requests we’ve received already fall well within the bounds of our Frequently Asked Questions, so although we are presenting answers to the questions we’ve got most frequently in the last couple weeks, we’d strongly suggest that you read through our FAQ!
Do you have a breakdown of all the races and classes of the PCs in Critical Role?
We don't know all races and classes (this campaign is young), but of the ones we do know, we have created this handy-dandy chart! This chart covers not only the main campaigns and ExU, but almost every 5e one-shot in CR history, as well.
I noticed that the character sheet for Ashton calls his subclass "Path of Fundamental Chaos". Given that this is a homebrew subclass and this is the only place I've found the name has been used so far, what source do you have for the name?
Matt used the term in C3E001 at 2:00:34, and we confirmed with him that it was the name of the subclass.
Why do you list Fresh Cut Grass as an Aeormaton on your character sheet for them?
Matt graciously confirmed for us that Fresh Cut Grass’ race is Aeormaton.
Can you keep track of how many times Ashton curses?
Although Critical Role is targeted toward an adult audience, we aim to keep our website and its resources safely available to all ages and environments. We don’t mind strong language, but you won’t find it on our website (as we’ve said in our FAQ). However, for those who really want to know, Stuart Langridge’s Transcript Search Engine can absolutely do the job: Just set the query to Taliesin and the word in question.
As a further note, except for very specific exceptions that we deem relevant (like the amount of times “nine” or “nein” were said during Campaign 2), we no longer track single word/phrases; we’re more than happy to leave that as an early relic.
Other questions answered in this series:
Can you answer something I’m curious about in the middle of the show?
How many facepalms did Matt do in the episode that’s currently airing?!
How many facepalms is Sam responsible for?
Why can’t you track the top ten longest facepalms Matt has held?
I see something in one of your posts or databases that should be corrected, based on data that is currently available from Critical Role itself. What should I do?
And a PSA to all the number crunchers out there...
Read more at critrolestats.com
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andtails · 6 months ago
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An adorable Tails facepalm (from Sonic Mania Adventures)
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sauronnaise · 8 months ago
Watching LotR.
This scene is one of my all times favourites. Gandalf snaps and speaks Black Speech when Boromir tries to take the Ring. And Elrond. Elrond. That brat. He facepalms.
Gandalf: A divine being that was there when Sauron's master yeehaw'ed the creation of the cosmos, and has endured the OG Dark Lord's bs since then
Elrond: A youngling, but facepalms like he's Manwë himself.
Long live Elrond, seriously 😂 (Legolas closes his eyes like "Arh, Ada Thranduil was right about wizards.")
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Jude would threaten Cardan and that mf would get turned on like dude
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out-of-context-batfam · 10 months ago
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Challenge of The Super Sons #1
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savagechickens · 18 days ago
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And more of ‘em!
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yridenergyridenergy · a month ago
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aragarna · 8 months ago
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Overdramatic Horatio Hornblower - Hornblower 1x03
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