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hey come here i have sometihng for u…. *beats u to death*

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every bosdy shut up i am playing spyro the dragon

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There are three main types of dung beetle – rollers, tunnellers and dwellers – each named for the way the way the beetles use the poop they find. Rollers shape dung into balls and roll them away from the pile. They then burry the ball to either munch on later or to use as a place to lay their eggs. Tunnellers dive into the dung pile, usually working in a ‘male-female’ pair, and dig a tunnel beneath it. The female beetle then stays in the tunnel sorting out the dung brought down by the male. Dwellers, on the other hand, simply live inside the pooey pile. Female dwellers lay their eggs there, and when the larvae (or young) hatch they happily munch away on the food that surrounds them.

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i never thought id be sitting here feeling 100% recovered from one of the most toxic relationships i had.. but here i am, i’m so proud of myself

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The thing about Lily and the way he looks is that-

He’s naturally good looking. It runs in the family, literally. Have y'all SEEN Alexander?? Their appearance is meant to be trustworthy, reassuring.

However, Lily absolutely ruins it. He hardly brushes his hair, covers most of his face, and then bundles himself up with layers of clothes. So he usually looks like a hobo or from the street. His personality too, is nothing as he was taught to be.

He seems to lack manners, very blunt and deadpan, and he is overall a god damn gremlin. Absolutely feral.

Both of these contribute to his later relaxation after realizing, there is no fucking way people would ever believe he is a prince, let alone the “Prince of Iesu”

The way he dresses, speaks, and acts, is nothing like that of a prince, and not even close to his psychopathic phase as a child. So even if someone claimed he was the Prince of Iesu, and they were so sure, no one would believe them. It’ll go like:

“Lily? The Prince of Iesu??? That’s a heavy accusation there but there is no way in hell he’s that shitty prince! I mean, look at him!”

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Fact #20


Nightwhisper sometimes scratches Pigeonholly. He will get himself so mad and all, he will swipe at his own brother. Sometimes he doesn’t get him, sometimes he DOES but not really… Other times though…

I wouldn’t say it is common, but still. Nightwhisper DOES pay for the shit he does.

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