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americachavz · a minute ago
i keep telling myself that in three weeks i’ll be a senior in college but then i realize credit-wise ive been i’ve been a senior since like a semester ago and i go a bit insane
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jensencoded · 5 minutes ago
I have this weird thing where i can tell really fast when one of the actors starts acting weird in real life. Like in s2 buddie looked wayyyyy more promising than later on and had a lot more chemistry from both sides and if you look at later seasons you can kinda see ryan lacking a bit of that chemistry towards buck. I swear it’s because at the time of s2 it took a hot minute before people started shipping buddie so r*an wasnt aware of the ship. And once he became aware (and i believe he even was against it at some point) ever since then you can kinda tell he’s lacking chemistry like he used to have it.
ryan is channeling the worst parts of jensen and j*red in how he’s decided to go at this
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give-niehuaisang-a-gun · 9 minutes ago
finally had to just make a separate folder for my word of honor playlists because there are now Too Many but anyway here's one for the best and meanest teenager who deserves everything 💖
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beeslover · 9 minutes ago
taurus season started today bitches!
my birthday is coming up and I’m graduating it’s over for u bitches... ♉️
Tumblr media
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lazuliquetzal · 12 minutes ago
[Tag] Miyuki Kazuya is Bad at Feelings
Tumblr media
The night before playing Teitou High, Miyuki knocks on Nori’s door.
The relief pitcher opens up. Nori’s hair is still wet from the baths, and he’s already in his pajamas. Upon recognizing Miyuki, his expression shifts to one of confusion, and he tilts his head.
“What’s up?” he asks.
Miyuki scratches the back of his neck. “I need… advice.”
Nori looks at him.
“How do you apologize to someone?”
Nori blinks — and then understanding crosses his face, and he lets out a disbelieving laugh.
“Are you serious?”
Miyuki’s cheeks burn, but he persists anyway. “Yes.”
“You know, for someone who tries not to have a personal life, you sure have the weirdest one out of everyone on this team,” Nori tells him.
Miyuki frowns. “This is the first time I’m talking to you about this?”
“I’m a keeper of many, many secrets,” Nori explains. He sighs and leans against his doorframe, his expression somewhere between amusement and exasperation. “Akira, or Eijun?”
“Eijun,” Miyuki replies, and then the question fully registers in his brain, and he stiffens. “Wait, do I need to apologize to Akira, too?”
“Did you do something to him?” Nori asks, genuinely curious.
“No,” Miyuki says, and then he hesitates, replaying every moment of sarcastic banter he’s shared with his roommate. Akira would say something if that offended him, right? And Akira fires right back — with a lot more vitriol than Miyuki uses — so it’s not like he’s innocent in all this, either.
“I don’t think I did anything to him,” Miyuki decides. “Besides, uh. Besides… hurting Eijun…”
“Okay, good,” Nori says. “Luckily for you, apologizing to Eijun is easy. Just apologize.”
Miyuki waits for an explanation, but it doesn’t come.
Nori yawns and stretches his arms over his head. “Is that all you needed?”
“Hey,” Miyuki says. “What does that mean?”
Nori stares at him, pitiful.
Miyuki crosses his arms, defensive.
After a short moment, Nori sighs and steps aside. “My roommates are out, so you can come on in,” he says. “God. What is it about me that screams ‘tell me your secrets?’”
“You can say ‘no,’” Miyuki tells him. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to —”
“No, I’m too invested now. I have to see how this ends.”
Miyuki slips out of his shoes and steps into Nori’s room. Nori kicks a swivel chair in his direction, and then pulls out another chair and drops into it.
“Okay,” Nori says, leaning back and crossing his legs. “Take a seat. I feel like this is gonna take twice as long as it needs to.”
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lavenderhaven · 22 minutes ago
today i told my driving instructor that i have undiagnosed adhd and he instantly agreed w me by saying it made a lot of sense lmao i feel so validated by it
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abraxas-calibrator · 22 minutes ago
do u consider the epilogues Canon?
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yurenica · 28 minutes ago
seeing wilbur recreating the old places he sang his songs make me so happy and nostalgic, gonna listen to all of his dogs now
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ofprincessesandqueens · 28 minutes ago
Honestly it’s sad that this Super league business is making the people turn on their teams, because it’s not the players and staff themselves but the owners and corporations that are making it happen. Like all of these players and coaches didn’t even know what this was until yesterday like the rest of us. I’m a Liverpool supporter and today they were chasing the team bus and saying mean things about them. Also, how they asked Jurgen Klopp about it as if he’s supposed to be a spokesperson, and although i agree with what he said, it should be the owners explaining themselves not him.
I’m a Liverpool fan too! I don’t know how the owners thought the reaction would be postive. They already had to give up on the new stadium because the fans opposed to it. But they also have been complaining on the more equitative way the Premier League shares the money they get from the tv rights and wanted to pressure for the spanish model which is three teams getting it all and the rest gets a minimum. And, yeah, I hope people regains some sense because the players and the coaches are powerless in this
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yugiohz · 29 minutes ago
once a week I think about a Japanese teenage billionaire building an elevator to space to send him into the Egyptian afterlife to play games with a pharaoh
Tumblr media
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theyuseifan · 33 minutes ago
I despise nhn as much as anyone else still in the tag probably does, but I also genuinely want to know what was going through the exectuvies’/ whoever made the decisions’ heads when making decisions regarding al
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