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butterflybi · 2 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Must the elements of your look go together?? Is it not enough just to enjoy them?
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khaedis · 2 hours ago
Congrats on the 100 follower mark! You deserve them and more! Honestly the amount of little subtelties you pack in your art is 👌
Also, can I ask for a Shoko or a Mahito? Whichever you prefer! (no Getos or Gojos bc I don't want to request anything that may end in potential angst lmao)
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Is this too much pink? I hope it’s not too much pink, I got carried away…
Mahito for @pinguuus - I hope you like it!
I’m afraid the current WIP I have for Shoko is a bit too angsty, and you specifically requested no Geto or Gojo to potentially avoid that, so I went with Mahito lol
Thank you for the request & kind words, they mean a lot:)
Is the umbrella a transfigured human, or not? I’ll leave it up to you to decide…
I still have requests open by the way:)
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Log #2: Almost a Month Later
Tumblr media
Tuesday, June 15th, 2021
I've spent almost a month on this ship. The crew treats me like how people on Earth would treat a cat. Meaning they worship me. I made myself a bed in the Captain's Cabin. I assume it's the Captain's Cabin because every time the dude says something the crewmates scurry to get it done and it's where he sleeps. My point is my bed is made of burlap-like fabric and soft things I found around the ship.
The captain had watched me make my bed. This brings me to my next point. While I do have a bed the captain seems lonely so instead of sleeping in my bed I normally climb onto his chest and lie on him. It makes him look happy so I keep doing it. I think I'm a pet to them but at least they're not attacking me.
For food, I've been eating some Earth food and other things. The other day someone fed me this weird meat that tasted like spicy crab meat. Tasted pretty good.
Another thing, which is the weirdest, every time I sneeze the crew starts getting wound up. Soon we hit an asteroid storm. And every time I walk up to someone they seem happy meanwhile if I walk halfway then decide to walk somewhere else they look somewhat uneasy. I remember back on Earth reading about how sailors had superstitions about cats on board ships.
Should a cat sneeze rain will be on the way
If cat cleans themself against the grain hail is on the way
If they are frisky it means the wind is soon to come
It's believed to be lucky if a cat approaches a sailor but unlucky if the cat only approaches halfway then retreats
It was because cats were said to be magic and stored great power in their tails. This plays into the role where if a cat fell or was tossed overboard a storm would come. If the ship survived then they would be cursed with nine years of bad luck.
My guess is these aliens dudes have similar superstitions for humans.
As a side note: I think my name is A'saar. At some point every time they called that word nothing would happen but when I came closer they cheered. So anytime they say A'saar I come to them.
We haven't docked anywhere yet. Maybe we will soon but I don't know. To finish this out I'm gonna share a random fact from my time on this ship.
Random Fact: Because the only clothes I have are the ones I was wearing when we left, they ended up getting the onboard tailor (I'm guessing) to make me some clothes. The clothes are similar to the ones I wore when I left Earth. Easiest way I can explain is...think of what Beth (from The Walking Dead) would wear. Y'know...if she wasn't shot in the head by that asshole. Colorful clothes. Granted the clothes are always short-sleeved. There's a reason I normally wear a jacket. I've actually been getting used to not wearing it as much.
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ad1thi · 5 hours ago
Was season 5 as bad as I'd said it would be?
it honestly wasnt as bad as i thought it would be!! the main thing i was looking forward to in s5 was Lena's villain arc and it really delivered so i honestly enjoyed it. I have a few gripes about how it was handled but I really liked the scene btwn Kara and Lena in the s5 finale when she's like "I hurt you yes but what about all the times you hurt me?" cuz thats what i felt was missing a bit i just wanted acknowledgment that Kara recognizes she hurt Lena instead of making it about how she lost Lena and I got that so I'm okay
The only real issue I have w s5 (and I was talking about this w @malikjavaddzayn yesterday) is that they dont really address post-Crisis Earth Prime properly. Apart from the symbols in J'onn's fortress there's no proper acknowledgment that Barry and Kara now share an Earth -- and that bothers me because Barry and Kara are supposed to be really good friends
We dont see Kara deal with the loss of Oliver (even though Oliver literally sacrificed himself to not only save people from Kara's Earth, but also to save Kara from her original fate by trading his life for hers with the Monitor), there's no discussion about the trauma of watching entire worlds collapse -- I guess I was really hoping to see Kara grow and change from Crisis but they don't really discuss it and that annoys me
Apart from like, mentions of doppelgangers, there's literally no indication that Barry and Kara's Earths merged. Maybe I'm just biased cuz I love Team Arrow so much, but Arrow balanced Barry and Oliver sharing the same Earth really well by always reminding us that Barry and Oliver are in fact friends, and establishing connections outside of cross-overs. Team Flash were very much characters on Arrow, albeit minor characters - and it just made their friendship and connection more believable
The thing that worked about Supergirl is that because Kara had a separate Earth, all of her villains being Earth-destroying, genodical maniacs was fine - because she literally was the only person there to save them. Yeah there was also Clark but balancing Kara and Clark is done pretty well in the early seasons imo so its not like unbelievable that he's not there for most of her major fights
But now that Barry and Kara's Earths have merged, her villains just don't make as much sense - because if she's dealing with these Earth-ending attacks: like someone trying to kill half the world's population, and they dont even try and address where Team Flash is during this is ridiculous.
The thing about Arrow and Flash is that their individual villains never had such grandiose plans, so its believable that Barry and Oliver weren't constantly calling each other for back-up, and when they did team up in the cross-overs: there's a clear sense that whoever they're fighting is too big to take on by themselves
Obviously I get why Kara's villains need to be so super-powered, but its just hard to believe that all these other superheros who she now shares an Earth with are just completely oblivious to villains literally trying to destroy their planet
I'm just upset that apart from the symbols in J'onn's Tower - they dont even try to address Crisis. A lot of personal introspection and development could've been done for Kara as a character, and a lot of world-building could've been done. I know they did this whole thing on Flash with a Mirror-verse or smth like that, but I wish we could've seen even like a text-cameo from Barry. And the fact that Oliver isn't even mentioned once -- yeah the fact that apart from doppelgangers, and the symbols there's no actual impact about Crisis bothers me a lot
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beeapocalypse · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
first drawing 4 the secret page and the worlds smallest puppit
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niightear · 6 hours ago
honestly part of why i’m upset about the lack of rhythm heaven is because i feel like it’d probably be a remake of tengoku or megamix, or a collection of remakes/ports of all four of the games (since it’s tengoku’s 15th release anniversary this year) and like,,, if it was the latter then it’d mean my moms could watch me play ds,,, which’d be cool because it’s my favorite,,, but i guess that’s probably not happening anytime soon. :/
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stilitana · 8 hours ago
I may be too optimistic about the Archive 81 adaptation at least in this one regard, but i’m not really jumping to negative conclusions from the vague statement that a “dark, deeply emotional romance” is at the core of the show--in many ways, I already see it that way. thoughts on a81 as a romance under the cut
To me, the vague info we have isn't enough to conclude they’ve completely rewritten Melody and Dan as romantic interests, at least not in a conventional sense. I've seen some upset reactions suggesting this, so I think some may be assuming the worst, but I'm not quite there yet. tbf...Melody already is Dan's love interest, at least in s1! By which I mean she is the name and voice onto which he projects his desire for human connection. (he does the same thing in s2 with clara. it's a thing he does.) Quite honestly, I did see the source material as a “romance,” in the dark and dysfunctional sense of a romance as consumption—dan consuming and being consumed by the tapes, developing a one-sided relationship with the melody he invented in his head because hers was the only voice he had for so long at his loneliest and darkest time. because she was the only one who could possibly understand what he was going through. because he was vicariously experiencing her life through the tapes--to him, it felt like they shared experiences, although in reality he was only a passive least at first. (and this is really interesting to me--it's like the whole blue velvet conundrum, "i don't know if you're a detective or a pervert." are you solving an archival mystery, dan, or are you just a voyeur getting way in over your head and inventing intimacy where none exists? can we have a relationship with someone we "know" through documents without being known in return? what does that look like, what does that mean? what is the role of an archive and an archivist, what are their relationships to subjects, how do documents form narratives?)
season 1 was a romance on multiple levels—between Melody and Alexa, and also about people like Melody and Dan who can’t stop listening and poking and prodding at something until it’s eaten them alive. also like…marc is a producer on the show and it's his material that includes gay characters in prominent roles in every season so. Just sort of hard for me to imagine taking archive 81 of all things and turning it into a milquetoast straight love story, because it's's such a weird thing, honestly still in shock it's even being adapted for TV. It feels like one of the last things you'd even want to add visuals to because so much of what it's about is sound and noise and the weird scrappy writing that swings wildly at every pitch, misses a lot of them, keeps swinging anyway with greater vigor. It's actively worse and less interesting by leagues to turn it into a played-straight romance between Melody and Dan rather than Dan developing a disturbed parasocial relationship with the voice of a woman who is narrating him past the point of no return while she herself ventures deeper and deeper into something she will never really escape ever again. (And then manages to build a life like that with her wife anyway.) Then again, this is television, so maybe worse and less interesting is the goal...but then I have to think there are easier stories to adapt than this one. 🥴
The romance is Dan and the tapes, Melody and the Visser mystery, people and the inexorable pull of knowing things we are not meant to know even if it kills us or, as is often the case in a81, irrevocably alters us. That's the story I hope they're interested in telling.
I think this is why season one was really peak for me. I wouldn't necessarily make the romance genre claim for other seasons, but for this one I would. (In the vein of calling House of Leaves a romance.) Then again, it's Netflix, so I'm prepared to eat these words--it's possible they'll try to shoehorn in a conventional romance to draw in viewers who otherwise might look at the premise and source material and go, what the fuck is happening here? Which of course detracts from what a81 has going for it, which is swinging and missing and swinging again in an off-the-beaten-path medium without the rigidly enforced genre and plot limitations of television where listeners know what they're getting is a labor of love, something weird and silly and rough around the edges and always changing. I'll watch more out of morbid curiosity to see if I can understand how and why and what is gained/lost when an audio story like this is adapted...even though at the end of the day, for me, the joy of a81 was really the exuberance of the storytelling and witnessing mr. dan powell's obsession with sounds and odd noises...a love letter to sound indeed.
#txt#archive 81#as much as i enjoyed listening to the tapes w i really need to /see/ melody explore the visser building?#?#i say no but we'll see what new things they bring to the story#never thought i'd get here...dan apologism...absolutely hated him when i first listened...#i was like where is the boss character bring him back someone needs to bully this guy#not to be too on brand but. i did start listening because i'd heard there was. le body horror#so the whole time i was like. when is this guy going to get fucked up already#then he did and i. realized maybe i didn't actually hate dan lmao i was like oh. oh no put him back he was okay actually!#he was just some guy!#and then...then we met nicholas...and the entirety of s3 was just 'where is dan? come back sir i understand your role now!'#give me back my squishy fake-brooding put-upon sap of a moral compass character please...something needs to balance this chaos...#even though he was insufferable for new reasons in s2 like. without his scruples he was nothing but that was plot relevant so i accept#also there will be no season 2. no one wants a season 2. the only thing i want to /see/ less than s1 is s2.#also the fact that he's not watching vhs tapes i guess (?) will introduce certain...logistical...difficulties...#i guess he can um. walk around rolling one of those old tv sets on a cart they used to wheel in at school 🤕#actually nevermind that's funny they should definitely produce a season 2 and do the office comedy version of videodrome#that sounds like a fantastic and highly marketable idea i think would do well without a doubt#anyway that's enough podcast thoughts for one day 🥴
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jonsatin · 12 hours ago
the ghost of high heart and tom bombadil are really fun to think about in contrast. they are both genii loci and spirit dwellers, inhabiting strange magical places and offering help to those who cross it. however, the ghost of high heart is part of the world she lives in : like the stumps of the weirwood trees she guards, she belongs to the past. she’s defined by her grief and her only song isn’t even her own, it’s something she must ask others to sing for her. in exchange, she tells them about impending doom to come : the relationship she has with others is that of bargaining and through these bargains, she remains linked to the world and all its sorrows. a loner but not a recluse, she lives in the horrifying futures the trees force her to see. she isn’t haunting the place she lives in, she’s haunted by it, as well as by her past and by everyone else’s. on the contrary, tom bombadil is haunting the old forest : he’s jolly and carefree and the dark forest heeds him. he doesn’t bargain like a throwaway, he offers like a lord : food, drink, rest and protection. it’s not tree stumps he deals with but anthropomorphic trees. however, his home is freed from the influence of the forest and he settled there with a river spirit. he doesn’t need to ask for a song, he has his songs, which are full of mirth and life and childish confidence. despite his openness, he is secluded from the world, from time, from grief : even the ring cannot touch him. while the ghost of high heart is devoured by her surrendings, tom barely seems to be touched by it : he’s far less human than the ghost is. they are both spirits, located in one place, but while tom is clearly the god of that place, the ghost can only be its priestess. as he shelters, she shuns away. while she is hurt, he’s untouched. it’s a fun little opposite dynamic! lotr and asoiaf really don’t entertain the same relationship with the theme of the natural world : in lotr, it’s rescinding softly and tenderly and in asoiaf, it’s coming back with a vengeance. while the trees of the old forest isolate and preserve, the trees of high heart branch out and expose what’s going on outside.
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esoraluco · 13 hours ago
*old, gruff man voice* y’know, I’m THAT kinda man... I imagine how my faves’ Silent Hill would look like
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