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Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller arriving back in New York City after a two-week honeymoon in Jamaica, January, 1957. When Marilyn arrived back she had “tummy upsets” and refused to comment on the rumor she was pregnant, “No comment,” she said followed by Arthur Miller who said, “Ditto.” Marilyn said her only plans were “to be Mrs. Miller and to have a large family.”

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You know I’m out here, craving a place to belong and allat. I need to feel loved and accepted. That’s part of who I am. No apologies.

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Haters are so disappointed in their own performance of life the only way for them to feel better about their miserable lives is to bring others down to their level.

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A New Jersey man bought a $5 bottle of orange juice from Shoprite; his wife said it was too expensive and sent him back to return it because it was on sale for $2.50 elsewhere. He then decided to buy two lottery tickets with the cash refunded from the OJ; he won $315.3 million.

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Men spend an average of 7 hours a year hiding in the bathroom for ‘peace and quiet,’ according to a study.

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