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#fahc alfredo

Literally Nobody asked but I occasionally have thoughts and I cannot rest until I inflict them upon the world around me

  • So it’s the 20′s right. Prohibition is a thing right. Geoff was already in the process of building a gang and like,,, what better business to base your operation out of than the insanely popular new alcohol smuggling gig???
  • The crew do other shit obv, but the speakeasy is their main base of operations and they all do work around the place when they’re not busy with other work, which is a decent amount of the time
  • Geoff does all of the behind the scenes Boss Stuff- along with managing other crew operations
  • Jack, Michael, and Lindsay all do bartending
  • Gavin and Fiona work the crowd! Sort of like what the general conception of a “flapper” was (Though that’s not really what the term means but w/e)
  • Ryan and Jeremy? Bouncer Buddies Babey
  • Alfredo and Trevor are an entertainment duo!
  • Matt manages their stock and sources, Steffie is their informant and social plug, and Sarah is Geoff’s assistant with stuff like management and accounting for the bar
  • Geoff doesn’t actually drink, but he started a speakeasy anyways out of Spite. Because fuck the law
  • Ryan is also not a drinker. Hes just here for a good time yknow. For The Laffs
  • To be honest, Michael is kind of like a third bouncer And a bartender at the same time. They keep a bat behind the bar and if he’s aware of any bullshit it is in his hand before you can blink. That Jersey Blood, Man
  • Fiona and Gavin aren’t strictly flirty with the clientele- if anything, a lot of the time it’s just friendly conversation. But they Can be slutty if so desired,
  • Jeremy used to be an underground pit fighter. Geoff saw him fight, liked his attitude, and ended up getting him out of some trouble with local gangs in exchange for him working security for the speakeasy. He could’ve left after the first couple months or so, but he chose to stick around after that.
  • Alfredo and Trevor mainly do music, but they’ll incorporate some comedy into their act. Alfredo plays piano, Trevor mainly sings but can play the trumpet as well
  • It was actually just Trevor at first- all of their other entertainment is temporary. But then they hired Fredo for a bit and Tre was basically like “We’re actually best friends now and you have to keep him or I’ll Cry” and Geoff just said fine and hired him, partially because he Is very talented and partially because it was easier
  • They don’t have the fanciest place in the world, but it’s well-known, well-kept, and serves some of the best booze you can get. Geoff always makes sure they test the stock before it goes out to the patrons- he may be smuggling, but he refuses to hand out any of the fake, dangerous shit that ends up getting passed around.
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Just watched Ocean’s 11 with my parents and of course I had to cast the Fakes. I guess that’s just my life now. Anyway, there’s some stuff I’m a little unsure about so I’d be happy to get some feedback 😊

Danny - Geoff; leader

Rusty - Jack; best friend of leader

Basher - Michael; explosives/ electricity

Livingston - Myatt; tech guy

Frank Catton - Gavin; dealer

Linus - Jeremy; new guy

Virgil/Turk - Treyco/Fredo; brothers, drivers, Jack of all trades

Yen - Fiona; acrobatics

Reuben - Ryan; sponsor

Saul - Lindsay; undercover

Now to explain some of my choices cause some of it was a little difficult to match up.

At first I had Jeremy as Yen and Fiona as Linus. Mostly cause of Jeremy’s gymnastics and Fiona being the youngest. BUT she has a much smaller frame and would thus fit in smaller spaces. Jeremy doesn’t really fit the whole inconspicuous thing that Linus has going on but I could see him as a pickpocket.

In my first draft I also had Myatt and Gav switched. Mostly because I love the Golden Boy as a tech expert. But I do think that FAHC!Myatt is more of a tech guy than Golden Boy. Also Gav being a dealer really kinda fits with the flashy aesthetic of the Golden Boy, I think.

Now Ryan and Lindsay. Both are two of my favourites in any FAHC content but while they both did fit other roles, others were better for those roles, so they kinda got what was left over. Ryan as Reuben does kinda fit though since he pays for the heists in GTA. And even though undercover isn’t the job that Lindsay is usually given in the fandom, I think she’d be awesome at it. She could totally pull off being a shady arms dealer. Another idea for the roles of Saul and Reuben were Burnie and Matt Hullum but it doesn’t seem as fitting and also they’re usually not part of the Fakes.

Instead. I thought that it’d be fun if Matt Hullum was Terry Benedict and Burnie was Tess (in a friendship kinda way, this is not a shipping post). In that case there could be an added old rivalry or broken friendship between Geoff and Matt. But again since they’re technically not Fakes, it was more of an after thought.

So what do y’all think?

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Edit: Playlist has been updated, please take a look at the “index” to see the update!

I made an FAHC Spotify playlist. I used the Songs from AH the Musical as clear dividers, they’d all come at the end of that particular Achievement Hunter’s part (excluding Jack, Team OG is at the End OC Geoff’s Section, and Trevor Also doesn’t have Hard 2 Breath, it’s at the end of Alfredo’s section.)

(Highly recommend NOT using Shuffle. Highly recommend Playing in order.)


- the Intro (Syncing song, What are we doin geoff, GTA V opening theme, and a few establishing/ world building songs)

- The Vagabond’s Section (Ryan)

- The Purple 420 Sniper’s Section (Ray)

- The Animalistic Brawler’s Section (Michael)

- The Chaotic Goddess’ Section (Lindsay)

- The Shark Mage’s Section (MYATT)

- The Lil Cowboy’s Section (Jeremy)

- The Momma Bear’s Section (Fem!Jack)

- The Kingpin’s Section (Geoff)

- The Golden One’s Section (Gavin)

- The Brain’s Section (Trevor)

- The Sauce’s Section (Alfredo)

- The French Bombshell’s Section (Fiona)*

- Fake AH Crew’s Section

(*= Fiona’s Section goes from “wake up, get up, get out there” to “Bad guy”)

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the season finale of chump where gavin kept referring to alfredo as “liar”made me think of a fahc au where, 

before alfredo joined the crew or even knew any of them, he and gavin met once at a club or bar and just. hit it off. they talked and danced and it wasn’t until gavin woke up the next morning in an empty bed that he realized his wallet and phone were gone. in the week following, he finds out his identity’s been stolen and his cards are being swiped all over the world and it’s a Nightmare but gavin finally sorts it out. the guy’s never caught and it doesn’t help that on top of alfredo giving gavin a fake name (which he doesn’t even remember), the descriptor “he had pretty eyes” doesn’t fly as a viable way of identifying him.

in the end, he blames his weakness for pretty boys and generally forgets abt it until one day geoff announces he’s found a new con man who’s gonna help them w a job. the con man, as you might’ve guessed, is alfredo, who, upon seeing gavin, smiles like hadn’t ruined gavin’s reputation in the crew (as well as his credit) just a few months prior. gavin very pointedly introduces himself as “gavin, but you already knew that, liar.” which leaves the crew very “???” and makes alfredo laugh and shoot back “hey, that’s the name of the game, no hard feelings.” 

gavin then continues to refer to him as liar, cheat, and any other combination of insults for a few days until geoff finally has enough of gav’s bitching and asks him wtf is up. gav refuses to answer and alfredo is all too eager to be like “did you not tell them??” 

michael, nosily, “tell us what?”

alfredo smiles a little as he speaks, “we met once, a few months ago. one night only, but a great one.”

and gavin boils over with, “yeah, until you bloody stole my identity.

a beat. then, uproarious laughter from every single person in the room. michael asks “that was him?” while gavin sulks and jack rolls on the couch with laughter. chuckles can be heard from behind the vagabond mask, geoff is nearly wheezing until he manages to choke out “that’s the funniest thing i’ve ever heard in my life, oh my god, you’re hired, please stay forever”

and, much to gavin’s chagrin, alfredo does.

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fahc alfredo headcanons !

  • he often makes his goal in any heist or op FAHC plans to just… steal a police car
    • (ryan: oh fuck its the police
      alfredo, hollering out the window: GET READY TO GET FUCKED BY THE LONG DICK OF THE LAW
      ryan: nevermind its worse)
  • one time, alfredo accidentally joined a cult. don’t ask him how, he’s still fuzzy on that because he thought it was a joke up until they all met in the woods and started talking abt ritual suicide at which time he just said “aite, ima head out” and just. left
  • was a sugar baby for a few years! was so lovable to one of his old clients that he got written into his will and now owns a vineyard
    • the crew make excuses to go to the vineyard every so often bc it’s got a sickass pool + it’s far away from the city. it’s the classiest safehouse FAHC have access to.
    • this also means alfredo has a legal cover for all his income. he does, indeed, own a wine company. it is, indeed, called The Sauce.
  • sure, he’s all fun and games when with the crew. all jokes and lightheartedness and dumbassery. sometimes, he’s destructive and reckless but. BUT. he’s able to recognize high stakes. he knows that when he’s got a job to do, he has to focus. so he locks onto whatever mission assigned to him with a seriousness that comes off almost scary. he can joke around it but none of it’s too funny. it’s a fine line he walks, ease of humor not hindered by his laser-focus
    • (and when it’s all over and he’s back to goofy smiles, it’s almost a relief to anyone who watched him get so intense.)
  • fistfights are a different thing altogether. he is disgustingly cheery when it comes to fistfights. it probably helps that every single one he’s ever gotten into either ends with him talking his way out of it or the other person knocking themselves out bc he’s awful at them unless another crew member helps him out.
  • his aim is absolutely bonkers, on point, doesn’t miss a single shot. but since he joined the crew, his arthritis has been kicking his ass so he’s made a semi-smooth transition from long-range support to close-quarters deception. he still snipes as needed but it’s a rare and special occasion when he does.
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Gavin Free was known through the city as Fahc’s Golden Boy, but to those in the criminal world, he had earned himself a more famous title as the Human Lie Detector. 

Gavin, who earns a reputation as being able to tell when someone is lying to him in a matter of minutes, who picks up their tells with ease and uses it against them, pretending to go along with their lies until the moment is right to spring it on them he knew all along about their tricks. Who watches as criminals grow smug over the fact they’ve managed to trick the man who is said to be untrickable, while Gavin is taking in the lies and saving them to be used as ammo later on after he reveals he knew they were lying the entire time. 

Occasionally, someone is able to slip a lie past Gavin. Craft it in a way that he doesn’t pick it up. After all, he is only human. If you say the right things, sometimes he can be distracted enough he doesn’t notice. 

But you better prepare yourself if you do, because when the truth comes out as it always does in the end, you have to understand there will be hell to pay. The Golden Boy doesn’t take being lied to kindly, and he has a cruel streak that could give even the Vagabond a run for his money. At least the Vagabond will let you know that he’s coming. The Golden Boy always strikes in the moments that you least expect. 

The other result that comes from the Golden Boy’s ability to read lies is that Fahc has, in turn, learned how to be very very good liars. Nine times out of ten Gavin is still able to read them, but there’s always the occasional moment they are able to slip something through. 

It’s the simple lies that throw Gavin off the most. Lies like Gavin asking Ryan if he’s seen the doughnuts Michael said he brought in, and Ryan says no through a mouthful of one doughnut and another one in his hand. Lies like Jeremy telling him he definitely wasn’t the one who stole his golden sunglasses, all while they’re resting atop his head. 

And then there are the lies that they can never get away with, no matter how hard they try. The lies Ryan and Jeremy are especially guilty of pulling after a heist lies about not being hurt that Gavin is able to see through in an instant because he knows each of his boys too well to not know when something is off with them. Even if it’s just a bad day, Gavin is able to tell when any of the crew is lying about how they feel and goes out of his way to find how to make it better. 

There’s only one member of the crew that is even close to a match for Gavin with his ability to lie, able to get away with so much that Gavin has taken to calling him “Liar” some days as a joke. 

Alfredo Diaz had a talent for lies and deception unlike anyone else that Gavin had ever met. In the same ways that Gavin was able to pick up clues that someone was lying, Alfredo was able to pick them up to know exactly the ways in which to lie without being caught. 

Together, they made a formidable team. And the perfect front men for Fahc.

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[a hand thats drawing emoji] Alfredo? :D

thanks @fukinfaker! here’s a fahc fredo wearin some fancy boots! this is kinda inspired by the santa heist lol

[original meme] send more if you want to <3

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Oh man, you know that sugar baby Alfredo can still put his charm and seduction prowess to good use when he's in the FAHC. Like, if they ever need to sweet-talk a mark into doing something or get access somewhere, the crew know they can count on Alfredo to charm his way past any guards, entice anyone into doing anything they need or even persuade some rich heiress to let him and his friends into some fancy auction that they want to steal stuff from, no that's not a fic idea, why would I say that?

Alfredo’s still smiling a thousand watt smile as he meets Michael’s eyes over the crowd. He watches as Alfredo looks back to the heiress, leans in to say something, then turns away from her, making his way towards the bar Michael’s stationed at. Alfredo’s smile dims down to smug, knowing, eyes keeping contact with Michael as he walks. The night’s barely starting and Alfredo’s already too cocky about this. It’s getting on Michael’s nerves, a little, this peacocking Alfredo’s doing. Rolling his eyes, Michael takes another swig of his drink.

Alfredo says nothing as he sidles up next to Michael, so Michael takes the opportunity to knock him down a peg or two. “You look like you’re having a great time. You enjoying yourself? Working real hard?”

“Oh, I’m having tons o’ fun!” Alfredo responds brightly.

Keep reading

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Trained assassin FAHC Alfredo having to be serious & calculated 100% of the time so when he is picked up by the fakes & they realize keeping him on sniping & gun work will only cause him more pain, the fully support him in a frontman role where he’s the charismatic chaotic guy we all know love. FAHC Gavin & Alfredo being flashy gawdish frontmen together.

(I also just really love that pizza slut shirt & I want him to wear that regularly)

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I find it silly how after that photo shoot, I went in for a snack. But also, consider…

Alfredo and Gavin going on this mission where they have to get rid of the body and they didn’t entirely finish the job where they off someone, so the person is getting buried alive while the two watch. But, afterwards, as if nothing ever happened, they go grab ice cream or dinner or something.

it’s so natural and they don’t bat an eye. 

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