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#fahc art

I have a confession

I don’t like fanon Gavin

And I don’t mean I don’t like Gavin I like Gavin he’s funny and I hear nice things about him so I’m sure he’s a cool dude

It’s just that fan Gavin, specifically fahc Gavin acts nothing like him

Fahc Gavin wears makeup and jewelry and looks pretty with styled hair and has a gorgeous tan. He’s also intelligent and clever and tricks people to get what he wants and I get that we all joke he’s a bottom but does he have to act like it

It’s such a diconect from real Gavin, real GTA Gavin wears a dumb looking button up that looks like his mom buttoned it up for him and he never bothered to fix it, he also gets mugged multiple times an episode and wore a hot pink tron suit for months and like yeah he’s smart but also he confuses himself

To be real I don’t think Fahc Gavin would even make sense as the front man, Trevor or Alfredo would work a lot better

What would be a better role for him would be the distraction or maybe a pickpocket like role cause he can be sneaky

I just think it’d work better and we all need to stop lying to ourselves and stop making him this beautiful conman that has everyone wraped around his finger

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