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#fahc blurb

This is a repost. Mostly the same blurb, just a name change

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FAHC!Michael growing his hair out mostly out of laziness, partly because the longer it gets the more Fiona, while in meetings or chilling at the penthouse, will come up and start to braid or plait it for him. At first they’re stubby and she does it because Michael always gripes about it. But the longer and longer the curls get, the more the braids fall right and it’s nice. Because while she does it, Michael gives her tips or tricks, or they shoot the shit, or she tells him he’s most definitely not putting that .45 that he just cleaned back together properly. Michael won’t admit it’s because for three seconds he got a little sleepy and wasn’t paying full attention.

And in meetings, Fiona giggles and mutters snide comments. “That’s some white people shit, what I’m not finna do is that.” It makes Michael snicker too as he mostly pays attention, his hat in his lap, while she stands behind his chair, fingers deftly tucking strands underneath each other. This then sparks Michael to comment about anything, about nothing. More than once Jack has to snap them back to reality because they’ll take one joke and run it into the ground only to turn around and ask, “Wait, what were we talking about? What’s my job?”

And when Michael and Fiona bump heads, never seriously, but just a tiny bit, she’ll always through out, “I won’t braid your hair.”

That usually shuts Michael up or it fuels him to dig his heels even deeper. “You wouldn’t dare. You come to me to braid it anyways. So good luck punishing yourself.” His voice is high and he’s huffy and all Fiona can do is laugh as she screams back. And it eventually dissolves just as quickly as it sparked.

Once after a playful spat that turned more heated than usual, Michael kept one of the braids she had done a couple days earlier, tucked it under the baseball cap but as he was readjusting it, she noticed the braid was still there. Albeit it was a mess and mostly unravelled but still there.

“Didn’t take you as the likes to care,” she says softly just as the meeting starts.

“I was just lazy,” he returns. But he looks over to her with a tiny smile. “And maybe it’s kind of cool looking. Maybe.”

Fiona shoulder bumps him but her smile is big. She digs out of her pocket a piece of candy. “Want some?”

Michael takes the lollipop. “It ain’t no chocolate bar, but it works.”

“Chocolate melts too easily. But how about the corner store after this? I need to re-up.”

Lollipop tucked into his cheek, Michael nods. “Sounds like a plan to me.”

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