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#fahc gavin

hottest of takes indeed anon!!!!

Gavin coming back to the penthouse one day with someone he described as ‘a friend’; only for it to turn out to be the one and only Mogar who’d been relentlessly terrorizing the city for the past few months. (Gavin knew he should’ve  told Jack and Geoff beforehand but the looks on their faces were priceless.)

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Jack: Oh what’s going on now?

Geoff: It sounds like they’re torturing Matt again. So glad I hired him.

Trevor: I’m glad you hired him too. He brings…. so much to the team.

Michael: *taking out water gun*

Fiona: And they didn’t invite me??

Lindsay: *pulling out a similar water gun to Michael’s, or bigger and filled with hot sauce* Nonono you guys are NOT doing it right.

Gavin: *pulling up in a fire truck* HONK HONK BITCHES!

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Is it my sleep deprived brain

Or is Brittle Buddies actually a good name for the Gavin, Ryan, and Jeremy team?

Because apparently officially it’s Team Squad, which is stupid and funny, but also impersonal and not what I was hoping for in a team name for this particular Fahc fic (my chat fic, in case anyone is interested).

And Brittle Buddies is about the best I could come up with.

I’m happily taking either opinions on the name or other suggestions. I just kind of want the three of them to have a nice name that isn’t just “Team Squad” because they’re an absolute joy to write together causing chaos.

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Don’t mind me, just crying about my family soulmarks au again. 

Mostly I’ve been thinking about Ryan in that au, and how the Vagabond builds up this huge terrifying reputation but in reality he like, has a panic attack if he’s left alone in the dark, is constantly glued to Gavin or Jeremy’s side whenever one of them is around, forgets to eat sometimes because he doesn’t want to be away from them or because he doesn’t have the energy for. He has days he doesn’t talk a lot because even getting out of bed was a lot of energy and he just kind of sits around not doing much with coaxing from Jeremy or Gavin. And he’s constantly worried about the two of them getting hurt and goes into overprotective mother hen mode over even small injuries.

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I made The FAHC in The Sims 4 (or at least my own personal takes on them.) Due to the limit of Sims you can make in one household, I had to make The Twins into one person so allow me to introduce you to Alfedor Dollins!

(Also Geoff is not included in this because I like imagine that FAHC Geoff has retired and is living off the Grid or he paid off the Goverment and is currently living peacefully in a mansion!)

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