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#fahc geoff

Jack: Oh what’s going on now?

Geoff: It sounds like they’re torturing Matt again. So glad I hired him.

Trevor: I’m glad you hired him too. He brings…. so much to the team.

Michael: *taking out water gun*

Fiona: And they didn’t invite me??

Lindsay: *pulling out a similar water gun to Michael’s, or bigger and filled with hot sauce* Nonono you guys are NOT doing it right.

Gavin: *pulling up in a fire truck* HONK HONK BITCHES!

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It’d been 2 days of fruitless search. The fear, anxiety, and lack of sleep were all getting to him. He could still hear the sounds of the gunshots, explosion, and screams echoing in his head. But worse was the guilt… He was the boss, the leader, the king pin, wasn’t it his job to keep them safe? To make sure they all made it home?

*a little sneak peak of a fic I’m working on! Let’s see if I ever manage to finish it

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I’m still working on my family soulmarks au

And like

I’m stuck on what marks Fiona and Geoff might give. If y’all could give a theme for marks each of them might give, what do you think they would be?

It could be literally anything. From a color to like a specific thing they can all do (like things that can fly) to an animal, literally anything. A type of food…

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Geoff being a young cop in Los Santos trying to make difference in the city - He fails and loses hope. His friend has become corrupt, no one believes in him - he’s alone. He’s about to call it quits when he meets Jack. She’s a petty criminal with heart of gold. She steals to give to others in need.

She tells Geoff that he dosen’t need to be a cop to make change. That he can help people if he’s willing to get his hands dirty.

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Curiosity might have killed the raccoon pt. 35

Left Unsupervised

In this idea the Gents and Lads aren’t together yet, but they are sort of rivals. They mess with each other once in a while, ya know, the usual.

While Michael, aka the lad dad, has to leave and do something, he leaves Jeremy and Gavin alone. In their massive boredom they leave the base for a walk and they end up close to a small store. They don’t really pay much attention to anything else other than the cars passing by occasionally, until Gavin notices a black and red Grotti X80 Proto. The car seems familiar to him so he watches it park by the store and waits until the person comes out of the car to see it’s Vagabond. Gavin bumps Jeremy on the shoulder and points towards the gent who seems to be on the phone. Vagabond seems to be annoyed at the person on the phone and walks into one of the closer ally ways next to the store. This is when Gavin gets an idea, one that is obviously bad, but the excitement clouds his better judgement. He smirks and looks at Jeremy, “I bet you can’t open up the car and get something out of it before he comes back”, Jeremy’s eyes widen as he looks at Gavin and back at the car, “Are you fucking crazy?! He’ll kill me! And if he doesn’t, Michael will! Why don’t you do it?”, he crosses his arms after that, looking back at the car and the ally way. Gavin, after giving it some thought, just goes over there, opens up the car, and gets a half empty diet coke can and shakes it over his head victoriously. Jeremy, on the other hand, seems like he’s seen a ghost.

“Why’s a lad holding my drink and fucking around in my car?”

His heart sank.

(I’m not sure if I posted this already or not but here it is! Sorry for the bad writing and grammar)

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FAHC headcanon (yes, another one) that Michael is mega super ultra jumpy and is snuck up on like stupid easily

For instance

Michael: [sitting on the couch]

Geoff: [comes in and walks up behind michael] Oh, hi, Mi-

Michael: [has eight consecutive heart attacks and fucking dies] GHFDHBFXFGNBGGH

Geoff: I’M SORRY?!?!

and they find out later that michael’s actually kinda deaf and can’t hear them approach him and so is shocked when all he hears is complete silence and then suddenly OH SHIT THERE’S SOMEONE BEHIND HIM and it scares the shit out of him

SO to combat this the crew starts announcing their entrances very loudly and try their hardest to be both seen and heard as to not spook michael

they get him a hearing aid later and it’s all good but for a solid few months that base was loud

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Headcanon I have with @cherriblossomboi :

Geoff makes each of the Fakes go through ‘boot camp’ if they get too out of line.

Geoff’s boot camp is different for each Fake. And they usually only have to go through it once. Jeremy still shudders when his boot camp days are mentioned.

Out of the main 6 Jack is the only one who hasn’t been. Michael has been twice.

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Unfortunately, Geoff has retired from his status of being Kingpin of the Fakes.

He offered the role to Jack, who declined the offer, suggesting Ryan to take over. She’s watched him grow from a silent, brutal monster into someone who will make a righteous sacrifice to keep the team going and who has opened up to those he calls a family.

That’s when… the Vagabond has taken the role of being the head of the Fake AH Crew.

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Geoff still likes drinking from a crystalline whisky glass dramatically while having meetings with contacts or prospects, but since he quit alcohol he started just putting diet coke in it instead. He does it in front of them too. Looks them dead in the eyes while he pours soda into the glass, silently daring them to say something about it. They never do

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