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Fahc Gavin problem

So I’ve been debating on whether I should post this or not, but I think with what’s going on and all that I think it’s probably the best time to say it cause this has been bothering me for a long time

Artist who draw fahc Gavin you have to stop drawing him with dark skin

Gavin is white

Yes he’s tanner than the others but when you look at him you see a white guy

Stop drawing him as this super tan guy, it’s uncomfortable and wrong

It’s wrong that you’re drawing him tanner than the actual people of color in achievement hunter

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Jerevin! Now that’s a pairing I dont get a lot about often! Heres a couple short ones!

-when Jeremy first joined the crew, the thing he and Gavin bonded over was cats. Of all things, it was cats. Jeremy had brought home a stray kitten and he tried to keep it a secret from the crew until he could have a day to bring it to a shelter but that went out the window when the kitten got out. Jeremy was panicking and he found the poor thing in Gavs room, curled up on the Brits lap while he ran gentle fingers through its fur. “Your secrets safe with me, lil j” Gavin said with a wink. They ended up keeping the cat.

-when Gav works himself to hard, Jeremy’s the one who pulls him away with his patented “Get Gavin to Lay Down” plan. Typically it starts with the temptation of coffee or Red Bull in the kitchen, which Gav never refuses, moves on to Jeremy cleverly getting Gavin to sit down in the kitchen or on the couch. Continues on to “hey do you want to watch this show/play this game with me?” And Gavins already hooked at this point and despite his weak protests he stays and does play or watch. The last step is, as Gav is dozing off, either on Jeremy’s shoulder or with a controller in hand, Jeremy coaxes Gavin to bed and wraps him in his arms as they both lay down and Gavin is asleep /instantly/.

-on the other side of that, when Jeremy is injured or what have you, Gavin is second in line to patch him up. I say second because Jeremy and Ryan have been taking care of each other for years and it’s hard for Jeremy to trust anyone besides Ryan to do it, since they’ve both been hurt that way in the past. Jeremy eventually let Gav do It though when Ryan is busy or injured himself. Gavin is quick and gentle and always whispers encouragements to jeremy and it calms him down instantly.

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Ray and Gavin started out as penpals in school. It was program their middle school set up. Ray thought it was dumb. What did it matter? Not like he’d ever actually meet this person.

Gavin and Ray quickly became best friends. And started taking on any platform they could.

Ray was the first person Gavin came out to. Ray supported and and helped Gavin through every step of his transition.

When they both got old enough they saved up money and Gavin came to visit. First time they saw eachother they cried and just hugged eachother in the airport.

After that stay Gavin would come visit in the summer. Ray came and visited on Christmas.

Finally Gavin decided that he was going to move to the states. He and Ray moved to Los Santos.

First they met Jack- and she fell in love with the two dorks. She took them to Geoff. Who saw their potential and took them in.

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yes they’re running from the cops because they blew up a building and yes michael is pissed at gavin for the ruckus. but god damnit the lighting from the fire really brings out his eyes and features and he’s showing that mischievous little smirk-

for fucks sake how can he stay mad at him.

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You goo b! Mavin is hella cute!!!

But for a bedroom HC this is what I have:

They share a room in the penthouse. The dont have to. They each have their own rooms that’s perfectly their own that they can sleep in by themselves but they just dont. They dont like to sleep alone.

I really like the idea that it doesn’t quite matter who’s room they shuffle off to, one of their rooms is always empty and everyone always knows why. Like if Michael’s room is empty, everyone knows hes in Gavin’s room and vise versa. More often then not, they end up in Gavin’s room. In the other Mavin HC I wrote I said I think Michael is a hug cuddler and I also feel like cuddling makes him super relaxed and sleepy so he kind of let’s gavin just pull him along somewhere until hes pushed into a bed and cuddled there until he falls asleep. Gavin always goes to his room for obvious reasons but they end up in Michael’s room when hes had a rough day or they play video games in there together so they dont disturb the other fakes.

Hope you like this! Have a great day B💙💚

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Based on this series of posts, here’s more FAHC headcanon no one asked for

I’ve seen a lot of fix’s where Kingpin is the only one who can tame Vagabond which I absolutely love so much. But

What if it’s actually Golden Boy?

The flashiest and most famous member of the Fakes is the only one who knows how to talk to the most elusive and infamous member. Because Golden Boy knows the struggle of not having the privilege to care/ needing to kill/ whatever it is that makes them into these ruthless killers. He simply chose the opposite way of dealing with it. Maybe the outside world thinks it’s Kingpin who makes sure Vagabond’s need to kill manifests in a helpful way. Maybe they think that Kingpin is the one making sure that the killer, who is said to not be human, doesn’t turn on his own crew.

But the crew knows. It really should be obvious. The Golden Boy who can talk anyone into anything is the only one who can talk sense into Vagabond. He is the only one who can make him do anything. But with Vagabond it isn’t his flashy, arrogant way of talking to anyone outside the crew. It’s the calm way of talking he only adopts in the rarest moments, the way of talking that shows that he’s in the exact same spot, knows exactly what’s up. That’s what resonates with the Vagabond.

Additional AU that they met long before the crew. Maybe they grew up together or something. Maybe this dynamic has been ingrained into their characters by some horrible events that they lived through together.

Another Additional AU where their personas and real selves are constantly at war. Like Gavin comforting Ryan after Vagabond did something particularly gruesome. Or Ryan being there for Gavin after Golden Boy talked someone into suicide. Gavin staying under the shower for hours trying to wash off the blood that should be on him after killing someone. But also Vagabond and Golden Boy wreaking havoc all over Los Santos. Interrogating someone who won’t be able to figure out which of them is supposed to be good cop because they’re both so cruel in their own ways. Being absolute psychopaths together.

All this goes so far that sometimes all it takes is for Gavin/Golden Boy to make a misplaced joke which Vagabond takes literally and sabotages the entire job. So much so that Kingpin is extremely careful about when he does send them out together.

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Okay but, consider this:

There’s a man standing over you.

He’s not much taller than you, he really shouldn’t be able to loom like that, but he is.


He’s also grinning, and there’s blood on his pristine teeth; yours, actually, the spray having caught him across half his face.

For a moment, you can see yourself as HE sees himself, all flawless gold gilt in the yellow tint of his big fuck-off sunglasses, but the other lens is dripping your blood onto his cheek, and you know he sees nothing at all when he looks at you.

His fist comes up again, gold-plated brass knuckles shiny red with your blood, and he doesn’t have to say anything for you to know that you underestimated him.

The noise of your face breaking is louder than your sobs. Then you never make another sound again.

The Golden Boy of the FAHC is the least threatening to look at, yeah.


He’s still a motherfucking Fake.

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See, I’m a sucker for the angsty™ version of the Midas AU, but I also really like the version where he’s a piece of shit who doesn’t care

Please do not use my art without my permission! Ask first!

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Burpee’s Lil Headcanons #19

Sometimes they switch.

The city has never been more clueless than the day they switched. Never before had the city been so scared.

A golden smile bleeds dark dark red.

A chipped smile grins behind a painted mask, charred fingertips wrapped around a pretty little pistol.

Nails in a bat have never been swung so graciously.

That old, dusty, leather jacket is breathed new life, set against the flaming sunset.

It was a joke, but the joke took hold and suddenly Mogar felt a little more in control dressed up in pretty blues and golds and Gavin let himself unfurl in that burning leather jacket, letting all the dark places take over.

Oh how the city trembles when the duo switch.

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“Did you ever love me,” Gavin asked, tears streaming down his face. He looked up at Ryan, the man he loved, the man who currently had a gun against his head. The penthouse was littered with the bodies of the rest of the crew.

“You can still stop this Ryan, I’m still here, we can leave together,” Gavin said. It wasn’t death that scared him, it was the idea that Ryan never loved him.

“My name isn’t Ryan, it’s Vagabond.”

The smirk on Ryan’s face grew as he pulled the trigger, the bullet embedding itself in Gavin’s head, his body collapsing to the floor.

It had been a cold Winter day for Los Santos when Gavin and Ryan admitted that they had feelings for each other. It started with them walking home from a heist as their get away car had been blown up.

“I really should have brought a jacket, it’s bloody cold out here” Gavin said. Without another word Ryan had taken off his jacket and put it around Gavin, leaving him in short sleeves. “No I can’t take this, you’ll be cold” he said, but he did like the warmth it provided. Ryan merely shrugged. “I’m fine, I have more muscle on me, it keeps me warmer than you” he said.

Once they had made it back to the penthouse, Ryan was shivering but refusing that he needed his jacket. He started coughing a little on the way back and Gavin knew he would be taking care of Ryan.

Hours after they were back, Ryan had obviously gotten a cold and was now under the influence of a metric shit ton of NyQuil. “Gavvvviiiinn” he sang as Gavin came in the room to hang up the freshly washed jacket.

Gavin smiled and walked over to Ryan. “What is it Rye bread” he asked the loopy Ryan. Ryan grinned in response and pulled Gavin’s hand. “I’m cold come cuddle” he said.

Gavin would be lying if he had said his face wasn’t on fire. “I…Alright” he said and sat down beside Ryan who immediately pulled him into a hug. “I love you” Ryan murmured. Gavin grinned, he knew Ryan wouldn’t remember this but it made him feel good. He pet Ryan’s hair and nodded. “Love you to Rye Guy” he said.

The memory of their first I love you ran through Gavin’s head before his body hit the floor, going limp.

Ryan looked at the body and something in him changed. He looked at the gun in his hand and then at the bodies. “No! No” he shouted at himself. It hadn’t been him that pulled he trigger, it was Vagabond. He dropped to his knees beside Gavin, already crying. “Of course I loved you. I loved you more than anyone has ever loved” he murmured, closing Gavin’s eyes.

Ryan had now lost everyone at his own hand and so there was only one thing left to do. He laid down beside Gavin’s body, his head on his chest as he put the gun in his mouth. He wasn’t scared, his hands were steady, he knew this was what he should do. He pulled the trigger, the bullet went through the back of his head and he fell against Gavin’s body.


Request from @ryan-haywoodya-haphap

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