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#fahc headcanon

Geoff being a young cop in Los Santos trying to make difference in the city - He fails and loses hope. His friend has become corrupt, no one believes in him - he’s alone. He’s about to call it quits when he meets Jack. She’s a petty criminal with heart of gold. She steals to give to others in need.

She tells Geoff that he dosen’t need to be a cop to make change. That he can help people if he’s willing to get his hands dirty.

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Some FAHC birthday headcanons because… Well its my birthday, and I do what I want.

  • The crew always tries to do Capital S Something for everyone’s birthday, despite the protest of certain members.
  • Meaning Ryan staunchly refuses to tell anyone when his birthday is for years. It’s both out of privacy and because the crew… Well.
  • One year for Geoff’s birthday he made them all like up and say nice things about him.
  • Jack drags them to amusement parks and/or the beach, and if anyone says a negative word she just stares them down.
  • “It’s my birthday, and you have to do what I say.”
  • “Jack you say that on an average day.”
  • Trevor does his best to stay away from all of them.
  • “All I want for my birthday is some goddamn peace and quiet.”
  • Both Fiona and Gav like to spend their birthdays causing as much chaos as possible.
  • It has in fact gotten them arrested multiple times.
  • Alfredo likes to stay in and chill, play some video games and order pizza. Mostly he just likes relaxing and spending time with his friends.
  • Michael and Lindsay are both into causing chaos as well, but they’re a little more targeted with it.
  • Michael plans strings of robberies and gives them ridiculous directions for a laugh.
  • “Absolutely no one is gonna take me seriously dressed as fuckin Wario.”
  • “That’s a you problem, Lil J.”
  • Lindsay will request assorted things from the rest of the crew, only some of which actually exist. She gets a real kick out of watching them scramble.
  • Jeremy only ever has two requests: whiskey and seafood. Other than that, he’s good doing whatever for his birthday.
  • Matt is the other one they never get to celebrate with.
  • Every year he disappears a few days before his birthday, reappearing maybe a week later with no explanation.
  • Nobody knows where the fuck he goes.
  • The truth is he doesn’t like having all the attention on himself in concentration like that.
  • He appreciates the quick visits the rest pay him when he gets back though.
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Secret Santa:X

(This is half headcanon, half fic, all fun times and emotions)

(Shoutout to the Penthouse discord server for help on some of the gifts, would have been lost without you)

The last Christmas they have in the penthouse, Ryan brings up Secret Santa again. It’s partly a joke, partly a nod to the nostalgia that’s been eating at all of them the last few months. He brings it up when they’re all gathered in the living room, watching Gavin try and prove his stealth abilities in Hitman.

(“Just because you can be stealthy in a video game doesn’t mean I’m letting you come with me.” Jack had said at the beginning of it all.

“If I get silent assassin you have to take me!”

“This is your fourth run through!”)

Anyhow, Ryan brings it up, all nonchalant. “Remember that year we did Secret Santa?”

“No?” Jeremy says honestly.

“Before your time.” Michael says with a smile, patting him on the head.

“It was fun. We should do it again.”

(”Goddamnit!” On screen, Gavin dies again.)

The next day they have a meeting of all the ‘movers and shakers’, as Geoff has taken to calling them. He announces that Secret Santa is yet again a thing, and no, Matt, you can’t get out of it. There’s no budget, because they all have access to more money than they know what to do with.

They throw eleven names in a hat and go from there. Geoff calls first pick because he’s an asshole like that, and his choice picks next, so on and so forth.

 “Just get your shit done by Christmas, and we’ll do it then.”

Geoff pulls Gavin, and only panics a little.

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I feel like we never talk about immortal!fahc anymore and that’s a shame.

I have a great need for something where their respawn takes a few minutes, and in the interim whoever has died is just Somewhere Else. If they die with someone, they’re in that place together.

This is really just an opportunity to have Gavin and Ryan come strolling back, bickering about whose fault it was that they died.

Also I can picture Gavin accidentally taking out himself and Jeremy with an explosive of some sort, and the first thing Jeremy says when they’re in that InBetween is

‘I FUCKING hate you!’

A few of them go down in a friendly fire mishap during a heist, and Ryan leads with 'now, mistakes were made, but we can do this’

'Well it would have been fine if someone would stop killing his friends.’ Michael says with a very pointed look at Ryan.

'I said mistakes were made!’

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Ray doesn’t have a set taste in music. He listens to just about anything. He mainly keeps to alternative or classic rock. He listens to alot of Post Malone.

He surprises everyone when one say he absolutley bops to Jesse McCartney.

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[Disclaimer I promise this IS NOT going to get political it’s just some FAHC headcannon I thought of based on current events]

So I have this habit of watching World News Tonight with David Muir after eating dinner (which is really a Boomer thing for me to do being the Gen Z kid I am) just so I know what’s going on.

So recently I’ve been thinking about the subway boycott in New York and something in my mind said “FAHC Michael would totally do that” so here are some ideas twisting from that.

  • FAHC obviously drinks their respect women juice every morning so the crew (which is a whole other tangent I want to go on but that’s a post for another time)
  • Geoff sees that another lady has prematurely lost her life to the unsafe labyrinth that is the Los Santos subway system
  • The crew is pissed and is trying to figure out how the city isnt puting funding to make the subway system better.
  • Ryan and Gavin team up for some recon trying to see where the money goes with an encrypted card that tracks transactions.
  • Ryan takes the subway at night and Gav takes it in the morning collecting data to see how many women feel unsafe (and to help if and when needed) and how much funding could be put back into making it safer
  • They find out that the fee for the subway isn’t going to shit and that it’s going right into the corporate pockets
  • Geoff gathers the guys to act as security and escorts for women who need help
  • Michael, wanting to help the poor who have trouble with the commute just buys gallons of gorilla glue to jam the card scanners
  • City is pissed and can’t really do shit or they’ll be caught in embezzlement
  • The public is happy and the crew is hailed leaders in the rebellion against corporate greed in the wealthiest city on the west coast of the US
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well, yall know my top one already cause I talk abt it a lot, the one where gavin repairs clothes w gold thread. it’s based on a post from @micooll a while back and I love it sm

@dooliaz has a post of alfredo hcs and one of them was him accidentally joining a cult and then yeeting when he realised it wasn’t a joke. I fucking love that idea skfjsjf

@ackasiis post abt matt having a bunch of pets was so incredibly good and I will support it until my dying breath

gavin being generally clumsy and idiotic but suspiciously good w people. I just love that sm

geoff and jack having to look out for the rest of the crew bc they’re all just overgrown children who seem determined to get themselves killed. geoff and jack aren’t exactly the most mature or sensible people but they’re at least semi functional and nobody ever had to stop them from skydiving directly into a ring of fire because they thought it would look “badass” so they’re unfortunately responsible for their band of criminal dumbasses

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Okay I need to talk about an fahc hc I have (at least I consider it an hc? I read a lot of fic but I’m not all that acquainted w the general consensus of fahc fanon so who knows maybe it’s not) before I post the next chapter of my jeremwood fic cause I don’t want ppl to think Gavin is ooc

I think he’s like. Really really good w people. He’s a clumsy, loud ass fucking idiot yes- just like irl gav- but if you need to know how to deal w someone, you go to him. Got in a fight and don’t know how to make up? Gavin. Someone said something and u can’t for the life of you work out what they meant? Gavin. Having trouble understanding your own feelings? It’ll take Gavin 5 minutes, 3 if you bring him a drink. He’s just so good at reading people, which is why he’s also very good at talking his way into and out of anything. A 3 minute conversation is all he needs to know exactly what buttons to push to get what he wants, and the longer he’s known you, the better he gets. If mind-reading was real you bet your ass Gavin would be accused of it 3 times a week. He may be a dumbass, but he knows how to handle people.

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First of all I’m sorry this took so long to respond to, ya girl been slammed in her personal life.

Secondly, I ADORE this headcanon!

I like to think that Ryan had created the Vagabond long before he became the Vagabond. That this man–or monster, or whatever he was–was born out of Ryan’s hands. Rough sketches at first, but growing in detail and depth with each return. Because life in Los Santos is hard, and maybe this was how Ryan coped with it. Until he needed an alias, and there he was, staring up at Ryan from the pages of his sketchbook. The Vagabond: the man who can’t be hurt. The man who destroys. The demon of Los Santos.

The adoption of the persona stops the art for a while; Ryan did have more pressing things to deal with, after all. Survival is a demanding mistress. But he hooks up with the Fakes and things level out. He learns he can trust them, that he can be Ryan again if he wants to be. And he does, sometimes; the Vagabond is powerful and useful, but lonely. The Vagabond destroys, but Ryan? Ryan wants to create.

He keeps it very hush hush, he’s embarrassed and doesn’t want the crew to think less of him. Locks his sketchbook away, keeps his art supplies hidden, only chances taking things out at night when everyone else is asleep. Strangely he finds himself drawing beyond the Vagabond. It’s no longer the obsession of his hands or mind. It feels good.

Then one day they’re doing a briefing for a heist and Ryan is doodling caricatures of the crew absentmindedly while Geoff lectures them. That’s how he gets caught; Gavin sees it and snatches it away, Ryan tries to grab it back, the bickering commences and the entire meeting is derailed. Eventually he gets it back, cheeks beet red and feeling incredibly stupid. The lads love it, Geoff and Jack think it’s funny, and mysteriously a large chalkboard appears in the penthouse one day, with a complete set of chalk markers. And Ryan the art guy is born.

(Also Jeremy is also into art and that could head in a great jeremwood direction or maybe just some battle art buddies getting together and painting or drawing on their days off but that’s another prompt for another day.)

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FAHC Headcanons

I see enough FAHC headcanons, some making them seem like a goofy crew, some making them seem like a serious crew. Idk about y'all, but all I’m picturing is a crew with the same vibe as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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But like! They take 2 cars. They have to. Ryan Drives one and Geoff drives the other. On this particular night, its Ryan Jack Jeremy and Matt in one car. Jack and Jeremy are in the back seat, Arms around each others shoulders, cheeks rosey and smiles plastered across their faces as they sway and scream the lyrics to “Dont Stop Believing” . Matt’s playing air guitar in the front seat, singing just as loud.

Every now and again, Ryan glances back to make sure there arent any guns out or that Jeremy’s not trying to climb out of the car window (hes done it before). He checks to make sure Matt’s not doing anything hes not supposed to (Matt’s an angle though he never does anything crazy like try and jump out of a moving car when hes drunk).Nothing bad is happening. Just all of them laughing and belting out the song and smiling from ear to ear.

Its infectious and ryan begins to smile just watching them.

But before long hes got the song stuck in his head . And just because he doesnt drink doesnt mean he cant have a good time, too, right?

He doesnt need alchohol to be impulsive.

So he hits the gas. Takes corners a little to fast and drifts around back roads until their in Blaine county. Ryan tells Jeremy and Jack to juST CRACK THE WINDOWS (They open them all the way) and then their all singing. Tearing up the road and probably getting the cops called on them but that’s alright. It just makes it more fun.

Right now it was just Ryan and his boys having fun and he wouldnt have it any other way.

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