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#fahc jack


-holds up Fake AH Crew Lindsey, Jack and Fiona- TEAM LASSES!!! FINALLY!!!

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honestly give me fahc jack who is the mom friend but still just as much of an asshole as the rest of them. like, she’ll throw a blanket over fiona when she passes out on their couch after a night of drinking and take her phone to charge but will first take a thousand serious-faced selfies on the the phone just to clog up her photos. she’ll help michael clean the place when he goes on a cleaning rampage but will purposefully gather the trash in the worst spot imaginable, like right in front of the door to trip people coming in

or jack doing long cons of changing the parking of the rimmy cars just a little until jeremy is so confused but the order of the cars are never the same as where he parked it. but will also help him keep track of when they need oil changes to be sure they’re all done. on a heist matt tells them all to avoid being on the cameras so jack purposely finds every single camera in the place and stands in front of it and waves. jack who says the name of the place/business that they’re robbing wrong every time just to get the others to groan.

jack loves her crew but she’s still just as asshole like the rest of them. and its annoying as much as its endearing

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VERY good headcanons! I don’t often write trans Michael but I love reading it. Jack is usually trans when I write fahc, particularly she/them nonbinary.

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We support and love trans Jack in this house.

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Good nite to Punk dads, squad mums made of love, out of character mass murders, imported birds, woefully straight explosions, chaotic bisexuals that could but won’t kick your ass, waluigi kin stoners, brightly coloured monster trucks, people with donut shaped desks, bosses who are younger than their employees, smart people who always lose at trivia night, and beautiful women who are in disbelief about the stupidity of their friends.

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Another addition to the pile of OC drawings with the FAHC.  This is a redraw of an unposted pic that I am not as happy with. 

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Let It Find You

A/N: Some short hurt/comfort jackael because I’m sure we can all use it. Enjoy!


Jack glances over, suppressing the hiss through gritted teeth as it pulls at her shoulder which throbs in dulled pain. Jack sees Michael standing there, wide eyes and shifting feet. She watches him glance over her and her stomach twists as his face grows more worried, more scared. She knows she must look like a sorry sight. Splayed on their makeshift hospital bed, bandages tight across her shoulder with blood seeping through, one leg propped up on a pillow with ice packs resting on the ankle, bruises littered on her face and more hidden under the covers. All the result of getting caught at the wrong place and the wrong time in a heist.

“Hey baby,” Jack says, smiling nonetheless as she reaches a hand out, urging Michael forward. “It’s late, you should be sleeping.”

Michael moves in, cautiously, slowly. He doesn’t answer at first, staring at her outstretched hand. His breath hitches as he raises his hand to meet hers. Holding it until he lets out a long sigh of relief as they finally touch. As she wraps her fingers around him. “Couldn’t sleep,” he mumbles.

Jack nods. She supposes she can’t blame him there. She couldn’t sleep either. She stares a few more moments, frowning as Michael’s eyes don’t meet hers. “I’m ok,” she reassures. “Just a little beaten up. It happens.”

Michael shakes his head and Jack sees tears starting to form at the corner of his eyes. “You shouldn’t be. You shouldn’t have-“

“Michael, look at me,” she urges, lifting his hand to her lips. “I’m okay. I’m going to be okay.”

Michael shakes his head but his voice catches, notable to get out words. Jack pulls him closer, gently trying to lead him into a kiss. “I’m ok, baby,” she repeats as their lips touch. She kisses him softly, letting go of his hand to cup his cheek. He hesitates a moment and then surges forward, like he needs her to breathe. Like he needs to drink in everything about her. She feels his hand bury into her hair as they gasp against each other. Feels water fall to her cheeks and her heart breaks in ways she never thought it could as she sees her strong fighter crying.

“I love you,” he says with shaking breath, relieved and broken all the same. “I love you so fucking much. When I saw you go down, I couldn’t- I can’t-“

“I know,” she says, reaching to brush the tears at the edges of his cheeks, cupping his face delicately. Careful to shatter him any more. “I love you, too. And I know it was scary. Scared me too. But you all got to me, protected me. Just like I knew you would.”

Michael sighs, something far too deep, as he leans against her hand. He places his over it, turning to kiss her palm and then her knuckles. “You shouldn’t have been hurt at all.”

“But I was. And I’m going to be ok. Here, come here,” she says, shifting in the bed to try to give him room. “Lay with me.”

“Are you sure?” he says, eyes flickering to the bandages.

“You won’t hurt me. Besides, cuddles are healing,” she offers a smile.

Michael stares back but then sighs, carefully sliding in besides her. Wrapping his arms around her stomach. She shifts him to rest his head against her chest. Over her heart. “Hear that?” she says as she cards her fingers through his curls. “Still beating. I’m not going anywhere. Besides, who would be the mother hen without me?”

Michael buries against her good side, silent as he seems to listen. His breath warm as his chest rises and falls in rhythm with hers. “Yeah,” he says, a faint smile back on his face, where it belongs.

Jack kisses his hair, wrapping her good arm around him. “Sleep here, baby. We both need the rest.”

Michael deflates in her arms, nuzzling in. She smiles, hand idly tracing circles on his arm and back. She relaxes finally with his weight on her. She hadn’t liked being alone, in pain and hoping the others were doing ok. Stuck waiting to heal and ignoring the edge of fear at the corner of her brain over what happened. At least now she can hold Michael, comfort him. Feel that deep, true love that Michael holds. And hope he can feel her love back.

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the mother hen and her chicks 💕

i really like fahc jack’s hair style

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Whumptober2020, now with Jack!

Day 2 Prompt: In the Hands of the Enemy

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doesn’t thrill me half as much as you

Starting the day with a cryptic note from her best friend and partner and crime was not something she planned on.

But like most things, she’d discovered, the unplanned stuff was often the best.

[Geoff has a surprise for Jack on an otherwise unremarkable day for the Fake AH Crew.]

2.5k of fahc jackeoff fluff, set in the same universe as hunger like a storm. this is unrepentantly sappy. i’m not even sorry.

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NGL I can see Team Same Voice enjoying Def Leppard and Breaking Benjamin together. Both enjoy 80′s and 2000′s rock.

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