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#fahc jeremwood

aslkdjfls i say this a lot, but im so sorry this took so long. kind of related to this piece that i did a Hot Minute ago holy shit over a year, basically just a fahc au where Jeremy is a reporter and Ryan is, of course, the Vagabond.

2. “Can you stay, just tonight?” 


“Shit!” Jeremy yelled as more bullets flew past them, almost as if the cops were aiming for them. What a way to start a date. Ryan yanked Jeremy behind him, taking out a gun of his own to cover them. “What the fuck?! Where the hell did you get a gun?!”

“So, uh…” Ryan glanced over at him guiltily. “There may be some things,” He took a shot at the source of the incoming fire. “About my job,” He fired another bullet a bit higher up, hitting someone else, who fell from the building they were hiding in, meeting their demise on the ground. “That I kinda…” He reloaded. “Skipped over?” Another shot. By the sound of it, a direct hit.

“Oh yeah, you fucking think?!” he yelled sarcastically over the firing. While this was rather shocking, still, on the list of ‘Worst Dates Ever’, so far this didn’t even rank in the top ten. Top fifteen perhaps, but not top ten. The night was still young though, there was still lots of time for that to change.

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So uhh, I accidentally deleted the ask @writesthrice, but luckily I took a screenshot before that happened.



Jeremy panted, red palms and chest heaving as he clung to the warm metal step of the ladder. His legs throbbed, making an excellent argument to stay laid against the ladder for a few moments more. “Okay, let’s stop!”

“You sure, J?” Ryan smirked, looking up at the man on the ladder. The penthouse empty, save these three idiots, grew quiet. Gavin’s tittering grew as his nails clicked against his phone screen, light flush dusting his cheeks.

“Do you think Michael would make us a bomb to disarm like this??” His jewelry jangled, setting his phone to rest next to the small pile of wrappers. “We did so good here, we should do it for real!”

Ryan hummed, blatantly staring as Jeremy carefully climbed down the ladder. Yellow pants clung to Jeremy’s ass, capturing Ryan’s attention fully as Jeremy jumped past the last few steps of the ladder.

“Ryan?” Jeremy snapped his fingers, looking up at the skull masked man. “Ya hear, Gav?”

“What?” Ryan’s head turned towards the gold covered Brit, cheeks flushing behind the layers he wore. Gavin’s lips turned up in a smug smile.

“I was gonna ask if you would want to help us with a real bomb…” Gavin paused, over exaggeratedly flipping his gaze between the two. “But I’m sure you’d agree to anything, as long as it gave you a chance to stare Jeremy’s ass again, right Rye-bread?”


“What!” Jeremy flushed, voice cracking and shooting up an octave, shoving Gavin towards the nearest door. “Of course not! Shut the fuck up!”

“Well, I’m going to go fine Michael, have fun boys~.” Gavin snatched his phone, tapping into Michael’s chat and fleeing the room.

“I’m so sorry, Ry! I don’t know what he was–” Jeremy flushed, covering his face with his hands and sinking against the wall.

“I mean– he might not have been wrong…? You do have a nice ass…” Ryan’s hand slipped up, attempting to cover the red embarrassed flush inching down his neck.

“Wait… You like me?”

Ryan chewed his lip, nerves fluttering up his throat. “Like is one way to phrase it.”

“Fuck, I’m gonna owe Jack twenty bucks.” Jeremy looked up at the black mask, hands ringing at the hem of his shirt. “But, uh, would you go out with me?”

“So… That means me looking at your ass is okay, right?”

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Part 1 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5

A/N: Here’s a second chapter! I’m aiming for 3 but it might go beyond that idk. Thank you to everyone who commented/left something in the tags, y’all keep me motivated! This is short as hell, as is the pattern with my writing, but I hope its good! If you want to follow this fic, its also on AO3 or you can message me on here and I’ll tag you in new parts. Feel free to request a fic from me!


Ryan dejectedly makes his way to the living room, trying to wrap his head around what the hell just happened. 
“So, how’d you manage to make things worse?”
“I gotta tell you Geoff, I have no idea.” He takes a seat next to Michael on the couch, staring at his feet. “I mean, have you ever told someone how much they mean to you only to make them cry more?” Jack turns to face him.
“What did you say, exactly?”
“Hm?” He cocks his head at her. Why does the wording matter?
“Clearly something you said upset him, if you tell us what you said maybe we can help.”
“I told him… that’s he’s my best friend, and that I’d leave here tonight if he wanted to go, because I’m not leaving his side.” Geoff let out a small chuckle. “What?”
“You’re an idiot, Ryan.” Michael piped up.
“I’m a- what did I do?
”“Oh, you’ll figure it out.”“Come on, you can’t leave me hanging like that!”
"Just… talk to him.”
“Oh, cause that did wonders last time." 


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Number 8 from the prompt list 馃憖馃憖馃憖

oof i am So sorry that this too so long to come out, i wrote like 3 different versions of it and this is the one i finally settled on. hope you enjoy!! also i would totally be more than willing to make a part 2 if thats something yall wanted

8. “You’re too distracting.”


Jeremy had joined the Lads crew almost two years ago to the day, and not for a single second did he ever regret it. They all got along as if they were family, he knew could always count on them to have his back, as much as he was confident that he would stick up for them until his dying day. With that said, he still held a preference for going on solo missions.

He didn’t have to worry about the well being of his crew-mates- his family. All he had to focus on was himself. Part of that just felt freeing to him, in a way he couldn’t fully put into words. So when the Roosters had given them the first solo mission in months, he had jumped on it instantly.

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Okay okay okay I see your one sided Jeremwood and raise you Mutually Pining Jeremwood. -Ryan takes his mask off more often around Jeremy, and Jeremy is s w e a t I n g bc holy shit????? HE'S SO HOT ILOVEHIMHELP but Ryan is quiet about it bc saying smth like "Should I keep the mask off?" Is Too Flirty™ and he has A Reputation™ and Jeremy keeps quiet bc "if I say anything Ry could take it the wrong way/I'll screw it up". So you end up with a mask on the table and two lovestruck IDIOTS.

Ahhhhhhhh and they both just dont know what to do so they end up staring at each other silently and Michael walks in like ‘wtf guys get a room’

And the whole crew heckles then but Ryan’s too dense and Jeremy’s just in pure denial.

Gav and Michael laugh their asses off when Jeremy leaves the room, leaving the Strong and Scary Vagabond smiling like an idiot and head over heels. And Gav goes ‘Oi! Just ask him out already!’

Ryan’s like ‘Huh?’

'Well it’s onbvious i'nt? You two are crazy for each other?’

'We Are??’


And on another separate occasion Geoff catches Jeremy alone and he pulls him aside and 'You really make Ryan happy, y'know that?’

'Yeah, we’re great friends huh?’

'No no, Jack and Ryan are great friends. YOU and Ryan are like… soulmates.’

'Wha-? N- noooo. I don’t even-… and if I did I couldn’t-. I mean he would never-…!’

'Yeah? You see the way he looks at you sometimes Lil J? Or how crazy protective he is of you? That’s love buddy.’

’…Nooo~oo! That’s just-, well that’s just Ryan!’

Geoff blankly stares at him and shakes his head. 'You’re a goddamn idiot, Mr. J’


And FINALLY, Jack takes matters into her own hands when she’s had enough. Because it’s been a couple years and honestly? it’s starting to effect the quality of their performance. They just need to wake up and BONE.

So she gathers the crew (minus them two, of course) and sets up an elaborate way to THROW THEM into a date with each other. (IE, she locks them out of the house and tells everyone to ignore their calls/ txts)

Jeremy and Ryan end up spending all day together. Glued to each other. The crew didn’t even have to try that hard. They go to the amusement park they go to the beach they go to Mt. Chiliad… it’s great. It’s romantic. They just needed some space.

At the end of the day they come back to the penthouse, which is now magically unlocked. They walk arm in arm into the living room, grinning ear to ear and leaning on each other, and everyone’s there. The crew collectively sigh. 'Fucking finally,’ Michael says.

And Ryan’s like, ’…You guys pLANNED THIS??’

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@queencoeurl FAHC Medusa!Jeremy AU and Jeremwood like

Ryan gives his skull mask to Jeremy for him to wear instead of whatever sad excuse for cover he shows up to the crew with (i imagine he’s using some horrific purple/orange bandana or literally a $2 plastic party mask smh)

Ryan befriending every snake and being the only one of the crew to remember each name (of course Jeremy’s named them all) bonus points because Ryan’s better friends with them than Jeremy is

THE SNAKES TICKLE HIS FACE WHEN THEY CUDDLE like ‘omg the boyfriend’s back’ so Jerm and Ry are spooning in bed or w/e and the snakes give him lil kisses on the nose and forehead

Okay but Blind!Ryan AU too like cmon

Ryan can communicate with the snakes almost as well as Jeremy can so they carry nearly silent conversations over the coms on heists or just in front of the crew in general and it’s weird and annoying but adorable

Let’s back it up k like Jeremy’s nervous and hesitant about asking Ryan out but the snakes are like ‘no we can’t let him go’ so the snakes LITERALLY PEFORM MATING DANCES every time they see Ry and Jeremy’s so embarrassed but also thankful his crush is dense and doesn’t know much about snakes

~ sorry anyway i have a lot of feelings about your AU. Additionally I’m thinkin about Midas!Gavin too so this won’t be the last you hear from me 👌🏽

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B1 for battle buddies? 馃挏

yep! here are some battle buddies for you, anon. 💜 thanks for the request!

this was an absolute struggle, not gonna lie. i’m slowly getting better w/ anatomy the more i draw, but drawing two or more people interacting with each other is still a huge pain. after all the mess w/ sketching and lineart, the final result is much better than i expected. i can see my weaknesses and strengths :D

[original meme] feel free to send more! my inbox is now empty! 

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What if the fahc got stuck in the penthouse together cause of quarantine and then romance happened

WHAT INDEED. If there’s one thing I know about being stuck somewhere with someone you have chemistry with, it’s that THINGS WILL ABSOLUTELY HAPPEN.

Gonna go ahead and call this the Oh my god they were quarantined AU.

MAVIN: With Mavin, everything would be normal until it’s not. Let’s face it, the lads are bound to get into trouble; videogames can only keep them pacified for so long, and they are both utterly destructive and chaotic forces in their own right. So maybe after pulling one too many pranks, Geoff threatens to ground them if they don’t smarten up, which turns into them having a prank war against each other. Because obviously they can’t just stop. Anyway Gavin gets Michael good (with something simple like getting doused by a bucket of water perched precariously on the top of a door, which is the infuriating thing), Michael gets mad and gives Gavin a chase, gets him trapped and then…One minute Michael is yelling at Gavin, who is squealing and giggling, the next they’re a tangle of limbs and lips on the floor, with Jack telling them to get a room. Which they do. Lots.

JEREMWOOD: This one is definitely a slow burn because both of them are soft idiots who are afraid to make the first move. Because like I imagine for all Ryan’s theatricality, he’s pretty introverted, so even though he’s not particularly bothered by the quarantine, what he is bothered by is being in constant close proximity to the other noisy idiots in the penthouse. So he spends a lot of time in his room, playing on his computer or cleaning his weapons, enough that the others tease him about being a moody teenager. But it bothers Jeremy, because Jeremy’s the one who quietly monitors the group to make sure everyone’s having fun. But he wants to respect Ryan’s space, right? So he decides the best way to do the solidarity thing is to spend time in his room, across the hall, playing his guitar and trying to guess at the kind of music Ryan might like. Sometimes he plays country ballads, sometimes covers of his favourite music, sometimes just instrumentals. But after a bit he begins to second guess himself, and feel dumb about it. He’s probably just bothering Ryan. So he stops, and there’s a few days of silence, until there’s a knock on his door one evening and it’s Ryan asking if he takes requests (trying to be really suave about it but the blush in his cheeks being a dead give away). So they spend the evening in Jeremy’s room; Jeremy on the bed playing his guitar and singing softly and Ryan sitting on the floor listening with his eyes closed. But…um…Ryan falls asleep? Because listening to Jeremy is really relaxing, and it’s done wonders for his insomnia.  It takes a while for Jeremy to realize it, but when he does he kind of panics because what does he do now? So he stops and waits and hopes Ryan will wake up, but he doesn’t. Eventually he decides to just wake Ryan up (it’s not like he could pick him up and carry him to his room), and Ryan is obviously embarrassed but coyly asks if they can do this tomorrow before he goes back to his room? But like I said they’re both soft idiots so they don’t kiss until the third or fourth time, but at least after that Ryan gets to stay asleep once he’s fallen asleep.

JACKEOFF: Bold of you to assume they aren’t already madly in love with each other. The way I see these two is that they’ve already given a run at the whole relationship thing, but decided they were better off as friends. Except with this quarantine, they’re forced to spend a lot of time together (if for no other reason than because bored lads and battle buddies are a handful at the best of times and hiding out together in Geoff’s master suite seemed like the best idea). And with so much time to sit and cuddle and reminisce, they’re bound to think that maybe they oughta give it another shot, right? I mean, they have nothing to lose and maybe something nice to gain? Besides, everyone else in this goddamn penthouse is getting some, why should they be left out? (They really are just better off as friends though, which they’ll redecide once this madness is over, but for now they get to live in the wonderful dream of the two of them together).

I might do some other ships later? I dunno, we’ll see. Pretty clear who my favourite ship is, eh? But thanks for the ask, I love writing about these idiots! If you wanna see a different ship, let me know! I might write it anyway, I have a lot of free time on my hands suddenly!

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Now that I’m done being a general embarrassment to myself, here we go, @riverside–wren ’s ask!

Okay so like I think Ryan’s someone who has a very clear distinction between his criminal persona and who he actually is. The Vagabond is a character he plays, something to tuck away into a closet when the show is over. Ryan is who he is. 

But it still kind of makes dating hard, you know? It’s not exactly like Geoff keeps them on a strict schedule, sometimes they’re doing crime stuff for weeks at a time. And Ryan didn’t really mean to fall for Jeremy. It just kind of happened. He’s not even Ryan’s usual type. Jeremy does competition shooting and MMA in his free time. Those are things interesting to the Vagabond, sure, but Civilian Ryan does not partake. He builds computers. 

But it happens anyway and Ryan’s not upset about it. Jeremy is fun to be around. He custom paints his competition guns in the most garish colours possible, because he prefers to be underestimated. Of course there’s the trouble of what to say he does for work. The question comes up early, in their second or third date. “I could tell ya, but I’d have to kill ya,” only gets so far, and it’s not funny the third time around.

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馃搨 馃挌馃挌馃槉

Big ol’ headcanon that FAHC Ryan cant use chopsticks. Its a weird HC but hear me out.
For a big date/anniversary dinner, Jeremy brought Ryan out to this super fancy Japanese steakhouse. And when I say fancy I mean like, black-tie, 5-stars, it may as well been a Millionaires club for the folks on top in Los Santos. Jeremy had planned this for a year. Had had the reservation for 4 months. And now here they were; both in tuxes and having the time of their lives, laughing and stealing quick pecks from each other.

And then the food comes and Ryan just kinda stiffens. Jeremy didn’t notice at first and, by at first, I mean the first 5 nanoseconds since Ryans expression kinda fell because Jeremy was looking at the sushi that was just placed in front of them. But then the lad zoned in on Ryan, poking him lightly in the side once the server left.

He asked Ryan what was wrong and Ryan blushed and quietly, almost ashamedly, whispered he was awful at using chopsticks and he didn’t want to be rude and use a fork.

Now at this point Jeremy is caught between total shock and absolute hysterics because it’s such a silly thing for Ryan to be worried about but Jeremy also understood Ryan’s trepidation. They were, after all, at a very formal restaurant. 

But now i want you to imagine the soft, gentle smile on Jeremy’s lips as he kisses Ryans cheek and tells him its alright, he understands. I want you to imagine Ryan returning that smile thats still kinda sad but reaching for his chopsticks, resigned to try them and surely make a fool out of himself, before Jeremy pipes up again with “I’ll feed you!” 

Ryan sputters a bit, turning red again before Jeremy discretely points to a table far from them where they can just barely make out another couple the man feeding his girlfriend/fiance/wife/whatever sushi. Ryan ends up watching for a moment before turning back to Jeremy. 

“Just this once. When we get home you need to teach me how to use chopsticks so I can return the favor.”

Jeremy laughs and agrees and their date continues on as normal and as planned with both of them laughing and eating good food until they go home both still happy and giggly and Jeremy shows Ryan how to use chopsticks.

The next time they go out for sushi, Ryan returns the favor to Jeremy.

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A fahc jeremwood hc, all for you, b!

Their first date actually went pretty bad by normal date standards. First off, it was raining, and Ryan had planned a day at the beach for the two. So they thought, hey let’s just go to a restaurant! But THEN Jeremy ended up slipping on the wet steps leaving the penthouse and getting a sprained ankle. Having already decided that this day was bad enough and not wanting to make it worse, Ryan decides that maybe staying in is the best option, so he helps get his battle buddy back up to his room to rest. Jeremy was a bit down at this point, feeling like he’d ruined date night, but Ry was having NONE of that so yknow what he does? Once he’s in bed with Jer (who falls asleep after maybe an hour or so) he very sneakily texts the other two lads for help with a lil scheme he’s cooked up. A few hours later, Jeremy is woken up very carefully by a very gentle peck on his lips. “It’s time to eat dinner, wouldn’t want you to miss a meal” and so Jer smiles and is like “oh yeah u right” so he sits up in bed and what does he see sitting in the bedroom? A small table with a red blanket draped over it, a vase of (fake) orange and purple tulips in the middle, and two plates of Jeremy’s favorite food. The lights are dim, but Jeremy’s eyes still manage to fuckin sparkle in amazement and just pure Love for his bf. Long story short: the two enjoy a nice meal and some ice cream, which btw is totally served by Gavin and Michael who are dressed as waitors, and basically aksbosbwossh Jeremy cries

(Omg this was so long lmao oops, I just started writing and couldn’t stop lol I hope you like it, I could probably write a whole fic on this 💚💚💚💚)

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