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#fahc michael

Jack: Oh what’s going on now?

Geoff: It sounds like they’re torturing Matt again. So glad I hired him.

Trevor: I’m glad you hired him too. He brings…. so much to the team.

Michael: *taking out water gun*

Fiona: And they didn’t invite me??

Lindsay: *pulling out a similar water gun to Michael’s, or bigger and filled with hot sauce* Nonono you guys are NOT doing it right.

Gavin: *pulling up in a fire truck* HONK HONK BITCHES!

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boy/lad. (a tribute  to mogar.)

look at how far you’ve come.
you’re no longer a boy
on the streets
playing with rock and dust;

you are a lad
in a fancy suit
playing with fire and lives.

and you are immortal.

running from bullets,
laughing at explosions,
breathing in smoke,
stepping on glass,
drenched in blood.

you are immortal.

you’re standing on the roof
wind in your hair,
mud on your face,
dynamite in your hands,
crew by your side.

you are immortal.

or so it feels like.
you light another cigarette;
you’d rather kill yourself,
than let them get to you.

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This is my first time writing for the FAHC. I haven’t really ever written anything like this before, but after reading some of the stories on Tumblr and watching a GTA I had missed from months ago, I was inspired to cover a duo that I haven’t seen on here. Hope you enjoy!

Axial never really goes in the field. Not because he doesn’t want to, nor because he’d be incredibly less effective than any of the others. He tends to hang back to work on the comms and hacking for the team because he knows he’s the best at it. No one else could co-ordinate the communication between the chaos within The Fakes, it takes someone with a will of steel like him to ignore all of the snark and push back with both authority and advice. He also knew that, without specific instructions, no one else in the gang could hack into any targeted building like he could. He also is one of the best at on-the-fly adapting when shit goes south and a plan needs to change. When it comes to field duty, however, he makes exceptions on special occasions. In particular, he will go into the field if requested. 

As it turns out, Matt’s actually pretty adept in at more than just communications, planning and hacking. He’s a stellar driver. This fact wasn’t well known to The Fakes until he trounced them in another Mario Kart tournament, to which a drunk and furious Mogar loudly proclaimed that he could outrace Axial in real life any day of the week. Once everyone was sober, Michael doubled down – and got beaten by Axial. It was a close race, since Michael was brilliant at driving, but Axial had something he didn’t. Knowledge. The hacker knew the city like the back of his hand due to his life on the streets, and once he was told the destination he knew every turn and how to safely make them. Everyone was stunned, as Michael shook Matt’s hand with a smirk, calling him a piece of shit. 

Matt only drove for the crew on missions when requested personally, leaving his communications job to The Boss while he would hack remotely from the car. He’s only ever done so for three people, up until this point. Once for Rimmy Tim, since he knew it would be fun. Once for The Golden Boy, because he knew he’d get a good laugh out of it. And once for The Sauce. Almost everything in The Fakes was an unofficial competition. Who got the most kills on a job, who could escape the cops the quickest, even who could piss off The Vagabond first. And there was no one more competitive in the group than Alfredo. Even though these contests meant little-to-nothing, they meant everything to him. He had to win.  And, most of the time, he would. So, when he was told the next job involved multiple hits at different locations, utilising teams of one gunman and one driver, he knew exactly who was going to drive him. 

Convincing Matt wasn’t as hard as The Sauce had thought. Deep down, he had a competitive streak that was just shy of Alfredo’s. All it took was the promise of victory over Gavin, Jeremy and even The Vagabond to convince him. It was getting everyone else on board with having one of their least experienced members in the field to leave the penthouse, to go on a mission with just one other person, that was harder. They knew he could handle the driving job, but they also figured there must be a reason he locked himself in his room during a Heist. The pressure could get to him, and that could get one or both of them hurt. Besides, he’d only ever driven before and this particular job required the use of covering fire from the driver to assist in the gunman’s run inside. As far as The Fakes knew, Axial had no training with a gun. 

With a face that reminded the others of the calm before a storm, Matt pulled out a pistol no one had ever seen on him and cleanly shot three of The Kingpins most expensive vases on the other side of the room in as many shots. As he put his gun away without a word, everyone was quick to agree – Axial was on the mission. 

The robbery teams were; Axial and The Sauce, or ‘Sweet Sauce’; Supernova and The Golden Boy, or 'Chungə’; and Rimmy Tim and The Vagabond, or 'The Battle Buddies’. Each team would be simultaneously hitting a different building. Each building was the home of one of the many idiotic celebrities living in Los Santos, those with lots of money and little security. The plan was to steal as much expensive looking gear and/or cash as possible and leave. This was, in turn, a distraction for the main job. With the simultaneous big-name robberies, the police would be spread incredibly thin, allowing Mogar and the Pilot, or 'The Betting Buddies’, to 'covertly’ enter LSPD headquarters to locate and take information the cops have compiled on The Fakes. Or, as covertly as one could do a job like this with Michael. 

Once Alfredo had recruited Matt to his team, he began to really play up the sense of rivalry they all had. He made sure they all knew the newly christened ‘Sweet Sauce’ were planning on doing everything the best. Fastest to the house, fastest in, most cash grabbed, fastest back to HQ. He enthused with the utmost confidence how they were going to destroy everyone – with a silent grinning Axial standing behind him. The others eventually got riled up enough that they laid down a bet. The team who did each aspect of the job the best would win $1000. Everyone involved in the job, even The Boss and The Wildcard who would both be staying at the penthouse as comms and backup respectively, put in cash to make a prize pool of $3000. Due to the constant feed that would be going to The Boss, he was going to be in charge of timing each team’s work. Michael and Jack then began a betting pool to see who would win the most cash, for those who weren’t participating to have some fun too. In the end, only The Kingpin placed a bet on Sweet Sauce. Everyone thought Matt too inexperienced and Alfredo too cocky. But, for some reason, Geoff saw something different. 

The job was simple, and it went off without a hitch. Each team did their job even better than they normally would, since they had a lot riding on it. Chungə tried to focus on just getting one part as fast as possible. As such, they broke every speed limit and ran every red light to get to their house the fastest. And they succeeded, beating both Sweet Sauce and The Battle Buddies to their destination, both earning $500.  

The Battle Buddies, however, wanted to humble Alfredo, and figured with Matt on the job it would be fairly easy. Even so, not wanting to take the risk, they tried their hardest at getting each aspect as quick as possible, with Rimmy behind the wheel and The Vagabond storming the woefully unprepared home to rob it of as much as he could, before they raced home at record pace. 

They were shocked to see Sweet Sauce had arrived in the garage just seconds before them, with two full duffel bags of loot. Axial and The Sauce had worked incredibly well together, even more so under pressure. It was Matt’s idea for them to take a gamble and both storm the house. If it worked, they’d clear it quicker and they could steal double the gear. The risk was potentially losing their car, which was one of The Sauce’s personal vehicles. Shockingly, he didn’t bat an eye at the idea. Even if, at most, he was only going to make $1500 on this bet and would be losing a far more expensive car the victory itself would be absolutely worth it. And so, they executed their plan to perfection. Axial found the most simplistic and expedient route to their target, they both entered the premises with guns blazing, loaded up their bags and left in complete unison with Alfredo behind the wheel, Axial giving him directions from the passenger seat. Even though he was famously not as good at driving, the two of them wanted to rub in their victory. Matt and Alfredo had just gotten $1000 richer. 

Their victory in two of the three categories had pipped Geoff as the biggest victor in the betting pool, winning a cool $400. After returning from the successful police headquarters heist, Michael was thrilled to learn he won $200 by betting on Chungə. Everyone else don’t make any winnings by betting on ‘the sure bet’ of The Battle Buddies, much to Jack’s dismay. 

This was not the first time that Axial would work out in the field with The Sauce. Doing this job was one of the many reasons that the resident computer expert had decided to be out in the field. It didn’t hurt when The Vagabond tried desperately to earn his winnings back, and The Sauce requested his assistance again. They wouldn’t always work together, but whenever they did it was damn near impossible to top them. 

Hope you guys liked it! I don’t know how much FAHC I will be writing, but this was a fun thing I liked in my head. I might try to write more dialogue next time. This sort of recount style fit this story but I want to try my hand at figuring out these characters a little more. If I do more, I think I’ll probably focus on Axial/Matt. No surprise, but the boys my favourite.

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Michael “Firefly” Jones, their demolitions and explosions expert, with gauges in his ears that have bears on them.

Yes, I will accept headcanons, thank you.

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Michael has known the Vagabond for about a year now since he joined the Fakes. He doesn’t know anything else about the man except his height, built and advanced skill for weapons, particularly knives. He hasn’t even seen his face. Never.

Geoff tells Michael a great kept secret one day, as he trusts the young man more than anyone in the room, that it’s all for Geoff’s and the Fakes’ safety. The Vagabond’s real name: Ryan Haywood.

And it hits Michael. Could it be the same Ryan Haywood he met at an international camp all those years ago?

The name sends his mind into a flashback: Michael remembers attending an international camp for young adults held in Maryland a decade ago. He was 18. Ryan was a few years older… Michael doesn’t remember that tidbit very well. But what he remembers well: He had a huge crush on Ryan. HUGE. Ryan had been so nice and accommodating, one of the sweetest guys he’d ever met. And Michael was almost sure they had a thing going. Yet, he never saw Ryan again after the camp. Sure, there had been letters exchanged, but that quickly faded once Ryan moved away. It worried Michael a lot, but he was forced to move on by time.

So what if this is the same Ryan? And what are the fucking odds if it is?

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Hey I have a FAHC Micoo I drew. Here ya go.


Also don’t fight me on my headcanon patches he has, I will cry.

Edit: On the fact that in this piece Michael has darker skin, That is my own eyesight’s fault and asking others to assist. I have Protanomoly so colours especially skintone look a shit ton more dull than they are (which is why most of my art is literally bright as fuck.) I’m trying to make a reference of skin tones to help with this so don’t hate me if a skin tone is a bit too dark. ^^; I’m trying.

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FAHC by DarthSnuggles

Okay, listen. I’ve been sitting on this one for days because I realized I don’t yet have enough songs for Lindsay and Fiona, and that made me sad. But I don’t have many individual-specific songs on here anyway; a few for Geoff, one for Ryan, one for Gavin, a couple of Team Lads tracks…etc. (My version of the AU also still includes Ray, because Ray is cool.)

This is not a shippy playlist, because I feel weird and uncomfortable about shipping real people with anyone other than their actual spouses. However, it’s not really a real-life AH playlist, either. It’s specifically dedicated to the GTA AU that fandom has created based on the heists and the generally-accepted characterization/roles of AH’s GTA avatars that AH has kinda-sorta endorsed (or at least accepted) in posters and merch.

This playlist assumes the coolest possible version of the Fake AH Crew, basically.

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Curiosity might have killed the raccoon pt. 35

Left Unsupervised

In this idea the Gents and Lads aren’t together yet, but they are sort of rivals. They mess with each other once in a while, ya know, the usual.

While Michael, aka the lad dad, has to leave and do something, he leaves Jeremy and Gavin alone. In their massive boredom they leave the base for a walk and they end up close to a small store. They don’t really pay much attention to anything else other than the cars passing by occasionally, until Gavin notices a black and red Grotti X80 Proto. The car seems familiar to him so he watches it park by the store and waits until the person comes out of the car to see it’s Vagabond. Gavin bumps Jeremy on the shoulder and points towards the gent who seems to be on the phone. Vagabond seems to be annoyed at the person on the phone and walks into one of the closer ally ways next to the store. This is when Gavin gets an idea, one that is obviously bad, but the excitement clouds his better judgement. He smirks and looks at Jeremy, “I bet you can’t open up the car and get something out of it before he comes back”, Jeremy’s eyes widen as he looks at Gavin and back at the car, “Are you fucking crazy?! He’ll kill me! And if he doesn’t, Michael will! Why don’t you do it?”, he crosses his arms after that, looking back at the car and the ally way. Gavin, after giving it some thought, just goes over there, opens up the car, and gets a half empty diet coke can and shakes it over his head victoriously. Jeremy, on the other hand, seems like he’s seen a ghost.

“Why’s a lad holding my drink and fucking around in my car?”

His heart sank.

(I’m not sure if I posted this already or not but here it is! Sorry for the bad writing and grammar)

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