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#fahc monster au

i was able to scrape the lines off that screenshot- this is super small but im love them harpys 💛

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lorge teeth (im an idiot and deleted this on accident asdfg)

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id like to hear more about this vampire + werewolf fahc au 👀

okay my initial thought was like

werewolf lad gang v. vampire gent gang 
like age long rivalry between these two and they can never seem to give the finishing blows to each of their gangs 

basically just one time michael and jeremy stumble upon jack who’s bandaging up gavin’s leg since he scraped it falling off his vespa or something and then jack goes back to the gents and starts lecturing ryan and geoff on how werewolves arent too bad afterall 

and somehow geoff pulls them all into their own big fahc gang with the price of making sure that the lads were cologne and some special shampoo after they shower so it doesnt reek like wet dog around the penthouse

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