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#fahc playlist
Oh sick, anon hour! Imma go the song rec route, what are some of your fav songs, your fav FAHC songs (if you have any), and just songs that want other people to appreciate in general

I have been waiting for this ask my entire life. I have fahc jeremy, gavin, alfredo & michael playlists (+ an ydyd playlist & fake-offcanny playlist).

1. Big Time Rush in general. My favorites are “paralyze” “picture this” & “city is ours”

2. Happy Fits. Their song “dirty imbicile” in particular though all of their songs are bops

3. I’d recommend AJJ, Mccaffery & NF tho i think they’re all kinda popular rn idk tho

4. Ricky Montgomery for all of your gay & pining needs

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                                         as if you could hide a gun in your bones
                               every cell is a weapon, every atom is resisting arrest
                     - a playlist for the Fake AH Crew -

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Send me song Suggestions for my FAHC playlist!

songs can be for:

  • One Crew Member
  • Full Crew
  • Any Ship
  • Any Team (ig Lads/Gents/B-Team)
  • Any AU
  • Any time (ig pre-crew, post-crew, old crew)
  • And to some extent, Fakehaus, Fakechop and Fake Pine 7


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“This is us,” the Golden Boy croons. Beside him his companions trade glances embellished with toothy grins. Charmer. Hot head. Brawler. Separate they are menaces. Together they watch the city burn before them. No one will ever doubt them again.
                   - a playlist for the FAHC Lads -
                       8-tracks | Playmoss

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There is no alternative. He has no other choice, and as the blood dries on his pressed suit and his enemies breathe their last, he is grateful for his companions. His second and the Vagabond are dangerously loyal and the city begins to crumble at their feet.
                   - a playlist for the FAHC Gents -
                       8-tracks | Playmoss

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