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#fahc playlist The Raging Fiona Nova In the list of FAHC Playlists of mine (while there are some songs that aren’t really like her personality, it’s what I picture would play when she goes into a rage.) also the song “Fire and Gold” is supposed to be referring to The Duo of Gavin & Fiona. (Purely platonically)


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Hey so I’m trying to update the FAHC playlist a bit because Trevor doesn’t have that many songs in comparison to the rest, could take a look at this playlist and tell me some songs that sort of fit this playlist: (please look at the rest of the FAHC playlists I’ve made so you don’t suggest a song that’s already in one of the other playlists)


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I have been waiting for this ask my entire life. I have fahc jeremy, gavin, alfredo & michael playlists (+ an ydyd playlist & fake-offcanny playlist).

1. Big Time Rush in general. My favorites are “paralyze” “picture this” & “city is ours”

2. Happy Fits. Their song “dirty imbicile” in particular though all of their songs are bops

3. I’d recommend AJJ, Mccaffery & NF tho i think they’re all kinda popular rn idk tho

4. Ricky Montgomery for all of your gay & pining needs

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