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48 WITH RYACK WOULD BE SO GOOD! like them going undercover for a heist and oops, What Are These Feelings???

(send me some tropes to mash together)

48. Fake Dating

Yesssss FAHC fake dating with sweetheart Jack and flustered Ryan!! I could totally see it as they’re supposed to be at this fancy party, and they’re the two whose faces are least known (Ryan bc of the mask obviously, Jack bc she spends so much time in a car and because hormones are finally changing her face shape and whatnot) so they’re nominated to go in. And both of them are nervous, because they’re supposed to be an old marriage and have a level of comfortable love around each other that they’re not sure they can pull off…

Except they can, they so can. Jack is amazed at how easy she finds it to channel her usual charm into a simple facade of love for Ryan, and Ryan? He’s finally expressing himself, letting his long years of being blown away by Jack’s simple existence shine through here. It’s actually distracting to them both, I’d imagine? Ryan worrying that he’s overdoing it, Jack wondering how much of Ryan’s act is genuine, because she’s always been good at telling when he’s acting/lying, and she’s not getting a lot of that here.

And of course, there’s the job to complicate things: trackers to slip on people, dances to have so they appear in place, bugs to plant around the house, security and plans to take note of… but Ryan just wants to focus on how nice it is to tangle his fingers with Jack’s, and can she really be blamed for forgetting some details when Ryan’s smiling at her like that?

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"and also the fact that he can't exactly sit down" I'm wheezing. You're amazing.

nfks vnksd thank you XD you know that scene from Forest Gump where he’s just eating ice cream constantly while recovering from being shot in the butt? I was imagining that while answering that ask, but with a very grumpy Vagabond (like, wet cat levels of pissy/grumpy)

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Stranded Due to Inclement Weather and Sleep Intimacy with Myan, please !! i really love your writing whenever you write even a hint of fluff i just get all mushi inside

(send me some tropes to mash together) 

73. Stranded Due to Inclement Weather and 95. Sleep Intimacy

Neither of them had taken Gavin’s warnings about British weather seriously. They came from California, for chrissakes, and the east coast before that; Ryan grew up next to hurricanes and Michael’s winters were from hell itself. Surely the rain wouldn’t be too bad.

And honestly, it wasn’t. It also just never stopped. So now, stranded between Gavin’s family’s house (the old mob family had invited them over for Christmas) and the Heathrow airport, where Geoff, Jack, and Jeremy were waiting to get picked up, Michael and Ryan had plenty to regret. I don’t doubt they’d have managed to find a hotel or a little inn or something, but they’re both hella annoyed and the roads are flooded to shit and it’s way colder than California, what the fuck, Gavin did not fucking warn them about this.

But then Michael finds out that the sound of rain puts Ryan right to sleep, and though he’s been doing a good job of fighting it, he’s only got so much mental stamina. Michael’s finally distracted from his anger and annoyance when Ryan doesn’t even bother asking before taking the lone queen bed in their room, falling straight to sleep without even taking his shoes off.

Asshole, Michael thinks. But Ryan’s also way… softer when he’s sleeping, and Michael knows the dude will share the bed with him. So he manhandles Ryan until he’s got his shoes and jacket off, manages to get him under the blankets, and then gets himself ready and slides under the covers next to Ryan, surprised to find that the sound of rain is suddenly just a pleasant background thrum and not annoying as fuck.

Though that might have something to do with what else he’s just discovered: Michael, much like Ryan and rain, falls asleep very fast when he’s got someone to curl up against.

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i love thinking about crimmies as “jack and geoff are on vacation/in hiding (they can multitask) and they very reluctantly leave ryan in charge (”just…just make sure no one dies before we get back”) and he’s like “haha yeah sure, np,” and it’s like…three days of quiet before he and the lads get antsy so agent of chaos older brother/cool uncle ryan takes the boys out on some of the most stressful jobs they’ve ever done”

alternatively, i enjoy thinking about crimmies as a groundhog’s day scenario where they keep reliving the same heist over and over until the do it right (as soon as one of them dies, it all resets right from the beginning).

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The vagabond is slowly going into a different kind of insanity and the rest of the Fake AH Crew don’t know what to do.

Where he used to slaughter without reason he’s now on the verge of killing a woman for parking in his space.

They thought he’d gotten better but perhaps he’d just gotten better at hiding it and now it’s cracking his mind.

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Geoff once bought pajamas for the entire Fake AH Crew for Christmas. Ryan pretends to be exasperated by his antics but he still wears them around the penthouse every once in a while. It’s a suspiciously more common sight when Geoff is feeling down.

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au where the vagabond burns down los santos looking for his battle buddy after rimmy tim goes missing

(this brand of headcanon asks is closed, but you can send in two numbers from this post for the current ask game i’m doing! this is just playing catch-up)

-Battle Buddies AU!!!! AKA there is an agency in the battle buddies’ past, one that made them what they are (in their eyes) and wants them back. Ryan’s certain they’re the ones behind Rimmy Tim’s disappearance, certain they’re keeping them apart, and he will. Not. Stand. For. It.

-He knows the Agency has a secret grip on Los Santos; what better way to send a message to them that he’ll get Jeremy back than to strike them where it’ll hurt most? With a little (coerced) help from an associate called Mogar, the Vagabond turns to arson and demolition. He spends ages planning his hits, leaves virtually no one alive in his destruction. The city is in chaos; walking the streets looks like a post-apocalyptic dystopia, between the rubble and the dust and the broken buildings, and Ryan couldn’t care less, he will get Jeremy back.

-But after he’s destroyed the Agency in Los Santos with no sign of Jeremy, he’s forced to consider other options. Something he should have done long ago, actually; another reason he needs Jeremy, to keep his thoughts straight. Jeremy wouldn’t have done this much damage if Ryan had gone missing, he would have rescued Ryan by now if their roles were reversed, what if he’s dead-

-That’s how the agents find him, in the middle of a panicked spiral, convinced he’s failed, that Jeremy’s dead. He barely resists as the Agency brings him in, tells him that his message has been received, now what the fuck does he want?

-They turn him out back to Los Santos when they realize he won’t talk to them. Even now, desperate, Ryan won’t break the promise he made with Jeremy to never go back to them. But he’s more lost than ever, because if the Agency had Jeremy they would have lorded the fact over him, so where is he? Where? He’s about ready to go on a rampage again, declare that he’ll level the whole city if they don’t give him Rimmy Tim back, when that Mogar guy reaches out to him again

-Apparently, about half of Ryan’s destruction occurred on gang turf, specifically Fake turf. Which Mogar is a member of. Whoops. He’s ready to kill Mogar just to get rid of him as an obstacle when two things happen: one, he thinks “what would Jeremy do?” and two, Mogar compliments his work. Which… unexpected. But it makes him relax some, weirdly, gets his brainbox spinning, and hey, he knows the Fakes have a pretty impressive track record, maybe he can use them to get Jeremy back.

-It’s been two months by this point, and maybe that’s why he meshes with the Fakes so well. The agreement is simple: he’ll work for them, no questions asked, for two years, and they’ll help him where they can in terms of getting his partner back. He’s pretty sure that’s just a platitude, but then… they start helping a lot more than he thought? Gavin wakes him up at four in the morning with a virtual paper trail indicating that lots of high-profile freelancers have been snatched up in the past few months, Jack asks him questions about Jeremy in a kind way, Geoff offers to shorten his time with them should Jeremy get rescued sooner than expected (Ryan almost counter-offers for both battle buddies to work for them, but realizes at the last second that he should let Jeremy weigh in on it.) 

-The final act of grand destruction from the Vagabond is a thing of beauty. An entire pier of warehouses up in flames, dozens of people running free, hundreds of enemies dead; a human trafficking ring broken, blackmailers left to burn in the fire of their mistakes, namely messing with the wrong fucking people. Jeremy’s not in great shape - it’s been two months of him not giving up any information and being deliberately weakened, but he still picks up a gun as soon as his hands are freed and fights alongside Ryan with only a hint of rust to his movements. He doesn’t hesitate before grabbing Ryan in a hug, lets out a cheer to rival Michael’s whoops of joy when the first warehouse properly explodes, thanks the Fakes for assisting with the rescue like he’d just been stuck without a ride from the goddamn airport instead of held prisoner. He insists they bring a few other victims with them; a duo called the Twins despite them not looking terribly alike or even being the same race; a gorgeous, snarky, sassy young woman who proves herself immediately by snatching a sniper rifle from Gavin and picking off a several-hundred-yard shot with ease; a long-haired dude with a faded stripe who introduces himself as a tech expert.

-They all come with the Fakes back to base, get treated, get some proper rest, get offered assistance. Again, Geoff offers to let Ryan out of his deal so he can be with Jeremy; again, Ryan waits to answer. The Twins, Alfredo and Trevor, instantly latch onto Gavin and the three of them are begging Geoff to let them join before the night is out. Fiona and Matt seem more guarded, but Matt makes it clear he’ll go along with whatever Jeremy decides (Ryan’s almost jealous that someone’s gotten so close to Rimmy Tim, but also - it’s just Jeremy’s charm. He gets it.) It takes about two minutes to realize that Michael and Jack have already mentally and emotionally adopted Fiona, and it’s soon after that Ryan decides: like Matt, he’ll go along with whatever Jeremy decides, but he’s pretty sure he wants to stay.

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Imagine Ryan's first stint working with the fakes, where he's warming up to them and likes everybody but still stays at his own place. He wakes up one day with fever and aches and chills and of course that day gets a call about a job the fakes need him for, he absolutely refuses to let them down (or tell them he's sick, what will they think? his Reputation™) so he drags on his outfit and heads out to meet them and do his best (which they see through pretty quick and get him back to bed)

given the current state of events, please let me know if there’s anything I need to tag this with. I’m going with a bog-standard bug here, nothing contagious, just one of those 24-hour things you sometimes get.

(this brand of headcanon asks is closed, but you can send in two numbers from this post for the current ask game i’m doing! this is just playing catch-up)

-I like to imagine the Vagabond doesn’t get sick often. It doesn’t get cold enough in Los Santos for the more severe things like bronchitis or pneumonia to really be major problems, and he’s healthy enough (despite his sugar intake) to fend off most flus, colds, etc. (Also, because he’s responsible, goddammit, he gets his flu shots.) So waking up one morning feeling like his skin is going to crawl off his body and like his bones are suddenly made of slag iron and like he wants to be literally buried in blankets is a shock

-And, like, he’s probably known about this job in advance, since it’s his first stint with the crew? He’s supposed to show up at the base in- he checks the time, in twenty minutes, shit. They’re going to go over the heist plan with him and then go start on the setups and preps to get a feel for working with him and he doesn’t want to miss this, they’re the Fakes and he’s the state’s most notorious hitman and he doesn’t get sick

-The panic of “be there in twenty minutes” combined with the brain fog of “wants nothing but to fall asleep again, preferably in a hot tub or fifty blankets” means he doesn’t make the smart decision here. AKA, he slugs back a shitton of coffee, puts on the mask and eye makeup to hide the bags under his eyes, slips into his outfit. He plans on just not talking today so they won’t hear the grating quality in his voice, gets on his bike, and speeds over, fashionably five minutes late

-Of course it’s Jack who catches on really quick. He’s actually spent a decent amount of time with her before - she’d been the one to hire him for this, and they’d hung out at a couple criminal bars in the process of hiring and interrogating each other. She’d also impromptu-helped him on a job once, when he’d been trying to evade surprisingly competent cops and she’d stopped to give him a ride to his safehouse. So as soon as the meeting is over, she holds him back in the heist room, waits until everyone is gone, and firmly says “we’re staying here and you’re resting” in a tone that brooks absolutely zero arguments

-He still complains and tries to say he can do it, because he’s Ryan and the Vagabond and he wants to do this job with them, but Jack is literally putting a cup of soup in the microwave as she shoots him down and heading into a back room to grab tylenol and blankets and within twenty minutes, Ryan finds himself wrapped up on the couch; mask off, tea in his hands, soup on the side table, Jack sitting next to him and scrolling through Netflix for a show to watch

-Geoff and Jeremy get back first from their part of the setup, and Geoff starts to pitch an absolute fit about how they’d slacked off but freezes when he sees Ryan half-asleep against a very protective Jack. He ends up going into the kitchen to make “actual soup, Jackie, you know that microwavable shit doesn’t do anything” and Jeremy makes himself comfortable on Ryan’s other side, his hand somehow finding Ryan’s neck and the pressure points on it and oh my god, Ryan’s never loved a massage so much. When Michael and Gavin finally get back, Ryan’s wholly asleep, and they take impressive initiative and go make up the spare room so Jeremy and Jack can put him in a proper bed. Michael grabs a humidifier; Gavin gets to work figuring out how to make up their part of the setup; several hours later, Ryan wakes up feeling much better, relieved to see no one else is sick, and officially decides these are his new favorite people.

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Hey! I found your blog and I am loving getting to read all your FAHC headcanons. You don't have to answer but I was wondering if you had any Fake jeremy/ryan/gavin headcanons?

(this brand of headcanon asks is closed, but you can send in two numbers from this post for the current ask game i’m doing! this is just playing catch-up)

-I don’t know why this sprang to mind, but I like the idea that it started as Gavin crushing on both Jeremy and Ryan, not exactly acknowledging it, and matchmaking them to deal with his denial/repressed emotions. Part of it is that he sees how well they get on - which, of course they do, they’re the Battle Buddies - but because he’s got some insecurities he chooses to focus on their dynamic instead of recognizing how they each, in their own sweet way, interact with Gavin himself.

-We stan good communication so Jeremy and Ryan absolutely have a thorough talk with each other about Gavin and being poly and expectations and boundaries and by ‘thorough conversation’ I mean they have a late-night talk about it where they actually manage to cover everything in between kissing each other’s faces at 1 in the morning don’t ask why I’m in a soft mood

-Ryan’s more outwardly worried than Jeremy, and it shows in how he’s interacting with Gavin. He flubs his words way more, is weirdly giggly around him, and it’s obvious to everyone but Gavin that he’s like a teenage girl with a crush on the popular dude. The excitement and puppy love is almost unbearable. Meanwhile Gavin’s just like “is Ryan sick? Does he need to rest, did he get a concussion???”

-On the other hand, Jeremy is wooing the living daylights out of Gavin. We’re talking flirting, we’re talking chivalry, flowers for a heist well done and all sorts of cheesy criminal things. Gavin can tell what he’s going for but he’s clearly confused as fuck as to why a taken man, who he himself helped land his current boyfriend, is making moves on Gavin

-Because he can actually use words properly, Jeremy (with Ryan there for moral support because he does get anxious, even if he can hide it a bit better) asks Gavin on a date first. There’s a long chat (again, c o m m u n i c a t i o n) and they end up going on separate dates first: Gavin and Jeremy, and then Gavin and Ryan, because Gavin’s worried and secretly wants to make sure they both want him

-After two fantastic dates and a couple really sweet kisses from two different guys, Gavin is officially dating these boyfriends and turning up the Gavin-ness to 110% with them because he’s so happy

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I know that it might be better to start with the first one but I’m not watching that right now and I barely remember it, so this is what I’ve gotta work with. With this casting I’m less going off of skill sets or abilities and more off the general vibe I get from the characters.

First off, the Angels. Three talented young people working for an unknown dude who has the best contacts. The first to come to mind are the Lads.

Dylan: Jeremy. A flashy metal head who tends to get in trouble. Also Monstertrucks. Added bonus, Jeremy is from the Boston area where the Irish mob is big and that just fits perfectly with Dylan’s backstory.

Natalie, Alex: Team Nice Dynamite. Tbh, I can’t decide who is who. On one hand Natalie’s occasional clumsiness fits Gav perfectly. On the other hand, Alex’s backstory doesn’t seem to fit Michael at all. If we took Michael as Natalie, then Lindsay could be Pete?  And then if Gav was Alex, it would fit with the Britishness (cause John Cleese plays her dad. don’t know if she’s supposed to be British).

Next are Charlie and Bosley who “are” the agency that employs the angels.

Charlie: Geoff. He’s the boss behind the scenes. No one really knows who he is. Has connections to all the big shady players. Collects talented young fighters to do his dirty work. Also filthy rich.

Bosley: Jack. Right hand man to Charlie. Even though in this movie Bosley is new, that’s what he’s supposed to be: a connection between Charlie and the Angels.

Now the only one missing from the main six is Ryan and I think I found the perfect role. Even though he is not technically one of the good guys, he isn’t an antagonist in this movie:

ThinMan: Ryan. Creepy assassin. Seriously, this guy turns up at an orphanage, family died in a fire, doesn’t say a word, stays loyal to the nuns who raise him, protects the kid just cause he’s s from the same orphanage. Also obsessed with Dylan. This screams Vagabond who is weirdly obsessed with Rimmy Tim (let the shipping begin). Also former villain turned kind of an ally? That’s what I’m here for. Also head canon that his death at the end of the movie was faked/he somehow managed to survive being stabbed with his own sword and crushed by a giant E.

For this, I wanted to stay with the main six (plus a mention of lindsay). I’m sure other options would be awesome as well though. One thing that crossed my mind was Lindsay, Fiona, and Mica as the Angels to stay with the girl power.

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Headcanon that Ryan sometimes goes out on heists with the crew as just a human person with a backwards cap and a teeshirt instead of the Vagabond gear.

For the purposes of this headcanon, Ryan wears the mask for mostly aesthetic reasons. And maybe some psychological, but mostly in the ‘I was nervous so I wore a mask’ kind of way.

Also in this headcanon the people of Los Santos don’t actually recognize Ryan as the Vagabond. Since the Fakes have so many members, they have a tendency to switch up faces every once in a while, so it’s not exactly strange to see the Vagabond missing from one heist or another. It’s assumed that he’s busy on a less showy job, or recuperating from an injury, or else a liability on this particular mission for one reason or another. They usually have one of their hard hitters with them, but almost never all of them, so it’s not strange for Michael or Jeremy or Lindsay or the Vagabond or any combination thereof to be gone from the public view for a little while. And then which members do join the heist, that varies even more. USUALLY Jack will be there as a getaway, but sometimes it’s Jeremy in the car, or Matt. Whether Gavin’s there or not is a complete toss up, Fiona and Alfredo are almost never on the same job as one another, and every once in a while the boss might poke their head out of hiding and be on the scene. So it’s not weird that the Vagabond is missing. And it’s not even weird to see a rare face in the public eye.

But no one has ANY idea who the HELL Ryan is. 

There are a hundred theories floating around, as to what exactly his role in the crew is, or else where he came from: a mechanic, a freelancer, a civilian who said fuck it and jumped the line from hostage to hostage taker, afterwords just kind of sticking around. Curious civilians and reporters spend hours pouring over the meagre footage, trying to determine any kind of specialty. There were two things that made that task difficult. One: everyone in the FAHC had all the same basic skills, fight, shoot, steal. They all had their own style, their own way of doing that, and their own specialties outside of that, usually. Ryan meanwhile was dressed as a normal guy and had no distinct aesthetic style, but then didn’t try to blend in with the crowds or attempt any deception. Nor did he have a particularly showy way of doing “fight shoot steal.” Ryan looked and acted in a way that made him the closest thing the FAHC got to “default.” Two: only what was caught on tape could be analysed. There was no telling what went on within the doors of the bank, let alone at their hideout. If he had a specialty, no one knew what it was. This was pretty common, no one knew Gavin’s real job for the first year he joined, most people thought Michael was a soldier rather than a demolitions expert for at first. Hell, no one knew who Matt was until the cyber crimes division started bitching about him to reporters, and no one knew what Fiona did until she broke someone’s kneecap and everyone collectively decided it didn’t matter. 

Ryan looks like he could be strong, maybe, seemed decently good with guns but not in any notable way. There was some fridge logic to be had with regards to his “everyday” attire, that kind of thought you have late at night when you’ve gotten out of bed to get a glass of water and you realize that he’s the only one not wearing a bulletproof vest. That he’s actually a lot more badass than he seems on the surface. Still, he never seems to do the same job, was on crowd control once, vault duty another time, held the line on a third occasion, and that made him very hard to pin down. 

In actuality, showing up as “Ryan” one day was an impulsive choice he made, when he had been sleeping in and didn’t want to change into the uncomfortable leather and stifling mask in his still-drowsy state. He threw on some jeans, kept the shirt he had been sleeping in, and threw his hair into the messiest ponytail and covered it up with a hat. Later, it came up a couple more times, the store he was shopping at got robbed and he was in no mood to play civilian, Jeremy had stolen his jacket and Michael had painted his mask pink and it just wasn’t worth it to fix those things before the heist started in twenty minutes; at least three times he went out with his glasses instead of his usual contacts, because there was a problem with them, because his eyes had been dry lately, because he left his replacements at the penthouse while they were holed up in a safehouse for a couple days. 

And no one puts it together because when the Vagabond is finally revealed it’s going to be dramatic right? We’re going to have a great moment like Rorschach’s “give me back my face!” or be treated to some monologue about how he wears it when he kills, or learn that it’s the only thing stopping him from going truly insane with all the things he’s done, or else learn that he’s been leading a normal life underneath it all. Surely it means something right? Surely there’s something sacred to the mask? Surely it’s not something that he can simply drop idly whenever he feels like it. Right?

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okay, okay hear me out,, au where before the vagabond joins the fahc, michael and gavin make a bet about who can go on a date with the vagabond first. so mogar and the vagabond have this very physical cat and mouse game going on, while gav and the Vagabond have this more digital cat and mouse game going on. And I don’t know who wins the bet, but it ends with Michael, Ryan, and Gavin all dating eachother??

you have my attention

(this brand of headcanon asks is closed, but you can send in two numbers from this post for the current ask game i’m doing! this is just playing catch-up)

-Jeremy, Geoff, and Jack have their own betting pool about what’s going to happen. Geoff thinks Ryan’s gonna get annoyed and kill one or both of them, Jack’s betting on Michael, and Jeremy’s betting on Gavin. All three of them are simultaneously astonished and not surprised that it only took hiring the Vagabond twice for Gavin and Michael to make their stupid bet about dating the merc.

-What does astonish them more, and lead them to make their own separate betting pool, is watching the Vagabond’s responses, because this is a long heist and they’re all spending a lot of time together and holy shit he seems okay with it? Geoff can say it’s a front all he wants; Jeremy and Jack will gossip to each other about this until the day they die.

-Gavin’s game is always better not in person; he knows he’s clumsy and trips over everything and nothing and acts like a weird bird when he’s got the slightest bit of adrenaline going through him. But, like, texting? Skype, Discord, basically every messaging app ever? He can be smooth as fuck on those, and to his astonishment, so can Vagabond. Or Ryan, as he’s discovered; Ryan from Georgia, who likes dogs and cats, who’s actually really good at Minecraft, who hands out pieces of information on himself like they’re bloody rewards or something for a game Gavin’s not entirely sure he understands. But he keeps chasing, because fuck if he’s going to let Michael win.

-Meanwhile, the other half of Team Nice Dynamite is busy just being himself 110%. From sparring Ryan for the hell of it, racing him up Mount Chilliad, getting drunk and flirty with the guy he’s pretty sure Geoff is considering hiring full-time (which has ramifications, yeah, but why think of those when he could be busy making the big bad Vagabond flush so hard it’s visible through his facepaint) and doing a hundred other things that make Michael the prize for Ryan. It’s a strange cat and mouse game they have, unsure who is who, both of them constantly trying to outdo the other and clearly impressed with what the other has to offer; Jack flat-out locked them in the gym once, clearly insinuating that they take it further already, but Ryan jimmies open the window and chases Michael up a floor and they tumble into a very confused Gavin’s room, laughing their asses off

-And then there’s Ryan. Who’s about to bust everything wide open, because he doesn’t know Gavin and Michael aren’t dating.

-Seriously, why would he think otherwise? Even a blind mole could see that they have an affection for each other that far outstrips whatever they’re playing at with Ryan, and they’ve always been this way, from what he’s heard. He’s seen Michael run up and kick a live grenade away from Gavin before, heard Gavin go eerily stoic to stealth-guide Michael out of a terrifying infiltration while simultaneously hacking three different systems. There’s nothing they’d not do for each other, he can tell; so he thinks he’s being flirted with by two poly guys, thinks it’s such a fact that he doesn’t even bother asking anyone else about it.

-It all falls apart when Ryan finally texts Gavin to ask him out to dinner. Him and Michael. Which - Gavin’s staring at his screen, befuddled, because him and Michael? His boy? Why would he be coming too- oh no.

-Cue a lot of confusion and panicked texting and howling laughter from Jeremy, Geoff, and Jack. A lot of apologies from Michael and Gavin to Ryan, and Ryan to both of them. A whole lot of arguing over what should happen with all the bets. Ryan ends up collecting all the prize money, as he managed to evade literally every outcome someone had put money on, and uses his winnings to treat his two new boyfriends to a very lovely evening out on town.

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That idea you had of Ryan wanting to be friends but the crew distrusting him has such great hurt/comfort potential and I want to hear more!

Ahhh thank you!! I’m about to start seriously working on this story, so I don’t wanna give away too terrible much, but here’s a few things about it:

-Myan is absolutely going to be a thing. It’s gonna be (by my writing standards) slow burn as fuck and sort of rivals/enemies to lovers and I cannot WAIT to write it

-There is absolutely going to be a scene where Lindsay basically just adopts Ryan as her brother I do not make the rules. They also might get a bit drunk and bitch about life to each other I still do not make the rules

-Ryan’s relationship with Jeremy is going to really parallel the crew’s relationship to Ryan and at the same time Jeremy’s relation to the crew will be a massive foil to Ryan’s relationship with them and I can’t wait to show that!!! In writing!!! I’m so happy I managed to come up with scenes to showcase it and everything (don’t wanna say what but you’ll know when you read em)

-Currently, I’m struggling with how the external action (like, heists and shit) is going to tie into all the familial/platonic/romantic drama as well as the backstories (which I’m still working on for everyone), but I am absolutely certain that outside influences are gonna be involved - probably the Derp Crew (because I mostly know how to write them already) and the RT team, since they’re the ones I’ve seen the next most content of at RT. There’s gonna be inter-gang drama. There’s absolutely going to be hijinks. I’m seriously considering making the Derp Crew a drag racing bunch of buddies who do robberies on the side. I swear this is all going to have something to do with everything XD

-The Battle Buddy heart-to-hearts are gonna be so deep, y’all, I’m the one writing this and I’m not even prepared

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