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So I’ve been doing some thinking about my writing. 

From the get go, I made very sure that I was never writing about the ah members as people. I don’t do office fics, or anything that approximates real life. I did this for my own comfort; I didn’t want to write about real people, I wanted to write about the characters they created.

To that end, I’ve only ever written about the vagabond, not about RH. Right now, I don’t feel comfortable continuing to write or curate content with him in it. While I’m processing how I feel, I’m going to put distance between me and the character of the vagabond.

I understand that for some of you, the character and the person are distinct enough that this isn’t as much of an issue for you. So for right now, I’m not going to delete the things I’ve written. They represent a period of creativity in my life I’m happy about, and they were written before any of this happened. I am going to be removing the tags off them. Anything I’ve written with him in it will have his first and last name tagged, and a request not to reblog, so if you’re looking to block it, his name is all you’ll need. I’m going to be going through my blog in the next couple days and changing the tags for content with him in it as well as removing content that is specifically about him and not his characters. Stuff with him and other ah members I’ll deal with on a case by case basis, but I’ll make sure to tag everything consistently.

Finally, I want to say in no uncertain terms that what RH did was fucking disgusting, and I do not, in any way shape or form, condone his actions. This is not an RH apologist space. I believe victims, and I believe the people RH engaged with are victims of a predator. There is no excuse that justifies that behaviour. 

Thanks for reading. If y’all need to talk more, or make requests for things to tag, you can always message me! 

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due to Ryan leaving RT and AH I am no longer continuing the Vagabork series not to respect him but because I am respecting Rooster Teeth and them removing all his content

Thank you for all of those who liked the series and I apologize for taking so long to update it only to suddenly drop it

Remember that the People of AH are humans and are allowed to make mistakes and to treat others like you want to be treated.

Anything Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic did should not reflect what Rooster teeth is and I am glad they have been fired and what they did was found out.

I edited this post now that I understand more as to way Ryan was leaving and know that it isn’t on his own terms. No one who has fans should do things like this or take advantage over anyone who is considered a minor.

I am glad Rooster teeth fired them and are removing videos that feature them.

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Is it my sleep deprived brain

Or is Brittle Buddies actually a good name for the Gavin, Ryan, and Jeremy team?

Because apparently officially it’s Team Squad, which is stupid and funny, but also impersonal and not what I was hoping for in a team name for this particular Fahc fic (my chat fic, in case anyone is interested).

And Brittle Buddies is about the best I could come up with.

I’m happily taking either opinions on the name or other suggestions. I just kind of want the three of them to have a nice name that isn’t just “Team Squad” because they’re an absolute joy to write together causing chaos.

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Honestly a first date is them on a heist together getting shot at–

and Ryan goes: 
“Wanna go out?”

“Like? Right now? You’re doing this NOW?”

“I meant after work, just you and I, probably blowing shit up for funzies or get food.”

“Out of any time to ask me, you choose during a HEIST.”

Listen, I didn’t know what to say and it’s just in the moment while my adrenaline is pumping.”

“Fine, fine. Just let us get out of this ALIVE, we can shower and get ready.”

We can shower, huh? Together?”



It could’ve gone in a more, less intense state like what Lindsay suggested, but Ryan and making words without fumbling without the adrenaline is just a mess.

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Don’t mind me, just crying about my family soulmarks au again. 

Mostly I’ve been thinking about Ryan in that au, and how the Vagabond builds up this huge terrifying reputation but in reality he like, has a panic attack if he’s left alone in the dark, is constantly glued to Gavin or Jeremy’s side whenever one of them is around, forgets to eat sometimes because he doesn’t want to be away from them or because he doesn’t have the energy for. He has days he doesn’t talk a lot because even getting out of bed was a lot of energy and he just kind of sits around not doing much with coaxing from Jeremy or Gavin. And he’s constantly worried about the two of them getting hurt and goes into overprotective mother hen mode over even small injuries.

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Michael has known the Vagabond for about a year now since he joined the Fakes. He doesn’t know anything else about the man except his height, built and advanced skill for weapons, particularly knives. He hasn’t even seen his face. Never.

Geoff tells Michael a great kept secret one day, as he trusts the young man more than anyone in the room, that it’s all for Geoff’s and the Fakes’ safety. The Vagabond’s real name: Ryan Haywood.

And it hits Michael. Could it be the same Ryan Haywood he met at an international camp all those years ago?

The name sends his mind into a flashback: Michael remembers attending an international camp for young adults held in Maryland a decade ago. He was 18. Ryan was a few years older… Michael doesn’t remember that tidbit very well. But what he remembers well: He had a huge crush on Ryan. HUGE. Ryan had been so nice and accommodating, one of the sweetest guys he’d ever met. And Michael was almost sure they had a thing going. Yet, he never saw Ryan again after the camp. Sure, there had been letters exchanged, but that quickly faded once Ryan moved away. It worried Michael a lot, but he was forced to move on by time.

So what if this is the same Ryan? And what are the fucking odds if it is?

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arjagvr okay I saw this before falling asleep last night and I want you to know that A.) it is probably better than the idea I had and also B.) I literally have not been able to stop thinking about it since then.

Like maybe at first it just starts with pictures. Gavin see’s a tower of Diet Coke in the store and sends a picture to Ryan like “looks like you heaven.”

Ryan is out one evening and takes a picture of the sunset and sends it to Gavin saying “the oxygen levels seem low tonight”.

But it develops so quickly. Small things at first, Ryan breaks into someone’s house looking for info and comes out with a golden bracelet he just knows Gavin will love. He’s not living at the penthouse at the time but he bribes the person at the front desk to pass it along with a note, Ryan never signs his name but of course who else would it come from. Later Gav sends him what seems to be a casual selfie from down by the pier, but in it Ryan can see he’s proudly showing off the bracelet.

A week later, Ryan finds tucked into his mailbox a small but fancy knife, with a note that lacks a signature, but lets him know all too well the game is on now.

They start stealing more and more elaborate things for one another. More than once Gavin recruits Jeremy to help him hide things in Ryan’s room while he sleeps.

Ryan starts leaving notes where he knows only Gavin will find them, hiding his objects in various places around the city, especially as they start to become more elaborate gifts.

It’s a game they play for quite a while. Of course, all this being before they start dating. It’s like an elaborate courting.

The Fakes and Jeremy both watch the entire thing happen and shake their heads and wonder how these two idiots haven’t seemed to realize they love each other.

Because they’re just out and Ryan/Gavin will see something and immediately think about the other. The entire time keeping up this game of back and forth just to make the other smile.

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Sometimes, some nights, you just have to work on some soft Fahc Freewood.

I never got around to finishing this fic because I was never happy with the plot.

So I’ve removed the angst, and now the biggest source of trouble is that these two idiots take way too long to admit they like each other, but other than that it will be full soft.

If you want to read the first chapter, it’s called “Love’s Never Come My Way (I’ve Never Been This Far)”.

It’s literally just a series about Gavin and Ryan, and ways to say I love you.

And with that being said, if anyone has a certain “way to say I love you” you would like me to write a chapter on, I would be more than happy to. I have an idea for a few rn, but I would love to know what people would like to read

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Ryan broke my heart as he did many people.

For the last few months I’ve been writing and editing- getting ready to post my stories to this tumblr. 

I don’t condone what he did. And I wasn’t sure if I was going to post anything involving him.

But, I’ve decided the Ryan I wrote isn’t the real life him. So I’m going to keep writing my version of him. Who we all thought of him as.

If you don’t like that, then just don’t read my stuff. Silently judge me, I don’t care. Just please don’t leave rude comments or shit like that. I have enough bullshit to deal with in my life.

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Now that I’m finally getting around to editing and reposting my various Fahc fics, I wanted to make this post just to explain what I plan to do moving forward (Instead of having to do this over and over).  Bear with me, as this is going to get a bit long as I feel like there is a lot I need to say.

I want to say firstly that, going forward, I am still going to be using the Vagabond in my fics.

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