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#fahc trevor

Literally Nobody asked but I occasionally have thoughts and I cannot rest until I inflict them upon the world around me

  • So it’s the 20′s right. Prohibition is a thing right. Geoff was already in the process of building a gang and like,,, what better business to base your operation out of than the insanely popular new alcohol smuggling gig???
  • The crew do other shit obv, but the speakeasy is their main base of operations and they all do work around the place when they’re not busy with other work, which is a decent amount of the time
  • Geoff does all of the behind the scenes Boss Stuff- along with managing other crew operations
  • Jack, Michael, and Lindsay all do bartending
  • Gavin and Fiona work the crowd! Sort of like what the general conception of a “flapper” was (Though that’s not really what the term means but w/e)
  • Ryan and Jeremy? Bouncer Buddies Babey
  • Alfredo and Trevor are an entertainment duo!
  • Matt manages their stock and sources, Steffie is their informant and social plug, and Sarah is Geoff’s assistant with stuff like management and accounting for the bar
  • Geoff doesn’t actually drink, but he started a speakeasy anyways out of Spite. Because fuck the law
  • Ryan is also not a drinker. Hes just here for a good time yknow. For The Laffs
  • To be honest, Michael is kind of like a third bouncer And a bartender at the same time. They keep a bat behind the bar and if he’s aware of any bullshit it is in his hand before you can blink. That Jersey Blood, Man
  • Fiona and Gavin aren’t strictly flirty with the clientele- if anything, a lot of the time it’s just friendly conversation. But they Can be slutty if so desired,
  • Jeremy used to be an underground pit fighter. Geoff saw him fight, liked his attitude, and ended up getting him out of some trouble with local gangs in exchange for him working security for the speakeasy. He could’ve left after the first couple months or so, but he chose to stick around after that.
  • Alfredo and Trevor mainly do music, but they’ll incorporate some comedy into their act. Alfredo plays piano, Trevor mainly sings but can play the trumpet as well
  • It was actually just Trevor at first- all of their other entertainment is temporary. But then they hired Fredo for a bit and Tre was basically like “We’re actually best friends now and you have to keep him or I’ll Cry” and Geoff just said fine and hired him, partially because he Is very talented and partially because it was easier
  • They don’t have the fanciest place in the world, but it’s well-known, well-kept, and serves some of the best booze you can get. Geoff always makes sure they test the stock before it goes out to the patrons- he may be smuggling, but he refuses to hand out any of the fake, dangerous shit that ends up getting passed around.
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Just watched Ocean’s 11 with my parents and of course I had to cast the Fakes. I guess that’s just my life now. Anyway, there’s some stuff I’m a little unsure about so I’d be happy to get some feedback 😊

Danny - Geoff; leader

Rusty - Jack; best friend of leader

Basher - Michael; explosives/ electricity

Livingston - Myatt; tech guy

Frank Catton - Gavin; dealer

Linus - Jeremy; new guy

Virgil/Turk - Treyco/Fredo; brothers, drivers, Jack of all trades

Yen - Fiona; acrobatics

Reuben - Ryan; sponsor

Saul - Lindsay; undercover

Now to explain some of my choices cause some of it was a little difficult to match up.

At first I had Jeremy as Yen and Fiona as Linus. Mostly cause of Jeremy’s gymnastics and Fiona being the youngest. BUT she has a much smaller frame and would thus fit in smaller spaces. Jeremy doesn’t really fit the whole inconspicuous thing that Linus has going on but I could see him as a pickpocket.

In my first draft I also had Myatt and Gav switched. Mostly because I love the Golden Boy as a tech expert. But I do think that FAHC!Myatt is more of a tech guy than Golden Boy. Also Gav being a dealer really kinda fits with the flashy aesthetic of the Golden Boy, I think.

Now Ryan and Lindsay. Both are two of my favourites in any FAHC content but while they both did fit other roles, others were better for those roles, so they kinda got what was left over. Ryan as Reuben does kinda fit though since he pays for the heists in GTA. And even though undercover isn’t the job that Lindsay is usually given in the fandom, I think she’d be awesome at it. She could totally pull off being a shady arms dealer. Another idea for the roles of Saul and Reuben were Burnie and Matt Hullum but it doesn’t seem as fitting and also they’re usually not part of the Fakes.

Instead. I thought that it’d be fun if Matt Hullum was Terry Benedict and Burnie was Tess (in a friendship kinda way, this is not a shipping post). In that case there could be an added old rivalry or broken friendship between Geoff and Matt. But again since they’re technically not Fakes, it was more of an after thought.

So what do y’all think?

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[Disclaimer I promise this IS NOT going to get political it’s just some FAHC headcannon I thought of based on current events]

So I have this habit of watching World News Tonight with David Muir after eating dinner (which is really a Boomer thing for me to do being the Gen Z kid I am) just so I know what’s going on.

So recently I’ve been thinking about the subway boycott in New York and something in my mind said “FAHC Michael would totally do that” so here are some ideas twisting from that.

  • FAHC obviously drinks their respect women juice every morning so the crew (which is a whole other tangent I want to go on but that’s a post for another time)
  • Geoff sees that another lady has prematurely lost her life to the unsafe labyrinth that is the Los Santos subway system
  • The crew is pissed and is trying to figure out how the city isnt puting funding to make the subway system better.
  • Ryan and Gavin team up for some recon trying to see where the money goes with an encrypted card that tracks transactions.
  • Ryan takes the subway at night and Gav takes it in the morning collecting data to see how many women feel unsafe (and to help if and when needed) and how much funding could be put back into making it safer
  • They find out that the fee for the subway isn’t going to shit and that it’s going right into the corporate pockets
  • Geoff gathers the guys to act as security and escorts for women who need help
  • Michael, wanting to help the poor who have trouble with the commute just buys gallons of gorilla glue to jam the card scanners
  • City is pissed and can’t really do shit or they’ll be caught in embezzlement
  • The public is happy and the crew is hailed leaders in the rebellion against corporate greed in the wealthiest city on the west coast of the US
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Edit: Playlist has been updated, please take a look at the “index” to see the update!

I made an FAHC Spotify playlist. I used the Songs from AH the Musical as clear dividers, they’d all come at the end of that particular Achievement Hunter’s part (excluding Jack, Team OG is at the End OC Geoff’s Section, and Trevor Also doesn’t have Hard 2 Breath, it’s at the end of Alfredo’s section.)

(Highly recommend NOT using Shuffle. Highly recommend Playing in order.)


- the Intro (Syncing song, What are we doin geoff, GTA V opening theme, and a few establishing/ world building songs)

- The Vagabond’s Section (Ryan)

- The Purple 420 Sniper’s Section (Ray)

- The Animalistic Brawler’s Section (Michael)

- The Chaotic Goddess’ Section (Lindsay)

- The Shark Mage’s Section (MYATT)

- The Lil Cowboy’s Section (Jeremy)

- The Momma Bear’s Section (Fem!Jack)

- The Kingpin’s Section (Geoff)

- The Golden One’s Section (Gavin)

- The Brain’s Section (Trevor)

- The Sauce’s Section (Alfredo)

- The French Bombshell’s Section (Fiona)*

- Fake AH Crew’s Section

(*= Fiona’s Section goes from “wake up, get up, get out there” to “Bad guy”)

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When things go wrong part 2

The crew was captured by some mysterious people in lab coats and military gear, the only people they didn’t take were B team and Fiona (she’s still new and they don’t realize she’s immortal)

The whole crew was taken while away at a safe house, Fiona was watching the pent house dealing with a splitting headache from a recent spawn she sees on the news a familiar house on fire and all calls to the crew give no response

She calls Sarah to see if she can get in contact with any of them but the most they can find is a clip of a security camera showing blurry vans leaving the safe house as it catches fire

It’s almost a month before they managed to get a location, thanks to Larry, and in that time Fiona went from worried to pissed to deadly

Her and all of B team storm a well protected building killing anyone that crosses their path and ripping each room apart looking for info or the crew. Finally they find a room with Geoff hooked to medical equipment and surrounded by doctors and gaurds

After quick work of the guards they free Geoff and ask him what happened, he’s clearly exhausted but he does manage to tell them the rest of the crew are in cells somewhere else in the building

The building feels like it keeps going down, and they find the cells at the lowest level, finally freeing most of them except Ryan and Jeremy

And even after the entire building is cleared out, they’re no where to be found

The computers start wiping themselves as they’re leaving but Larry and an exhausted Matt manage to get some information on the people who did this

Including a name The Agency

Part 1

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Battle Buddies

There’s a new crew in the area that have been encroaching on fahc territory

They’re ruthless, dangerous and have gotten close to taking out fahc members, nearly taking out Geoff (He had to fake his death just to be safe)

Trevor decides that he’s gonna send someone under cover to infiltrate them and destroy them from inside out

He sends Ryan, because without the mask he’s unrecognizable, and Jeremy, after shaving his Rimmy Tim hair so that he looks like a person

Together they go undercover as the Battle Buddies and join The Agency

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your tags for my bowling thing abt the mugger... i don't know how you did it but that was literally the direction I was thinking... like trevor keeps getting called on gavin over and over and eventually one day he's just like "what the fuck you guys? I'm not doing this!" and he just drops his knife, takes off his mask and shakes Gavin's hand just like "im so fucking sorry man" and the fakes just wonder how the fuck this dude had the nerve to quit right in front of them - he's gotta join them

Must have been sharing a braincell there for a moment, lol. I blame the musical, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about mugger Trevor since then. 

But I absolutely love the idea of Trevor just quitting in front of the fakes because he feels bad about constantly mugging the same person over and over. Like I can just hear his voice going “Come on, again?” and he just quits because he can’t do it anymore, he just feels bad for Gavin constantly getting picked on by the crew. 

And then Geoff offers him a job, you know because he’s impressed with his nerve and all, but he warns Trevor once he gets to know Gav better he’ll understand why they mug him all the time and why its a crew joke and he won’t feel bad anymore. 

But for the first few weeks I imagine Treh is supper nice to Gav and stuff because he does feel bad, but as he gets more comfortable in the crew he kind of lets that go and yeah he does understand the appeal of mugging Gav, but he certainly doesn’t do it nearly as much as the others (In part because it’s awkward calling your old boss to mug the same person you quit because of)

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(Since so many people agreed with me about Gavin I wrote a new origin for the crew to explain their roles)

Geoff starts the crew as a leader with Jack as his driver/pilot they get Gavin as a pickpoket than Michael the explosives expert and Ray the sniper. They need more muscle so they manage to get in contact with the Vagabond through an old associate Lindsay. They bring her too and she leads the b team bringing on a crew medic Kidn and her ambulance driver Caleb (hes aparently squiemish and I can see her telling someone to shut up as they bleed out). The crew starts getting bigger and after Ray leaves they decide they need more people.

They hear about the street team from a different city, they aparently are separated but two of the members were spotted in Los Santos. They’re a package deal, Jeremy joins as muscle and a semi decent sniper and Matt become their hacker. With the crew going at a steady pace they need a front man so Jeremy and Matt refer Trevor.

Eventually Geoff decides he wants to step down as the leader, still in the crew but not dealing with the plans. He thinks Lindsay can handle it. The city burns for a week before he realizes his mistake. Trevor takes over as the new leader. They’ve spent long enough without a proper sniper so they hire on Alfredo.

After awhile Trevor needs to be able to focus on leading and Alfredos arthritis is making it hard to continue sniping. Alfredo become the new front man and they hire Fiona as the new sniper

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AU in which FAHC Jeremy Matt & Trevor meet from a convoluted road trip across the US

Jeremy is driving a beaten up stolen car after the Agency comes down, he’s searching for Ryan & intends to go to the city of crime for a new start.

Matt is driving to Los Santos in a large van out of curiosity, he’s gotten good work in SC & yet, his passion for crime & tech lead him there.

Trevor is on the run in a sense, he’s leaving the Roosters behind after a bad mission, with the advisement from Hullum being to head to Los Santos, & to seek out the Kingpin.

Jeremy’s car breaks down & Matt, out of a shocking amount of concern offers Jeremy a ride, loading the cat & his small amount of personal affects into the car, he sits next to Matt, & Jeremy is looking at this scrawny man who has a fluffy ass cat in the back seat, all Jeremy can think is “I could totally mug this guy”

Matt asks him where he’s going, & Jeremy just grunts out Los Santos, Matt nods his head and says he’s going to the same place. Jeremy’s mental gymnastics trying to justify mugging him increases as he slowly reaches for his knife on his side. Matt just chuckles,

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you bud”

Jeremy is gripping the knife now,

“Excuse me?”

Suddenly the van whips to the side of the road coming to a stop, & no sooner than Jeremy can, they have knives to each other’s throats, Matt’s eyes are wide & he’s smiling.

Suddenly Jeremy laughs out, smiling at the guy, glancing at his cat curled up against Matt’s.

“I’m Jeremy Dooley, ya know-I think we’re gonna get along great”

Matt & Jeremy travel & drive for a long time, talking along the way, for some reason, Jeremy finds it easy to talk to Matt, and Matt is one hell of a talker. He learns about Matt’s cat Arya, he learns all of Matt’s increasingly weird skills, he learns about the drugs stashed under the fluffy carpet of the van’s floor. Matt learns about Jeremy too, he learns about Scooter, hears stories from his days in highschool, hears about his military experience, & eventually he learns about Ryan too.

One tired night the pair parked in a Walmart parking lot, they’re laying in the bed of the van & the cats curl around them, & for the first time since the Agency’s fall, he talks about Ryan. Matt listens, hearing Jeremy’s anguish & heartbreak & suddenly he turns to Jeremy,

“Hey-well, I hope you know you won’t be looking for him alone”

Jeremy smiles softly, punches Matt in the side, and says thanks.

Meanwhile, Trevor is in Chicago now, & he’s in one hell of a pickle.

His car is dead, he’s in a dead end motel on the outskirts of the city, & there’s a body in his bathtub. He got the itch again, not having killed in some time now, the stress from running is definitely getting to him, why Heyman & Hullum adviced he’d run he’d never know, other than the vague suggestion that there was more for him and he needed to be somewhere else before everything feel, but it was exhausting regardless.

He walks to a gas station, desperate for some semblance of food for once in his life, knowing he could also really, really use a monster. He walks into the store, ready to steal but he’s sloppy, the clerk catches him and Trevor whips out his knife & kills without mercy, mostly out of panic. The cops are called by another patron & Trevor goes on the run, covered in blood, wide eyed & terrified. Matt & Jeremy see this guy, look at each other & pull up, Jeremy opens the back of the van & yells,

“Jump in here you fucking moron! Before the cats get out!”

Trevor jumps in without hesitation & the newformed trio drive off out of the city. They park, & Matt turns around suddenly,

“You look like a very familiar cockbite”

Jeremy cocks his head & Trevor pales for a moment, & then, he whips his knife out.

“Where the fuck did you learn that.”

Matt just kinda chuckes “dude, I used to run drugs for Heyman, my stuff out of SC was the best on the market for a while”

Trevor huffs, “What about bald guy?”

Jeremy yells out a “Hey!”

Matt laughs out “he’s another vagrant I picked up, just like you.”

Jeremy yells out another “Hey!”

Trevor laughs out softly, questioning the duo where they are going. When Trevor hears Los Santos, he perks. Same destination, no need to kill the duo.

The three travel & travel visiting states and dead end towns, Matt does business, Jeremy steals, Trevor gets off a few clean kills, Jeremy keeps looking for Ryan, Matt helps, & Trevor helps the best he can in between looking for his own brother James.

They become well known, sometimes the van changes colors between states but there’s rumors about a trio with two cats, brutal, chaotic & violent.

The inside of Matt’s van is covered is merch from states, trinkets from the trio’s travels. Despite their loneliness to begin their journeys, they become closer than ever. Trevor sparks a light in Jeremy, entranced by the schorching flame of the Fakes legacy. They develop their personas as they go.

Los Santos was never prepared for Axial, Rimmy Tim and Zed

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Okay so I’m riding in the car which is prime idea generation, so please consider:

A Fahc au where the Dusk Boy’s record “Hard 2 Breathe” and become super popular, so they start doing more songs, kind of becoming a comedy boy band, right? Complete with stage names and everything

But basically no one outside of Los Santos knows that they’re criminals.

The citizens, used to Fahc’s antics, kind of just wave it off as “just another day in LS”

But the police are upset

Because that’s Fahc. Clearly those three are all members of the most dangerous crew in the city.

But they can’t prove it. They can’t prove that Dusk Trevor is the same Trevor in Fahc.

And it infuriates the cops.

Meanwhile the rest of the fans outside of the city think that it’s all a joke, a big elaborate publicity stunt that the Dusk Boys are secretly criminals. It’s *funny* because they cannot conceive it even being true.

Bonus if Fahc comes out and declares the Dusk Boys “honorary members” since the police think they’re part of the crew anyways, just to annoy them even more

Also bonus if members of Fahc show up in just slightly off versions of their crew outfits in order to add to the “joke”

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-softly pats table- do u have ideas abt... fahc trevor and/or alfredo?

I’m always a sucker for childhood friends tropes so fahc Trev and Fredo growing up together and knowing each other back to front by the time they join the crew

maybe they had kind of rough childhoods so the other became only person they trusted as they grew up

because of this they’ve gotten real good at fighting beside one another and people have joked about the twins having like a telepathic link and some people may actually think it might be true but in reality they just have very subtle hand signals that only they can read

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FAHC au where Trevor starts out as the mugger who keeps mugging Gavin. He does it so many times successfully, and he keeps getting away with it so efficiently, that the crew is impressed. One day he makes the mistake of mugging Gavin when he was prepared for it and ends up taking a taser to the neck. The rest of the crew convince Gavin not to kill him, and Geoff offers Trevor a job.

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