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#failed my test

it’s weird. i’m fully conscious of my mistakes and never blame others, the only time i do is when they contribute to my life disasters. u can never win. bless up. they always want u to lose.

Khaled, K. M., Dj. (2015, December 07). [Bless up]. Unpublished raw data. 

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I just failed my bone test in lab horrible. Studying at the last minute (and by last minute I mean three days before) was such a stupid thing for me to do. I know I can have it replaced but still I should’ve known better.

And it just seems like after I failed that test every single problem and worry I have just dropped on me. Talk about stress overload.

-sigh- What is life?

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I’ve become so ok with failing tests it’s kind of a hobby. all throughout school you’re told that if you fail THIS test you will not get into college,and your parents will automatically know and kill you and the your whole personal world will go through it’s first apocalypse of many.and when that dosnt happen you’re just like………….(ooookaaaaay) but now I’m a steadfast believer that school dosnt teach all of us in the way we personally need to be taught.i don’t blame schools for this,I mean shit we’re broke and class sizes.but like i can’t do science,I just can’t and I won’t ever be able to and I’m cool with that,I just can’t understand why the rest of my high achieving/anal classmates can’t deal with that.they look at me with extremely condescending pity,but it’s like shit FUCK YOU my mind is and never will be like anyone else’s ever,and I can’t control how it works now,it’s already established its mannerisms and now I just have to learn to navigate and love it.

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