shadeswift99 · 5 months ago
I love how most mobs in Minecraft are either mindless undead, monsters who attack on instinct, or something whose aggression is drawn by violating some social convention, and then there's witches. This random human has magic and they REALLY hate you. Here have a harming potion because fuck you that's why
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coutureicons · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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vintageeveryday · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Here’s a strange vintage photograph from the San Juan de los Lagos fair in Mexico, 1940. A woman with a crown of thorns and a bandaged face, is accompanied by a man who guides her and holds her by the arm, also a nopal with its thorns nailed on her chest. In her right hand, you can see a plate giving the impression that it is to collect the blood that drains during her flagellation. Faith and religious syncretism, a mixture of Catholicism and sacrifice.
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yyuuraii · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
welcome smaidjor,,,,,,,,,,,, @defonotsmajor
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soundsfaebutokay · 5 months ago
One of the many delights of The Amazing Devil's love songs is that we feel like we're somehow getting a glimpse into real people's lives. There are such beautifully specific details. The guy from Pruning Shears wears secondhand shoes to fancy parties, the couple from Not Yet builds pillow dens. The lady in Marbles works with assholes who make annoying comments, and the guy in Fair likes to eat yoghurt while watching The Office. The couple in Ruin plays the piano together, and so on. These songs are as far away from the generic, manufactured-for-maximum-marketability hits churned out by big music studios as you can get.
The magic of it is that the specificity doesn't stop TAD's songs from being relatable. Far from it. Because even though some of the scenarios are foreign to my own life ("Everyone knows sex is better when you're unemployed." News to me, Joey.), the emotions are always deeply, unflinchingly honest. They feel authentic. These songs aren't telling you to insert yourself into a readymade fill-in-the-blanks love story. They're saying, "Hey you, sitting over there grappling with all the twists and turns of being a human who needs other humans? You are not alone."
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birf · 5 months ago
me: maybe I should play that carnival game I wanna see some tiddies
the VERY first thing you see starting a new game:
Tumblr media
me: ok!!!!!!!!
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All is vanity, nothing is fair.
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franki-lew-yo · 2 months ago
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Cartoon Warcriminal Party DIRECTOR'S CUT [rightclick for full]
Note: this is NOT an invitation to compare fictional war criminals from cartoons by how much cartoon blood is on their cartoon hands. It's not as egregious as miku binder-ing actual war criminals, mind you, but it's still annoying.
The point of this comic was never "who's the worst" it's "homah gawd, Belos has no remorse whatsoever, jeebus I love to hate this guy".
BUT- then I uploaded an older version of this to reddit and was bombarded with Steven Universe takes, pleas to watch Gravity Falls which is going to inherently make me want to watch Gravity Falls even less now, and some RUDE dissing mah Centaurworld.
Tumblr media
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lelephantsnail · a month ago
Someone on the internet said why are they making an Office/Fleabag version of Persuasion when Northanger Abbey is right there.
So now im thinking about Catherine Morland being The Main Character and prattling on at the camera about how sinister General Tilney is while Henry prances around in the background planting evidence.
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ao3-crack · 3 months ago
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akakumoeteru · 4 months ago
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Top Five Most Handsome Young Masters of the Cultivation World.
2021.04.24 Twitter・Poipiku・Weibo
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baekordei · 4 months ago
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shandzii · 2 months ago
I just saw that ask Sun and Moon part 3 won't be uploaded. It's pretty disappointing but understandable. If it's not going to be uploaded are you possibly going to post the art you drew for it?
oh it's still gonna be uploaded (in another channel), The voice actors get to stay too :0
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vintageeveryday · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
A man and a boy sharing candyfloss at an Easter Fair held on Hampstead Heath, London, 1956. Photograph by Bert Hardy.
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lovestereo · 4 months ago
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shyposttree · a month ago
Fair Season{R.B.}
Warnings: Fair food. Lots of food mentions.
Pairing: Robin Buckley x reader
Word Count: 1129 words
Tumblr media
Robin was nervously doing her makeup in Steve’s car, trying not to get any on the seat. She had been talking Steve’s ear off about the date for a week now. Steve was just as excited for Robin as Robin was excited for the day.
“Can you please explain why you’re so nervous?” Steve asked, looking over at Robin periodically. “I’m getting second-hand anxiety from you.”
Robin smiled lightly at Steve’s statement. “Not possible to get second-hand anxiety from someone doing their makeup,” She teased. “But seriously, I feel so lucky to find a girl like this in Hawkins. She belongs in a big city that will appreciate her, not here where everyone shuns her plans and passions,” Robin said.
Realization flashed across Steve’s face. “Oh... I see what’s going on here...”
“What?” Robin asked, putting her stuff in the backseat since she was done. 
“You’re in LlllOoOoOooVvVVvvveEeE!” Steve teased.
“What? No! Not true!” Robin panicked. “I just admire. From afar. Because I get nervous around her.”
“She asked you out?” Steve asked.
“One hundred percent.” Robin admitted, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. “In my defense I was right there! It was on the tip of my tongue. I just... couldn’t express it into words.”
Steve shrugged. “I genuinely don’t know the dynamics in a lesbian relationship so I’m just gonna say good job.”
Robin laughed at him and leaned back, finally relaxing. “Thanks. I just don’t know why she asked to go to the fair.”
“Well, in my experience of having a girlfriend in the summer, it’s because of the vibes.” Steve told Robin, adjusting his grip on the wheel. “You know, winning her something so she feels like you’re the best person in the world, eating fair food and laughing together, and, if it goes well, Ferris Wheel kisses.” Steve listed, remembering his past experiences.
Robin smiled at the thought of doing all of those things with you. “So, what I’m hearing is that only people who are super into you ask to go to the fair with you. Am I getting that right?” She asked.
“... Yes. That is what I just said isn’t it?” Steve asked, looking at her like she grew two heads.
“Steve, don’t pass it!” Robin shouted out of nowhere. “Right right right!”
“Right!” Steve repeated. “I forgot.”
He pulled up next to you and let Robin out. 
“Thanks Steve!” She said as she got out.
Steve rolled the passenger side window down. “Have fun you crazy kids. Robin, I’ll pick you up in a couple hours.” He said, mostly just to mess with her.
“Thanks Dad!” Robin chuckled a bit at his joke and held her arm out for you to take.
You smiled brightly at Robin and she could have sworn her soul healed a little.
You threaded your arm through hers and took her through the entrance. “You ready to have the time of your life?” You asked excitedly.
Robin smiled and pointed to a booth, remembering Steve’s words. “Do you want a bear?”
Your face lit up and it made Robin’s heart flutter. “I would love that!”
Robin walked up to it and put down 25 cents. She was given three baseballs and given instructions. “You’ll win that bear-” The guy running it pointed to the bear- “If you can knock down all the cans.”
“Yeah! Go Robin!” You cheered next to her.
Robin focused as hard as she could and missed. All three times. Robin put down more money, mostly out of embarrassment but also because she saw your face when she suggested it. She had to win.
You leaned on the counter next to her and cheered her on, even though she kept missing.
After she spent two dollars on the game you intervened. “Robin, do you wanna go get funnel cakes or something? I don’t need a bear,” You tried.
“No, no, I got it.” She assured you. “I’m determined now.”
You smiled and kissed her cheek. “Good luck then, I’ll be back. I’m bringing funnel cakes.”
Robin stared as you walked off and, once again, put down 25 cents.
Meanwhile, you were stuck in a forever long line for greasy fair food. You were fine with it though, you had Robin to go back to.
After a while you got your food and met Robin at the booth where the guy running it was handing over a large stuffed bear that was the size of her. “Got it!” She announced proudly when she saw you walking toward her.
You laughed at her enthusiasm and nodded toward the Ferris Wheel. “My dad said he was picking me up at three and it’s currently two-forty-five.” You said, hoping she’d get the hint.
Robin bit her lip to contain her excitement. “Let’s do it!”
No one was in line for the Ferris Wheel so you two were able to walk on without any problems. Robin pushed the bear in and took the food from you so you get get in easily.
“Thanks Robin,” You giggled. “This has been the best hour and a half of my summer by far.”
“I’m glad! That’s what I was going for,” She said as she peeled off a bit of funnel cake.
You looked out when you got to the top and stared in awe as you looked over Hawkins, Indiana. 
Robin had been staring at you a bit as she took in your features. 
How could someone so beautiful and perfect come from the middle of nowhere?
“So, we’re at the top...” You pointed out.
“Yep. It’s great out here.”
You swallowed harshly before asking your question. “Do you want to do the stereotypical Ferris wheel kiss you see in movies?” You asked shyly.
Robin grabbed your face and leaned forward, capturing your lips in hers. When she pulled back after a second your eyes were wide.
“I loved that.”
“So did I,” Robin smiled.
You two got off the Ferris Wheel hand-in-hand and threw away your trash. Robin walked with you to the parking lot and waved you off, Steve pulling in just as you left.
Robin got into his car with  dreamy look in her eyes.
“So... how’d it go?” He asked. “Tell me everything.”
Robin turned to face him excitedly. “First things first! I won her a bear that is as big as I am.”
“Classic,” Steve said.
Robin rolled her eyes before continuing. “Then we ate funnel cakes in the Ferris Wheel. And, don’t freak out,” Robin said, holding her hands out.
“Why would I freak out?” Steve asked.
“We kissed,” Robin said.
Steve looked excited. “You guys lived a movie! I can see you two together for many years to come.”
Robin sighed and leaned back in her seat. “I hope so.”
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