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#fair game

Qrowtober day 30 - Hands

Have a more narrative concept I wanted to do for this, but didnt have time today to get it done, so rushed this out hence the sloppy af coloring  and I’ll do the other one while I catch up with stuff this coming month. 

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You can believe whatever you want friend but I personally am not putting any stock into it. Partially because I don’t want to get my hopes up but also because really? Salem’s WHOLE thing is not respecting death even when it’s unfair (ha) so I doubt they’ll spit on their own writing like that 

AT MOST I have seen some stuff going around that maybe they’ll bring multiple people back for a big battle? Then have a chance to say goodbye. But even that I do not put any money on lol I’m keeping my expectations low for how they’ll handle it. 

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Qrow: *nervous* Hey look I found a cool rock.

Clover: *who’s not sure what to do with this grown-ass man (older than him) showing him a rock* Oh. That’s cool.

Qrow: *holds out his hand* It’s for you. Keep it.

Clover: *still confused* Sure.

Tai: *who is very familiar with the mating habits of birds, re: Raven* This is fucking hilarious. You’re both so stupid.

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