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Let’s do some Qrow and Mantle HCs!

So on trips to Atlas taken prior to V7 where Qrow was actually able to get away from the city for a few hours, he’d make his way to Mantle to cool down (emotionally speaking) from all the Atlesian BS. 

Qrow vastly prefers Mantle to its taller neighbor. Things just feel more genuine, he can get a meal (and a drink) for an actually affordable price, there’s public transportation, the kind people are kind, the jerkier people are jerks in a refreshingly non-pompous way, and he doesn’t feel like a spotlight is on him at all times. In Mantle, he can just be, and compared to Atlas, that’s a welcome change of pace.

Because of that, he makes an effort to visit Mantle at least once per trip to Atlas. Heck, on one occasion, he gets a hotel room in Mantle just so he can be as reasonably far from Atlas as his job will allow. It’s the best bit of sleep he gets in the kingdom.

While in Mantle at the very start of and whenever he visits it in V7, Qrow mentally makes notes of all the changes the city has gone through since he was last there. They’re few and far between – the city’s still treated not as well as Atlas proper – but they exist – a coffee shop he likes has closed down, there’s a new mural next to the library, a bar is now also offering tapas and karaoke, a barbershop now has one of those red and white poles. Not all of the changes are good (The broken wall is definitely among the worse ones), but he’s glad to see at least a couple of developments. 

He still makes an effort to explore the city when he can, and he ends up not traveling alone.

Clover’s surprised when Qrow actually gives him recommendations of good spots in Mantle to eat and hang out. Clover absolutely knows more spots, but Qrow knows at least one that Clover didn’t (Out of the many that they both know and bond over). Qrow tells Clover about his brief time spent in Mantle and Clover offers him more insight to the place, and in a sense, it’s kind of like having a lax tour guide instead of taking solo tours like he usually does. Both come away from the experience with a richer appreciation for the city.

After the war, Qrow and Clover visit Mantle at least three times a year. Between visiting some favorite spots of theirs (Including where they first met), catching up with friends in a town that’s easy for them all to get here, exploring new restaurants and what not, and checking up on all of the new changes, there’s always something for them to do there.

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And a Bonus of “Can’t spell Clover without lover.”

Clover VA Chris Wehkamp twitch Clips! Sharing Clover voice requests from Chris’s past twitch streams. 1 for each day (possibly more) until the hiatus is over. He streams, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, so feel free to join the Clover Squad. (He also voices characters from My Hero Academia (Aizawa), Ace Attorney (Mile Edgeworth), Fire Force (Takehisa Hinawa) and MANY others.)

10 days until the second half of V8 

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Here are some HCs about Qrow, Clover, and their relationship with online piracy!

-Qrow’s…let’s just say Qrow is skilled with a cutlass and has an affinity for eyepatches, okay? Yeah, Qrow can pirate with the best of them. He’s been pirating in some form since Ruby was about six, starting with him stealing Remnant’s version of cable upon hearing about it being done somewhere online. He got in trouble for it once, though back then, being friends with Ozpin had its perks and what basically amounted to a pardon for piracy was one of them (Though Oz did try to give him a stern-ish warning not to do it again.

-Qrow’s annoyed if he misses a show he wants to watch or it doesn’t record, but only because it will be a slight inconvenience to him to have to wait for a torrent to go up and then to pirate the thing, whether through torrents or fanmade/independent free streaming sites. He has a VPN, so he doesn’t worry about getting caught.

-Clover hasn’t pirated in the past himself (He was worried about viruses more than anything, though the humiliation that came with the super strict Atlesian cops finding out and taking him to task wasn’t much of a selling point regardless of the existence of lack thereof of potential viruses), but has seen Qrow torrent before and is quite impressed. Literally any TV show or movie he could want, Qrow can get for him and with a little bit of elbow grease on his end, he can even have it up on their TV. He’s never been a stickler to Qrow about pirating content (He may sometimes be a (In Qrow’s words) “a goody goody two-shoes,” but when it comes to something like this, he really doesn’t care, and that especially remains true when Qrow shows him how to avoid viruses. Heck, Clover even does it a few times, at first with Qrow’s help, but after a few weeks or months, all on his own. Qrow says he’s “so proud” as he rubs Clover’s shoulder.

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Okay so I know we talk a lot about human Qrow having bird tendencies but does he have a flock of crows he hangs with in bird form?

Like I’ve seen a lot of posts about crows playing and recognizing humans and I can’t help but think that a flock of them would have seen one lonely crow and adopted him (although I could be wrong I don’t know much about crows).

Imagine just a flock of crows sitting outside Tai’s cottage in patch (because crows are smart and they’ve figured out that crow!Qrow is also human Qrow) only coming out when Qrow steps out. At first it annoyes him cause who wants birds following you everywhere, but eventually grows fond of them.

And like just imagine Tai going off on Qrow about something (Raven leaving or Summers death or his alcohol addiction) and the birds see how upset Qrow is and Tai is then forever just on this murder of crows shit list. Tai tries to grow vegetables and the crows just dig the seedlings up and take bites out of any mature vegetables. Tai eventually has to give up because even a scarecrow doesn’t work. Secretly though they save some of it though and bring it to Qrow who’s confused but doesn’t question it.

Also it gets to the point that they attack Grimm for him too, like normally they’d take off but they see Qrow trying to fight off this huge predator alone and they began swooping in to distract it. Qrow being both greatful but also terrified because he’s watched some of these birds grow and named them.

One of them gets injured and Qrow carries it back to civilization mindful of its injury. Slowly learning over time how to fix broken wings and feet and a number of other injuries because he’s grown attached to them even though he knows he shouldn’t.

Qrow due to his job finds nests with eggs in them parents (possibly dead) and he takes them home keeping them warm and safe, hoping beyond hope that they will hatch sometimes he’s lucky and they do, other times not so much. Not just crow eggs either but he’s definitely learned what those ones look like but robins,sparrows seagulls too. Most of those ones leave, but the crows have a tendency to stay (cause there’s already a established flock in the territory)

Because I’m a hopeless shipper too I’m just imagining Qrow on a mission in Argus and a leviathan attacks some of the cliffs. He finds a single kingfisher egg still intact the rest of the nesting area destroyed and a lot of the birds have been either injured or killed. The locals start to come over to help and Qrow keeps the egg cradled to him as he starts working on helping the birds, his flock hovering around him. From that day forward the people of Argus associate the great hunters man Branwen as the great bird keeper. Qrow knowing that there’s a slim chance that this egg will hatch, and knowing his bad luck will likely kick in but tried saving it anyways. Somehow it hatches but it’s smaller than it should be and Qrow nurses it back to health. It refuses to leave no matter how hard Qrow tries to take it back to its natural habitat, snuggling in the hood of his sweaters or resting on his shoulders or hair. It is the only bird other than the crows to stay.

Somehow, somehow! His nieces don’t realize this, maybe because they refuse to come out for anybody but Qrow and they only get a vague sense of foreboding as they travel. However once in Atlas they’re looking for him (maybe to train maybe just to talk) maybe Clovers there too, but they catch him sitting in the garden quietly talking, so they sneak over and Qrow is just gently running his hand over their feathers talking to them

“Matilda it’s not nice to to pull out Briars feathers” the crow puffs out there feathers as if offended before squawking in indignation. Qrow cooing at them as they huddle around him. The kinfishser (I’m going to call them Queenie just because I can) perched on his head. Clover realizing that this is THE bird man from Argus the one he’s only heard stories of and may or may not have a crush on him because of said stories.

Oh! Also Qrow keeping trinkets/ shiny things on him to give to his flock as presents, keeping extra rings on his fingers so even if he’s away from them or finds new crows/birds or alternatively giving them to his favourite birds.

I just need Qrow interacting with birds y’all thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

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ao3 mirror

say what you want about atlas. the weather is cold, the people are stuck up, the military force is unneeded, the complaints go on and on. clover’s heard more than enough of them in his lifetime, and then some. true, he agreed with some of them, but it was never something he would say outwardly.

(even now, as the former leader of the ace-ops, he couldn’t find himself willing to so openly criticize his home.)

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Why not give Qrow a boost that he needs and more complements to go along with all of the flirting.

And a bonus Clip - Chris’s favorite Clover brat moment

Clover VA Chris Wehkamp twitch Clips!

Sharing Clover voice requests from Chris’s past twitch streams. 1 for each day (possibly more) until the hiatus is over. He streams, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, so feel free to join the Clover Squad. (He also voices characters from My Hero Academia (Aizawa), Ace Attorney (Mile Edgeworth), Fire Force (Takehisa Hinawa) and MANY others.)

11 days until the second half of V8 

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Y’know what that means? I want fic recommendations of course ^_^

So just… give me recommendations 😗 I don’t particularly like pure angst, hurt/comfort or happy ending is fine though, or… noncon. >_> But most anything else I’ll give a shot :3… especially if it’s cute and fluffy and sweet :3

Also I am a massive slut for gay ships so just… basically ANY gay fics, unless the characters are related, I’ll read lol. Thaaaaaank yooooooou 😙

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Quickly, before the HC starts, tonight, as many of you may know, is the one year anniversary of that abomination of an episode that was 7X12. Maybe if they bring Clover back, I can one day move one, but I’m sure as fuck not going to forgive, nor forget how much they fucked up that episode and their reaction to the fallout of it (Basically just silence and deflection). #CloverDeservedBetter

So I was shopping at TJ Max tonight and I came across this, so guess what’s getting an episode tonight all of its own?!


I didn’t end up buying it because it was $20, and I’m not about to spend $20 on throw pillows when I can save that money and put it towards something actually important…something like…like Krabby Patty Gummies (They are SO good)! However, this pillow does delight my Fair Game senses so it’s definitely getting some HCs!

-Qrow and Clover don’t get it personally. One of their loved ones sees it, gets a laugh out of it, and gifts it to their luck-afflicted uncles/friends. It ends up being a present for either a housewarming party or a wedding gift. I feel like this gift came from Tai, Ruby, Jaune, or Nora. Qrow facepalms when he sees it. Clover laughs, partially at the gift and partially at his boyfriend/husband’s reaction to it.

-Neither of them cares for throw pillows – Qrow can’t stand most of their textures and Clover dislikes having to put them away all the time – but once they have it, it matches their furniture well enough, so they just decide to settle for one. Besides, whoever gave it to them (see above) would never forgive them if they didn’t use it and those are not consequences either want to deal with – their hands are essentially tied. However, it’s not a bad size for a throw pillow and provides okay lumbar support if someone has to sit on the floor for whatever reason.

-It’s not a really comfy pillow. Like, it’s fine for resting an elbow against while killing time watching TV for an hour or two, but the material isn’t malleable enough to really get all that cozy. The irremovable pillowcase is a little rough in texture and the sewed-on words are irritating against a bare arm, so most of the time that someone’s using it, it’s flipped on its opposite side. Additionally, it can’t really be bent in the same way a plush pillow can, so leaning against it isn’t exactly a master class in comfort. Both Qrow and Clover have tried to fluff it so it’s better for lounging on, but to no avail. Apart from saving them from their gifter’s wrath, the pillow seems to be just there to look cute (And for the rare pillow fight).

-There is a sentimentality to the pillow that both admittedly enjoy. “Lucky us” just serves as another reminder about the life they’ve built and are building together. It might not always do the trick – hell, if annoyed enough at its lack of comfort, Qrow might throw the pillow to the ground in frustration and Clover will haphazardly toss it wherever he and Qrow aren’t sitting. However, the pillow does lighten their mood subconsciously, however slightly, and when they take a moment and slow down, they do appreciate the pillow and what it represents, earning it a smile from one or both of its housemates. If both are looking at it at the same time, Clover might turn to Qrow and say its signature phrase. 

Tags under the cut! Want to be tagged in future Fair Game HC’s (Or untagged, I understand) and be the first to catch all of the romance, fluff, drama, and puns (Sometimes all at the same time)? Send me a reply, PM, or ask, and it shall be done!

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I’ve been thinking.

Clover says to Qrow that “someone had to take the fall” meaning him being stabbed and dying because of it. It’s clear by his tone that he is not mocking Qrow “taking the fall” for his death, but rather saying in a somewhat lighthearted manner that it was either you or me. Like Harriet, he thinks his teammates are replaceable, and he believes this so much that’s he’s convinced that it doesn’t matter if he dies. Someone was going to die anyway. Eventually it was going to be him.

And while this isn’t an outright accusation that Qrow is to blame here, it’s about as close as he can get. Still, when Qrow tells him that he’ll have James take the fall, Clover somewhat laughs and wishes him good luck.

Let’s say Clover does somehow come back. Staff of Creation worked and he’s kicking. I’m not entirely sure Clover, despite the fact that it killed him, would swap sides immediately. He still thinks he’s right when he dies. He thinks this is just another casualty in war. He hasn’t apologized to Qrow, but just reassured him that this is fine, that someone was meant to die and it just happened to be him.

Qrow offers him revenge and he laughs at him. Offers him good luck. He doesn’t think Qrow would win.

And it’s such a one-eighty from what we saw Qrow do. Qrow doesn’t take the chance to run, or fly, but stays with Clover, with Robyn. Let’s himself be taken, blames himself for everything, and holds Clover’s pin like it’s the most valuable thing he owns.

Clover called him “friend,” but he obviously doesn’t believe that, or if he does it’s in the weakest sense. He had no faith in Qrow. If Clover does come back, I think it would take a long talk with Qrow about what happened before he sees how much damage was done.

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You know what’s better than a double proposal?

A spontaneous proposal!

Gift for @whatacartouchebag who is amazing and sweet and writes the most lovely fics for the lads. I can’t gush over Cart enough, so go support her works and shower with love pls! 

This comic is a based on some ideas we came up with together for our favourite pair. And if you’re wondering what name came before Terrible, it was Trouble pffft. Birb loves to tease his plant lad but isn’t always prepared for his responses. And to be fair (game), neither was prepared this time around.

All this to say, ily Cart! You always make me smile (and cry like a baby) you beautiful human, you. Thanks for just being you! <3

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Its now officially been a full year since V7C12 aired and I’m still pissed.

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Cause I’m seeing it from multiple people rn:

Gentle reminder to please tag for ch/12, especially in regards to fair game. And especially TODAY.

I love y’all but pls. Especially posts specifically addressing how traumatic or upsetting it was/still is. You obviously understand, so please try to remember to do this tiny thing for other people who are still hurting.

We all slip up or forget from time to time, but please try to be mindful, especially today when it’s an even more sensitive spot for some.

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