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Elizabeth: Remus, Where Did You Get That Weapon?

Child!Remus: Dragon Mommy Said I Can’t Tell You.

Elizabeth: BELLA-

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Belladonna: well he cant tell you how do you know it was me!.


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Oh she totally did, weapons are a child’s best friend after all (dont let Lizzie here that one)

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Brain hurtie so uh gonna do a bullet fic based off the quote fsgsjsrgjgrb sorry:

  • So Elizabeth gets a stomach bug
  • A very bad stomach bug
  • And shes still in denial about it like “oh it’s probably just cramps or something I’m fin”
  • Belladonna knows this is in fact Bullsh** and she Will be calling it out
  • Elizabeth keeps insisting that shes fine and the twins need lunches
  • “I can make their lunches, you need to let someone else take care of your needs for a change”
  • Elizabeth stops complaining eventually but the twins are worried
  • Remus is a Bastard Child and keeps telling Roman that Elizabeth has an alien in her stomach and its gonna pop out and eat everyone
  • Belladonna says aliens are allergic to glitter so they wouldmt dare go near Elizabeth
  • Roman throws glitter at Remus’ face
  • This begins the Great Glitter War of 20XX
  • Elizabeth is very confused when she finally stops being sick as to why everything is covered in glitter now
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It’s Roman’s Fairy Godmother And The Dragon Witch

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Aight it’s like almost 1am here so BULLET FICS BABEY-

  • Elizabeth is not having this sh**
  • “I’m not even that sick I can make dinner”
  • “You are running an almost 110 fever. You’re going to overheat.”
  • “I’m fine!”
  • “Remus?”
  • Remus proceeds to just
  • Lay across his mum like a limp sack of potatoes
  • Shes trapped now the rat has prevented any escape attempts
  • Roman tells her bedtime stories while Belladonna makes her some soup
  • The twins are very upset that they cant have mommy kisses from both moms before bed
  • Also that they have to take medicine so they domt also get sick
  • She gets better tho that’s the important part
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Fairy 👏 Godmother 👏 has 👏 glitter 👏 freckles 👏 that the Dragon Witch counts regularly. She calls them “stars in her night sky”

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That’s so cute!! I’m sorry but- fairwitch? It’s adorable, I love it.

( also you’re not bothering me, don’t worry!)

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k so like, Fairy and Witch are the OG Creativity’s oldest creations. They’ve known each other their entire existence and basically grew up together in Imagination, and helped out Creativity with fleshing out ideas for really anything. 

They made the magic system of Imagination (and were once advisors to Creativity; now, Witch is second-in-command to Remus and Fairy is second-in-command to Roman) and (on the weekends when they’re not pretending to hate each other for the “Dark vs. Light” War) became those two moms down the street who you could either 1) ask for advice or 2) ask one of them to kick someone’s ass 

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