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some nights are fairy nights
before you go to bed
you hear their darling music
go chiming in your head
you look into the garden
and through the misty grey
you see the trees all waiting
in a breathless kind of way
all the stars are smiling
they know that very soon
all the fairies will come singing
from the land behind the moon
if only you could keep awake
when nurse puts out the light
anything might happen
on a fairy night

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I had started making fanart of the Dreamer and Raven fairies some time ago and I’m still working on Sansa and Gilly, but the others are done! This is Missandei, the Fairy of Eternal Mysteries. She blesses Jojen with knowledge and wisdom ahead of his years.

List of the whole gang (will be updated with links):

Missandei | Daenerys | Sansa | Loras | Shae | Gilly

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Just for a moment,

Look at this beautiful haul I was blessed enough to get today between Dollar Tree and a local book store! (And please forgive the massive mess in the background of the first picture, we’re still unpacking from the move!)

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