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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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—Faerie Lake—

My first gallery-quality art piece using Krita!  I made the switch to a new art program a little while ago, and have been practicing using it for some time, so I figured it was high time to show the fruits of my labour.  The picture itself is an idea I’ve had for a while - I wanted to create a natural scene with a flock of some sort of small faerie-like creature fluttering about, and the little faeries in question were the result of me looking at the typical representation of fairies and going “hmmm, what if they were more like some weird mix between insect and dragon instead?”

The piece looks more saturated on Tumblr than it does in the image file, for some reason.  I’ll see about fixing that if I can!

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I’ve had this drawing of Bloom sitting there for ages and I still like it so I finally finished it,, The live action was… Entertaining, even though it was overall kind of atrocious. It tried WAY too hard to be “woke” and “mature” to the point where it was straight up cringy, I think I might rewatch the original series just to cleanse myself,,

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Henry Ford, The Red Romance Book (1921)

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Magical Demon


Amo a las Winx y amo a Danna Alquati, aunque irónicamente Bloom nunca me agradó :p En fin, memorias de mi infancia ♡

I love Winx and I love Danna Alquati, although ironically I never liked Bloom. Anyway, childhood memories ♡

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These two really push the limits of what you might consider appropriate for a Mega but i’m going with it all the same. There’s something of a role-reversal here as the rather pretty Faengel becomes much more eldritch and somewhat seraphic whereas Mitsengu becomes much more streamlined and elegant.

A mega evolved Faengel exudes an icy aura that chills all those around it regardless of proximity or insulation. Prolonged eye contact with a Mega Faengel is said to distort ones perception, leading to visual and auditory hallucinations and a scrambled thought process. These factors make it a dangerous pokemon by proxy but its tentacles are lined with minute barbs that can tear flesh from bone with a swipe, making it just as dangerous up close.

Despite a sleeker, more elegant physique Mega Mitsengu is just as dangerous as it was prior to mega evolving. Being much more nimble they can more adeptly overcome an opponent but instead of consuming prey they instead drain it of their bodies latent electrical charge, becoming something of an electrical vampire. Drained of charge, prey becomes unable to move or think as their neurons and muscles become unresponsive, and if they can’t regain their composure before the Mitsengu reverts to its base form they risk being devoured as well.

Base Faengel and Mitsengu.

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