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#fairy tales

Before the children left, by the order of a knight, a knight chased a thief, and as all hoped evil was vanquished.

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Marissa Meyer’s new book just got a cover reveal!!! Omg!! Its so beautiful!!! Its going to be a twist on Rumpelstiltskin! Since Meyer is an insta buy for me I’m so looking forward to this! Coming in November!!!

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Red Queen’s Lament

I never thought

That I was crazy

So I guess

It might be true

I pluck your heart

Like a daisy

Whenever I feel blue

Is it my fault

Simple people

Are quick so lable sadness

As homicidal madness?

When they often cheer it too?

The door mouse

Heard some advice

Spoken from a hat

And now this is what

They label to be true

And how is that

Not a treasonous thing to do?

Some girl had the nerve to stumble

And try to claim, what is mine

Through a hole she tumbled

Into a wonderful landmine

Full of mishap

And misadventures all told

Through a single perspective

Of a girl they call fearless and bold

As they label me cruelly vindictive

But it’s so easy to rule with love

When love is given so freely

The first time she crosses them

Will they still love her, really?

Madness is the norm

In this chaotic Wonderland

So I rule as those I rule act

With my wit and riddles intact

In a way they were crafted to understand

With a healthy love of violence

A befitting reprimand

So she calls me a monster

For taking a few heads

Kills the only thing I love

Slaughters my supporters in their beds

They will call this justice

And cry her name with glee, for now

But the crown is a heavy burden

And there’s no waking for Alice, not now…

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Once upon a time, a spider found a moonshine gown, a Queen yearned for a coyote, and as fate foretold all lived happily ever after.

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When the goosegirl sang for an owl, a seamstress found an owl, and unexpectedly it rained for three days and nights.

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When the seas were empty, by the order of a milkmaid, a goosegirl was chased by a centaur, and suddenly magic was saved.

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When the earth was born, a sparrow presented a goosegirl a cobalt goblet, and finally the fairies were restored.

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The “Ējanaika!” Happening:


“Keiōyon-hōnen-odori-no-zu” [慶應四豊年踊之圖] (n/a) by Kyōsai Kawanabe [河鍋 暁斎] 1831-1889)

This strange incident first occurred in downtown Kyōto [京都] at the end of August (1867) when countless Shinsatsu [神札] (i.e.: paper charms distributed by temples and shrines) came raining down from the sky. Witnessing this event, the people of Kyōto saw it as a sign of fortune and began frantically celebrating while wearing costumes (like seen in the illustration above) chanting “Ējanaika [ええじゃないか] !” This event not only lasted up until December (same year), but also spread across to other regions in West Japan (Kinki [近畿], Shikoku [四国], and Tōkai [東海] to be exact) to the point where people of Nagoya City [名古屋市] (Aichi Prefecture) stopped working for 7 days straight.

When the phrase “ējanaika” in Kinki Dialect [近畿方言] could mean “why not?” in English nuance, the person/group who orchestrated and the true location of origin are still unknown. While the widely accepted theory suggests that it was a doing of citizens commemorating the beginning of Meiji Restoration Era due to how people in Awa [阿波] (modern day Tokushima City [徳島市], Tokushima Prefecture) were recorded chanting: “making Japan a better country, ējanaika. Hōnen-odori [豊年踊] (i.e.: festive dance during harvest season) is a good omen/[日本国の世直りはええじゃないか、豊年踊はお目出たい]”, others saw it as an act of deception perpetuated by anti-Shogunate organizations who attempted to throw the nation into frenzy.


1. “Tsukurimono-no-bunkashi: Rekishi, Minzoku, Tayōsē [造り物の文化史:歴史・民俗・多様性] (2014) by Toshio Fukuhara [福原 敏男] (n/a) & et al

2. "Ējanaika” [ええじゃないか] (1979) by Shunsuke Takagi [高木 俊輔] (1939-present)

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When the knight found a wise sorceress, a Tsarina fought a gorgon, and in the end the forest grew over all.

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When grandmothers were young, a Lady named Louise happened upon a purple coat. She discovered a copper unicorn, and as fate foretold evil was vanquished.

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When heaven was empty, a girl named Tatiana crafted a winged bow. She became a shimmering lynx, and at last it rained for three days and nights.

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Before my grandmother’s time, a knight named Wilhelmina was struck by a jeweled athame. She sought a linen fox, and as the oracle knew the forest grew over all.

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Before the children left, a milkmaid named Leigh was given a quicksilver basket. She was turned into a cloud fennec, and at last prosperity reigned.

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Before the children left, there was a seamstress named Elena. She was cursed by a purple rabbit. She shone like the north star and found a Queen, and as all feared it rained for three days and nights.

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A long time ago, there was a Tsarina named Mary. She was chased by a squamous lizard. She went on a quest and loved a jackdaw, and as was destined prosperity reigned.

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Has anyone written a Snow White Eri, yet?

But instead of romance, it’s found family where she is loved by Aizawa and whoever the heck are the Seven Problem Children?

And maybe the Hunter is just Kurogiri who teleports her to Aizawa’s doorstep.


Does anyone know a fic of Snow White Eri?

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A long time ago, a thief was chased by a tiny serpent, and as fate foretold evil was vanquished.

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A coven of gentlewoman witches seems like the perfect place for Luck Vaunted to hide from hir powerful brother, father and husband. Even better, the upcoming Guildmeet ball offers the new Luck the perfect chance to experiment with genderlessness, magic and sex, if only ze can avoid more sorcery-revealing accidents. Sure, the witches welcome hir with open arms, but after hir twin’s betrayal, how can ze risk trusting anyone but hirself?

When hir brother attends the Guildmeet, a lover expects romantic intimacy and a quest of boots threatens to reveal hir deceit, Luck can no longer outrun hir monsters. Hir only chance of escape: the Westhold coven. But how does ze ask, when ze has lied to them, too?

Some fairy-tale families are formed by blood or marriage. Others are formed by aromantic witches defending each other against respectability, amatonormativity … and the sorcerer potentate’s heir.

Contains: An allo-aro genderless person on the run from hir family; a coven of four aromantic-spectrum witches ignoring all the rules about gender and relationships; and a version of Cinderella that rejects the amatonormativity of Disney’s fairy godmother’s ignoring familial abuse until it prevents the heroine from attending a dance to find a husband.

Length: 1, 848 words (part one of six).

Luck tries to cultivate a persona of general obliviousness and genial curiosity, but ze awaits the day hir questions result in four intelligent witches wondering why ze doesn’t know the obvious.

A link to current and future posts on my website is available in the post source. Story and content advisory are posted below the cut:

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