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🧚🏻‍♀️🎀🌸💖I added another resident to rosieville i have three avatars one im gonna make blue the other one white theme to match my island more , just adding more fairycore display layouts 😍🧚🏻‍♀️💖🎀🌸

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hi! my name is tasha, she/her 18 y.o. and i’m looking for friends to be active on this platform together!
i’m very into d&d and ttrpg, i love reading books, writing fanfiction and studying! my favorite books are “the lord of the rings”, “frankenstein”, “dracula” and “the secret history”, my favorite podcasts are “the magnus archives” and “welcome to night vale”. i keep a studytwt and some cottagecore pages online.
we can talk about pretty much anything, even if i’m not in the fandom!  i am very interested in other’s people interests.

hope i’ll find some new friends!

🌸 my carrd:
🌸 my sideblogs: @messyravenclawnotes @witchybroomcloset @prettypeskypixie 

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today dear followers i present to you: fairycore jesus. tomorrow, who knows

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Decor for my future home

fairy lights, ceramic angels, canopy bed, carousel music box, precious moments figurines, antique tea sets, ballerina music box, crosses & crucifixes, ceramic rabbits, jewelry box, vintage baby dresses on the wall, satin sheets, throw pillows with frills and lace, porcelain & bisque dollies, heart shaped chocolate boxes, cherub statues♡

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