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🌿 There is an indescribable joy about picking a tiny plant in the middle of a forest. 🌿

(On that note, the second picture is of an apple clover! They are perfectly edible, and they taste a bit like sour cooking apples (albeit slightly nicer). You can find them in large clumps around the base of trees, as shown in the picture below.)

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I am kind of wild.

I’ve just been depressed.

But if you’re going to love me, you should know - I am kind of wild.

I’m dance-in-the-rain wild, and cuddle-in-the-moss wild, and let’s go spelunking. I’m kiss me as we jump off of this old bridge into the river wild, and don’t mow over the dandelions. I’ve named this one Eunice. We’re friends.

I’m stop-dead-to-admire-a-butterfly wild - it had enormous blue wings! I’m frolic in the fountains and hold my hand as we lay in the grass and watch the clouds pass. I’ll read you Edgar Allan Poe, The Brambly Hedge, and Rosemary Wells. I’ll bring you this clever snail I’ve found. I’ll hang on to these acorn caps for us, for no reason.

Let’s build a sand castle. Let’s take selfies with the neighborhood feral cats. And after it rains, *come with me* to rescue every earth worm from the sidewalk.

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