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just came out from the warmest shower, applied some creamy vanilla oat lotion, put a 🥥🍐 lipbalm and my favorite pjs to cozy up with a fairytale paperback.

rose daughter ch 1. update 🥀 > so many underlying themes told: recurring nightmares, sweet rose perfume, and the ruin of a cracked perfect world. i loved the turn of phrase “and at the end of the corridor, the wickedest monster waiting, just for her.” the idea that there seems to be the same creature ever waiting for her in the realm of dreams, or rather nightmares? (beauty is such a sweet soul, pristine and well-put always pleasing others in the most discrete of ways 🌙💐) anyway will continue this ramble after other chapters!

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The Blue Candle. There is the belief that a candle flame will burn blue when a spirit is present.

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Japanese Mythology & Deities

Major Gods in the Chronicles (36)

The Hare of Inaba ~ Why Oonamuchi (=Ookuninushi) was given control of the country

This Oonamuchi-no-Kami (=Ookuninushi), by the way, had many brothers, the eighty gods. All the eighty gods of the brothers hated Oonamuchi. Many of the gods of his brothers had a desire to woo Princess Yagamihime of Inaba, and when they went to Inaba together, they gave Oonamuchi a sack to carry and took him along like a valet.

Just as they reached the cape of Kata, they saw a hare lying on the ground, its fur stripped off. When the hare was crying in pain, Oonamuchi, who appeared at the end, asked him why he was crying.

The hare said, “I wanted to cross over from the Oki Islands to this land, but I had no means of crossing. So, I deceived the crocodile shark and said: ‘Let us compare ourselves and count who has more kindred. Gather as many of your kind as you can and line them up from this island to the front of Kida. I will step on them and count them as I run across’. Then, deceived, the crocodile sharks formed a line, and I pretended to step on them and count them as I crossed, and was about to descend to the land when I said inadvertently, 'You have been deceived’. And the last crocodile shark caught me at once and stripped me of all my hair. When I was weeping and lamenting over this, the eighty gods who had gone before you told me to bathe in salt water and lie down in the sun & the wind, so I did, and my body was immediately injured.”

Then Oonamuchi told the hare, "Go to the water gate now, wash your body with fresh water, take the ears of bulrush plant at the water gate, spread them out, roll on them and put pollen on them, then your skin will return to normal and you will be healed.” When he did so, his body recovered. This is Inaba’s prime hare (shirousagi=the white rabbit). He is now regarded as a hare god.

The rabbit said to Oonamuchi: "Your brothers’ gods will never get the Princess Yagami. Even if you carry a sack on your back and act as a servant, I am sure you will be the one to get the princess.“

This anecdote is one of the most famous fairytales in Japan.










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im writing a poem

but the words keep failing

“one day” i tell myself “ill capture her light”

but i know i never will

and nothing brings me joy

like knowing i found someone who makes words fail

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The nine aesthetics I’d have if I lived nine lives

with corresponding aesthetic playlists linked by clicking on the name

Decadent Coffee and Dreary Days: ‘Campus’ by Vampire Weekend

toffee stained pages filled with the words of revolutionaries and creatives, milk froth clinging to your upper lip, honey-soaked walls embellishing with books, soft knitted sweaters bobbled from the never-ending passing of time

For-get-me-nots and Cotton: ‘Angela’ by Flower Face

the scent of fresh laundry twirling through the air as it dries on the line, enveloping your face in baked bread, beaming faces at sweet birds, soft light sending shadows across the garden

Professor of a Hidden Boarding School: ‘Campus’ by Vampire Weekend

crisp collars and morning coffee, the scent of chalk and hushed whispers, crumpled notes passed under tables, towering turrets and untellable tests, cold hallways complete with forgotten portraits, eccentric lesson plans

Author Watching Over the City: ‘Sarah’ by c a n d i d !

watercolored clouds and cobbled streets, sweet tea running down your throat, sprinting thoughts and tired fingers, the sound of cat paws on wooden flooring, simple balconies and affectionate watchings 

Diamond of the Season: ‘I Giorni’ by Ludovico Einaudi

opal sparkles sitting as bait, pastel shades of velvet, subtle touches as gentle as woodland fur, fighting against the violent heart flutters screaming wants and needs, tightened corsets you wish someone else to loosen

Scuffed Denim and Cassettes: ‘Good Old Fashioned Boy’ by Queen

lost hours whispering gossip down the twirled landline, angered demands sprayed on waving signs, chasing your tickled pink crush down the road on bikes, midnight dance parties to vinyl, putting men in their place with a quick push and shove

Subtle Witch in a Relationship with the Moon and Storm: ‘Would That I’ by Hozier

opal droplets staining the sides of washed out jars, spreading ivy making it’s way into every crevice, watching the woodland creatures emerge from beneath the shrubbery, harnessing moonlight in your hidden wooden shelter far from rude speak

Eccentric Script Writer in the Big City: ‘Dance on the Porch’ by Alexandre Desplat 

long leather jackets and heeled boots, sipping coffee drenched in syrup, tube rides and bus adventures, losing your thoughts in the bustling and commotion, tortoiseshell glasses and hushing unnecessary male voices

Ball Gowns and Dragon Smoke: ‘Would You Mind’ by Friday Pilots Club

mud clinging onto chiffon, stone turrets cold and secure, quickened pace sending echoes against the silent walls, ghostly wisps whispering the rumours of your fate, hidden daggers and merciless endings 

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Recs for media (books, films, TV) that uses a fairytale-esque story to frame real world events? I’m thinking like Pan’s Labyrinth, The Fall, that kind of thing. That shit slaps and I really want to consume more of it

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I’ve been waiting for this - for someone to set my soul on fire.

All I See Is Blue (on Wattpad)  

Aleena Silva is a twenty four year old Sri Lankan dreamer living in a small town, confined to everything and everyone around her. Every night, she walks to the embankment and sits by the water, looking up at the stars. 

Star gazing allowed Aleena to dream as big as she wants, she always kept an eye out for her favorite constellation. Orion. Every night she looks up at the sky, reliving the story of Artemis and Orion over and over again because tales of star-crossed lovers intrigued her, made her feel things she’d never felt before. 

One night, something out of the ordinary happened.

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“So she seized him with two fingers, and carried him upstairs.”

The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm: The Frog Prince, 1909. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. 

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