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concept: fahc!fiona killed the vagabond. he betrayed the crew in an unspeakable way, and the only solution was to get rid of him for good.

when it gets out that the vagabond, the indestructible vagabond, is dead, people begin to wonder who will take his place as the most ruthless fucker to ever roam the streets of lost santos.

it’s fiona. fiona and her rage. only she doesn’t replace the vagabond, no.

her rage makes los santos forget he ever existed.

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some rimmy tim pet snake things for my headcanon:

- her name is gummy banana. nicknames include gumby, gum, nanners.
- she lives at the penthouse in a big ass tank that jeremy and matt both take turns cleaning. i’m talking zoo size enclosure. 
- geoff hates her and she’s only escaped her enclosure once and geoff refused to go near the penthouse for a month afterwards. 
- jeremy likes to let her out so she can explore his (now snake proofed) room. with the door locked, of course. 
- the only reason geoff allows her to be in the penthouse is because jeremy won’t get rid of her and geoff is too scared of her to go within ten feet of jeremy’s room.
- jeremy only got her because when they raided a rival gang’s hideout, he had all these exotic pets caged up to sell, so they rescued them all and jeremy kept her. 

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[AO3 Link]

“Gavin, c’mon, keep up!”

“Michael, i’m trying.”

shoes slap against wet concrete, rain pouring down as blue and red lights dance around the street like some sick impersonation of a club. Gavin’s shirt is plastered to his body with blood and rain water, bullet vest abandoned in their crashed car so that he could run faster. His chest burns and his legs ache, but he can’t lag behind.

Michael keeps looking behind himself and gavin frowns a little each time. He’s fine, it’s just a graze, but michael must think that he’s gonna bleed out at any moment. Gavin looks at the street behind him when the sirens come closer, the lights growing steadily brighter.

Michael turns suddenly down an alley, cursing wildly when it ends up being a dead end. “Fuck- god fucking damn it, we need to turn around.”

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I drew Fiona as her GTA character being a bad ass bitch!!!


I have to admit Fiona is honestly one of my favourite achievement hunters (And I’m not just saying that cause I’m a useless gay and I’m simping over the fact she found me funny on stream) and honestly seeing all the hate she and the rest of the AH gals get makes me feel fucking ill, and not just because I relate to them so much, I just can’t imagine how fucking shitty it has to be to get fucking death threats over not being good at video games in a workplace that’s whole fucking thing is “they’re not amazing at games but it’s funny to watch".

I just fucking hate how shitty people are, so I thought I’d contribute some love towards Fiona and draw her being a bad ass!

(Small aside I tried really hard to get the skin tone right cause the last thing I wanna end up doing is making anyone too pale and whitewashing them but if the tone is to light/dark please tell me so I can fix it!!!!!! I’m still new to art and colors and I really don’t wanna mess up anyone’s skin!!!)

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As promised The Vagabond!


Dear god that skull was a fucking pain to draw.

It’s not my best work but I finally got a pen so I’m just trying to figure that out, I wasn’t even gonna draw today cause school left me so wiped but my pen came in an I just knew I had to draw my favourite masked bastard! <3

As always tumblr has killed the quality, as soon as I can figure out how to fix it I will.

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I’m not lying when I say that the fucking black skull vagabond mask is the most infuriating fucking thing I’ve ever drawn, like dear God for one how does one even draw a skull and then on top of that you have to add fucking depth and dimensions whilst the thing is entirely black and like dear god I can’t even shade normally how the fuck am I gonna shade a solid black object???

But uh hey, look out for some mediocre vagabond fanart coming your way pretty soon…

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The Fake AH Crew is looking to expand. They would like to take on bigger, crazier heists. Geoff is taking a step back and things just don’t feel whole right now. Word has gone around about a mercenary, someone that is a jack of all trades type. Another Vagabond, although less well known.

So they contact them. Make a few deals and do a few small heists together. A rival gang sees this. Want to take down any source of power the Fakes have. So they capture this merc.

Shes a young girl. Cries and feign innocence. For a minute the gang thinks they have the wrong person. She is so scared, shaking and sobbing.

The Fakes hear of their attempt at catching the merc. In an instant they’re at the warehouse breaking in. Word makes its way to the girl and she switches. Out of her binds in a second. All around her the gang underestimated this innocent young women. She takes them out and meets up with The Fakes.

She joins their little family then and there. Fiona Nova, The Super Nova.

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