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#fake ah crew

JEREMY BEAR-HUGGING HIS BOYFS AND LIFTING THEM BOTH OFF THE GROUND AT THE SAME TIME AFTER SUCCESSFUL LIL HEISTS/ROBBERIES… Gavin whining about how much tech equipment he has to lug around for a stakeout and michael grumbling as he helps him while jeremy just sprints past with like eight computers on his back… michael yelling at them to hurry up for date night and jeremy and gavin just tumble out of the bedroom frantically buttoning up suits and michael stops to blush for a minute because dang they look good

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but do they all? They never see the BB after a heist gone messy or gone wrong, but they don’t think anything of it. They’re not at that stage in their friendship yet, its understandable. But one day, idk how exactly, the team gets split up, Geoff and Ryan, and then the rest. Jeremy gets hurt, b a d, but doesn’t die. They take him back to the penthouse and kinda wait for him to die? Shshah that sounds awful i know but they assume he’ll die and wake up again but he doesn’t? They’re confused, 2/?

And are just waiting for Geoff and Rye to get back. They fix him up, obviously, and then wait, super confused. Jeremy by all means should have died, why didnt he? Meanwhile Ryan is hella panicking and Geoff can’t figure it out. Tehy get back to the penthouse and everyone is instantly crowding Ryan, asking him why Jeremy didnt die and whats going on? until Jack drags them back. And thats how the crew finds out that the BB arent immortal in the traditional sense (this is so long im sorry) 3/?

The rest of the crew die and wake up again. The Battle Buddies can’t die. Instead their bodies just heal up. Its painful and frankly a bit disgusting, and this is all because of what the Agency did to them (idk specifics) The crew is horrified, rightfully so, and instantly put precautions into place, tone back the casual violence and try to keep the BB out of “deaths” way. And when B team grows, Matt, Fiona and Alfredo joining Trevor and Lindsay, after Matt and Jeremys reunion and after 4/?

The other two get settled in (im sorry im kinda losing the “"linear”“ storyline here so ill just do points because ahagehw) headcanons: alfredo & matt are also from the Agency, and Fiona is from the French branch, so they’re also immortal in the same way the BB ae and they all share similar trauma and Jack looks at these kids -not kids, they say, but younger than the rest maybe- and knows they have to protect them, just like theyre already protecting the BB and hurt/comfort ensues forever 5/5

hey anon?? hey op??? i fucking love this. i’ve never been hard sold on immortal aus being either resuscitation or hardcore healing but the idea of it being both in one universe? fucking fuck yes.

also the difference between alfredo matt and fiona just being like “lol yeah it’ll fix itself in a few days but i’ll be craving morphine for the pain” while ryan and jeremy are just cagey af about how they keep living is so good!!! i love the battle buddies vs the more “hip” kids having that difference lmao

also, that brings up the question - for the rest of the fahc, the ones who die and then come back, do they have super-healing like the agency members? for instance if battle buddies sweet sauce or fiona break an arm it still hurts obvs but it’ll heal within a week or even a day, but for team og or nice dynamite or trevor and lindsay, would they be stuck with the broken limb the full three to six weeks? do they ever complain about being stuck with the injury to a blank-faced battle buddy, only to later realize that the battle buddies go through extreme pain to heal so quickly and that they suffered so much to even have that ability in the first place? i just wanna explore all the little conflicts these differences in immortality bring up

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(2/2) LMAO WAIT i’m the anon that sent the jeremy cats hc and i went through ur blog a little and just realized someone else ALSO sent a hc about cats!! im so amused what are the odds dnjskds 

i just. I really like the idea of Rimmy Tim, one of the most feared and flamboyant fakes on the street coming home and tossing off his hat and jacket, effectivly becoming Jeremy again, and just sitting down and INSTANTLY gets swarmed by cats. They’re all kitties he had rescued or kitties that had followed him home after he gave them some food. 
Just. Jeremy with his rescued kitties.

(Also sorry this is super laaaateee aaaaaaa)

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Sexuality Headcanon: Bi, preference for guys
Gender Headcanon: Boye
A ship I have with said character: Honestly I’ll ship him with Most People
A BROTP I have with said character: Dusk…………
A NOTP I have with said character:  Weirdly not a fan of Gav/Trev
A random headcanon: Trevor enjoys being in the management position because paperwork and such is actually very satisfying for him. It gives him a feeling of control and organization that he’s never really been able to have
General Opinion over said character: Hes my fave what can I say bro look at my url-

Sexuality Headcanon: Yes
Gender Headcanon: Usually goes with he/him pronouns for simplicity bc it’s how he presents but literally he Could Not care less
A ship I have with said character: Alfreyco is Extremely Good
A BROTP I have with said character: D USK…………………
A NOTP I have with said character: Not a ton I can think of?? I guess again I can’t really see him with Gav either
A random headcanon: Perfectionism and neatness was really ingrained into him both from his background and his early training, and it developed into OCD by the time he reached adulthood. It’s not super severe so he can manage well enough without ‘proper’ treatment (therapy and other things that would be difficult for a criminal to figure out), but it still makes things hard for him sometimes
General Opinion over said character: Baby boy. baby

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Sexuality Headcanon: Pansexual!!
Gender Headcanon: Trans man
A ship I have with said character: I’ve always thought stream team ot3 was rly cute…
A BROTP I have with said character: Battle buddies babey!!! Plus he and Michael make a really good team
A NOTP I have with said character: Yknow it’s weird but despite how much I love him and Michael together, I rly cant get behind them as a ship
A random headcanon: The last real gang he was in was back in Boston. They were a tight-knit group, and were the reason Jeremy came to value loyalty and trust in a crew as much as he does. The lack of those values in most of Los Santos is why he never joined another one until the Fakes
General Opinion over said character: Good Buff Boy

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Y’know what’s super intimate in this fandom? Somebody doing fahc Ryan’s facepaint for him.

Like I imagine they’re preparing for a job at some location that doesn’t have a mirror so he can’t do it himself and the other person’s holding his face with one hand and making very delicate strokes with the other. They’re giving his face their undivided attention while maybe rambling about some thing or another and in order to stay still he just has to stare into their eyes the whole time (and hope they don’t notice his face getting red under the paint). When they’re finished they step back and just look him over to check their work and he has to work hard to stay neutral and not squirm under their gaze.

And later when the job’s over with and he goes to wash it off as normal he suddenly feels almost a little sad that he’d be getting rid of their hard work. He probably starts to think of some excuse he could use to get them to do it again for the next heist before he realises he’s got a crush and is mortified.

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Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual, with a preference for women
Gender Headcanon: Went through some experimentation, but she’s comfortable as a girl
A ship I have with said character: Fiona/Lindsay is pretty cute, and it’s a super rarepair but Fiona/Trevor/Alfredo also has a special place in my heart
A BROTP I have with said character: FREEONA BAYBEY (Also Fiona/Matt)
A NOTP I have with said character: Honestly Most AH members but especially Fiona/Gavin and Fiona/Jack make me :/
A random headcanon: Fiona didn’t really have a ‘trademark’ or whatever until she joined the crew, but after getting to know Geoff and Gavin and Jeremy and realizing she can literally just do Whatever, she started wearing and getting her cars painted bright yellow and loves how much everyone else hates it
General Opinion over said character: She’s literally my wife and I would die for her <33

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of course!

Sexuality Headcanon: demisexual, panromantic

Gender Headcanon: genderfluid af (uses they/them)

A ship I have with said character: ryack, jackeoff

A BROTP I have with said character: michael/jack

A NOTP I have with said character: again, not sure why, but jack/gavin isn’t my jam

A random headcanon: FAHC jack’s actually got a really powerful and gorgeous singing voice but they prefer to use funny accents/tones

General Opinion over said character: IM LOV THEM literally fahc jack is maybe my favorite FAHC character

(send in a character (FAHC or other au) and I’ll tell you these headcanons for them)

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Sexuality Headcanon: BI!!! LEANS TOWARDS WOMEN!!!
Gender Headcanon: butch/stud (i don’t know the correct term, sorry)
A ship I have with said character: Fiona/Sarah
A BROTP I have with said character: TEAM CHUNGSCHWA BABEYYY
A NOTP I have with said character: freeona
A random headcanon: she slips into french when she’s high and japanese when she’s drunk
General Opinion over said character: j’adooooooooorrrrrreee

Sexuality Headcanon: BI!!!
Gender Headcanon: woman
A ship I have with said character: myansay
A BROTP I have with said character: matt n lindsay!!!
A NOTP I have with said character: i feel like lindsay n geoff would be weird
A random headcanon: she used to work at a salon before going pro crime and that’s where she learned how to do makeup/hair/nails so badass
General Opinion over said character: that’s my mom!!! boogie woogie woogie
(send in a character (FAHC or other au) and I’ll tell you these headcanons for them)

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heck yes you can!

Sexuality Headcanon: unlabeled but pan would be most accurate, leaning towards men/masc

Gender Headcanon: nonbinaryyyyyy!!!! uses he/him and they/them

A ship I have with said character: again, BATTLE BUDDIES. Otherwise, jerematt

A BROTP I have with said character: also jerematt

A NOTP I have with said character: uhhhh… probably jeremy/lindsay? idk im neutral on it

A random headcanon: he talks about himself in the third person for the sole purpose of annoying his crew nowadays, but it did use to be a presentation thing

General Opinion over said character: do you understand how much i love this character? do you comprehend how much affection i have for his garish color scheme and overly large armada??? can you possibly see the limits of the joy this silly cowboy-hat-wearing, mask-having, chaos-causing merc brings me??? because seriously if you understand why i love him so much please tell me bc even i don’t know why i just DO

(send in a character (FAHC or other au) and I’ll tell you these headcanons for them)

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Sexuality Headcanon: ace, maybe gray-ace? somewhere on that spectrum

Gender Headcanon: trans man

A ship I have with said character: battle buddies battle buddies battle buddies (also myan but b a t t l e b u d d i e s)

A BROTP I have with said character: vagabond and golden boy

A NOTP I have with said character: vagabond and po… again, i see em as siblings more than anything else. same for FAHC ryan and trevor

A random headcanon: really good at whistling

General Opinion over said character: i love him. he’s such a dork and he’s so edgy and lovable and sad. absolute fave.

(send in a character (FAHC or other au) and I’ll tell you these headcanons for them)

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6. scary movies are for chumps

michael sighs and shifts his weight from one foot to the other and leans against the wall. he eyes up ryan and nearly speaks, but hesitates. he watches ryan working across the room for a minute more before sighing again.

“michael, i can tell there’s something you want to say.” ryan calls out but never turns to face michael. “wanna go ahead and say it?” michael swallows, not in fear like most people do when they see ryan, but in preparation to really pitch his plan well. he needs ryan to say yes.

“actually ry, i have a question.” michael’s voice is clear, relaxed, and confident; perfectly matching his posture against the wall. ryan’s head perks up and he sets down the tool he was using.

“oh! guess i’ll take a break. what’s up?” the second the tool leaves his hand, ryan’s tone and demeanor switch like a light. the chiding coldness is replaced in seconds with the southern gentlemen and best friend the crew knows him to be. he walks over to michael, taking off his apron, and joins him against the wall.

“so ry. gav, lil j, and i are going to the movies this weekend. you want in?” michael can’t be bothered to hide the hopeful quality of his voice, staring at ryan’s profile as ryan admires the handwork he’d done in the last few hours. ryan doesn’t reply, and michael’s temper flares up a notch or two. “well? yes or no?” ryan’s barking laugh cuts through the room as he turns to face michael.

“sorry i was just waiting for you to tell me what movie it is. can’t say yes to a movie if i don’t know what it is i’m seein’!” ryan smiles and laughs again. his arm twitches as if he was going to reach to ruffle michael’s hair but thought against it.

“oh.” michael temper falls as quick as it had risen. “you know that knew slasher flick they’re advertising? the one that’s basically a friday the 13th rip off? jeremy wants to see that so that’s what we picked. you in?” ryan turns his head back to his handwork and muses for a minute.

“i don’t like slasher flicks. they’re not actually scary and wildly inaccurate when it comes to the gore.” michael huffs while ryan speaks, already put off by ryan’s refusal.

“come on it will be fun to see gav piss his pants at least.” michael’s tone edges on pleading as ryan steps away from the wall and heads back to work. michael waits a moment before following him up to the table. ryan ties his apron back on with a hum and picks up the wrench from the pile of tools.

“oh i’m sure it would be fun to see gavin squirm. but after a few minutes i’ll get bored of that and only have a bad movie to watch.” ryan moves from the table and saunters towards his work, swinging the wrench in his hand. “why pay for that when i can do this for free?” ryan stops in his tracks and without warning, full strength swings the wrench into the knee of the unconscious man restrained in the chair in front of him. the ear splitting scream as the man is jolted into consciousness and loud crack of his kneecap echo in the concrete room.

“yeah but movies are less work afterwards you know. no body to dispose of. you hate that part! and besides this guy won’t even live to see the weekend so you won’t have anyone to play with by then!” michael speaks a few octaves louder to cover the sound of the man sobbing. ryan puts down the wrench and inspects the blood covering his hands and arms before grabbing a bloodied hammer. “c’mon ry! pleeeeeaaase?”

“i don’t know michael. scary movies are for chumps and are a waste of time.” ryan’s tone has taken a 180. his voice taunting, teasing not michael but the man restrained before him. michael’s entire movie proposition seamlessly worked into ryan’s grand show in the interrogation room. even without the mask, he is every whisper and rumor the vagabond is said to be. ryan starts humming and eyeing up the man as if he’s looking for the next place to swing. the man chokes as ryan quickly yanks the fallen gag up from his neck, stuffing it back in his mouth.

“hey! how about this ry? you show me the real gore now so i can complain with you during the movie?” michael grabs an obscenely long knife off the table and holds it out towards ryan. ryan hums again as a nonanswer. “i’ll take care of the body~” michael says in sing-song while carelessly sticking the knife into the man’s thigh. 

“deal.” ryan says snapping his head towards michael. “but pass me the scalpel, i want to make this last.” the man in the chair thrashes against his restraints, ripping at the cuts up and down his biceps and bare chest. his muffled shouts barely carry through the room. ryan doesn’t even raise his voice. “you ever seen metacarpals removed from the hand one by one?”

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i think it’s a crime that i’ve never heard of this trope before holy fuck. where is my “yeah i bought coconut shampoo why do you keep smelling my hair” fic. where are the “i decided to treat myself with this pomegranate body wash and now everyone keeps telling me i smell wonderful and holy fuck my self esteem is through the roof” fics. i want fiona to get her and gavin complementary body washes so they can look and smell great while committing chaos. where’s jeremy rejecting masculinity in all forms and getting vanilla-scented scrub??? where’s jack’s fresh spring scent???? hello why is this such a good idea and why have i never known of it before

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I’ve had this on my mind for like. a week so… do yall think Jeremy (FAHC) wears purple and orange socks? like nobody will see his socks ever but he buys packs of purple socks and packs of orange socks and mismatches them, he switches which foot he wears purple on and which foot he wears orange on every day. i definitely think he’s that extra

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