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Sorry this took so long! I’m finally mentally energized enough to HC again so I’m gonna answer a lot of these asks and stick some in the queue.

-Trevor and Fredo never actually play up the twin thing unless it’s to aid in a crime or a prank. They never thought they’d be confused for each other and were totally startled by the first through eighth time it happened, but they quickly learned to use it to their advantage, and literally never did anything to reinforce it. At first, they actually tried to dispel it (wearing vastly different clothes, attitudes, etc.) but nothing worked.

-They actually do look very similar from behind though and Fiona and Jack are the only ones who can consistently tell them apart from that angle

-Trevor’s actually super knowledgeable about Filipino and Mexican (I think Fredo’s Mexican? Correct me if I’m wrong) foods because he’s spent so much time with Alfredo, who quickly got tired of white-bland food and started teaching Trevor how to make things actually good. Trevor picked it up super quick and was actually really into it, going so far as to do his own research and try recipes even Alfredo didn’t know how to make.

-You’d think they share gear but they’ve very clearly delineated Trevor gear from Alfredo gear. It’s partly because they usually have super different roles in a crime, but also it’s just. A sibling thing. And they’re maybe not blood siblings, but as you said, anon, they are the terror twins.

-To that end: When they’re finally comfortable enough with the Fakes to start pranking (which happens in record time), they go all out. Geoff can’t tell them apart on a good day? They buy the exact same outfit to wear in the penthouse and only respond to each other’s name only to switch back a week later. Ryan can’t find a few of his knives one day and the twins lead him on an unwilling scavenger/treasure hunt to find them. They lure Jeremy onto the roof and proceed to act terrifyingly cavalier near the edge (well, Trevor does. Alfredo does his best to hide his fear.)

-Totally random HC but Alfredo is actually lactose intolerant and can’t have alfredo sauce in dishes. When Trevor first learned this he cried laughing for about two hours straight before looking up lactose-free alternatives. (He’s still looking for a good one, but he’s determined to make this happen.)

-Part of the reason Alfredo dresses in specific and bright colors is to help him stand out against Trevor’s colorblindness

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-they’re pissed. That’s the short of it: they’re furious. Like, to the point where Matt has to talk them out of eviscerating and incinerating those who hurt him.

-Because it’s one thing for the crew to fuck around with him. They’re criminals, they sometimes accidentally hurt each other, it sucks but it happens and they’re truly all used to injuries of varying degrees of severity. But in the field, for someone to target Matt? Who’s usually just on backup, maybe a bit of hacking, but often just there for support because he’s already put in so much legwork on the prep? The people who would go after him then are, in FAHC’s eyes, the scum of the earth.

-Jeremy especially gets pissed. Matt’s his bud, they joined at the same time, and we all know how protective Jeremy gets over his friends. The first time Matt got seriously injured - bullet to the thigh, dangerously close to the femoral artery - Jeremy disappeared for a few hours after Matt was deemed in the clear and came back covered in soot and gore to rival the worst of the Vagabond’s outings. Geoff ripped him a new one, but was ultimately supportive.

-Really, everyone was, because for all his weirdness and don’t-give-a-shit attitude, Matt’s a really sweet guy. He’s supported them all in various pet projects, shouldered more work than any human being ought to when things needed to get done, and rarely complained outside of that time Ryan stole his chair or when they don’t leave him a donut. He’s never lodged serious complaints with them, and they know he absolutely could, and yet he’s so loyal and kind to them that he never does and how can they not be filled with fury when he’s hurt?

-Though they’re still surprised to learn how angry Jack gets over Matt’s injuries and the danger he gets put in. One time, Matt’s getaway vehicle wasn’t up to Jack’s standards, so they deliberately drove back into the police-controlled zone where they’d just escaped from for the sole purpose of getting Matt in their car, and when they were all safe back at base Jack gave them all a fifteen-minute lecture in the heist room about not doing heists without proper gear. They never named names, but everyone knew it was about Matt and his shitty car.

-Realistically, Matt’s the safest one out in the field - almost never in action, fiercely protected by his crew, his family. He knows it, they all know it, the underground society they’re so prevalent in knows it. And that’s exactly why they get so angry over him getting hurt, because they all view it as a personal failure.

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More on the soulmate au??

Ray also thinks it’s his day to die. He doesn’t believe he’d find a soulmate.

Then he runs into Ryan - This tall , blonde , blue eyed man who looks like he’s straight out of an action move.

Both of them just- Stop and stare for a while.

Ryan just - knows that Ray is his soulmate.

Jack finally comes over the Comm and breaks Ryan’s focus. He’s suddenly and annoyed and upset he wont get to talk to the other for long.

“Your name?” Is all Ryan says.

“ Ray..”

Ryan takes his hand and the both feel sparks fly.

“ Until we meet again.” He places a kiss on Ray’s hand.

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FAHC soulmates AU ??

Everyone is born with a counter on their wrist. It counts down to the day you die or the day you meet your soulmate. The day you’re supposed to meet them or die it’ll count down to the second. Once it hits zero it disappears.

Ryan is sure his is the day he dies. It stops on the same day he is supposed to run a heist with the Fakes.

He’s ready. He has little care for his own life and even less for other peoples. As long as the crew gets put safe.

20 minutes before the heist starts he’s scoping out the scene getting into position. He doesn’t notice his counter has hit the minutes then seconds mark. He bumps into a skinny kid on the sidewalk. When he turns to look at the boy his counter hits zero.

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*dances* this hc is my bread and butter

High-stakes missions where things are going wrong, and Jack grabs at Ryan’s shoulder to haul him into the getaway vehicle and in an instant Ryan has a knife to their throat on instinct. Jeremy pulls him into the backseat instead. Quiet kitchen moments where Geoff gently lays a hand on Jeremy’s back to let him know he’s moving behind the shorter man and Jeremy only realizes at the last second to pull his punch. (Geoff still ends up stumbling back a few feet.) Michael and Gavin clowning around, the Battle Buddies sitting or standing bemused in the living room, and Gavin doesn’t think before grabbing one of them to hide behind and Jeremy stiffens up and Ryan lurches in shock and everything goes on a very tense pause for a very long moment before Gavin lets go, and the Battle Buddies go stand next to each other, arms brushing, while Michael yells at Gavin about not touching them, can’t he remember something as simple as that? As if Michael didn’t lean on Jeremy’s shoulder last week without asking first.

But for every moment that their new, affectionate crew breaks their boundaries, there’s a dozen with each other that are more than welcome. Shoving each other out of the good spot in front of the bathroom mirror to get ready, kicking each other’s legs under the table, Jeremy bodily hauling Ryan away from a knife display or Ryan picking up Jeremy to stop him getting distracted by a pretty car for sale. Softer moments, too; hands cradling the back of each other’s bodies after an adrenaline-fueled day, flopping down on a safehouse bed together with one’s head on the other’s chest to fall asleep, ruffling each other’s hair in the mornings to make it look even worse (Ryan pouts severely when he realizes he can no longer get Jeremy back for bad hair days because he doesn’t goddamn have any anymore.) They’re getting better - the crew is mostly good about remembering, though even the moments when they forget is helping them normalize touch again - but their favorite, calmest, and most trusting moments will always be with each other.

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I don’t have sensory processing disorder so correct me if I’m wrong but I’d imagine one big tell would be how many layers he has on/how much skin is covered? Like, if he’s wearing the Vagabond jacket even inside the crew knows not to touch him - but on good days, he’ll shuck that thing as soon as he’s through the door and sprawl out over two or three people on the couch for Maximum Contact

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Better yet, he doesn’t even mean to - he just sees the dogs while he’s mid-escape, thinks he’s screwed and goes to hide somewhere, and then this massive staffordshire-bull-terrier-rottie-who-knows-what-else mix just trots up to him, tail wagging, and gets lots of pets for the reward of staying quiet for a very confused but relieved Vagabond (later, the dog just shows up at the penthouse and gets adopted

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It takes the whole penthouse by surprise when the found put how much of a green thumb Ray has. His specialty is flowers. He can get almost anything to grow. He has flowers all over the Penthouse and has special flowers he grows for each crew member. He and Jack share a garden on the roof.

Geoff and Ryan built it for them.

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