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jack still inviting his hook up over and she constantly disrespects you but when you start having a hook up he becomes jealous for the PR stunt AU
-🌎 anon
A/N : I really enjoyed this so much! Thank you for requesting it. It kinda got away from me and I meant for it to be sadder and then it took a turn at the end..I just hope you like x
It seemed you had drawn the shorter end of the straw, you thought to yourself whilst running for your morning work out in the gym. One of the many points of your contract; exercise, eat healthy. Your management was strict with you but you knew it was for the best. Well, that thought was the only thing keeping you going right now.It wasn’t as if Jack was overly mean to you; but he wasn’t nice either and there was pretence behind closed doors as he mostly ignored you.
Which you were used to. You didn’t have many friends after moving from a different country and you hadn’t felt so lonely until now. Not that you allowed any of this to show as you sped up your movements and worked yourself harder. It wasn’t long before you couldn’t anymore with your body tiring and your mind screaming at you. 
You patted yourself down with a towel and ignored looking in the mirror as you moved out of the gym. You didn’t have time for any degrading thoughts about yourself that would just pull your mood down. No, you didn’t need to do that to yourself when the person walking towards you was about to do it for you.
He wasn’t even discrete with his affairs; not that you expected anything from him but common decency still existed, right? But he still had the decency to look slightly ashamed as he looked down; placing his top back on whilst the girl you’d purposely forgot the name off looked incredibly smug as she buttoned herself slowly up.
“I can see why you called me.” Her snottiness showed through as she looked you up and down. You rolled your eyes to mask the hurt shooting through you. “I’m sure you’ll learn to satisfy him..well, probably not with that body of yours.” She continued in faux sympathy as she turned to Jack and patted his cheek. “Poor you.”
“Well, this was delightful.” You hummed with hardly hidden sarcasm and you looked her up and down with harsh judgement that seemed to affect her more than she’d admit. You turned away and walked down the long corridor; your eyes watering with unshed tears that wouldn’t fall. You wouldn’t give them both the satisfaction.
Jack watched you walk away and hated the tightening in his chest. He hardly reacted to the goodbye kiss as his flavour of the month walked away too. He should have said something. You didn’t deserve that treatment; not when you were so nice to him even without the cameras and set ups.It had him forgetting that this wasn’t real; you were far too good at pretending. But something in the back of his mind had him thinking it wasn’t an act. He had seen you be so sweet to everyone else; his friends included when he could be such an arsehole. 
He’d noticed how your managers treated you but you were too soft hearted to go against them. He found it endearing but he wondered how long that innocence would last. 
You hadn’t meant to get so upset by her words as the tears finally fell when you had reached your room. You blamed it on everything else; it was all becoming a little too much. God, you were pathetic. You reached for your phone and began to move through your messages until you found what you wanted. An old flame that had been the best or treated you well; but you were lonely and it was only for one night, right?
It was what you said to yourself as you looked in the mirror. A short, black dress clinging to your curves as you shyly tugged on it to give it more length. This was ridiculous, you thought. Maybe you should just get some friends. 
“Y/N.” A voice called from the side of you as you saw Liam leaning against the wall; arrogance dripping from him. But you could put that to one side for this evening. “Hi, thanks for coming.” Your words fell from your lips as you softly smiled and made your way towards him. “Always for you.” He flirted with a wink. You’d forgotten what a good liar he was. But his pretty face made up for it right now.
As you moved to take his hand, a voice interrupted the moment. “Y/N. There you are.” Your face turned into a look of confusion as you noted Jack coming your way. “Is something wrong?” You babbled instantly as you stepped away from Liam. You completely missed the dark look coming across his face but Jack didn’t.
“We have that studio dinner tonight?” Jack softly reminded you as his eyes darkened at the look this random guy was giving you. “Oh,god..we do.” You blushed madly as for a moment became quite nervous at having to tell Liam but it seemed Jack was already one step ahead. “So , if you could just leave. That would be great.” Jack spoke with a smirk tugging his lips. 
A moment passed in silence before Lian nearly snarled out. “I had better plans anyway. This was just a pity stop.” Your nails dig into your palms once more as you try to conceal your emotions. Your mouth was about to open and give him some apologies but Jack tugged you away from him and into his side. “I should go and get changed.” You whispered up at him; blushing still after such an embarrassing moment.
“What for?” Jack tried to ignore the rage bubbling inside him; it wasn’t his place. “The dinner?” You frowned even more now as he shook his head; a small smile tugging at his lips. “No, we don’t have dinner tonight.” Jack chuckled.
“But why did you say that to him?” You began to babble and move from his side as your cheeks flushed some more. After all that had been thrown at you and now he had lied. “I didn’t like him.” Jack muttered without even looking you in the eye. “What the fuck does that mean?” You stared wide eyed and this time his face looked up. 
“You can’t just do that.” You looked back at where Liam had now left and began to move towards him but a soft push had you against the wall and Jack invading your personal space. God, he smelt good. Surely, someone shouldn’t smell this good.“I can. I just did.” Jack leaned closer as he stroked your face; his thumb moving to stroke your bottom lip. 
“What, so you can have your affairs and I can’t?” You tried to hide his effect on you as the dress had your ample breasts on display as your breathing calmed down. “Don’t be jealous, baby.” Jack hummed before passionately capturing your soft lips.
Before you could react, he leaned away and turned down the corridor of the complex. His own jealousy burns just under the surface as your confusion weighs you down.
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this is my villain origin story.
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Stop writing to people first and you will see how many dead plants you were watering
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Go, give us everything, pretty boy.
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I'm sorry that someone you loved made you think it was hard to love you.
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nobody gives me butterflies anymore y‘all just give me brain damage
- instagram
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210912 J-Hope’s Tweet
꿀춤.. 남준 .. 생일축하해 내 브라더 😇😇😇 #HAPPYBIRTHDAYNAMJOON #WeGotJoonieVerse #홉필름
Honey dance*.. Namjoon.. Happy birthday my brother 😇😇😇 #HAPPYBIRTHDAYNAMJOON #WeGotJoonieVerse #HopeFilm
(T/N: *'Honey' in Korean, '꿀/kkul' is often attached to words in a positive, appreciative way, such as the 'honey voice' (i.e a very nice voice) in J-Hope's earlier tweet.)
Trans cr; Faith & Aditi @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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Fake Love
Tumblr media
Jack Harlow x Singer!Reader Masterlist
Summary : Jack needs a good PR push so a relationship with you is faked. Is this all going to end in tears?
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You know what hurts? being there for someone for so long and they still don’t value you.
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FAKE LOVE (2018)
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yeah no it’s okay i didn’t need to breathe anyway. (cr. namuspromised)
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~zzz 🥀
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I think, my walls will always be up.
I think no matter how many people try to squeeze between them.
Or however many people try to take them away from me.
They will always stay up.
Because you can only knock down a brick wall so many times.
Before it turns to stone.
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Stay away from people who ignore you until they need you.
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let's bring back romanticism I'm tired of trying to be rational, we're all dumb and we all want love.
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Something I learned about people… If they do it once, they’ll do it again.
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