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A little rout one rodent was drawn and designed by, they even drew some art for the finished race sheet as well!




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DAY 25: MUTANT of Faketober. The idea was inspired by conjoined twins, jewelry, and the golden calf. I used to live near an oddity shop where they displayed one fused by their heads. Gemineye, a Psychic/Rock type, were considered sacred in olden times due to their rarity. Their milk is known to cause pleasant dreams, and is often used as a remedy for nightmares.

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Sparkid, the kid pokemon. Fire type.

V1 dex entry) They eat everything, so they’re popular among novice trainers. Wimpod like them, though terrified.

V2 dex entry) They eat everything, so novice trainers often get essentials destroyed. Wimpod like them, though terrified.

Abilities: Grim neigh/wandering spirit

Hidden ability: Justified.

[Image descriptions

Image one: shows a pokémon appearing to be a goat kid, with two white horns on the top of its head and two more yellow ones on the side. The top horns have dark grey smoke coming off of them. The pokémon is coloured mainly in orange with red and yellow highlights, with it’s hooves and nose being pink. It’s tail is large and fluffy, giving the appearance of being on fire. It is eating a black, undefined object. It has a tattoo like marking on its forehead, and has blue eyes.

Image two: The same pokémon is there, but has a different colouration (shiny). It is mostly inverted, with some exceptions such as having mainly greyscale fur rather than shades of blue. The object it is eating is now a light blonde colour

Image three: Shows the gender dimorphism of the pokémon. The top row shows the female version, with the tattoo-like marking pointing downwards. It is shrouded in pinkish red for the regular colouring and blue-green for the shiny variant. The bottom row shows the male version, where the tattoo-like marking is flipped, with the colours the same]

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Located just outside the Safari Zone, Graphite City is calm and peaceful. Many pokemon researchers from other regions use Graphite as a base as they study Riwon’s unique pokemon in the nearby Safari Zone.

Also located in Graphite City is Riwon’s daycare center.

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Inktober 2020 #25: Buddy

Disclaimer: (This Pokémon has my made-up Gum-Type, seeing as it’s a very bouncy and playful Pokémon)

Bobbleflash, the Electric Bunny Pokémon (Gum / Electric)

This Pokémon is a cheerful, bouncy, happy and electrifying buddy. It loves jumping around and thanks to its enormous feet it can reach heights of up to 20 meters. While it’s jumping, it creates electricity. This power gets stored inside the electric pouches located on its cheeks. It’s so electrifying, that sad or angry people often get a Bobbleflash as a gift which it makes it possible for them to laugh again in just a few hours.

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#04 Instaflame

Met the fire bobcat Pokemon Instaflame

The perfect partner for strong willed trainers who search for a way to the top.

The smallest of Izumos Starters with the bravest heart of a true Warrior. Like Hanari it walks on two legs and four.  When it fights it stands up and attacks with the wooden sword. Instaflame is always on the search for the perfect weapon. It sharpens the stick on it’s own till it’s perfect for it.

Every Instaflame’s sword looks different. It holds it’s weapon on the short bobtail.

To train it’s strenght it’s not afraid to climb a waterfall  in a thunder storm.
Sometimes it’s fearless let it get in big trouble too!

There is a legend that the sign on it’s back was given to him by an old brave leader. This man honored it’s strong will and made him a part of his family by giving him that sign.

It’s attacks are mostly shown with it’s sword. When it trains hard it could possibility able to use a fire sword attack. So it often uses Amber and Scratch attacks.

other informations
Instaflame is based on a lynx and a japanese bobtail. It’s also based on a Samurai with a wooden sword.
Instaflames name is a bit funny story. My husband and me were on a camping trip years ago and thought the name of the gas cooker sound like a Pokemon, so we always wanted to draw one. And Lynxes are my husbands fave animals. That’s how Instaflame got it’s design and name.

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Basic designs for Monopod’s branching evolutions!

Verdold (Dark/Grass)- The Greenscale Pokemon

Therazzo (Dark/Flying)- The Bluescale Pokemon

And Smoggro (Dark/Poison)- The Redscale Pokemon

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I doodled a little Grass Type Bat starter I’ve had in my mind for a while. This is just a little doodle and not a complete design of it. The design is likely to change lol. I don’t really have a name for it but so far “Sprat” or “Roobat” are ideas

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Fakemon-tober!: Day 22

The first regional pikachu clone of the inktober! this one needed to be colored in to really get it! Based on the chinese mythical creature also called pixiu, which are like a winged lion/dragon that eat gold and treasure, as well as would help bring prosperity to their owners. So it was a tradition to have a small statue of a pixiu to help encourage bringing wealth to the household as like a good luck charm. And with the name sounding almost like a mix of “pixie” and “pikachu”, put all three together, and you get this pokemon.


fairy/electric type

These little fairy pokemon use gold to help improve their electric attacks with the metals conductivity, eating the metal, which then moves into their fur and grows the golden, coin-like bands around it’s tail.

The result essentially coating Pixiu’s entire body in electric armor, and turning their tails into miniature tesla coils, which make an effective deterrent for keeping them safe from threatening pokemon. 

However, with humans having such a desire for the precious metal and the wealth it could bring them, many tried to exploit Pixiu’s in a number of ways. Hunting them for their gold, poaching them for exotic pet’s, and most of all exploiting their talent for finding the rare metal by abusively forcing them to find as much as possible for their owners.

This has left the Pixiu’s very skittish of humans, causing them to live in secluded locations away from humans, and to immediately flee at the sight of them, making them very difficult pokemon to capture, and slow to gain the trust of a trainer.

(think like a mixture of wimpod and abra, where you’ll see them on the overworld and they’ll immediately try to flee, so must be snuck up on. But once you do manage to get them in battle, they will try to flee on their turn, so need a move like mean look or a lucky quick ball to catch them)

Though they are not too uncommon if you know where to look. And should you catch one, they’ll often be carrying a nugget of gold with them as their held item.

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A ghost type Eevee based on @pokemon-personalities ‘s post which is here!!

It evolves if a trainer it is very close to dies, as if it wants to join them in the afterlife. This eevee will loyally follow its departed trainer as long as they remain a spirit. If their friend’s spirit passes on without them this eevee can choose to follow them, or will remain trying to calm and help angry spirits it finds, pokemon or human. They also tend to follow children who have a dangerous future or are very sick to comfort them. It’s color is decided at evolution and matches it’s original trainer’s soul.

I also made a trainer class for them that I’ve been referring to as “Kind Spirit (name)” 

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