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asexual-wintersoldier · 12 hours ago
Okay but something that ALWAYS HAS MESSED WITH ME was that little line that Sam had in aou
The one about the cold case and how he was okay doing that instead of fighting Hydra.
You cannot tell me that Sam "I fought hydra in a tshirt and I'd do it again" Wilson was just okay with chasing leads about some random ass dude that Steve knew 70 years ago. BITCH RIPPED HIS STEERING WHEEL OUT
So this little line is just so not Sam to me. If chasing cold cases is something comparable to fighting Hydra, than this cold case must be really intriguing...
Sam definitely found Bucky between catws and cacw
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fanficmaniatic · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was a little insecure about posting these, But check out this portaits I did for my illustration class a few weeks ago!
In honor of someone realizing that It was Anthony Mackie and not Will Smith.
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ordinaryredtail · 4 months ago
The kestrel shuffle! Gotta keep them eggs warm!
Source: Nest Box Live
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shurisneakers · 6 months ago
let's hear it for sam wilson,
the kindest character in the mcu who right from the beginning has been one of the most empathetic voices that people can't help but listen to, who can relate to the struggles of those who are ignored or tossed aside in favour for the big battles and players, whose first option is peace and not violence, who sees someone getting hurt and steps in even though he's been disrespected by that person several times, is genuine and tries to make things right and cares.
he cares.
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incorrectquotesmcu · an hour ago
Sam: I told you, I don’t hate you. I mean, sometimes I wanna kill you, but just like in the normal way.
Bucky: I only want to kill you in the normal way too.
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rfskia · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
What if peregrines hunted like foxes?
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asofthesea · 6 months ago
In this scene I would like to point out that Sam has his back to Karli
Tumblr media
He's showing her that he's not ready to fight because he can't even see her if she were to attack. He's showing his intentions in only wanting to talk. He used his body as well as his words to get her to talk to him. Sam Wilson everybody.
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