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#falcon and the winter soldier
WandaVision: Grief and unhealthy coping habits
Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Injustices of society as a whole and the legacy of America
Loki: Free will and determinism
Hawkeye: Deconstruction of the superhero genre (aka consequences and being human in a superhero world)
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fact-dogsarehappiness · 2 days ago
My problem with the mcu right now is that Billy and Tommy are kids but Kate, Cassie, and Elijah are adults which means no Young Avengers and I’m not pleased
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harlekin6 · 2 days ago
Finallyyyyy....he arriveeed
Tumblr media
After ordering at beginning of July and the suppose to be delievery at September 9th hes here...
Tumblr media
And he joins the Winter Gang😍😍😍😍
Tumblr media
Everyboooodyyyy~ Yeaaaaaha 😂😂😂😂
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shurisneakers · 7 months ago
let's hear it for sam wilson,
the kindest character in the mcu who right from the beginning has been one of the most empathetic voices that people can't help but listen to, who can relate to the struggles of those who are ignored or tossed aside in favour for the big battles and players, whose first option is peace and not violence, who sees someone getting hurt and steps in even though he's been disrespected by that person several times, is genuine and tries to make things right and cares.
he cares.
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MCU Phase 4 where it's the same but all the titles are written like light novels:
Black Widow: Because My Past Caught Up with Me, I Reunited with My Blonde Fake Sister
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: My Dad Loved My Mom Too Much, Now I Must Stop the Dweller in Darkness
Eternals: I Am a Robot Made by God, But I Just Want to Love
Spider-Man No Way Home: I Talked Too Much and Broke the Multiverse
WandaVision: Reborn Inside My Favorite Sitcoms, Now I Marry My Robot Boyfriend
Falcon and the Winter Soldier: I Was Supposed to be Captain America, But Because I'm Black, They Gave It to an Insecure Man
Loki: Am I Even in Control? The Time I Left the Timeline and Fell in Love with Myself.
What If...?: What If the World Was Different? A Multiverse of Infinite Possibilities.
Hawkeye: After Christmas Was Ruined, I Went LARPing and Adopted a Rich Fangirl
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thinking-about-fiction · 7 months ago
Bucky really went from a cranky scowling old man who never smiles to that Cool (gay) uncle who pulls up 2 hours late to the family cookout with sunglasses, cake and level 100 swagger
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now that's character development
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shurisneakers · 7 months ago
So from what I understood (please correct me if I'm wrong) is that when the rest of his team were held as hostages, Isaiah Bradley went out there to get them back. He put his life on the line to save his men, even though there were explicit directions against doing so. He did so because they were his brothers and friends.
He was tortured, experimented on and jailed. He was erased.
Except, that's exactly what Steve Rogers did in Captain America: The First Avenger.
Steve was pardoned. He went illegally to Austria to rescue his team and he was treated like a hero. He wasn't insulted and had his history erased- he was glorified. He was given a medal. He was remembered, and that act went on to show as a reminder of how noble and good he was.
Isaiah Bradley didn't receive the same treatment.
And I hope you think about that.
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starstruckmyths · 8 months ago
I don't know if it's that deep, but I suddenly realized the difference between why Steve became Captain America and why John Walker became Captain America, and how that relates to Sam so well.
Steve never got picked for the serum because he was particularly tall or strong or skilled or smart, he got picked because Erskine saw something good in him, something special he knew would become even greater with the serum.
Erskine specifically didn't pick the obvious choice he was pressured to pick by others, which was Hodge at the time. Like Col. Phillips said, "Hodge passed every test we gave him. He's big, he's fast and he obeys orders. He's a soldier", does that remind you of someone?
John Walkers is big, fast, and he obeys orders. He's a soldier.
Steve never chose Sam because he was big or fast or a good soldier, he chose Sam because of why Erskine had chosen him; his good heart and the determination to do what's right. He saw that in Sam, the goodness of his heart, his determination and the strong will to help others no matter the cost.
That's why Sam is Captain America, even without the shield. The shield is not Cap, the heart is. The shield is a tangible symbol, one you can hold up and claim as yours, but the "not a perfect soldier but a good man" metaphor of Erskine is what's most essential, and that can't be forced by governmental support or flashy public stunts.
John Walker with his missions and skills and orders may be a perfect soldier, but Sam is a good man. A good man who kicks ass
And that's why Sam Wilson is Captain America.
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wakandas · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
looks like the dora milaje have jurisdiction... in my heart 🥺♥️
insta // twitter // store
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leashlessconfusion · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Of all the parallels we've seen so far, I think this one best demonstrates the difference between John Walker and Steve Rogers.
Steve easily could have killed Tony at the end of Civil War. In fact, Tony seemed to expect it; he raised his hands to protect his head from what he probably thought was the inevitable.
But Steve wasn't like that. Even in the midst of pure rage, he could never kill someone unnecessarily- good moral standards were at the core of every decision he made, regardless of his own emotional state.
John Walker is different. When he gets angry, morality is not his priority because ultimately he isn't a man of the people, he's a man who centres his own desires, no matter the cost. He doesn't stop to question himself because his ego won't let him.
Where Steve Rogers was measured, John Walker is impulsive. Where Steve Rogers looked out for everyone's best interests, John Walker looks out for his own.
Where Steve Rogers showed self-restraint, John Walker takes the kill strike.
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