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#falcon and the winter soldier incorrect quotes
Bucky: Why do people always ask me if I'm okay when they see me lying on the floor?
Bucky: Yes, I'm okay. I'm living my best life
Bucky: Can't a guy just lie on the floor and stare blankly at the ceiling, listening to 1970's Swedish pop sensation, ABBA sing Waterloo? I'm having me time
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Sam: Dude how are you ever going to get someone to marry you?
Bucky: If anyone wanted to marry me, they'd have to beat me in a fight that's the only way I'd ever say yes
Sam [rolling up his sleeves]: Is that so?
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[Bucky walks in with a raw chicken leg]
Sam: What's with the chicken leg?
Bucky [looks down]: Leg? Oh SHIT
[runs out and back in with a whole raw chicken covered in grass and dirt]
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Sam: Do you know? Atoms never touch each other, and since we're all made of atoms, we've never touched a thing in our lives
Sam: So to answer your question, Joaquin, I did not drop-kick Bucky off the roof after kissing him
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Sam: Joaquin, what are you going to do if Bucky asks about my sexuality?
Joaquin: Tell him to leave it alone?
Sam: No! Tell him I'm bisexual and I'm single!
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Bucky: What does ILYSM mean?
Sam, who painted ILYSM on Bucky's wall in gold paint that morning at 3AM: No idea
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Bucky: Yeet
Bucky: Yoot
Bucky: Yotun
Bucky: Yute
Bucky: Yeeten
Bucky: Yate
Bucky: Yeeth
Bucky: Yeeted
Sam: You stop that right now
Peter: No, let him finish
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Sam: Also from now on we'll be using code names. You can address me as "Eagle One"
Sam: Steve is "Been there, done that"
Sam: Bucky is "Currently doing that"
Sam: Joaquin is "It happened once in the dream"
Sam: Sharon is "If I had to pick a girl"
Sam: Walker is "Eagle Two"
Walker: Thank god
Sam: Shut up
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incorrect-fatws · 54 minutes ago
Sam: You’re not even listening to me.
Bucky: No, I heard you. You said a bunch of words
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headcanonthings · 2 hours ago
Sam: Crime fighting has left me a sad and lonely person.
Bucky: *walks in*
Sam: Why are you here?
Bucky: I’m the sad and lonely person crime solving has left you.
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incorrectswtor · 6 hours ago
Kaliyo: What’s going on in that brain of yours?
Imperial Agent, darkly: You don’t wanna know.
Kaliyo: Oh, yeah. I can see it working. Gears turning...
Kaliyo: Oh, they’re malfunctioning! They’re on fire!
Imperial Agent: I hate you
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shurington · 8 hours ago
Bucky: "Yes I have had wedding invitations made that say that James Buchanan Barnes and S. Wilson invite you to their wedding. No I haven't decided which Wilson sibling the S is referring to."
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