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#fall out boy
it was so good i reconsidered my staunch atheism
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Hey peeps, does anyone have any good shots of pete’s bass?

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Oh DANG I’m so lucky that in my emo phase I didnt listen to country music because yeah I was sad and listening to those sad songs did not help but,,,,I couldnt truly relate to the pop punk scene because , if you havent pieced this together about me, I live on a large cattle farm in the middle of nowhere to the left. Never seen a large city so I didnt truly get it.

But old country songs (terra shanties, if you will) GET ME

Like if I had heard THIS SONG


Who knows what I would’ve done oh my gosh

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tbh we really need to create a religion centred around punk 2000’s bands. dude you believe that when you die youll join the black parade and live the life of eternal peace among your fellow misfits following the white haired leader with his pals??? sign me up

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“Oh, put love on hold/Young Hollywood/ Is on the other line/Her nose runs ruby red/ Death’s in a double bed/ Singing songs that could only catch the ears of the desperate”

The (After) Life of the Party- Fall Out Boy

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realized that i can claim my url is an nbc hannibal reference and not a fall out boy reference like it has been since i was in 8th grade. now imagine i made a really good joke about the phrase “folie à deux” that was both apt and clever here

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rb with the pop punk/punk rock band you listened to after fighting with your mom after soccer practice in 7th grade

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Day 10: what a catch, donnie by fall out boy

Day 11: everything is temporary (sticks and stones) by cavetown

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