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#fallen leaves
highlightwarriors · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Thumbnail art I made for the second MAP WIP progress of “In the Blood”, featuring Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves :]
Please check it out!
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fallen leaves: hollyleaf wake up! you fucked up big time
hollyleaf: fallen leaves
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swanvirals · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Fallen leaves in Bruges, Belgium
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matyado · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✨My favorite warriorscats✨
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mango-aka-manog · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
fallen leaves 🍂🍂  every once in a while i have to torture myself by drawing on animal jam :)
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rjalker · 5 days ago
In the fall whenever I have time in just gonna start collecting leaves in giant bags or whatever so I can give them to other people for free to use in their gardens.
Reminder not to throw away the leaves you rake up! Pile them around your plants as mulch! It not only helps your plants, a lot of native insects take shelter in them over the winter! Fallen leaves are a crucial part of your native habitat!
They'll provide shelter for insects, provide mulch for your plants, and as they break down they add nutrients back into the soil!
If you have empty plant pots, you can fill them with leaves over the winter and let them break down as a little portable compost bin! And you can just add some soil on top in the spring (the leaves will shrink as they break down, so if you fill it to the top in the fall, there should be a bit more space in Spring) and just plant in it!
You can ask your neighbors if you can have their leaves, and someone would probably even pay you to rake their yard and take them. Fallen sticks and twigs are also great to add to the garden! If you know the spots where people just shove leaves into the road in giant piles, you can sonetimes collect those too.
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lazy-toad · 7 days ago
The Hargreeves siblings as Warriors characters
Absolutely no-one asked for this but you shall receive anyway. some of these have more thought put into them than others. 
Luther- Blackstar
A leader who has done some questionable stuff in the past, however is willing to grow and learn from their mistakes. a tough fighter and physically fit, however a softie on the inside. also, they are both shown to be reasonably easily manipulated (Luther with R*ggie and Blackstar with Sol)
Diego- Longtail
There’s honestly not much to this but they are both characters that where kind of mean at the beginning but turned out to be actually quite nice and loyal to their friends. Characters that I love so much that I almost forget that they where kind of an ass at the beginning. 
Allison- Lionblaze
You may think that Lionblaze fits Luther more than Allison, but ignoring their powers, I think that Allison and Lionblaze are actually the most similar. Both have powers that they have used against other people that have turned out not so great. both are terrified of accidentally using their powers to hurt a loved one
Klaus- Tallstar
You probably thought that Goosefeather fit Klaus better, and you’re probably right, however I don’t care much for Goosefeather and Klaus is my favourite so I didn’t really want to put them together. idk, I think that Talltail going far away from home and ending up in a relationship that still effects him years later (Because TallJake is absolutely cannon in my mind) is really similar to Klaus and Dave’s whole arc, especially with the angst around family and friends not even really caring when they’re gone. 
Five- Jayfeather
Honestly, how could I not? they both have very similar personalities, being a bitch on the outside but deep down being a very caring person who would do anything for the people they hold close to them. also they are both shipped with an inanimate object. assholes (honorary) who are fan faves.
Ben- Fallen Leaves
Both of them dying tragically at a young age and being stuck with a very limited option of people to talk too (Fallen Leaves with Rock and Hollyleaf, and Ben with Klaus) but never truly moving on and instead choosing to stay on the planet as a ghost.
Vanya- Ivypool
Do I even need to explain? sibling jealousy ends up with them naively trusting someone with bad intentions (Hawkfrost and Harold/Leonard) and only realising when it’s too late. also, they where both the one to kill said person, after finding out that they had bad intentions. (Ivypool killing Hawkfrost in the great battle, and Vanya finally snapping and killing Leonard/Harold) 
sorry if this is incomprehensible but I love both of these so I obviously had to find some way to combine them
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pirouz1226 · 10 days ago
My Hollyleaf X Fallen Leaves braincanon, where Fallen Leaves speaks shakespearean, and Feathertail becomes a messenger inbetween the two worlds, and two lovers.
Tumblr media
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darkenedwindow · 12 days ago
Ten Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches
甲乙 - 木
丙丁 - 火
戊己 - 土
庚辛 - 金
壬癸 - 水
Yellow Dragon will come across 10 Stems, which are similar to Shards for her. 8 of them will be comprised of, or be unlocked by the presence of Shards. The remaining two, she will have to find on her own.
In addition, there are 12 Earthly Stems, more directly tied to calendar months, assigned to zodiac animals.
They are:
子 - 鼠 冬
丑 - 牛 冬
寅 - 虎 春
卯 - 兔 春
辰 - 龙 春
巳 - 蛇 夏
午 - 马 夏
未 - 羊 夏
申 - 猴 秋
酉 - 鸡 秋
戌 - 狗 秋
亥 - 猪 冬
Should these be characters? hm...they should be involved somehow
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thorsenmark · 14 days ago
Colors of Autumn in Trees Along the West Mountain Trail (Hot Springs National Park)
Colors of Autumn in Trees Along the West Mountain Trail (Hot Springs National Park) by Mark Stevens Via Flickr: A view looking to the southwest while walking the West Mountain Trail in Hot Springs National Park. What drew me into this setting was the Autumn colors all around in the forest. To compose this image, I tried to find a balance between including more of the foreground and hiking trail to my front with that of the forest with tree leaves. I zoomed in slightly as I didn’t feel like going wide angle. The idea would be that one was just enjoying a hike in the woods of Arkansas and the beauty of trees all around.
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indiestix · 15 days ago
So yeah I guess this another ficlet post or whatever it’s called 
•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•
The fall wind rustled sharply, whispering words unknown to the human ear.
Two boys, intentions alike, walked through the chill wind as they came to a stop.
One boy, a warm copper hue with silky, ebony coils slightly cropped and honey brown eyes, looked down at the other who had terra-cotta locks that hung loosely on his rose pale face littered with freckles, and cornflower blue eyes.
"Y'know, mum had this big tree grown when I was nine. I used to spend all my time just staying under the tree doing...y'know, chess, games all of that. It burned down during a thunderstorm around the beginning of my second year. The only thing left of the tree that managed to not burn was this little leaf. It was a dying leaf. I managed to preserve it though. Maybe someday I'd get to grow a tree like that. It was always fun to have."
The standing one crouched to meet the redhead's height. He looked at him briefly before replying to the irregular statement.
"Mother liked shrubs and plants like those but never had to the time to care for them. She was to busy with everything else to find the time. Sometimes I would sit on one of the dusty greenhouses' benches and watch the house-elves tend to the garden. Albeit, Mother had a plant she did have time for, and that was just a small oak tree. It was your oak tree but she never let the elves touch it. She got the tree long before I was born but has never lost a single leaf during fall. I still don't understand it."
Silence quickly consumed the conversation as the two boys crouched on the ground covered with dying, fallen leaves all browning.
"I guess we're not that different."
"I suppose not."
The boy with hair terra-cotta locks gave the other a roguish grin before hauling himself up. He gave the other boy a hand.
"D'you wanna go to that coffee shop on Phoenix Lane with me? Hot chocolate's on me."
"Only as long as I can buy some biscuits."
•─────⋅☾Fin ☽⋅─────•
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thorsenmark · 15 days ago
You Have to Take in the Complete Whole (Hot Springs National Park)
You Have to Take in the Complete Whole (Hot Springs National Park) by Mark Stevens Via Flickr: You Have to Take in the Complete Whole For a tall tree cannot be without the lichen or tiny unseen bugs Without the tree roots stretching across the ground and causing me to fall, The trees wouldn't have the support in the reach to the skies For it is only in looking down that we begin to appreciate the grandeur when we look up. Another work of short poetry or prose to complement the image captured one early afternoon in Hot Springs National Park while walking the Sunset Trail. This was a section of forest displaying the colors of Autumn in the tree leaves all around. This was walking along West Mountain with a view looking to the northeast. I did some initial post-processing work making adjustments to contrast, brightness and saturation while playing around as I learned how to work with DxO PhotoLab 3 that I’d recently purchased after moving away from Capture NX2. I then exported a TIFF image to Nik Color Efex Pro 4 where I added a Polarization and Pro Contrast filter for that last effect on the image captured.
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warrior-cats-is-lgbtq · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hollyleaf is a gay autigender trans man and Fallen Leaves is a bisexual trans demiboy, and they are dating! Requested by Anon!
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blueflame · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve seen a lot of trans headcannons so I thought I’d post mine
Tumblr media
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