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#fallen petals
dupliciaa · a day ago
for the ship bingo, fallen petals
Tumblr media
cinder is an adult. ruby is a child. bye.
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musings-from-mars · 9 days ago
So.... masc!enby Cinder meeting Ruby for the first time... can we get that story?
Ruby really needed to stop running in the halls. Would she ever? Probably not.
Either way, she found herself on her butt, shaking the wooziness out of her head. She felt like she’d ran into a brick wall, but when she looked up, she realized it had been a person.
A very tall, mysterious person... (or maybe their tallness was just because of Ruby’s perspective from on the floor).
“Oh- Sorry m—!” Ruby yelped and scrambled back to her feet, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly. “M-ma’am— Sir! Uhh...?” She looked over the person again. Flat chest, broad shoulders, high heels, short hair, curvy hips... “Uh.”
Cinder couldn’t keep themself from smirking and rolling her eyes. “Is running in the halls allowed at Beacon?”
“! I just...I get excited...” Ruby murmured, blushing and shrinking a bit under the gaze of this person of indeterminate gender. Their voice wasn’t giving her any clues either.
“And it’s not ma’am, or sir. It’s Cinder,” they told her, crossing their arms. “And you are?”
Ruby stared dumbly at them, then their silver eyes lit up. “Ohh! You’re nonbiner...bine...b-blah! Nonbinary!”
Cinder stared at her blankly.
“......Oh! And I’m Ruby.”
Cinder scoffed and nodded their head slowly. “Hello Ruby. And indeed I am nonbinary. So nice of you to figure that out.”
“Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to—”
“Trust me, darling,” Cinder cut her off, seemingly gliding past her while not taking their eyes off of her, their smirk still present. “Your confusion was flattering.”
Ruby shuffled her feet to turn and watch them pass by, then Cinder’s words clicked in her head and she felt her face ignite with a flustered blush. Darling?
“Hope to see you around,” Cinder said with a subtle wave, then turned down the hall and walked away, hands tucked in their pockets, hips swaying with each step.
Ruby watched until they had turned the corner, and even listened a little longer until she could no longer hear their heels thumping against the floor.
“Woah...they’re cool,” Ruby muttered to herself. Then, a second wave of flustered heat took over her body, and she had to lean her back against the wall to steady herself. “Darling—?!”
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bridgyrose · 10 days ago
Ruby tunes up and modifies Cinder’s prosthetic arm, and some accidental h*nd h*lding occurs
Ruby smiled a bit as she finished going over Cinder’s prosthetic, tightening up a couple more screws. “And there… we… go. All finished.” 
Cinder slowly moved her prosthetic, giving a sigh of relief when it no longer sounded like gears were grinding. “Thanks Rubes.” 
“Anything for a friend.” 
Cinder nodded and put her hand down on the table, looking out to the forest. She always felt at peace on a mission with Ruby, especially when it was just the two of them. “Still… why, why do you consider me a friend?” 
“Why wouldnt I?” Ruby put her hand on the table, not realizing she was covering Cinder’s. “Sure, we had a rocky start, but you were there to help us in the end.” 
“I wouldnt consider trying to kill you a rocky start.” Cinder sighed and looked down to the ground, watching the grass blow in the wind. “But… you know that’s not what I mean. I hurt you and your friends in ways I know that none of you will forgive me.” 
“I know, but that’s not the point.” Ruby looked over to Cinder and smiled a bit. “Sure, there are things that you’ve done that we cant forgive, but at the same time, you’ve been making strides to get better. And because of that, I cant take away the chance I need to give you now.” 
“I dont deserve-” 
“Yes, you do deserve a second chance!” Ruby picked up Cinder’s hand, holding it tightly. “Everyone does! Just because you’ve done wrong once doesnt mean you have to be condemned forever!” 
Cinder hesitated for a moment, a small blush crossing her cheeks as she noticed Ruby holding her hand. “U-umm… Ruby…” 
Ruby looked at Cinder curiously before it registered that she was holding Cinder’s hand. She quickly pulled away, blushing madly and looking away from Cinder to hide it. “I.. s-sorry…” 
“I-its fine. Actually, I’ve… never had anyone hold my hand like that before.” 
Ruby nodded, slowly starting to compose herself again. “S-so… since we’re alone, maybe we could… you know…” 
“Tune up our weapons a bit?” 
Ruby nodded, slowly taking a glance at the pouch of sand that Cinder had on her belt. “Y-yeah.” 
Cinder smiled a bit, opening the pouch and using her semblance to form her weapons. “I know they’re not much, but if you want to look over them, go for it.” 
Ruby smiled and gently took Cinder’s swords, looking them over. “You know, I think I have a few ideas on a couple other forms you could use for your weapons.” 
“I’d like to hear them.” 
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bridgyrose · 11 days ago
could I request another of those ruby teaching cinder about affection drabbles, maybe one where ruby introduces cinder to kisses? uwu
Cinder sighed as she held Ruby close, feeling relaxed. “Thank you for teaching me about all of this.” 
“Of course.” Ruby smiled up at Cinder. “You deserve love too. I know… I know you’ve gone through a rough patch, but that doesnt mean you cant be loved.” 
Cinder sighed and looked away. “You know that’s not true. You know exactly what I did.” 
“And I know you told me out of trust. And I already told you I dont judge you.” Ruby sat up and placed a hand on Cinder’s cheek. “Besides, I think there’s one more piece of affection I need to show you.” 
“And what’s-” Cinder couldnt finish her question, feeling Ruby pull her into a kiss. At first, she was confused and unsure of what exactly Ruby was doing. But after a moment, she relaxed into the kiss, kissing Ruby back. She leaned back to lay down, letting Ruby come with. 
Ruby broke the kiss and smiled at Cinder. “A kiss, because I love you.” 
A blush spread across Cinder’s face, causing her to go speechless. For once, she didnt have a witty comeback. No retort to the words that Ruby had told her. No remark on how she shouldnt be loved. Instead, all she could feel was peace. She smiled a bit as she realized Ruby was telling her the truth, her smile quickly fading after a moment. “You… you shouldnt.” 
“But I do.” Ruby sat up a bit, looking down at Cinder. “You accepted me when I came out to you, and after you told me about your past, that didnt change how I felt about you. You were in a bad spot. There was no right answer. You cant change the past, but you can change your future.” 
“That’s… that’s not… exactly everything. I… I think we should talk to Ozpin.” 
Ruby nodded and got up, offering a hand to Cinder. “Want me to stay by your side?” 
“I… I do.” Cinder took Ruby’s hand, taking a few breaths to try to calm herself. “And Ruby? Thank you for showing me affection.” 
Ruby nodded and kissed Cinder’s cheek, smiling at her. “Of course, anything for you.” 
Cinder smiled a bit, starting to relax again. As long as she had Ruby with her, she didnt see any reason to stay nervous. “I know.” 
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drkruins · 12 days ago
how is life, make sure you drink water daily (if u dont ill stabby stabby you) and uh, make sure to take breaks when needed
life's pretty boring ngl. and ty lovely :)
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drkruins · 16 days ago
reader with two cocks fucking and creaming both octane's ass and cunt at the same time?
Two cocks filling him to the brim with cum? A dream come true for a little slut like him. God...the way his cunt and ass would clench around you. Probably in an attempt to keep all of it inside him although he would already have a bulge in his stomach—it would look like you'd knocked him up!  He would love it if you got him pregnant. Mm...breeding him with both your cocks 'til he's unable to walk. Definitely a fantasy of his. 
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actualbampot · 17 days ago
so i know you ship spicecream but what other ships do you ship? crack or otherwise
Fallen petals/Cinderruby is my other guilty pleasure but honestly, I'm down for anything that's wlw
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Oh yeah, something’s wrong with Edea. Like more than just the whole “Sorceress” business. Don’t know what but there’s something wrong here.
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bridgyrose · 19 days ago
post v3 ruby has a massive crush on cinder, despite her killing Pyrrha, cinder uses this crush to manipulate ruby.
Ruby hesitated for a moment as she watched Pyrrha disappear right before her eyes. She slowly looked towards Cinder, starting to tremble. “I… why? Why are you doing this?”
“Isnt it obvious?” asked Cinder. “The world is broken and it’s time to fix it! These academies are starting to horde a power that belongs to the people. And I intend to help remake the world.”
Ruby didnt quite understand what Cinder meant by the world being broken, or whatever power the academies were starting to horde. Either way, she took a step back, feeling the edge of the tower at the heel of her foot. “It… it still isnt right…”
“I… dont expect you to understand, but I need you to trust me.”
Ruby looked down at the ground, looking nervously. “I… I’m not sure…”
“You can trust me.” Cinder reached out to Ruby, smiling at her as her eyes began to glow a bit. “Stick with me and I will make sure you never have to lose anyone you care about again.”
Ruby thought about it for a moment, still unsure about a lot of what was going on. And for a moment, she knew she couldnt trust Cinder. After watching her kill a friend right before her eyes… She sighed and took Cinder’s hand. “I’ll never have to lose another friend, right?”
“Not just friends, family too. You will never lose anyone you care about again.”
Ruby nodded and smiled a bit at Cinder, deciding to take a leap of faith and trust the girl she had a crush on. “Then I’ll trust you.”
Cinder smirked and looked out to the distance, watching the wyvern grimm make it’s way closer to Beacon. “I knew you would.”
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bridgyrose · 22 days ago
those drabbles where ruby is teaching cinder about affection were super cute! could I request a follow up where cinder is starting to get super cuddly and clingy with ruby all the time, even when theyre out in public or hanging out with friends, much to everyones surprise
Emerald hesitated for a moment as she watched Cinder. “Cin, are you okay?” 
Cinder nodded, smiling a bit. “I am. Why?” 
“Well… I’ve never seen you do… that before.” 
Cinder looked a bit confused. “I’m… not sure what you mean.” 
Mercury sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “What you and Ruby are doing.” 
Cinder shrugged before snuggling closer to Ruby, keeping close to her. “We’re sitting. What does it look like to you?” 
“It looks like you’re cuddling,” answered Emerald. “Which reminds me, we are in public.” 
Ruby smiled a bit, stroking Cinder’s hair. “She likes being touched.” 
Cinder nodded. “Its… nice.” 
Emerald stopped herself from saying anything more, just watching the two cuddle. It was strange for her to watch Cinder enjoy doing anything that was considered affectionate since she was sure that Cinder didnt exactly know how to do it. But here she was, willingly cuddling up to Ruby. It was… weird to see how quickly the younger girl could infect someone like that. 
Ruby leaned back a bit, giving Cinder a little room to lay down. “You still wanted to see a movie after we eat, right?” 
Cinder nodded, practically laying down in Ruby’s lap. “Yes, I’d love to.” 
Mercury sighed and got up. “You both have fun with that. Em and I are going to the comic shop.” 
Emerald got up to follow Mercury, hesitating a bit when they were out of sight of Cinder and Ruby. “Do you… think we could do what they’re doing?” 
Mercury looked at her a bit curiously. “You mean cuddle?” 
Emerald nodded slowly, nervously holding her arm. “It did look nice…” 
“....we can try it after we get back to the dorm.” 
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fanfictionsrookie · 29 days ago
(from Bridgy’s post) Ruby led Cinder to her dorm to teach her the ways of comfort, and then they fucked.
You're skipping a few bases anon XD
As much as I enjoy the sexy, nothing melts me more than warm and flustered CindeRuby cuddles. Maybe with some of Ruby's comforting murmurs that tints Cinder's cheeks an even darker shade of red as they doze off together...
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actualbampot · a month ago
Okay, but imagine: Ruby as Lady D and Cinder is tasked to contain her.
Please do elaborate
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actualbampot · a month ago
think about this: Cinder Fall as Lady Dimitrescu
Do you think I've not had Maiden!Ruby and HotVampireCountessMilf!Cinder floating around in my head?
What do you take me for XD
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bridgyrose · a month ago
Heya! So I've been thinking about how if Cinder didn't grow up in a loving environment she probably doesn't know much of affection either. Would you be willing to write a snippet of Ruby introducing Cinder to cuddles or hugs?
Add as much angst or fluff as you like XD
Ruby rushed up to Cinder, ready to give her a hug when she suddenly felt the girl tackle her to the ground. She struggled to get free from Cinder’s grasp. “What was that for?” 
“You were trying to attack me, so I defended myself.” 
“I’m not attacking you, I’m trying to hug you!” 
Cinder hesitated for a moment and got off Ruby, not quite sure she understood. “And… a hug is an attack, is it not?” 
“No, its not.” Ruby stood up and started rubbing the back of her head. “A hug is a way to show affection to other people.” 
Cinder thought for a moment, not quite understanding. She started thinking back to Emerald and Mercury and the way they talked about affection. The way they constantly insulted and hit each other, always saying it was because they were “affectionate”. Cinder smiled a bit and hit Ruby’s shoulder as hard as she could. “Kinda like how Merc and Em show it, right?” 
Ruby winced and took a step back from Cinder, rubbing her shoulder. “N-no, not exactly… I thought those two hated each other.” 
“They keep saying they’re “just being affectionate” when they hit each other.” 
Ruby looked over Cinder, finally noticing a few scars that she hadnt before. “You.. You’ve never had anyone show you affection before, have you?” 
Cinder thought for a moment and rubbed the back of her head. “W-well, there was the orphanage. They used to make me do chores all the time out of love and when the kids beat me, the adults always told me it was because they were jealous. And then there was the woman who adopted me. She used to yell at me a lot, but she yelled at everyone. I’m pretty sure that was her way of showing affection too.” 
“Okay, no, I’m going to teach you what real affection looks like.” Ruby walked over to Cinder and pulled her into a hug. “We’ll start simple. This is a hug. You give one to people that you like.” 
Cinder hesitated for a moment as she felt Ruby hug her, not quite sure how she felt about it. “So.. you squeeze someone you like with your whole body?” 
“Something like that.” 
Cinder slowly embraced Ruby in a hug of her own, giving her a good squeeze. “And… this is really how people show affection?” 
“Yes. I’m pretty sure you were abused when you were younger. Hitting and yelling isnt any way to show affection.” 
“That… might actually explain a lot now….” 
Ruby pulled away from Cinder for a moment. “There are other ways to show affection too.” She took Cinder’s hand and started pulling her to her dorm. “Come with me, I’ll teach you everything there is to know about affection.” 
Cinder nodded, sticking close to Ruby and still feeling a bit of warmth from the hug. “As long as it keeps making me feel good, sure, I’ll learn what I need to.” 
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stormgardenscurse · a month ago
Angsty concept... sorta..
One day you’re acting differently, or like a ‘better’ version of yourself. Suddenly being acceptant of critics instead of fiery, or preppy instead of quiet...
It’s like you’ve become a different person overnight and the character doesn't like it. They really don’t, and they cant put a finger on why but this feels so wrong. 
It irks them, everyone else seems fairly fine with it but they hate this. Even if it's only supposed to be a one-day potion accident and they know it they still-- They can’t with seeing you like this, they want it to stop. They want you back--
Why... Why does it hurt so much to see a fake version of you? To see you like this?
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stormgardenscurse · a month ago
pspsps @dumplings0ups
Are you serious...? Leona’s tail flicks in agitation as he watched you slave away at his desk. You’d said something about resting ‘after this task’ about an hour ago when he dozed off to a nap.
But you were still at it, seemingly taken hostage by your work. While Leona wasn’t one to interfere with what you wanted to do, it was pretty clear that both your neck and back were gonna pay for this later if you kept at it.
Sighing, he rolls into a sitting position on his bed and tries grumbling your name, to which you don’t register even through the silence of the room.
“Oi,” in a few strides Leona is leaning over you, a hand on the chair’s headrest. His hair tickling you is the first thing that draws you out of your focused state, to which you almost startle into headbutting him.
“What the-?! Leona you can’t just sneak up on people like that!” You clutched at your chest.
He snorts at your reaction. “Herbivore, literally anyone else would’ve noticed me getting up.” Though your animated reaction at least meant you weren’t a zombified mess yet. “You studied enough, let’s go.”
“Go..?” You echoed as Leona took the pen from your hand and settled it amongst your books. “Where?”
“Bed.” He unceremoniously reveals, pulling you out of the chair. “To sleep.”
“Didn’t you just wake up?!” You were already trapped in his arms once you fell onto the mattress. It was pretty obvious that you weren’t about to escape anytime soon. “You can nap while I work, can’t you?”
“You’ll thank me later.” He mutters, already starting to doze off. “You’re gonna turn into a hunched raccoon if you keep doing that.”
“Leona...” But it was no use, he was already out. You tried to move into a more comfortable position, feeling tiredness fall over you like a heavy blanket.
I guess... A quick rest wouldn’t be so bad... You allowed your eyes to flutter closed. Just a short one...
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afairymind · a month ago
Confetti Blessings
Confetti Blessings Day 337 of #365DaysWild
petals lie scattered: a celebration of the season’s progression, an array of confetti blessings This post is for day 337 of 365 Days Wild.
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