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I know I should love myself…. but I don’t

I know I shouldn’t care about getting a dad bod… . But I do

I know I shouldn’t let small things distract me…. but I do

I know I should get more sleep… but I can’t

I know I need to eat better…. but I don’t

I wish I didn’t feel lost… but I do

I know I’m not failing…. but I feel I am

I know I should be happy with my life… but I’m not

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Cut off

Got passed another shot

I chugged it so fast, how could I not?

Impulsive me and drunk on your love all my senses I lost

And all the pain I had suddenly forgot

I jumped to you, hoping to be caught

You said you’d catch me, or at least that’s what I thought

I get too drunk in love, I need to learn when to stop.

I don’t trust myself,

please, tell the bartender I’m cut off.


Originally posted by butteryplanet

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I’m going to run. As far away as I can. I need to retreat.

I slowly opened up to you…and honestly, it is scares me how you were able to break down my walls. I don’t want to be vulnerable.

I have so much baggage. I fear that if I open up anymore, you might run away.

So I’d rather be the one to run first. I’m sorry. This wasn’t meant to happen.

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